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Chapter 222: Symmetry Is Also A Form Of Beauty

 Chapter 222: Symmetry Is Also A Form Of Beauty

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What was that just now?

Tian Kuan almost rubbed his eyes to see if his vision was blurred. However, his logic eventually did not allow him to make such an embarrassing action.

But the puzzlement still remained in his mind. What was that just now?

The big mouth seemed to be made up of sand, could it be... a sand puppet?

Since when did the sand puppet hide there? Why had he not discovered the sand puppet? How had the sand puppet known what he was going to do?

Other than the view of the densely-packed blood fiends' backs, he could not see a single trace of the sand puppet.

Furthermore... why was there a sand puppet?

Tian Kuan could not help but look at Ai Hui. Concentrated metal elemental energy that was infused with an unique aura flowed from his body. Tian Kuan was sure that he did not make a mistake.

A metal elementalist that brought along a sand puppet to the battlefield? That was ridiculous...

Could there be an earth elementalist hiding in the shadows?

Tian Kuan looked around vigilantly, but made no discoveries. His senses were extremely sharp, so if there was anyone hiding in the dark, he could definitely sense it.

However, when he thought about how he failed to sense the presence of the sand puppet, his confidence slightly wavered. He had encountered sand puppets many times in his life before, but this was the first time something like this happened.

Where was the sand puppet?

All he saw were blood fiends. His radar was unable to sense the slightest bit of the aura of a sand puppet. It was so weird! Tian Kuan felt puzzled. Previously, he could not sense the sand puppet, and right now, he could not locate the sand puppet. Could it be that he knew how to conceal himself?

The mini Lou Lans did not know that Tian Kuan was looking for them.

Currently, they were surrounding the unusual piece of flesh, securing it tightly. Every mini Lou Lan's glowing yellow eyes flickered rapidly. This piece of meat contained the Blood of God that they had never seen before.

Because of the fact that Lou Lan had been studying the blood crystals, he had a deep understanding on the Blood of God as well. This piece of flesh had an aura that was different from any of the blood fiends they had encountered.

The blood spiritual force that was wrapped around the piece of flesh was completely absorbed by the mini Lou Lans in the blink of an eye.

Upon absorbing the piece of flesh, the aura of the mini Lou Lans had completely disappeared. If Tian Kuan could see this scene, he would understand why he could not find Lou Lan.

It was because the mini Lou Lans had emulated a special ability of the blood spiritual force that was wrapped around the piece of flesh. After getting injured numerous times, Tian Kuan was able to develop his own unique type of blood spiritual force that enabled him to seal and hide his aura. This characteristic was unique to him and no one else had this ability.

Tian Kuan named this ability [Shadowless]. Not only could this ability conceal the aura of his flesh and blood, but it could also conceal his own aura, enabling him to avoid detection his enemies' radar.

After absorbing this unique type of blood spiritual force, the mini Lou Lans quickly decoded the secrets of the [Shadowless] ability and emulated it successfully.

[Shadowless] was able to hide the mini Lou Lans and the piece of flesh from the rest of the world. Tian Kuan simply could not find them. He had never expected someone to emulate his [Shadowless] and also never thought of how to counter it.

Previously, when Lou Lan broke down into numerous mini Lou Lans, the latter's aura was extremely weak and scattered, preventing Tian Kuan from being able to sense their presence.

After emulating the [Shadowless] skill, the mini Lou Lans kept on analyzing this weird piece of flesh.

"Sand core, begin recording. Type of Blood of God, unknown. Source, unknown. Name of blood elementalist, unknown..."

The active mass of quicksand on the ground looked like dough that was being kneaded by a pair of invisible hands. The piece of flesh in the middle of the mass of quicksand was shrinking at an incredible rate.

All the mini Lou Lans' glowing yellow eyes were flickering at an increasingly faster pace. Tremendous amounts of messages were transmitted to the sand core.

The Midnight sand core's operating speed had become incredibly fast. The mysterious power from the piece of flesh allowed the sand core to operate at an all-out effort. The mini Lou Lans suddenly stopped moving. Their glowing yellow eyes formed waves of yellow phosphorescence that repeatedly swept across the piece of flesh.

As the piece of flesh was scanned by the yellow phosphorescence, it started to melt and evaporate like snow. Eventually, it became a puddle of blood. This puddle of fresh blood was mixed with a faint silvery color. Under the yellow phosphorescence, the silvery color became unusually bright.

The puddle of silvery-tinged blood continuously changed its form. It looked as if it was alive and had sensed danger, wiggling nonstop to resist the corrosion from the yellow phosphorescence.

The mini Lou Lans' yellow phosphorescence kept on sweeping across the puddle of silver-tinged blood. It was as if they would not tire at all.

In order to decode the puddle of blood, the mini Lou Lans had completely ignored the outside world.

The mass of sand on the ground had become a lump of rock, remaining stationary.

The overly suspicious Tian Kuan scanned through his surroundings many times but ended up empty-handed.

Had the sand puppet left?

He was unsure and hesitant. He felt uneasy knowing that there was a sand puppet hiding out there in the dark. He did not know whether or not the sand puppet would launch a sudden attack on him.

However, Tian Kuan made up his mind very quickly and decided to give it another try. After this next attempt, whether he succeeded or not, he would retreat.

He felt danger from that cold-blooded youth. Yet, was it worth it for him to take such a huge risk and gamble his life against Ai Hui?

Of course not!

After making his decision, Tian Kuan clenched his teeth and cut off another piece of flesh from his other arm.

