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Chapter 226: Sword Pill

 Chapter 226: Sword Pill

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Even though the plan Ai Hui thought of was slightly risky, it was not at all complicated.

Under the effect of the remnant energy waves of the sword embryo, the elemental energy in his body had transformed into elemental energy swords. However, these elemental energy swords had not actually completed their transformation yet.

Ai Hui was not unfamiliar with this kind of elemental energy sword. In the past, the elemental energy he developed was of this kind. The only difference was that he used to have the sword embryo in the past. The palpitating sword embryo was like a heart, directing these elemental energy swords.

With the sword embryo around, these elemental energy swords were extremely tame and could meticulously complete various operations without creating any negative effects on his body.

In terms of managing his elemental energy, Ai Hui was overly dependent on the sword embryo. Especially toward the end, when the sword embryo became increasingly powerful, he relied completely on the sword embryo to manage his elemental energy.

Given that the sword embryo had now been destroyed, he was able to control these elemental energy swords, but this was also the biggest problem he encountered so far. The sword embryo was the key to managing the elemental energy swords. Without the key, the elemental energy swords ran amok.

It was impossible to recreate the sword embryo.

He obtained the technique of developing a sword embryo by luck. Then, by coincidence, he successfully planted the sword embryo's seed. Until now, he still did not exactly understand what had happened.

From a different perspective, this might not be a bad thing. It was unexpected that the sword embryo would develop to such a stage. He was perplexed on how to train from today onward.

The rupture of the sword embryo had temporarily raised his base level to a higher level while giving him experience that would last forever.

Even though the remnant energy waves from the sword embryo could affect his elemental energy, the effect was minimal. Only a small portion of his metal elemental energy was sword-attributed.

Since they had not completed their transformation into elemental energy swords, why not intentionally completed the process? This was Ai Hui's plan.

Right now, which aspects of Ai Hui were better than before? His understanding of swords.

His comprehension toward swords covered a wide range of sword-related topics, which included types of swords, swordsmanship, how he channeled his elemental energy through his sword moves, etc. In other words, Ai Hui was acting as the role of sword embryo now.

Of course, Ai Hui was still not on the sword embryo's level at the moment, which had been abnormally sensitive and instinctive to any sword-related matters. This was also why he could not do anything with the elemental energy swords.

However, what if he made these elemental energy swords larger? And made them look like an actual sword? With a more complete form?

Would it make it easier for him to control them?

Ai Hui felt this plan was dangerous since no one had done it before.

The elemental energy in the eight palaces were pure in nature and were without form. This type of elemental energy was easy to manage and not harmful to one's body. As the elemental energy continued to seep into one's flesh and blood, his or her body would become stronger. The theory of body-tempering was exactly based on this logic.

The more complete the form of the elemental energy swords was, the sharper they would become, making it easier for them to damage one's body. Everyone wanted the flow of elemental energy in their bodies to be as smooth as a river, not as painful as getting pierced by numerous swords.

Ai Hui was precisely worried about this. Would this plan damage his body severely before it actually worked?

All along, his five residences and eight palaces were not firm and solid. Once a palace or a residence was damaged, he would be essentially handicapped.

As for the problem of having difficulty or not being able to control the completely formed elemental energy swords, Ai Hui felt that the problem was not necessarily unsolvable.

As long as he could wield a sword in his hand, he had a way of controlling the sword energy. Ai Hui had the most confidence with regard to this issue.

No one had ever thought of this plan before, hence, no one could give him directions.

After hesitating for two minutes, Ai Hui made his decision.

If this had happened before the blood catastrophe, he definitely would not take this risk. He would seek help from Master, Mistress, the dean, or anyone else who was extremely knowledgeable and could give him pointers. Asking for advice was safer than taking the risk himself.

Training was not child's play. A failure might result in an irreversible loss. It was not surprising for one to damage his residence or palace, become disabled, have a change in his temperament, or even die.

If Ai Hui had enough time, he definitely would not take such a huge risk.

However, the problem was that he did not have enough time now.

He was not in a peaceful and safe Central Pine City, but was rather in the midst of the blood catastrophe and could die at anytime. If his body did not recover soon, he would be in a precarious situation.

Now was not the time for him to relax and explore different options. There might be a chance that in the next moment a blood fiend would barge into the training hall and kill him on the spot.

Ai Hui, who had been through the Wilderness, clearly understood the cruel reality of life. The more dangerous it was, the more everyone needed to display their usefulness. One could only survived if he or she was capable.

A king that lost power would soon be banished by his subjects.

If a king could end up like that, why would an insignificant individual like him not end up the same?

He knew that Lou Lan, Fatty, and Shi Xueman would definitely protect him, but everyone else was powerless to even defend themselves. A powerful blood fiend would wipe them out completely.

Life was like a game of poker. Those with more chips at hand could afford to go slow and steady. Losing a round would not harm them. Those with fewer chips, however, lacked the luxury of time. Their only option was to bet their own lives at the gambling table.

Fortunately, Ai Hui was used to having no chips. The so-called choice that he had to make was merely an illusion.

He never had a choice in the first place.

If life was this way, then so be it. Whining and crying would only make one look weak. No one would pity him or help him. Life was like a battlefield, everyone had to brace themselves for the rain of arrows and the clash of swords. Cowards would always die first while the brave would advance by climbing over heaps of corpses.

