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Chapter 234: Flaming Ape

 Chapter 234: Flaming Ape

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When Ai Hui and other students arrived, Shi Xueman was fighting fiercely with a flaming ape.

Ai Hui was stunned by the giant sinkhole, and he was even more shocked when he saw the flaming ape in it.

Obviously, this ape was different from other blood fiends.

Its hair was not the color of blood, but light grey. This was the first blood fiend Ai Hui had ever seen whose hair color was not blood-red. Its blood trace was not big either. There were altogether nine blood traces, and each one was about the size of a palm, which was not big to a six-meter-tall ape. The shape of the blood traces was exquisite, like a flame spreading all over its body. Ai Hui remembered that he saw similar spiritual traces related to flame in the swordplay manual before.

More shockingly, the nine traces were covered with thick hair, which was different from hair on other areas. It was hard and dense, like a bunch of steel needles.

Protective Armor!

The idea flashed in Ai Hui's mind. He was astonished at the unbelievable speed of their transformation; it was as if they were making progress every day.

The fighting was extremely fierce, and all the others had joined the battle as soon as they arrived. The archers led by Sang Zhijun and Jiang Wei had already shot out the first wave of arrows.

Ai Hui didn't join them hastily but was observing the ape carefully. His physical condition was complicated. Although he had just found a way to deal with it, the lightning in his body had not been fully eliminated. That meant that muscle paralysis might happen any time. He wouldn't risk his life like this.

Although the ape was six meters in height, it was not clumsy. Instead, it moved and jumped fast like it was flying.

And its arms were extremely flexible and powerful.

An elementalist failed to dodge and was hit by its punch. Hearing the crunch of the bones, everyone was filled with apprehension.

The rain of arrowed shot by Jiang Wei's team enveloped the ape.

It growled in fury and slapped up toward the sky. Red flames appeared in its palm and created a ripple of flames in the air above it.

The arrows hit the flames like straw being blown away in a storm.

Ai Hui's expression changed when he saw this.

The flaming slap of the ape...

Ai Hui felt very familiar, and an idea occurred to him: is this the blood spiritual force? Thinking of this possibility, Ai Hui's face was gloomier than ever. Previously, the transformation of the blood fiends was only physical. Now it had developed to a higher level.

From the Garden of Life to blood ants, and from blood-traced fiends to the nine-trace blood fiends. Even though this flaming ape had nine blood traces, it was more powerful than the other nine-trace blood fiends.

Ai Hui was frightened to see the transformation process of the blood fiends. Within such a short period of time, it had become so strong. What would happen if they were given more time?

Weren't they afraid that one day the blood fiends would become so strong that even human beings could not defeat them?

The flaming ape's courage mounted as the fighting progressed. Covered with its protective hair, it could hardly be injured by the weapons. Besides, it moved fast and had infinite strength, and therefore it seemed invincible. The elementalists in Central Pine City had been confident as most of them had just achieved breakthrough and improvement. Now the appearance of the ape was like a basin of cold water poured down over their heads, making them aware of their childishness and ignorance.

Shi Xueman looked very awkward.

The flaming ape was cunning. It jumped here and there, and the elementalists who were not that strong could not resist its attack at all. Several people died or got injured, and Shi Xueman had to spare time to provide help.

Her spearsmanship was formidable and forceful. Therefore, the ape could not take advantage of her in direct confrontation. But in this way, her elemental energy was consumed rapidly.

As the ape was under the impregnable protection, ordinary attacks could not hurt it at all, including Duanmu Huanghun's [Viridescent Flower]. The ape also knew that Shi Xueman was its biggest enemy, so it totally ignored Duanmu Huanghun and spared no effort in attacking Shi Xueman to deplete her energy.

No weakness!

Ai Hui felt more and more desperate. Fixing his eyes on the ape, Ai Hui anxiously wanted to find a solution.

The loud noise had already startled the whole Central Pine City. Rays of light kept rising into the sky. They were elementalists with azure wings coming from all directions.

On the other hand, Tian Kuan, who started everything, was hiding in the dark. A flash of fervidity flashed in his stare at the flaming ape.

It was a pity that he didn't learn the Beast Subjugation Technique, or the flaming ape could've definitely become his thug.

To make a tunnel with the sandworms was indeed his plan, but the flaming ape was a surprise. The flame-shaped blood traces contained the power of fire. This was an unique feature of having the ancestral characteristics stimulated.

Stimulating the ancestral characteristics was one of the special effects of blood spiritual force.

However, nowadays, most of the wild beasts had their ancestral characteristics removed through generations of breeding. Even if blood spiritual force could stimulate the ancestral characteristics of blood fiends and unleash their potential powers, it was still hard to find blood fiends that had their ancestral characteristics stimulated.

He remembered the crazy woman that had a mastiff whose ancestral characteristics were stimulated. The ancestors of this flaming ape must've possessed great power to control flames.

Blood fiends with stimulated ancestral characteristics had more potential. If they received specialized training, their fighting capacity could be amazing.

At this stage, the blood fiends began to show some features of the ancient spiritual beasts. For example, their hair became as hard as iron under the continuous tempering and nourishment of the blood spiritual force. The higher-level spiritual beasts in the Cultivation Era could even block flying swords without getting hurt.

Tian Kuan held the organization in reverence. Those who created the blood spiritual force were nothing but great.

Spiritual force itself could easily scatter and disappear, but when combined with blood, it became very stable. Tian Kuan even thought that if the blood spiritual force continued to develop like this, in thousands of years, would the world go back to the Cultivation Era?

At the thought of this, he couldn't help but feel excited.

It was such a great honor to be able to participate in the creation of a whole new world.

Elemental energy was doomed to be weeded out!