Symmetry was also a form of beauty. He consoled himself while holding back the tears in his eyes.

This time around, he used stronger blood spiritual force to wrap the flesh so that he could throw it through the air. Previously, the sand puppet had disappeared into the ground. As such, he was unsure whether the sand puppet was hiding in the ground or not.

By using stronger spiritual force to channel the [Shadowless] ability, he could make sure that the piece of flesh would not be snatched by the nine-traced blood falcons before reaching the sword-wielding youth.

Without any hesitation, Tian Kuan flung his arm and hurled the piece of flesh, which traveled in an arc through the air. The piece of flesh blended in with the sky that was filled with flying rubble and smoke as it flew toward Ai Hui.

After throwing the piece of flesh, Tian Kuan immediately turned around and escaped like a slippery mudfish.

At this moment, Ai Hui was extremely exhausted. The elemental energy in his body kept on diminishing, so he was in a precarious situation now. Before his elemental energy was completely depleted, his rising momentum had already begun to fall. As more and more elemental energy was expended, his situation became increasingly dangerous.

Fortunately, he did not break away from the mental zone he was currently in before his momentum had completely fallen. He continued to maintain his focus, focusing on his sword. He was still immersed in the multitude of fine details of his surroundings. Even though he was very familiar with the sword embryo, this was the first time that he encountered so many minute details regarding it.

Ai Hui, who was already abnormally focused, was further captivated by this brand new experience.

He greatly benefitted from this experience.

Other than his swordsmanship becoming more proficient, his movements had become much smoother and the perceptive range of his sword also increased significantly.

Previously, his sword would only react if his opponent came within half a meter. Now, as his swordsmanship improved, this range had extended to exactly one meter.

Unlike the perceptive range of the sword embryo, the perceptive range of the sword was a few hundred times more sensitive to fine details regarding his surroundings. Of course, from a fighting standpoint, the perceptive range of the sword had greatly increased Ai Hui's combat capabilities. Otherwise, he would not have survived the flood of blood fiends. However, from another perspective, the perceptive range of sword also imposed a huge burden on Ai Hui's body. Ai Hui need to stay focused in order to deal with the immense amount of minute details.

If Ai Hui lost even the slightest bit of focus, he would break out of this special mental zone.

At this moment, Ai Hui sensed that something entered within the perceptive range of his sword. He used the blade of his sword as a bat and swatted the thing with lightning speed.

When his sword made contact with the object, Ai Hui immediately that felt something was wrong. The thing was covered with a layer of unique blood spiritual force.

Just as Ai Hui's swing was about to land on the target and break the layer of blood spiritual force, the sword in his hands seemed to come alive and made an strange maneuver, flitting across the surface of the layer of blood spiritual force.

Numerous fine details appeared in Ai Hui's mind as his sword vibrated silently.

This was exciting!

The sudden appearance of a tremendous amount of tiny aspects that Ai Hui had never seen before exhilarated him. The body of the sword moved closely along the layer of blood spiritual force, while countless information flowed into his mind like a river.

Ai Hui displayed supreme swordsmanship. Strands of sparkling, glowing silk emerged from the radiance of his sword and entangled its target, but did not break it.

Tian Kuan, who was just about to leave the scene, discovered that there were sounds of commotion behind him. Involuntarily, he turned around to take a look.

The scene that he saw almost made him spit out blood.

The layer of blood spiritual force was not broken? What kind of godd*mn swordsmanship was this?

Everything that happened today was weird. Previously, the first piece of flesh disappeared into thin air. This time around, even though the piece of flesh he threw had landed on its target, the outer layer of blood spiritual force was not broken!

Tian Kuan felt that he was a patient individual since the beginning, but at this moment, he felt an indescribable irritation arising in his heart.

For the sake of killing this youth, he had already cut off two pieces of flesh from his body, paying a price that he felt was more than enough . Even after paying such a hefty price, he still could not get rid of Ai Hui. One could imagine the exasperation he felt.

If he knew from the start that things would turn out like this, he would definitely have kept a distance from that maniac and not cared whether or not he was dangerous.

Upon seeing that he lost two pieces of flesh for nothing, Tian Kuan was desperate and sullen. Suddenly, a ruthless glint flashed across his eyes. He channeled his blood spiritual force and one of his fingers exploded into a cloud of blood mist.

At almost the same time, the piece of flesh that Ai Hui's sword had entangled exploded into a cloud of blood mist as well.

All the blood fiends on the streets suddenly stopped moving. The gazes of the blood falcons in the sky froze as well. A dead silence swept across the street.

However, the dead silence lasted for merely a second before a loud wave of clamor suddenly erupted. All the blood fiends, including the soaring blood falcons in the sky, surged toward Ai Hui frantically.


Tian Kuan laughed madly in his heart. Upon seeing that Ai Hui was being flooded by the berserk blood fiends and that the nine-traced blood falcons were swooping down from the sky toward Ai Hui like missiles, he chuckled sinisterly, turned his body around, and walked away.

You're dead!

No one can save you now!

You will be eaten by the blood fiends until there's nothing left!

All your fanciful tricks will not be useless now!

Tian Kian walked away from the scene satisfied. Even though he had paid a hefty price, it was a good thing to kill such a dangerous youth while it was still early.

Right now, Central Pine City had become a playground to him.

He did not stop to admire his art piece. Numerous past experiences had taught him to leave the scene as soon as his objective was achieved.

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks and his eyes widened. The expression on his face froze.