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Chapter 198: Ordinary and Brilliant

 Chapter 198: Ordinary and Brilliant

Translator: Cynthia Editor: CakeHermit

"Prepare yourselves!" Shi Xueman ordered.

They were not sure whether or not the solution they had thought of last night would work, but they would give it a try anyway.

Sang Zhijun looked nervous. Jiang Wei seemed calm and collected, but his hand that tightly clutched his bow revealed the tension in his heart.

Unexpectedly, they didn't step forward.

Wood-attribute students began to spread seeds of different colors on the ground, then rattans sprouted out of the earth and began to grow crazily. Water-attribute students placed misty clouds while earth-attribute students made quicksand in the interspace zones. In this way, the team was connected together and a net was created with many obstacles. The moves were not powerful, but they covered all the areas the team occupied.

After they were done, only twenty people were left while all the others turned back and walked out of the pitfall area.

Shi Xueman was not far from the shops. She gestured to Wang Xiaoshan, who immediately destroyed all the nodes of the shop.

With a loud boom, the shop collapsed, generating substantial amounts of dust in the air.

Chuu... Chuu... Chuu...

Dozens of red figures were ejected from the smog. They noticed Shi Xueman first and rushed towards her.

Shi Xueman was well prepared. She turned back and dashed into the pitfall area without hesitation, followed closely by the blood ants running after her.

Unexpectedly, the blood ants were completely in shambles.

The pitfall areas were very hard to deal with for the ants. Obstacles of different attributes were mixed up, each of which had a totally different kind of resistance. For the blood ants that were amazingly fast, even a small force could lead them astray.

Those left in the area were the twenty people who were the most powerful. They didn't seek to fight actively and only needed to keep the ants in the pitfall.

Sang Zhijun and Jiang Wei were leading nine archers. Once Sang Zhijun's Spiderweb Iron Pellets were shot out and entangled a blood ant, Jiang Wei's heavy arrow would come together with another nine arrows and the blood ant in the middle of the spider web would be shot into a hedgehog.

They were not attacking hastily. The fast speed of Sang Zhijun's shot now gave full play to its effect. Meanwhile, she was also taking on the overall control. She would shoot a String and Woodwind Arrow wherever there was danger.

The String and Woodwind Arrow was not lethal, but it was effective to disrupt the attack of the enemies.

Together with the others, Shi Xueman had carefully analyzed all of the problems exposed in yesterday's battle and discussed how to solve them. Today's arrangement was the result of their discussion. She knew she was only a rookie, so it was better to let everyone join the discussion. This way, they would also know clearly what they needed to do.

At first, they had been a bit reserved and unfamiliar with each other, but as time went by, their cooperation improved greatly.

What's more, since this was the second time for them to be on the battlefield, they had overcome the fear in their hearts and gradually gotten used to fighting.

The students' efficiency and confidence had both been greatly improved.

Shi Xueman felt happy from her heart. There was nothing more cheerful than seeing the discussion that she had initiated by herself go smoothly.

She had almost been killed just before, but now she was fully enjoying the wild fighting and became the most eye-catching existence.

Even the ugly Central Pine Armor could not hide her elegant and valiant figure. With Cirrus in her hand, she fought freely on the battlefield as if there was no resistance. As for the details of the pitfall, it was engraved in her memory and did not influence her at all.

Each strike was mighty and powerful. Besides, as her control over her strength had improved, she could now maintain her elemental energy within her body very well. The blood ants that were struck down by her Cirrus all ended up exploding into a cloud of blood mist.

Duanmu Huanghun was standing out of the pitfall area and practicing his [Viridescent Flower] at ease.

He was good at control, but how could he willingly become a supportive player?

When did you see Big Brother Huanghun as someone else's assistant?

That wouldn't help him defeat Ai Hui!

His eyes were cold. The green twine twigs appeared and disappeared mysteriously in the pitfall area. The continuous fighting had a huge impact on him. At first, although his [Viridescent Flower] could dazzle the eyes of his enemies, it had not been very lethal. Thus, he had intentionally practiced in order to improve its lethality while maintaining its gorgeous appearance.

Perfect talent must possess a perfect absolute art!

The aloof and proud temperament, magnificent and lethal attack, unruffled stroll, and incomparably handsome face constituted an attractive picture. Many female students had forgotten that they were still in danger. They couldn't help holding their breath and staring at Duanmu Huanghun.

Shi Xueman was invincible, Duanmu Huanghun was proud and gorgeous, Sang Zhijun was at ease, and Jiang Wei was well-ordered in the battle. Their perfect cooperation was eye-catching. Even the supervising elementalist was stunned at the fighting prowess of each of the kids on the battlefield.

Ai Hui was also surprised at their performance.

Although there was still some immaturity, it was much better than yesterday. At least they were more composed when facing the blood ants.

And he could tell that the tactics had indeed been arranged with a lot of thought.

He didn't know that the Iron Lady in blue and white was very talented in this aspect.

