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Chapter 224: The Lightning Blade

 Chapter 224: The Lightning Blade

Translator: TYZ Editor: CakeHermit

By the time Ai Hui woke up, three days had already passed.

Lou Lan, who had been guarding beside his bed, happily yelled, "Ai Hui is awake!"

Upon seeing Lou Lan first after opening his eyes, Ai Hui smiled too. "Hello Lou Lan!"

"Hello Ai Hui!" Lou Lan was extremely happy. "Ai Hui, how are you feeling? The condition of your body is very complicated now. Lou Lan does not know what is going on in many areas."

"I'm alright."

Ai Hui smiled.

The first thing he did when he woke up was to check on his sword embryo; however, he could only confirm that his sword embryo had completely disappeared. He could not sense the slightest bit of the sword embryo's aura.

Even though he was somewhat disappointed, he remained calm and collected. After going through such a devastating life-and-death battle, all his so-called heroism and fighting spirit had disappeared completely. Whatever world-shaking event that had happened had nothing to do with him. He did not even care about his gains and losses in the battle. He only had one thought when he woke up.

It felt good to have survived the ordeal.

He did not feel the same way towards the sword embryo. The sword embryo had been like a companion to him.

No matter what, he still survived.

It was a very lucky thing for him to have been able to survive the blood catastrophe until today.

"Ai Hui, you have just woken up and your body is still very weak. You need to replenish your elemental energy urgently," Lou Lan said strictly. However, he quickly became joyful again and continued, "We have collected many blood crystals. They will be very helpful for your recovery process."

"Thank you, Lou Lan." Ai Hui looked around and asked, "Where's Fatty? Where's everybody?"

"They are still fighting the blood fiends," Lou Lan replied. "Ai Hui has been in a coma for three days. The broken city gate has been sealed up; however, the blood fiends on the streets have not been cleared up yet. Everyone is very powerful now. Ai Hui will be very surprised when you see them later.

"That's great." Ai Hui sat up and got down from the bed. His legs were somewhat wobbly, however, they still felt good and not too weak.

"Everyone is back!" Lou Lan cheered. "Lou Lan will go and prepare some elemental soup for Ai Hui."

Ai Hui walked out of the room and happened to see everyone entering the training hall.

When Shi Xueman saw Ai Hui, her eyes lit up and her ice-cold face brightened up with radiance. Just as she was about to say something, a massive figure dashed past her.

"Hahaha! I knew you would be alright! If I could survive and live well, how could you have possibly died?"

Like a gust of wind, Fatty rushed forward and gave Ai Hui a forceful hug.

Ai Hui's eyes widened. He felt as if he was being hugged by a grizzly bear. Fatty's arms were like thick steel bars, suffocating him. He could even hear his bones cracking.

"Are you trying strangle your good brother to death?" Shi Xueman asked coldly.

It was at this moment that Fatty realized something was not right with Ai Hui and quickly let go of him. With an embarrassed look on his face, he said, "Oops, I almost forgot that you are still recovering from your injuries. Hahaha..."

"You haven't recovered fully yet?" Shi Xueman cast a glance at Ai Hui and asked.

"I haven't." Ai Hui shook his head and spread his arms. "My body feels like bean curd now."

"What did Lou Lan say?" With those words, Shi Xueman finally revealed her concern for Ai Hui. However, at this point of time, everyone was concerned with this question. No one felt that what Shi Xueman had asked was wrong.

Sang Zhijun, the only girl other than Shi Xueman, had a pensive look on her face as her gaze switched between Ai Hui and Shi Xueman for a little while.

"Lou Lan is preparing elemental soup for me now," Ai Hui replied upon noticing the concern and worry in everyone's eyes. He felt touched but was somewhat not used to this treatment.

He changed the topic and said, "I have been in a coma for three days. What's the situation outside now? Tell me about it."

"You stunned everyone that day." Shi Xueman took a look at Ai Hui and said, "We did not expect you to have so many powerful moves. Do you know what everyone outside is calling you now?"

"What are they calling me?" Ai Hui was shocked.

"The Lightning Blade." A hint of a smile appeared in Shi Xueman's eyes, however, it soon disappeared and she returned to her usual ice-cold self. "You're worthy of this nickname since you brought down so many lightning bolts from the sky. That one huge lightning bolt you brought down made all the blood fiends lose their resistance. The mayor and his counterparts took advantage of the opportunity to seal up the city gate."

"The Lightning Blade..." Ai Hui could not help but laugh. He did not expect to get his first nickname in such a situation.

"It feels good, right?" Shi Xueman saw the smug look on Ai Hui's face and felt somewhat unhappy. "However, it appears that the condition of your body is still very weak. They will be very disappointed."

"What does their disappointment have to do with me? They aren't paying me money or anything." Ai Hui spoke as if it was a matter of course.

The previously unhappy Shi Xueman was stumped by Ai Hui's sudden, irksome words. The change in his temperament was too fast...

"Hasn't the city gate been sealed up already?" Ai Hui asked, puzzled. "Why are there still so many blood fiends in the city? And why do they need you all to fight them?"

Shi Xueman returned to her senses and replied, "The number of blood fiends that poured into city is far too many. Even though the city gate is sealed up, there are still so many blood fiends left in the city. Our unit is the most powerful student unit in Central Pine City right now. As such, we have to step forward bravely to take on the blood fiends."

