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Chapter 239: Perennial Lock and Elemental Energy Pills

 Chapter 239: Perennial Lock and Elemental Energy Pills

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Ai Hui was locked up in the green openwork cage, unable to move a single step.

The seemingly slender branches and tendrils that made up the cage were actually abnormally tough and durable. Within the cage, an invisible force was crushing Ai Hui from all directions.

The branches and tendrils that were nearer to the ground were abnormally thick and strong. The wrinkles on them looked as though they had been through hundreds of years of great changes.

"Perennial Lock!" Shi Xueman was slightly shocked.

"Is it very powerful?" Upon hearing how shocked Big Sister sounded, Fatty jumped up in surprise. Anything that had to do with getting rich would immediately energize him. "Is it a very well-known move?"

"It's very powerful, but not really well-known because it's very difficult to master." Shi Xueman replied without shifting her gaze.

Upon hearing this, Fatty became worried. He took a closer look and muttered, "I can't really tell if it's that powerful. It's just a grass cage after all. If it was me locked inside, I would just break out with force."

"You would not be able to do it," Shi Xueman replied bluntly without shifting her gaze.

Fatty knew that Big Sister was a practical individual and he did not feel humiliated by her words. On the contrary, he was worried about his money-making plan and continued to argue. "I really see nothing terrific about it."

"The terrific parts are unobservable." Shi Xueman was candid as usual. "Those branches and tendrils are entrenched a few hundred meters deep into the ground and are absorbing an unending stream of water elemental energy from the surrounding earth, strengthening and nourishing their bodies. Water nourishes wood. The reason why this move is called Perennial Lock is because as time passes, the lock will become more secure and stable. A Perennial Lock planted by a Master-level wood elementalist can last for hundreds of thousands of years without rotting. In the past, they used this move to lock up individuals that were guilty of terrible crimes."

Shi Xueman was very familiar with various families' absolute arts, knowing everything about them.

Upon hearing this, Fatty was dumbstruck. After a long while, he then opened his mouth again. "I'm going to stay away from that pretty boy in the future. His family is indeed abnormal! No wonder his gaze is always that weird-looking."

Shi Xueman talked rather loudly. Upon hearing what she had said, everyone became restless.

"It turns out this move is so powerful!"

"Fortunately, I bet on Bangwan. Seems like I'm going to make a small profit on this bet!"

"This time around, Fatty is going to suffer a huge loss, so much so that he won't even be left with his pants!"


Fatty was slightly flustered, but he continued to be in denial and snorted. "All of you don't know Ai Hui well enough. He is the kind of person who wouldn't give up even when facing death. It's still too early to say that the pretty boy will defeat Ai Hui."

Everyone could see the panic on Fatty's face and broke out into laughter.

Everyone was envious of Duanmu Huanghun's invincible move.

As they had just attained elemental internalization, it was still a long while before they would be able to draw on and use the elemental energy in nature. Only those who had achieved elemental externalization could do so.

Upon achieving elemental internalization, the barrier between the elementalist and nature was broken, greatly increasing his or her training efficiency. The main purpose of elemental internalization was to expand the eight palaces, allowing them to become stronger and the elemental energy internalized within their body to be in abundance.

After the eight palaces could no longer expand, the elemental energy in one's body would undergo saturation, which was also known as the Advanced Completion. After reaching the Advanced Completion, one could attempt to attain elemental externalization.

The so-called elemental externalization referred to the ability to draw on and use the elemental energy in nature.

Compared the elemental energy in nature, the elemental energy in a human body was insignificant. In order for an elementalist to draw on the elemental energy in nature, a conductor would be necessary. That conductor was the physical body of the elementalist.

The more robust the elemental energy in the body was, the easier it would be for him or her to establish a connection with nature.

Duanmu Huanghun's move was extremely high-level, so much so that Shi Xueman could not help but exclaim in admiration.

To be able to draw elemental energy from nature while only having attained elemental internalization, it was apparent how extraordinary Duanmu Huanghun's genius and his [Viridescent Flower] were.

