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Chapter 199: Yan Hai

 Chapter 199: Yan Hai

Translator: Cynthia Editor: CakeHermit

Yan Hai stood in the distance and stared ardently at Ai Hui while he was collecting the blood crystals scattered on the ground.

Central Pine City's study on the blood crystals had produced no useful discoveries. As a result, Yan Hai managed to get some blood crystals effortlessly. After taking four blood crystals, he found that the blood spiritual force within his body increased sharply. He now felt like he had infinite power.

As long as he could get a few more blood crystals, he was confident that he could achieve a breakthrough.

Unconsciously, he touched the scar on his left hand. It was a long scar that stretched from his wrist to his elbow. Back then, his whole left arm had almost been disabled, but fortunately, thanks to the unique techniques of the organization, it had recovered perfectly.

He had been with the organization for a long time and once ran for the god apostles. Unfortunately, he was eliminated at an early stage; however, thanks to this early elimination, he was still alive. He'd heard that in the later stages, all the participants had been killed by the six god apostles.

This had also offered them a chance.

He'd accepted the mission to go undercover in the Induction Ground. He hadn't chosen the metropolises because he'd known that he was not powerful enough. With his meager ability, he could have done nothing in those cities. Here in the Induction Ground, however, he might have some opportunities.

The organization's supernatural power was beyond his imagination. He was easily assigned to the Induction Ground with a perfect fake identity. Never once did anyone suspect him.

Five years had passed.

It was so long that he had almost forgotten his real identity, until the breakout of the blood disaster.

Unexpectedly, the blood disaster started from the Induction Ground. He was thrilled and delighted, as he knew that it was a one in a million chance for him.

The five years had not been an easy time and he had been too impatient to just wait. His assumed identity was a wood elementalist. To acquire the Blood of God for daily training, he'd secretly planted some blood plants in his back room. As the results of earlier studies performed by the organization, the plants could only provide low-quality Blood of God.

Therefore, his progress in training had been very slow.

The outbreak of the blood disaster had largely boosted his training and now he was slavering after the blood crystals. Having taken several blood crystals, he saw his blood trace begin to agglomerate. As long as the agglomeration could be completed successfully, he could become a formal member of the organization instead of a peripheral.

He had to think up a solution.

He knew of Ai Hui. In the current Central Pine City, few people didn't know of him. As the mayor kept advertising the brilliant achievements of the A-1 Unit, the team members, including Ai Hui and Shi Xueman, had become well-known. Even the Vanguard Training Hall was no longer a secret.

People admired the huge rewards they got and worshipped their achievements and fighting skills.

Ai Hui seemed to feel his gaze and turned towards him. Yan Hai immediately lowered his head. When he looked up again, Ai Hui's attention had already returned to the battlefield.

Not in the mood to watch their fight, Yan Hai lowered his head and left quietly.

He'd just seen Ai Hui's amazing fighting skills and knew that he was definitely not Ai Hui's match, but that didn't mean that there was nothing he could do. Although his blood trace hadn't fully agglomerated, thanks to the unparalleled techniques of the organization, he possessed some unique capacities.

He walked fast. It would not be long before the battle came to an end, after which Ai Hui and his teammates would return to the Vanguard Training Hall. If he could not make it to the Vanguard Training Hall before them, his plan couldn't be carried out.

He walked past the ruins and the empty streets. Now this city was either in battle or in ruins. He could see hardly any people on the streets.

The smoke rising from the ruins made the scene more desolate and unfamiliar.

Yan Hai gave it a glance. He had been living in this small city for five years and had never seen anything like this before. The cause of all the aftermath was what he was going after. While thinking of these things, he felt a bit uncomfortable in his heart.

But these emotions were meaningless. He soon forgot about them.

Everyone had to live for themselves. Who could care so much?

His gaze became crazily ardent again. This was only a temporary pain!

Only death could bring new life. Only by burning everything could he destroy the ungodliness in the world.

And only by destroying the decayed Avalon of Five Elements could a real, new empire be built.

He had spent five years here and was very familiar with the city. It didn't take him much effort to find the Vanguard Training Hall.

As soon as he arrived, he was stunned to see the totally different Vanguard Training Hall which had become like a hedgehog-shaped fortress. Then he remembered that there was an earth-attribute student in Ai Hui's team and that this new appearance was likely to have been made by him.

He listened for a while at the door and confirmed that no one was in the training hall. A complacent smile appeared on his face and he took a soybean-sized seed out of his pocket.

He was disguised as a wood elementalist because that was what he had been before joining the organization. Although he hadn't made much progress in terms of blood training over the past five years, he'd still figured out some usages of the blood spiritual force.

The seed in his hand was the fruit of his hard work.

