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Chapter 233: Take My Sword Attack

 Chapter 233: Take My Sword Attack

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The instant the elemental energy pills merged into the long sword, they suddenly stretched and transformed into sword rays.

Ai Hui's expression changed a little as he knew something had gone wrong. Without any time to react, the long sword in his hand exploded into pieces.

The others were scared by the sudden explosion. After a while, Ai Hui remained standing still and had not moved at all.

"Are you okay, Ai Hui?" Jiang Wei asked.

"Yes," Ai Hui smiled bitterly, "I just can't feel my body."

The explosion of the sword stimulated the lightning in his body, which paralyzed his muscles. After tens of seconds, he finally recovered from the numbness and could not help but wonder why the sword exploded.

He borrowed another sword and tried again. Just like before, the sword once again exploded into pieces.

Watching the swords explode one by one in Ai Hui's hand, the others were amazed.

"Ai Hui is not a sword user, he is sword eater!"

"What a sword-holic!"

"Sword-holic? ... What do you mean?"

"We call those who like to eat sugar 'sugar-holic' and those who love to drink alcohol 'alco-holic'. Since Ai Hui loves to eat swords, he should be called 'sword-holic.'"

"Hahaha, okay then he is really a real 'sword-holic.'"

"I'm really worried about the other swordsmen who will confront Ai Hui one day."

"Why? Will they be defeated by Ai Hui?"

"No, just think. The swordsman will shout 'take my sword attack' and then... Ai Hui really 'takes' his sword-He eats it up!"


Hearing what they were talking about, Lou Lan was inspired. He transformed into many tiny swords flying in the sky and shouted, "Take my sword attack!"

Ai Hui was embarrassed to hear their jokes and Lou Lan's shout, but he still cleared his throat and asked, "Who else has a sword?"

The others burst into laughter.

A student took the sword from his waist and threw it to Ai Hui. He laughed and said, "Ai Hui, this is the last sword left. If you eat this one, then there will be no more."

Ai Hui touched his nose embarrassedly. He had not expected this either. The elemental energy pills were so difficult to control that as long as they merged into the sword, the sword would explode.

He knew this was because he had not really understood the properties of the elemental energy pills, Additionally, the swords he used just now were all ordinary ones that could not bear the strong elemental energy.

It was indeed a problem. With the last sword in hand, Ai Hui felt a bit awkward. Suddenly the stimulation to the lightning in his body flared, and with a flash of inspiration,, he said, "Fatty, this time you attack me, and I'll defend."

"Me attack you?" Fatty was confused "With what?"

None of his inheritances were offensive. Hearing Ai Hui's request, Fatty did not know what to do.

"You can hit me with whatever you have." Ai Hui encouraged him.

"Then let's make it clear first. You cannot take revenge on me if I really hit you." Fatty's voice came from behind the shield.

"I won't!" Ai Hui said solemnly.

"Really?" Fatty still hesitated.

"Of course!" Ai Hui became impatient. "Will you attack me or not?"

"Of course!" Fatty laughed. This was an aboveboard chance to beat Ai Hui. How could he miss it? He breathed deeply, grabbed the shield and smashed it hard at Ai Hui. Meanwhile, he shouted, "Ai Hui, take my shield attack!"

Ai Hui narrowed his eyes. Fatty's attack was not skillful, but it was amazingly powerful with a ponderous whistle of wind.

The shield seemed heavier than before.

Ai Hui's judgment was correct. Although the shield was ugly, it was as heavy as 360 kilograms, which was twice the weight of the destroyed shield Fatty used to use. After reaching the Initial Completion stage, Fatty had advanced rapidly in physical strength. He felt the new shield was even lighter than the old one.

The heavy equipment they had could not satisfy Fatty now. Plus, the [Eternal Crucible] would further enhance his strength.

Ai Hui, on the contrary, had not seen obvious improvement to his physical quality after achieving Initial Completion. He was now more like a real elementalist, as the influence of elemental energy on his fighting capacity was greater than before.

Ai Hui believed it was a good thing. As the elemental energy system matured, it would make his training smoother. Although the sword embryo was marvelous, by nature it was not fully grounded. Ai Hui could barely attain higher accomplishments, especially in an era when elemental energy was dominant.

Once the strength reached a certain level, the power would be beyond expectation.

Ai Hui had planned to withstand Fatty with the sword, but he realized that a direct collision would definitely break the sword.

Fatty's heavy shield was like a wall that blocked almost all the directions Ai Hui could move. As a result, he had to lie down and roll away awkwardly, narrowly dodging Fatty's attack.

Fatty immediately became excited!

Never once had he been able to make it so difficult for Ai Hui!

He was greatly invigorated and waved the heavy shield crazily like a provoked ox. Sand and gravel were sent flying in the air during the intense situation.

The onlookers had never seen Fatty so vigorous before and were all dumbfounded.

Hearing the whistle of the wind, Sang Zhijun's face turned pale. Anyone who was hit, or even scaped by Fatty's shield would be severely injured, if not killed.

