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Chapter 221: Protecting Ai Hui!

 Chapter 221: Protecting Ai Hui!

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Fatty was dumbstruck, as the blood crystals around him kept on piling up. He looked like a fat rabbit that was blankly watching fat and juicy carrots popping out of the ground.

Lou Lan was an assiduous individual, and his working efficiency was amazing.

They were like ants moving homes, rapidly separating the blood crystals from the battlefield and bringing them over to Fatty's side. Their miniature body size allowed them to clear the battlefield of blood crystals without anyone noticing them.

Tian Kuan, who was hidden among the blood fiends, had all his attention on the seven nine-trace blood falcons that were flying towards here. The seven blood falcons quickly dominated the sky, and the surrounding elementalists had disappeared. However, he was disappointed that these nine-trace blood falcons did not immediately attack Ai Hui. They were merely hovering about his head.

Tian Kuan was getting anxious. However, he knew that the more powerful a blood-traced fiend was, the more clever it was. It was highly possible that these nine-trace blood falcons were afraid of the fighting capabilities displayed by Ai Hui.

Tian Kuan was right. The gazes of the seven nine-trace blood falcons in the sky did not leave Ai Hui at all. Upon seeing Ai Hui annihilating the flooding blood fiends as though he was chopping fruits and vegetables, they were terror-stricken.

The reason why flying-type blood fiends were so powerful was because they could soar in the sky. When they were fighting against ground-based opponents, they would always gain an advantageous position over the latter. The vast sky was their biggest advantage. They could attack from any angle, and even if they failed, they could fly up into the sky and escape. Their opponents without wings could only blankly stare at them disappearing into the sky.

However, God made everyone fairly. Even though they could fly and use the sky as their advantage, they still had weaknesses. Their bodies were extremely fragile, so any attacks that were insignificant to ground-based living things might be deadly to them.

As such, these nine-trace blood falcons, which had developed intelligence, were extremely scared of Ai Hui. No matter how fast their flying speed was, they were still not faster than the dangerous youth's sword.

However, they had rich hunting experience. They definitely did not lack craftiness in the process of surpassing other falcons in terms of their base level.

They were hovering unhurriedly over Ai Hui's head. No matter how powerful one was, he or she would be tired out eventually after being attacked continuously. Right now, all they needed was to wait for their target to tire out and deliver one fatal blow to him, then they could reap their rewards.

This target contained an unprecedented tastiness. They smelled the fragrance of a breakthrough in this fellow. As long as they could devour this youth, his flesh, which contained an abundance of an unique elemental energy, would propel them into the base level of eight blood traces. They could become much more powerful than before.

For the sake of this target, they needed to have enough patience.

However, they did not know that there was someone who was more anxious than them on the ground.

Taking just one look at the hovering nine-trace blood falcons, Tian Kuan knew what they were up to. However, he could no longer wait, as he saw with his own eyes how Ai Hui's swordsmanship kept on transforming.

He was worried that if he dragged on any longer, Ai Hui's swordsmanship might have a breakthrough.

The current level of his swordsmanship was already so dangerous and terrifying. If he made another breakthrough in his swordsmanship, how powerful would he be then?

Tian Kuan did not know. He had never seen such formidable swordsmanship. Swordsmanship had been irrelevant in the Avalon of Five Elements for a long time, and he had never heard of any powerful swordsmanship inheritances. If this youth made a breakthrough, he would become very difficult to deal with.

The thing that was causing him to trepidate in fear was the feeling of danger lingering in his mind. That feeling was so strong that he was willing to pay any price for it to go away.

Even if he did not know any beast coercion spells, he still had a way to deal with it as long as he was willing to pay the price.

Ruthlessness flashed across his eyes.

He took out a sharp knife that was flickering with a cold glint. Clearly, this knife was an unearthly object. With a flick of his wrist, the knife cut down on his arm. His movement was very slow. As the knife cut into his flesh, there was no spurting of blood. A tinge of agony arose upon Tian Kuan's face.

Even so, his movement did not slow down and he cut out a two-fingers-wide piece of flesh. The weird thing was that his arm did not bleed. His flesh was rapidly regenerating in a visible speed. In the blink of an eye, the wound had fully healed, leaving a pinkish-red scar on his arm

The piece of flesh that he had cut off was demonic red in color, giving off an extremely alluring and sweet fragrance.

A wave of commotion swept across the blood fiends around Tian Kuan. Their noses were twitching non-stop, trying to locate the source of the fragrance. However, Tian Kuan had long expected this situation. He quickly used his blood spiritual force to wrap up the piece of flesh.

All he needed to do now was throw this piece of flesh onto Ai Hui's body. His flesh had an irresistible power over the blood fiends.

The Blood of God in the bodies of the six of them belonged to the most outstanding batch of seeds that the organization had at that time. There were one hundred people that were implanted with the seeds of the Blood of God, but only the six of them survived.

For a very long period of time, their uniqueness was not revealed. Later on, during an elimination competition among the seed-carriers, the ones that survived and won the competition were the six of them as well.

He only found out about this later on.

Under the influence of the Blood of God, the six of them had completely different transformations from each other. No one knew that the seeds of the Blood of God in their bodies were of the same batch.

Tian Kuan knew a bit more as he was often injured. The organization was also very interested in how an injured body transformed. From the words of a doctor that treated and observed him, he knew a thing or two about certain classified information.