"The most powerful student unit in Central Pine City?" Ai Hui was stunned. It was only at this moment that he re-evaluated everyone.

Upon taking a closer look, he discovered that there was an immense transformation in everyone's fighting capabilities.

Everyone had attained Initial Completion...

"Did you guys eat some sort of elixir?" Ai Hui was dumbstruck.

Unexpectedly, Shi Xueman nodded as if nothing strange had happened and replied, "Yes, we did!"

"Eh?" Ai Hui was shocked again.

Upon seeing Ai Hui's blank look, Shi Xueman gave a bashful smile. It was as if the spring had arrived, melting the iceberg called Shi Xueman and releasing a myriad of colors that were indescribably beautiful.

Ai Hui was shocked once more.

In his mind, Shi Xueman was made up of ice-cold steel. Her entire body was constructed out of steel beams and she had a heart that was more cold-blooded than any man's. Ai Hui was frightened when he saw Iron Lady suddenly reveal such a lovely facial expression.

"Blood crystals." Shi Xueman withdrew her smile and returned to her usual iceberg-like self. "Thanks to you, we were able to obtain many blood crystals from the battles on the streets. The number of blood crystals we collected far exceeded other units'. We have used a large number of blood crystals to elevate everyone's fighting capabilities and base level, and that is why we have the most powerful student unit in Central Pine City. Sorry, I let everyone consume the blood crystals without your permission. Don't worry, I have recorded down the number of blood crystals used. I can deduct it from the debt of eighty... Oh, nothing. I will send a bill to you once we are out of this situation."

She almost leaked out the incident of the eighty million yuan. For some reason, she did not want to expose her identity as the noodle house girl. Humph, she once again thought of the label 'skank' that Ai Hui had given her.

"No need." Ai Hui shook his head.

"No need?" This time around, it was Shi Xueman who was shocked. With a doubtful look on her face, she asked, "What are you up to?"

"I am just being kind. Iron lady, how can you have such a reaction?" Ai Hui was in between laughter and tears.

"Since when are you ever kind? To you, nothing can be compared to money," Shi Xueman retorted bluntly. Ai Hui was at a loss for words. After a while, she suddenly realized what Ai Hui had called her and asked angrily with knitted eyebrows, "Did you just call me Iron Lady?"

"Hahaha..." Ai Hui could only laugh and quickly changed the topic. "So how have our unit's battle results been these past few days?"

Shi Xueman's face suddenly darkened and she replied, "We have lost nine men. It's my fault, I committed many mistakes..."

"Big Sister, it's not your fault!"

"Yes, how are the casualties Big Sister's fault? How can there be no casualties on the battlefield?"

"Big Sister, the sacrificed brothers will not blame you! It's nobody's fault! Everyone tried their best!"

"That's right. Without Big Sister our losses might be even greater."


Everyone consoled Shi Xueman at once. Shi Xueman saw with her own eyes how everyone helped her. There were many areas that she lacked in, however, even the blind could see that she had given them her all. She was always the one taking the lead. She was always the one who appeared at the most dangerous places. She was always the one that took the most difficult missions.

Even if there were casualties in the unit, no one had ever felt that it was Shi Xueman's fault.

"I know." Shi Xueman unexpectedly nodded, then looked straight at Ai Hui. "However, if you're there, our performance will be even better."

Everyone did not say anything and looked at Ai Hui.

Everyone agreed with Shi Xueman.

If one described Shi Xueman as diligent, courageous, and responsible, then Ai Hui could be described as cool-headed, reliable, and experienced. Ai Hui had never directly led them before, but his presence made everyone felt at ease.

Ai Hui always made the right decision at the critical moment. He was irreplaceable.

During the battle on the streets, everyone saw with their own eyes the terrifying scene of thousands of lightning bolts striking from the sky when Ai Hui swung down his sword of lightning. Right now, everyone treated him with even more respect. Even though their fighting capabilities had risen sharply and they were capable of becoming legitimate elementalists, Ai Hui still held an unwavering position in their hearts.

That fearsome scene was deeply engraved in their minds. They would remember that scene for their entire lives.

No one saw Ai Hui as their equal, other than Duanmu Huanghun.

Duanmu Huanghun was looking at Ai Hui with blazing fire in his eyes. He was filled with eagerness and had decided that once Ai Hui recovered, he would be the first person that he would challenge!

Such a formidable strike.,. When everyone thought back about it now, their blood could not help but boil!

Duanmu Huanghun licked his lips involuntarily. His gaze looked as if they were staring at a prey.

"Ai Hui, the elemental soup is coming!"

Lou Lan rushed over happily. In his hands there was a basin of glittering, silvery soup, resembling liquid steel.

"I have used a lot of blood crystals. This soup can help Ai Hui to replenish his elemental energy quickly. Ai Hui, Lou Lan has become stronger and I have understood more about the blood crystals. This basin of elemental soup has maximized the power of the blood crystals. You have to finish this basin of elemental soup. Don't waste it. Ai Hui, come on!"

Ai Hui did not notice Lou Lan saying that he had become stronger. All his attention was on the basin of elemental soup.

A basin...

A basin had to be used to hold elemental soup now?

He suddenly thought of the fire oil-like elemental soup that Fatty had drunk and how he'd spouted fire after doing so.

Would he become something weird like that as well...

A premonition arose in Ai Hui's mind.