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Chapter 209: New Sword Moves and Elemental Energy Soup

 Chapter 209: New Sword Moves and Elemental Energy Soup

Translator: JL Editor: CakeHermit

Ai Hui slowly opened his eyes and a bright ray of light flickered past them.

Ai Hui could not get his mind off the sword ray that had triggered the lightning and thunder. That scene was simply too stunning.

When he had been engulfed by the sword embryo, Ai Hui had witnessed the sword intent of the seven artifact remnants.

Just that scene alone almost made him lose his mind.

At that moment, there were only three words in his mind: 'Destroy the world.'

Thinking back to the times when he'd read through the sword manuals, he'd thought that the descriptions were simply too exaggerated; however, having witnessed first-hand that sword intent, he understood that the descriptions had not been exaggerated. Rather, they were too understated.

Glancing down at the Dragonspine Inferno in his hand, the silver ray was still dazzling; however, he was no longer able to detect the indistinct, feeble energy of the seven artifact remnants.

Ai Hui was somewhat surprised that the sword embryo could absorb the sword intent. After pondering, he came to an understanding. If he were to compare the similarities between the sword embryo and sword intent, then they were both categorized as part of the three essential life-sustaining energies.

Ai Hui did not know whether or not his conjecture was right. In any case, it was how he understood it.

He grabbed the Dragonspine Inferno and started his sword dance.

His initial sword moves were slow and coarse. Sometimes, he would stop and ponder and make some adjustments. The sword moves always had some minute changes.

He had read many sword manuals, but the sword manuals were just objects. Their descriptions of the sword moves were just limited to literature. There were many mysterious meanings behind the sword moves that were difficult to put into words.

For a long time, he could only fumble about persistently, like grasping something in the dark and pondering about it.

The moment the sword intent of the seven artifact remnants had been engulfed by the sword embryo, Ai Hui was able to experience the sword intent as it was during the Cultivation Era. While it was still simply too high-end for the current Ai Hui, it was still of an unusual significance to him. He could use it as a source of reference.

He waved the long sword, occasionally went forwards, and occasionally retreated. He attempted different moves persistently and used such a method to sort out his recent comprehensions and gains.

Gradually, a change occurred in his sword ray. The sword ray became smooth and no longer flashed and disappeared. Instead, it was congregated and did not disperse.

His heart was filled with immense happiness.

So, it was like this... it was like this...

Countless inspirations started to appear in his mind. He was elated and the sword moves changed continuously. The sword ray also changed accordingly.

The silver sword ray became increasingly congregated and stayed in the air, not dispersing. Ai Hui made move after move and did not stop. The sword in his hand was getting increasingly fast.

The silver ray was emitted continuously, like a moving electric snake. It lit up his stern face and devoted eyes.

The rest of the people in the courtyard were startled. They could not help but watch while standing at the side.

Shi Xueman was long alerted. She felt a unique, peculiar aura, one she had never experienced before. It felt like being high above the clouds, at a hard to reach, remote place, where a lone figure bathed in sunlight walked as if he were flying and giving off an electric sensation.

Following which, she saw Ai Hui who was practicing his sword dance.

Ai Hui's figure was almost concealed by the intense, never-ending sword ray.

Shi Xueman's eyes widened. Oh gosh, what sort of swordplay was this? Why didn't the sword ray disperse?

Ai Hui was still completely absorbed in his sword dance. In a flash, the surrounding sword rays were like an ever-increasing pile of silver snow. His figure had completely disappeared within the silver sword rays.

Then, in the next moment, a melodious sword chime was heard throughout the training hall.

The sword rays which were like a pile of snow dispersed with a loud bang!

The silver rays dispersed and filled up the sky. Ai Hui stood perfectly straight, like a long sword, and looked majestic.

He gave a long exhale and, just like the sword ray, the joy in his eyes vanished. His eyes regained their usual cold gaze. His gains were huge. He'd managed to understand three more sword moves: [Heavenly Thrust], [Uprising Moon], and [Ruined Clouds]. After some modifications, these basic moves were able to trigger elemental energy.

[Heavenly Thrust] was a thrusting move, but was not as mighty as [Misty Strike]; however, its movements were more clean cut and the range was larger.

[Uprising Moon] was a move that required lifting the sword. Ai Hui made use of some of the techniques used in [Crescent Moon]. The tip was similarly moon shaped, although it was slimmer.

[Ruined Clouds] made use of the resonance of the elemental energy. It had an oscillating impact and could be used for both attack and defence. It could also be used to extricate oneself from a dangerous situation.

Having gained three additional moves implied that Ai Hui now had more means with which to act. Usually, [Misty Strike] and [Oblique Cut] needed extra steps or other methods to complement the gaps. In a battle, it would cause Ai Hui to easily land into a dangerous situation.

However, Ai Hui's biggest gain was actually his understanding of the sword moves. This was the first time he could appreciate the sword intents, including those of the Cultivation Era. While the terrifying sword move had been far beyond his comprehension, he was still enlightened and it helped him a lot.

When he'd created [Misty Strike], he had understood the reasoning behind why sword moves required the ignition of elemental energy. In the Cultivation Era, they had ignited spiritual force. Despite this, he had still lacked understanding regarding resonance. After looking at the thunderous sword move, however, he had developed a new understanding regarding resonance. The sword ray which had been concentrated and not dispersed was a unique form of elemental energy resonance.

Ai Hui's sword moves were like a magnet. They attracted the elemental energy and formed a unique sword ray.