For example, no one knew why the formula for that unique batch of seeds was destroyed. The organization had tried numerous times to recreate that formula, but they failed and could no longer reproduce the same type of seeds as the ones in their bodies anymore.

As such, the six of them were special, and that was also why they had a special opportunity to do all of this.

Due to him being injured frequently, Tian Kuan was able to discover that his flesh was fatally irresistible to the blood fiends. Elementalists and other seed-carriers would not react to his injuries, but if there were blood fiends around, the blood fiends would react in a terrifying way.

There was a time where he almost died in the hands of a berserk blood fiend. It was also from then on that he learned how to conceal the aura of his wounds.

He was used to using his wounds to create opportunities. Who would ignore such a unique characteristic? He had thought of ways to utilize the special characteristic of his wounds on more than one occasion.

As long as he could throw this piece onto Ai Hui's body, he could unleash all the blood fiends in the surroundings upon him immediately. The blood fiends would become more violent, more ferocious, and more formidable. Furthermore, the nine-trace blood falcons definitely would not miss this opportunity either. Just like the blood fiends, they could not resist the temptation of that piece of flesh either.

But how should he throw it over?

Tian Kuan thought for a moment. If he made a overhead throw through the air, he would just benefit the nine-trace blood falcons. Before the piece of flesh could even land on Ai Hui's body, it would be snatched by those crafty nine-trace blood falcons.

That meant he could only make a short distance, low arc throw.

There was still a lot of space between the thick and solid limbs of those blood fiends. As long as he could find a bit of space, he could throw the piece of flesh onto Ai Hui's body.

Even if Ai Hui's reaction was fast and he stopped the piece of flesh with his sword, as long as the sword was stained with the aura of the flesh, he would be drowned by the flood of berserk blood fiends.

And to ensure that he would succeed, he decided to close the distance between him and Ai Hui.

Concealing himself under the furs of the blood fiends, he moved forward silently. However, he did not notice that he stepped over an ant-sized mini Lou Lan.

This mini Lou Lan was right in the midst of the battle. When Tian Kuan stepped over his head, his body suddenly froze. The eyes of the mini Lou Lan started to flicker. His teeny weeny brain began to work hard, thinking about the giant-sized figure that had just stepped over him.

"Suspicious aura detected."

Through his core, this message was broadcasted to all the mini Lou Lans. Lou Lan's sand core, the Midnight, had broken down into numerous microscopic sand grains, and each mini Lou Lan had one in his body. As such, they were able to transmit messages to each other. This was also why they were so well-coordinated.

All the mini Lou Lans stopped what they were doing.

The mini Lou Lan that was being stepped over by Tian Kuan did not give chase. Clearly, his short legs did not allow him to run fast. However, his non-stop flickering yellow-glowing eyes were locked on to that giant figure.

No only him but all of the mini Lou Lans were locked on to Tian Kuan. All of their yellow-glowing eyes were flickering.

Numerous messages were broadcasted among them.

"Lou Lan is coming, carrying out light analysis!"

"Lou Lan is coming, carrying out scent analysis!"

"Lou Lan is coming, carrying out elemental energy analysis!"

"Lou Lan is coming, carrying out blood spiritual force analysis!"


"A unique type of blood spiritual force detected!"

"Its name is unknown!"

"Its characteristics are unknown!"

"Its source is unknown!"

All of the mini Lou Lans were scurrying around. If one were to look at the ground now, he or she would see strands of quicksand slithering around like a bunch of snakes.

When Tian Kuan stopped in his tracks, these fast-moving strands of quicksand completely stopped moving as well. They were scattered on the ground between Ai Hui and Tian Kuan.

The frozen mini Lou Lans might appear extremely gentle and quiet; however, the communication network among them was massive and congested.

"What will he do?"

"I'm so worried!"

"Is that a secret weapon?"

"He must be targetting Ai Hui!"

"Lou Lan is coming, protecting Ai Hui!"

"Lou Lan is coming, protecting Ai Hui!"

"Lou Lan is coming, protecting Ai Hui!"


The messages that were broadcasted through the sand core had all become the same message, which was "Protecting Ai Hui!".

Tian Kuan did not know that he was being targeted by numerous little sand puppets. He estimated the distance between himself and Ai Hui. Seven meters. A satisfied look appeared on his face. For such a close distance, even though his vision was constantly disrupted by surging blood fiends, he could still take good aim through the frequently appearing gaps.

He had enough confidence to land the piece of flesh on Ai Hui's body.

At this very moment, a gap appeared in the densely-packed blood fiends ahead of him. Tian Kuan saw Ai Hui.

Now was the chance for him to make the throw!

Tian Kuan's eyes lit up all of a sudden. Then he flung his arm and threw the piece of flesh at Ai Hui.


The messages in the sand core crashed and gave off countless sparks.

Numerous mini Lou Lans jumped up high and towards that fast-flying piece of flesh.

Tian Kuan was able to catch the timing accurately. He had great control over his throwing strength as well. That piece of flesh was noiseless, flying towards Ai Hui silently.

When Tian Kuan saw that the piece of flesh was about to hit Ai Hui, he became very excited. Even though he had paid a huge price to get rid of this fellow, he felt that it was worth it.

Suddenly, a huge, basin-like mouth that was made of sand appeared in front of the piece of flesh and devoured it in one bite.

Whoosh. The basin-like sand mouth disappeared into the boundless sea of blood fiends along with that piece of flesh.

Tian Kuan looked as if he was being struck by lightning, dumbstruck and confused.