Just as the decayed Avalon of Five Elements was doomed to be destroyed!

Tian Kuan clenched his fists. Feeling an upsurge of emotions, he tried to calm himself down. The streak of metal elemental energy was extremely obstinate and could not be devoured by his blood spiritual force.

Then he remembered the brave man, and his face became gloomy.

He could tell from the streak of elemental energy that if that guy hadn't died, he would've achieved a breakthrough soon, and it was very likely to be the most formidable enemy.

But fortunately, his arms were already disabled. Thinking of this, Tian Kuan was less anxious.

Just at this point in time, the elementalists came to assist. Seeing the mayor and the dean, everyone was more or less relieved.

The dean's expression changed when he saw the flaming ape.

Wang Zhen was more experienced. He immediately joined the fight without any hesitation. Howling loud, Wang Zhen stretched his azure wings and abruptly rose up high in the sky. When he reached about one hundred meters from the ground, he suddenly turned around and dove sharply.

With the force of his dive, he slashed with his sword.

The dazzling light of the sword was like a silvery waterfall that fell sharply from the sky. The air was filled with his hostility.

Shi Xueman stepped back without the least bit of delay. She was astounded by the attack, as she had never heard of the name of Wang Zhen.

No one ever thought that such veteran could have such a thrilling attack.

Tian Kuan's expression changed dramatically in the dark. His heart was filled with fear as he stared at the powerful sword gleam.

Thank God he had been cautious enough. There were so many undiscovered talents in such a small city. This attack, just like the elemental energy in his body, had already reached the edge of a higher level.

A survivor from the Battle of the Dawn could be so frightening!

How many more experts would there be in the Avalon of Five Elements?

This was the first time that he discovered that the Avalon of Five Elements was more powerful than he expected.

Fear appeared in the ape's eyes for the first time. But as the sword gleam had already enveloped it, it had nowhere to escape to.

In this critical moment, the flaming ape was irritated. Thin flames suddenly appeared around its body, and its eyes became a sea of fire.

The air was filled with its fury.

The flaming ape roared and punched towards the sword gleam with its fist.

The huge flaming fist and the silvery sword gleam got closer and closer.


The flames exploded, and silvery sword gleam was also blown into pieces that flew in all directions.

Flames scattered on the ground and set everything on fire. The ground was also damaged by the splashes of the sword gleams.

The flaming ape stood spiritedly even though it was severely wounded and its flames were dim. On the other hand, Wang Zhen's hair and eyebrows were burnt. The sword in his hand was burning as if it was just taken out from the stove. But Wang Zhen didn't feel anything, and he was still holding the hilt tightly.

The flaming ape suddenly stomped down on the ground and disappeared.

The next second, it abruptly appeared behind Wang Zhen and stretched out its palm toward him.

Fast as the ape was, his palm was powerful. Wang Zhen would definitely be crushed if grabbed by it.

Right at this moment, a colorful bubble appeared in front of the ape's palm.

The ape punctured the bubble with his palm and fell into a trance. Although it immediately sobered up, just within this short period, Wang Zhen had backed up several meters away from it.

It turned out to be from the dean, who knew that Wang Zhen's attack was drastic and needed a long time and space for preparation. Therefore, he was in disadvantage in such close combat.

Then the dean also joined the battle and fought against the ape together with the mayor.

Shi Xueman and others were kind of relieved. After fighting with the flaming ape, they clearly knew of its ferociousness.

But they had no time to rest, as someone cried out in panic, "Blood fiends!"

Everyone got nervous when they heard the cry.

Huge, booming sounds that scared everyone came from the bottom of the sinkhole. They were still dumbstruck by the ape.

Just at this moment, someone suddenly shouted, "Attack the sinkhole from the sky!"

They couldn't help but look at person who was shouting.

"It's Ai Hui!"

"The Lightning Blade!"

"He is the Lightning Blade? He is young!"


Ai Hui was speechless. These guys were still gossiping at such a critical moment. Without thinking too much, he waved his arms and shouted again, "Diving attack! Diving attack! The sinkhole!"

He was inspired by the slash of the mayor.

When he was hunting dire beasts in the Wilderness, he witnessed the diving attack of the elementalists. It was amazingly powerful. When fighting against agile and moving targets, it was not of much use, but against fixed targets, it was extremely effective.

The sinkhole on the ground was like a cage to the blood fiends. Therefore, they were no different from fixed targets.

The elementalists realized what Ai Hui was saying. They looked at each other and then began to regroup.

"He is a bit young, but he's smart enough. No wonder he is called the Lightning Blade."

"That's why he is named Ai Baiyi of Central Pine City."

"I think he might be more promising than Ye Baiyi."

"How shall we salute to the Lightning Blade?"

"How about Lightning?"

"Hahaha. Good enough!"


The light of the azure wings lit up the night.

Light spots with long tails came together from each direction. They flew higher and higher like great waves in the storm. As the wave consisting of light spots reached the highest point, it stopped and rushed down with a loud crashing sound.

"Lightning!" someone shouted out loudly.

Soon people began to respond, and the slogan of "lightning" could be heard here and there.

Under the high diving speed, the wind blew so wildly that they could not open their eyes. But their morale was boosted, and the chaotic slogan gradually became one powerful and uniformed word.

"Lightning!" "Lightning!" "Lightning!"

Each furious shout was like a hammer smashing down heavily.

"Lightning, lightning, lightning!"

Like being bewitched, they no longer felt fear in their hearts. Fire was burning in their chests, and the suppressed fury and yearning for life were infused in their roars.

The sky was shivering in the angry roar and the whistle of the Cloud Wings.

With infinite hatred and hope, they came together as a light beam which instantly submerged the sinkhole.