As a girl, she was valiant indeed. Seeing the blood ants that had exploded into blood mist, Ai Hui felt a bit frightened. If he had never seen Iron Lady's face before, then judging only from the fight, he might have thought that the figure in the Central Pine Armor must have been a muscular and brawny woman.

Females nowadays were becoming more and more powerful. The "money-losing deal" could easily defeat himself with One Thousand Yuan and now the Iron Lady in blue and white was more skillful than he'd expected. At first Ai Hui wanted to ask Iron Lady to give him some compensation for saving her life so many times. It shouldn't be for free!

She should thank him with money!

Besides, he'd heard that her family was wealthy...

But now, seeing the ferocious performance of Iron Lady, Ai Hui wisely gave up the idea. Apparently, he could hardly resist her attack with the spear.

"Good job, Miss Shi!"

"Good job, Bangwan!"

"Good job, Miss Sang!"

"Good job, Jiang Wei!"


Lou Lan who was standing beside Ai Hui never stopped marveling at their performance. Ai Hui had been upset at the loss, and now hearing what Lou Lan said, he became more agitated and suddenly turned his face to glare at Lou Lan.

Lou Lan abruptly shut up. He shrugged and kept silent for a while, then stammered, "Ai Hui is the best of all!"

Ai Hui, who had been angry just now, immediately became cheerful. He patted his head and praised him. "I really like your honesty, Lou Lan."

The teammates were cooperating very well and soon destroyed the blood ants in the last few shops. When the last blood ant was killed, the crowd in the street burst into cheers.

In Wang Shouchuan's room.

All kinds of books were scattered on the floor. Wang Shouchuan's hair was white and in a mess, and his eyes were red. He was murmuring like he was in a nightmare. "How? How? Spell formation... spell formation..."

"This is impossible!"

"Elemental energy cannot reach that place..."

"She can't do that at her current base level..."

"Ahhhh, how can I make it?"


He fell on the floor and looked blankly at the ceiling. He felt he was a total failure. He had accomplished nothing in his life and couldn't even help Yuqin to realize her last hope.

He was immersed in strong feelings of weakness and despair.

These days he hardly had any rest and was now overwhelmed with fatigue.

He dreamed about the first time he'd met Yuqin and the first time he'd spoken to her. In his dream, he kept talking to Yuqin about his discoveries. They got married and...

Numerous scenes kept circling in his head. He had already forgotten where he was.

"Shouchuan, I need your help."

Yuqin's ardent voice suddenly came into his mind and woke him up. He sat up on the bed. A gust of wind blew in and he felt cold. Only then did he realize that he was drenched in sweat.

He unintentionally glanced in the mirror and was dumbfounded by what he saw. His grey hair had all grown white and his wrinkled face looked unhealthy and red.

Maybe he would die together with Yuqin.

Suddenly, Wang Shouchuan felt relieved. He finally knew what he was most afraid of - rather than death, what he was really afraid was life without her.

He knew he didn't have many years left to live, but there was no more fear in his heart.

"Yuqin, I'll help you!"

Wang Shouchuan's turbid eyes suddenly lit up. He seemed to have gone back to his years of fearlessness. Youth and vigor were once again infused into his old body and inspiration began to gush out.

He sat at the table and wrote something like crazy.

Soon he had used up several pieces of paper. On the papers were his delicate designs. His burning life was the most magical ink that endowed the brush with glory. It was like the first ray of sunlight to shine into the darkness. It rose up into the sky and illuminated his ambitions in the quiet first half of his life together with the knowledge he had accumulated after days and nights of hard work. With light and heat, it wrote down his name in the sky of history.

He felt that he was covered in the light and was full of energy.

This was the best time he'd ever had. It came late in his life together with his loved one's request.

What a coward! He didn't have the courage to live alone. He only dared to die with his beloved woman.

He didn't sleep, rest, or feel tired. More and more paper, which was with his body temperature and conveyed his love and ambition, was piled up in front of him on the table.

Day and night, he didn't eat, drink, or rest for a second.

When he finished the last paper, he smiled. Then he reorganized the papers, folded them, and put them carefully in a metal box. His movements were very gentle, as if the papers in his hands were the most valuable treasure in the world.

To him, yes.

He closed the box and pulled the rope on his table. The guard outside heard the bell and quickly came in. All of Wang Shouchuan's materials were in his study. The Mayor specially sent someone to protect him and accompany him to where he lived.

The guard was astonished to see Wang Shouchuan. He looked withered and his hair was all white.

"Send it to the Jade Embroidery Workshop."

His voice was hoarse and dry. He was too exhausted to say one more word.

The guard suddenly saluted Wang Shouchuan with great respect.

He knew the importance of the box, so he immediately spread his Cloud Wings and flew to the Jade Embroidery Workshop.

Wang Shouchuan stared at the figure moving farther and farther into the sky. The light in his eyes gradually disappeared.

His wrinkled hands held the doorframe tightly and his grey and cloudy eyes filled with stubbornness; Wang Shouchuan stood still and didn't fall down.

He said to himself with a smile.

Don't worry. I will wait with you until the last second... How can I let you leave alone?