The green surface of the seed was touched with a thin red streak. It was a fescue seed that he'd modified using blood spiritual force. Fescue was a common kind of grass with strong reproductive abilities. It could be seen almost anywhere as long as there was soil. This kind of grass had a strong vitality and could take root and grow even in the gaps between bricks or on roof titles.

The reason why he'd chosen fescue was that it was inconspicuous. No one would notice if there was one more fescue in their yard.

He threw the fescue into the courtyard of the training hall.

Fatty had a long dream in which Lou Lan said that bathing in the lava could train his fire elemental energy, so Ai Hui kicked him into the lava at once.


And then he kept bathing...

Then he woke up from his dream and felt soreness all over his body, like he had really been bathing for a long time.

Breathing heavily, Fatty looked around and was relieved only when his saw that it was his own room. Good thing that there was no lava river!

He thought it was sad that the reason why he'd had such a dream must have been because of how the cold-blooded training maniac Ai Hui was giving him too many training tasks every day, which made training a haunting memory for him.


Wait... no...

Fatty noticed the hollow cockleburs on the floor and suddenly remembered what he'd done. His face turned pale at once.

He'd drunk the chili fire oil!

...It was frightening that he'd dared to drink the chili fire oil.

Fatty was shocked with himself, but the next minute he began to feel proud about it. This proved that he was a real man. He made up his mind that, in the future, if he made a bet with Ai Hui, he would bet on nothing but drinking chili fire oil.

Ai Hui would definitely not dare to do so.

Fatty was proud that he could win against Ai Hui in some aspect. His whole life was now full of sunshine.

When he strutted out of the room, he was surprised to see nobody in the courtyard. Where was everybody? Fatty's expression changed. Did they go out to fight without him? How long had he been sleeping?

He hastily rushed to his heavy shield on the weapons shelf. All he knew was that if Ai Hui had any accidents, he would fall on hard times.

He grabbed the heavy shield with his big palm and was about to rush out when he felt that the shield seemed to be lighter than before.

Right at that moment, something fell on his head.


Fatty felt weird and looked around. There was nothing on the floor. Then, was it on his helmet? He took down the Central Pine Helmet from his head and saw grass on it - it was fescue, a common kind of grass.

How could a bit of grass fall on his head? It should have been something like a stone, not a bit of grass.

Fatty was confused. When he was about to pull it out, a flower grew from the grass. Fatty was stunned again. How amazing it was to see a weed blossom just before his eyes at a speed he could see.

Moreover, in the middle of the flower there was the pattern of an eye.


Fatty's eyes lit up. Maybe this was a mutated fescue. This made sense to him. Fatty had been with Ai Hui in Wilderness for years and had seen countless plants, but none of the fescue had been like this.

Plants that had mutated were always valuable. Wood elementalists loved to collect and purchase mutated plants with which they could cultivate new species.

Good! Anything that could be sold for a good price was good!

Then Fatty became a bit upset. Since they were currently in a blood disaster, nothing could be sold for a good price.

Hmm? Why was the eye moving?

Fatty and the eye on the fescue looked at each other and both of them were stunned.

This made Fatty's flesh creep and he immediately realized what had happened. Throwing away the helmet in his hand, he dashed out of the training hall.

Yan Hai stood outside of the Vanguard Training Hall, confident in himself. As soon as the seed fell on the ground, it would take root and sprout. As he'd expected, it did not take long before he could feel the seed begin to grow. Then after a while, feeling the weak fluctuation, he knew the fescue had blossomed.

The blood spiritual force began to flow to his right eye, in which his vision turned all red. After a minute, the redness faded away and what he could see in front of him was a brand-new sight.

Yet in his sight there was a person's big, fat face, and this guy was looking at him with agitation.

What happened?

Yan Hai paused for a while, then realized that someone was in the training hall! Damn it! Right at this second, he and Fatty looked each other in the eye and he clearly saw that the guy over there was like a cat that had sensed danger and stood its hair on end.


Yan Hai's face turned pale. He couldn't care too much and immediately turned back to run out madly.


Fatty's growl came from behind. Yan Hai didn't dare to look back and ran even faster.

With the heavy shield and the armor, Fatty could not move fast and the distance between the two became farther and farther. Rage rising in his heart, Fatty threw away the shield in his hand and put his fists behind his back.


Roaring fire erupted from his fists. It was fiercer than he'd expected.

He felt like he'd been thrust forward by a wagon. Under the huge force, his head and neck were thrown back and his body was directly lifted up from the ground and pushed to the end of the lane at an incredible speed.

Fatty's fat face went pale.


The fire and the speed... were a bit weird...

There was nothing he could do but watch the guy's back get closer and closer. Without any reaction, he bumped into him like an out of control, fully-loaded transport wagon.