As a result, the sword moves became more formidable. Ai Hui reckoned that [Misty Strike]'s formidability was twice what it had been before, and this did not take into account his faster reaction speed resulting from the improved Dragonspine Inferno.

Ai Hui's strength was completely transformed.

Shi Xueman stared blankly at Ai Hui. That chap completely undermined all her knowledge. Since she was young, she had been surrounded by geniuses. Despite seeing countless geniuses, she has never met anyone like Ai Hui.

His capability was changing daily.

Shi Xueman suddenly thought, if Ai Hui has any enemies, they would definitely suffer.

Duanmu Huanghun gave Ai Hui a glance. He lowered his head and looked at the [Viridescent Flower] circulating around his hand. His mouth curled and his eyes flickered with intent to battle, like a blazing fire in the dark.

"Ai Hui!" Lou Lan rushed out of the room and ran to Ai Hui. He looked up and earnestly said, "Lou Lan seems to have become more brilliant."

Ai Hui gave a hearty laugh and patted Lou Lan's head. He pretended to be stern and said, "Lou Lan has always been the cleverest!"

"Ai Hui, really?" Lou Lan's eyes was shining and filled with delight.

Ai Hui rushed into the courtyard and shouted to the others, "Does everyone think that Lou Lan is the best?"

"Of course! Who could be better than Lou Lan?"

"When Lou Lan brings out his elemental soup, I will surrender!"

"When Lou Lan brings out his elemental soup, everyone will surrender!"

"When Lou Lan brings out his elemental soup, even the dead corpses on the battlefield will climb up and surrender again!"



Lou Lan's smile was so wide that his eyes formed a crescent moon shape. He said delightedly, "Lou Lan would prepare elemental soup for everyone!"

There was a short moment of silence and everyone started to rush over. Fatty was the most dramatic. He kneeled down and slid over impressively, emitting sparks due to the friction. He forced himself to the front and said righteously, "Lou Lan, please give me a chance to surrender!"

After a moment, Lou Lan brought out a pot of brightly-colored soup. An unpleasant smell enveloped the place. Everyone's expression turned slightly green. Just by the smell alone, it was enough to make them nauseated.

"This is Lou Lan's newest creation. It is a specially concocted elemental energy soup based on the properties of the blood crystal. The pressing matter on everyone's minds right now is raising their base level. The blood crystal contains blood spiritual energy and is a unique source of strength. It can increase the effect of elemental food, furthermore, it consists of properties similar to the origins of wood elemental energy. It can eliminate internal injuries sustained from training. Except for its pungent odor, there are no other faults."

Lou Lan spoke frankly and assuredly. His tone was filled with confidence. The pot of soup emitted a colorful vapor and the air was filled with a smell that made everyone nauseated. It made the atmosphere eerie and gloomy.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay and there was a span of awkward silence.

Ai Hui laughed and said, "This is the first time Lou Lan created an elemental energy soup with such a foul smell. My interest is piqued."

He walked to the big pot. He pinched his nose while taking a big scoop and ladling out a bowl for himself.

"Courageous Ai Hui!" Lou Lan said happily.

"What can I do? Lou Lan is Ai Hui's sand puppet. While this soup looks scary, being your master, I need to show some support. This is the willy-nilly of life."

Ai Hui spoke helplessly. He pinched his nose and with a martyr-like posture, he downed the soup in one gulp.

The next moment, his eyes widened and his face turned green.

Ai Hui felt that this was the most disgusting soup he had ever drunk. Even those medicines that were hard to swallow could be considered a delicacy when compared to this soup. While he was downing the soup, he almost puked it out.

Not giving him a chance to puke it out, the soup transformed into a ball of blazing flame.

Ai Hui's eyes widened further. This is...

The turbulent waves of elemental energy suddenly exploded and scoured his body. The quiet sword embryo was stimulated and started jumping about crazily. Ai Hui did not have any time to react before the elemental energy in his body began the Circulatory Cycle Revolution.

The amount of elemental energy was simply too much. It was too much to the extent that the Circulatory Cycle Revolution was momentarily unable to fully absorb it.

Part of the elemental energy seeped deep into Ai Hui's body. The remaining elemental energy was dispersed around the surface of his body.

Ai Hui's body emitted a faint silver light. Everyone was dumbfounded by the sight in front of them.

Ai Hui could no longer care to speak. He held the sword hilt and single-mindedly concentrated on controlling his body's elemental energy through the Circulatory Cycle Revolution.

The dumbfounded crowd regained their senses and rushed towards the pot. The ecstasy and the excitement on their faces could not be contained. So what if it was disgusting? As long as it could increase their elemental energy, they were more than willing to drink it.

"Everyone must fully absorb it. The elemental energy in this soup is very suitable for absorption. Such an effect can only appear in top-quality elemental energy soup. The blood crystal is indeed a magical object..."

Lou Lan explained while looking at Ai Hui. Lou Lan's sand core had recorded in detail the moment Ai Hui had stood up and drunk the bowl of soup while pinching his nose.

"... Lou Lan is Ai Hui's sand puppet..."

What a happy moment!

Lou Lan has improved. Lou Lan will be able help Ai Hui more. What a happy moment!

The elated Lou Lan transformed into a long tail made up of the word "willy-nilly" with a loud bang and danced around everyone.

"Ho-Hey, All the best! All the best! All the best!"

"Ho-Hey, willy-nilly! WIlly-nilly! Willy-nilly!"

Lou Lan was so happy!