Ai Hui continued awkwardly dodging Fatty's attacks.


The ground quaked. Fatty's heavy shield smashed against the ground. Stones and bricks from the ground shattered into pieces like biscuits and splashed like heavy rain.

Ai Hui knew he had nowhere to hide, so he waved the sword flexibly like a snake to protect himself.

The sword rays exploded in front of him, each ray accurately hitting an airborne stone.

Tink, tink, tink!

Sparks flew about, and the sound of clashes could be heard here and there.

Shrouded by sand and gravel, Ai Hui was as fast as wind. Sparks veiled his figure like a waterfall.

Everyone was stunned. Ai Hui did not even use his elemental energy. How could he be so strong with his sword?

Ai Hui stayed focused. The sword in his hand was like a part of his body, and together they created a comfortable scene. As his suppressed fighting intent finally broke out, he did not retreat, but rushed forward as the sword rays lit up like stars. For the onlooking students, it was really a feast for the eyes.

Fatty growled in fury and suddenly lifted the heavy shield that was stuck on the ground.

Ai Hui directly rushed at the shield that was coming toward him with huge force. The students could not help but cry out in shock. If Ai Hui really hit the shield, even if he did not die, he would be severely wounded.

The shield came closer and closer, darkening Ai Hui's vision. He also knew how powerful the collision would be.

If Ai Hui was in his previous condition, he would undoubtedly try to avoid the clash, but now that he was extremely eager to fight, he did not try to dodge. Instead, his rushing speed soared unexpectedly.

The instant that he was about to contact the shield, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and the sword suddenly stabbed out.

A bright sword beam shot toward the shield at a weird angle. When it was about five inches away from the shield, it exploded silently and transformed into a soft and mild sword shower.


The strong impact numbed his palm and agitated his body, but he still held the sword tightly.

With the abstruse angle, the sword shower overcame the hardness with its softness. Like ducks and drakes, Ai Hui flew out near the surface of the shield.

When Ai Hui landed on the ground, screams and cheers resounded behind. Fatty was dumbfounded and still did not know what happened.

Ai Hui was also excited by the sword move.

He found himself unspeakably familiar with the sword now. The move was just a flash of inspiration, but it turned out to be perfect. Although the sword embryo had already disappeared, the familiarity and comprehension of the sword had been permanently left within him. This made it easier and faster for him to study sword inheritances or practice sword moves.

More surprisingly, the impact of the collision still made his palm numb, but a tiny current of electricity was absorbed by his right hand palace.

The lightning that remained in his body was the most urgent problem to deal with. If he could not use his elemental energy, at least he could run away, but muscular paralysis was too dangerous. No matter he if was in a battle or running away, if his muscles locked up, he would definitely be killed.

The lightning within his body was what caused this muscular paralysis. If the lightning could not be eliminated, then it seemed to be a good idea to lead it into his hand palaces and earth palace.

This was because the lightning in these three palaces was very stable.

Ai Hui was excited that there was finally a feasible solution. He tried to calm himself down and carefully reflected on the whole sequence that had just occurred. Collision. Powerful collision. After the collision, his muscles lost control of the lightning, which was liberated and absorbed by the right hand palace.

Ai Hui's eyes lit up. He grasped the sword with his left hand and jumped toward Fatty.

"Come on Fatty. Once again!"

The quicksand vortex had already become a sludge vortex. As the water kept pouring in, it almost became a muddy water pool. There were dead sandworms surfacing and floating on the water from time to time. The elementalists cheered in excitement.

Duanmu Huanghun was the first to notice Shi Xueman's pale face. Realizing that something went wrong, he asked, "What happened?"

Shi Xueman was about to say something when the water level suddenly began to decline. The water and suspended sediment flushed down along the tunnel.

Muddy water flowed faster than quicksand, so the water level of the pool was declining at a rapid rate. The rumbling sound of water flowing into the tunnel could be heard from above the ground.

As the water level kept declining, a giant sinkhole appeared.

Without support, the edge of the sinkhole collapsed and fell down, making the sinkhole larger and larger.

Everyone was stunned and frightened by the appearance of a sinkhole which was more than 150 meters in diameter. The sinkhole seemed bottomless, as if it led to hell.

Duanmu Huanghun's expression changed. He finally knew why Shi Xueman was so pale.

The faint collapsing sound from outside the city seemed to verify his speculation.

Compared to this broad underground corridor, the tunnels they previously found were all negligible. This corridor was as broad as 150 meters, and almost all blood fiends could easily pass through.

Shi Xueman's pupils contracted when she smelled the fragrance in the air. Blood fiends!

No! The blood fiends must be stopped!

After the previous fight, Shi Xueman's face was not as delicate and flawless as before, but was still firm and determined. Her thin and armored figure rushed out first. Ponytail swinging in the air, she held her white spear high like a flag, raised her arm, and shouted, "Follow me!"