Anyway, it could not be worse than this.

Ai Hui could only console himself like this. For now, he had not thought of any better plans. There might be some problems or repercussions in the future, but he did not care because he needed to have some self-defense capabilities first.

Ai Hui felt absolutely naked without a sense of security.

Without any hesitation, he started to brandish his sword. The elemental energy in his body began to flow as well. Just like how he developed his elemental energy in the past, he directed the energy from his body into the sword and then back to his body again, making a Circulatory Circle Revolution.

He used to do this with ease in the past, but now, without the sword embryo, the difficulty of this operation suddenly increased.

The process was not really smooth. Ai Hui had to keep brandishing the sword in his hand to direct the elemental energy swords in his body.

He put all his concentration on channeling the elemental energy and was extremely focused. The sword he wielded began to jerk nonstop. Yet, he stubbornly brandished his sword through all the jerking, as if he could not feel them at all.

The elemental energy swords slowly flowed back from the sword in his hand to his body. They then continued through the eight palaces and made a Circulatory Circle Revolution.

After a Circulatory Circle Revolution was completed, Ai Hui could feel that the degree of sharpness of the element energy swords slightly increased. Even though it was just a slight increase, Ai Hui was greatly encouraged by this since it happened like what he had predicted.

The amount of elemental energy swords in his body was truly too tremendous. Only a miniscule portion of these elemental energy swords took part in the Circulatory Circle Revolution.

However, to Ai Hui, it was no doubt a good start.

By the ninth Circulatory Circle Revolution, Ai Hui finally felt a significant change in these elemental energy swords. They had become more nimble and smooth. The sword in Ai Hui's hand was like a magnet, having a mysterious attractive force over them.

Ai Hui also discovered that sharper elemental energy swords were easier to manage. With a jolt of his mind, the elemental energy swords would quickly enter the Circulatory Circle Revolution. Their speed was much faster than his elemental energy in the past.

However, he soon discovered a problem. These elemental energy swords were too thin and small. At the same time, the amount of elemental energy swords that he needed to control was far too copious. This had created a huge burden on his mind.

Perhaps he needed to gather them and make larger elemental energy swords? Could this reduce the number of elemental energy swords?

Ai Hui, who had already gone all-out, made his decision without any hesitation.

The hair-like elemental energy swords kept on gathering and fusing together, forming larger and thicker elemental energy swords. Such elemental energy swords looked like actual swords. Ai Hui tried to make them look like the daggers in the bronze sword box, causing them to appear abnormally graceful.

Oh, the bronze sword box had been destroyed during the battle on the streets as well.

Ai Hui did not dare to slack off at all. The more powerful and bigger the elemental energy swords were, the more dangerous they became. Ai Hui wondered, if he was to suddenly stop moving, would a bloody hole suddenly appear on his body?

Next, a new problem arose in his mind. How could he store the elemental energy swords in the eight palaces?

The highly tense Ai Hui did not have time to sigh as he racked his brain for a solution. He had tried a few methods, but they did not really work. The elemental energy swords were abnormally smooth and exceptionally sensitive to the sword in his hand. A slight movement of Ai Hui's sword would cause them to make half a Circulatory Circle Revolution.

Ai Hui's method of using the sword to control the elemental energy swords in his body was far less efficient than the sword embryo's.

The absolutely empty eight palaces could not store the elemental energy swords at all.

Ai Hui suddenly thought of the sword pill that Master had given him.

The two moves, [Crescent Moon] and [Dust Fall], originated from it.

Ai Hui had read many swordplay manuals before and knew a thing or two about sword pills.

The earliest swords pills were made by Cultivators by rolling up paper-thin, soft swords into a lump, resembling the size of mothballs. They could be hidden in the user's clothes or body, making them difficult to be detected. This was why they were called sword pills.

Since these elemental energy swords were not easy to control, could he make them into sword pills?

At this point of time, Ai Hui did not care about anything else and just carried on with his plan.

Swordsmanship had been irrelevant for many years and a lot of people had never even heard of sword pills, let alone making sword pills.

Ai Hui needed to figure out everything by himself. He could only find the technique of making sword pills from the swordplay manuals he had read before, but it was not possible for him to follow the manuals step-by-step. He could only get a rough idea of how to make sword pills from them.

When he rolled an elemental energy sword into a sword pill, he quickly realized that its size was too small, making it very light and hard to control. Furthermore, the process of rolling an elemental energy sword into a sword pill was very unstable.

Ai Hui now had a much deeper understanding toward swords when compared to the past. Within a short period of time, he was able to identify the reason.

He was not discouraged and started from the beginning again.

He started forming thicker and bigger elemental energy swords again. He also created a huge amount of elemental energy swords again.

Then, he controlled these elemental energy swords and formed a whirlpool with them. By swirling these elemental energy swords at a high speed and then compressing them, he eventually formed a perfectly round sword pill.

The sword pill levitated silently in Ai Hui's left hand palace, spinning continuously.

The left hand palace was desolate and the sword pill was pathetically small, but the corners of his mouth involuntarily curled into a bright smile.

He felt that he had chosen the right plan.