Shi Xueman took a glance at the locked-up Ai Hui and pondered pensively. Even though Duanmu Huanghun was currently winning the fight, Fatty was right in the sense that giving up was not Ai Hui, that rascal's, style.

All the students had underestimated the degree of prudence with which Duanmu Huanghun faced Ai Hui.

Even though Ai Hui was being imprisoned and seemingly did not have the chance to make a comeback, Duanmu Huanghun did not loosen his vigilance at all. He had suffered under the hands of Ai Hui more than anyone else, and as such, he understood Ai Hui better than anyone else as well. There were several times in which he'd thought his victory was assured, but then was thwarted by Ai Hui towards the end.

Duanmu Huanghun might look crazy now, but he was not foolish.

He was not at all stingy with his elemental energy. Various species of vines and tendrils frantically grew out from the cage and engulfed it.

In the blink of an eye, the cage was completely devoured by densely-packed green flowers, vines, branches, and tendrils.

A fifteen-meter-tall green hill appeared in the arena. Everyone was dumbfounded as a shiver went down their spines.

How many grievances did they have between them...

Phew, phew, phew...

Duanmu Huanghun's heavy panting could be clearly heard. The elemental energy in his body had been completely depleted; however, he did not feel tired or empty. All he felt was extreme relief. The gloominess that had been bottled up within him was cleared.


Wicked, wild laughter resounded throughout the arena.

Duanmu Huanghun did not intend to fight a deadlocked battle with Ai Hui. He understood his opponent and himself clearly. Even though the amount of his elemental energy was far more plentiful than Ai Hui's, he knew he would eventually lose to Ai Hui if they engaged in a battle of attrition.

This plan had been meticulously designed by him.

He'd made use of his aerial advantage and caught Ai Hui by surprise. Then he started off with the move he had just comprehended, the [Perennial Lock]. The enormous disparity in base level between Ai Hui and the [Perennial Lock] meant the latter was able to suppress the former completely. Following which, he would pour all his elemental energy into the battle, securing his victory.

All along, he had been secretly observing Ai Hui's fighting characteristics.

One of these characteristics had been locked onto by Duanmu Huanghun as he had witnessed it many times. Whenever one fought with Ai Hui, he or she should avoid pitting themselves against him using fighting tactics. This fellow was like a cockroach. If one could not defeat him with one blow and instead engaged in a deadlocked battle with him, the final victor would always be Ai Hui.

After howling with laughter for quite some time, Duanmu Huanghun finally stopped.

"There's nothing to be done about it now. My elemental energy has been completely depleted and there's no way I can save you. You can enjoy your time in there for now. You have to wait until my elemental energy has completely recovered before I can undo this huge cage."

Duanmu Huang's voice appeared to be filled with sympathy but he was laughing deep down in his heart.

It was too perfect!

How many seeds had he planted to form this cage? Not even Duanmu Huanghun knew. The green flowers on the cage would continue to attack Ai Hui, not even stopping for half a second. Even though Ai Hui's life would not be in any danger, he would 'enjoy' the entire process!

Duanmu Huanghun floated towards the ground slowly. All the students were looking at him in awe.

Having only achieved elemental internalization, he could already display a move used by elemental externalists. Duanmu Huanghun's improvements had far exceeded their expectations.

Duanmu Huanghun had never been more smug than he was now. The darkness that had engulfed him was lifted. The inner demon that had been pestering him was slayed. The shadow that had been stalking him closely was ruthlessly destroyed by him.

He felt a sense of extreme relief, as if he had eaten a fruit of immortality.

He had to carefully savor this precious and beautiful moment.

He stood bolt straight and looked as though he had completed an insignificant task. His white clothes fluttered in the wind. Even though his elemental energy was completely depleted, his elegant and confident demeanor was not broken. A perfect performance must have a perfect curtain call!

He was fated to be a perfect man!

I'm going to enjoy this moment...

"No need."

A soft voice rang clearly through Duanmu Huanghun's ears, despite the thickness of the green hill.

Duanmu Huanghun was shocked, but then quickly laughed at himself. Such a stubborn inner demon... How can I be hearing such voices in my head even after I have obtained an absolute victory... How obstinate of me...

He flicked his long sleeves gracefully. Just as he was about to wave goodbye to his stubborn inner demon, a lingering voice rang into his ears as if a ghost was whispering to him.

"Are you ready?"

Duanmu Huanghun froze and almost fell down. His eyes widened as a blank look appeared on his face.


Ready for what?

Wait a second... Shouldn't this fellow be in a coma, in agony, struggling for his life, and resisting the cage with all his might?

How come he couldn't hear a single hint of agony in his voice? It was as if... as if he was completely fine?

Everyone had their eyes wide-open as they stared blankly at the fifteen-meters-tall green hill. Their faces were filled with incredulity as an unbelievable thought flashed across their minds. Could it be that... Ai Hui was still capable of striking back?

A planar beam of silver light shot out of the thick grass hill like a sharp blade and went right through the blue dome of the heavens.

Following which, another beam of silver light shot out of the green hill.

Another beam shot out again...

The sound of the green hill being pierced was very soft, however, at this moment, it resembled thunder in everyone's ears.

Numerous streaks of light had shot out of the green hill.

In the midst of dead silence, Lou Lan's cheerful voice suddenly rang through the air. "Ai Hui, come on!"

Just as Lou Lan finished speaking, the grass hill exploded with a loud boom. A burst of dazzling silver light erupted in everyone's eyes.


The sound of lightning sparks approached like an incoming tidal wave. The silvery sword glints were like wind, propelling the tidal wave forward. The youth's figure was fuzzy amidst the intense, silver light.

Seven daggers flew and danced around Ai Hui's body rapidly, then eventually materialized into dazzling silver light orbs. The lightning sparks on the surfaces of these light orbs resembled wandering chains of lightning.

The green flower patterns around Ai Hui vanished into thin air. The only thing that was still stubbornly standing was the [Perennial Lock]; however, it was being pushed outward by the silver light orbs, inflating like a balloon.

The faster the daggers flew, the more intense the sword glints got.

Crack, crack, crack!

The green vines and tendrils that formed the [Perennial Lock] began to snap and collapse. The remaining sturdier ones frantically absorbed the water elemental energy from the ground. Ai Hui furrowed his eyebrows as the sword in his hand trembled furiously. He had no choice but to hold the sword with both hands.

Duanmu Huanghun's cage was far stronger than what he had expected. Previously, with the use of the [Big Dipper], he'd blown up a grass sword with seven elemental energy pills. This time around, the number of elemental energy pills that Ai Hui used had already exceeded two-thirds of the elemental energy in his body.

The cage had not exploded yet!

However, Ai Hui did not have the slightest bit of fear. He could sense that this new sword could endure far more elemental energy than the previous ones.

Let's see where your limit is!

Ai Hui silently spoke to his sword. Without any hesitation, he poured his elemental energy into the new sword.

One by one, the elemental energy pills unfolded, extended, and erupted. The sword was trembling furiously as its weight increased tremendously.

In that moment, Ai Hui could feel that he was telepathically connected with the sword. He felt as if something was going to erupt out of his body. Without any hesitation, he slowly raised his sword.

The next moment, a cold glint flashed across Ai Hui's mind as he furiously swung down his sword.

The silver light orbs suddenly exploded. The [Perennial Lock], which had been holding on strenuously, was devoured by the burst of silvery radiance and vanished in a puff of smoke.

Upon getting rid of the restriction that the lock had placed on him, Ai Hui felt as light as a feather.

The explosion of silvery radiance sent a terrifying sonic boom bursting in all directions.

Duanmu Huanghun, who was about to land on the ground, was unable to react in time. He could only blankly watch on as the burst of silvery radiance whizzed towards him

Boom! A shadow flew across the air.

A white-clothed figure was deeply embedded on the wall not far away, spread-eagled.