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Chapter 179: The Brave One Wins!

 Chapter 179: The Brave One Wins!

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Shi Xueman, who was in midair, started bursting out in laughter. She had witnessed all that happened below and was simply unable to hold it in.

All the anger, self-reproach, and guilt that were devouring her flew out of the window in an instant. Freed from those terrible emotions, she became very relaxed and felt that she must have been possessed earlier.

Had she not already known from the start that she would not be like her father? It was just that the daily praises and flattery had fed her ego and made her arrogant.

Her eyes cleared and her irritable heart calmed.

The path she wanted to follow was endless, and at that unattainable, distant end stood the blurry, yet majestic, view of her father's back. He was like a big mountain, attentively watching her unsteady steps.

Her father must have slashed through countless thistles, thorns, and ferocious beasts before reaching that point. He must have crossed over vast bodies of water, passed through violent storms, and endured the bone-chilling cold of boundless glaciers. Furthermore, he withstood bone-piercing loneliness, carried deep scars all over his body, and travelled alone before arriving at the peak.

How could her hardships count for anything?

Her heart became placid.

Looking at everyone's warm and gentle smiles, she felt thankful and happy to have such comrades.

Shi Xueman's laughter was exceptionally clear amid the silence brought about by fierce gaze of the closely packed blood ants'.

Duanmu Huanghun's face flushed. He felt so ashamed and wished there was a hole for him to hide in. Why was he always the one feeling embarrassed when associated with Ai Hui?


Before finding a clear answer to this question, the blood ants on the wall suddenly rose.

Like a troop of archers shooting earth-shattering red arrows from a distance in an open field, Duanmu Huanghun only felt things darkening in front of him as the ugly and malevolent appearance of the blood ants magnified before his eyes.

"Let me help you!"

Shi Xue Man's voice sounded in Duanmu Huanghun's ears like a beautiful melody of nature, and his spirits were slightly shaken. Ever since he was young, he knew that sister Xueman was extremely powerful, so every time he met her, he was very honest. The earlier battle illustrated this. Shi Xueman fought the blood ants alone and was not at all inferior.

However, he still underestimated the power of Shi Xueman.

What Shi Xueman did next frightened everyone. Not only did she not retreat, she took the initiative and charged toward the incoming blood ants.

Sh was like a snow-white humpback cloud whale that charged relentlessly toward a shoal of fishes.

White clouds surged from the spear's body like fierce solid canes, whipping the incoming blood ants ruthlessly and creating sharp hissing sounds.


The sound of unusually concentrated and loud explosions combined together. Those with slightly weaker hearing heard only a single boom as the rain of red arrows caused over ten explosions of blood.

This spectacular scene immediately shocked everyone, including Ai Hui. His mouth gaped wide and disbelief was evident on his whole face as he looked at the domineering blue and white figure in the training hall.

Was this girl really a water elementalist...

He would not feel surprised if Shi Xueman was a fire elementalist. Or a metal elementalist. Brother Li Wei and the guys from the infantry division were good at fighting head-on. Such fierce earth elementalists, although quite rare, were also acceptable.

From the start, earth elementalists were a little sly. Wood elementalists, on the other hand, were gentle and reserved. Seeing that thankless wretch put on airs was the best example.

Yet, who was the gentlest of them all? Water elementalists, most definitely.

This was determined by the characteristics of water elemental energy. It was soft and easily mutable. It could change between water and cloud, cloud being the softest matter.

Shi Xueman's attack, however, was overbearing and unyielding. Ai Hui conceded defeat.

Ai Hui had heard a saying that women were made of water. Now, he finally realized that this so-called water was certainly molten iron.

None of the women he had met were gentle.

8,000,000 yuan lady was incredibly ferocious too, probably comparable to Shi Xueman, the iron lady. One Thousand Yuan looked feeble, but was much more dangerous than the other two. When Ai Hui escaped the previous time, he made up his mind to run if he ever met One Thousand Yuan. The further the better.

Ai Hui was shocked. There was no need to mention the others, even Duanmu Huanghun had momentarily forgotten about his [Viridescent Flower].

Suddenly, Ai Hui noticed that the actions of her body were abnormal and opened his eyes even wider.

Iron lady seemed to have made a breakthrough... No way...

Everyone else's attention was quickly drawn to Shi Xueman's increasing elemental energy movements. Their faces were mixed with shock and joy. All of them had their eyes opened as wide as possible, in fear of missing any details.


The spiraling, water plant-like clouds on Shi Xueman's back, the surrounding dispersed clouds, and the clouds emitted by the spear entered her body suddenly, like a whale inhaling air through its blowhole.

Shi Xueman's exaggerated body movements from earlier immediately disappeared without a trace. She floated in the air as if unconscious, her body motionless.

A strange hint of color flashed across Ai Hui's eyes. He had a keen sixth sense and could feel the elemental energy within this iron lady's body. It was operating at an astonishingly crazed speed.

All at once, the blood ants that were flying everywhere started hissing at Shi Xueman.

Ai Hui's expression changed. Iron lady was in danger!

"Be careful!"

Even before finishing his warning, Ai Hui flew toward Shi Xueman like a frostbitten sword ray!

The others came to their senses abruptly and all their expressions suddenly changed. Duanmu Huanghun flew at Shi Xueman without the slightest hesitation. Each time he stepped upward, a mass of bluish-white cloud emerged under his feet at the highest point of his stride. He traveled on these clouds and continued ascending, as if he was walking up a flight of stairs.

The Golden Silk Longbow in Sang Zhijun's hand was nocked with three valuable Bunny Hair Arrows.

Already exhausted, Jiang Wei gathered whatever energy he had left to fire his arrows.

Thud thud thud!

Like raindrops, the number of blood ants that crashed to the ground quickly increased. Their eyes flickered with greed. The elemental energy brewing within the body suspended in the air was like heavenly food, and they were deeply attracted.

These blood ants were not very smart. Previously, they were cooperating, but they had completely forgotten to do so at this point. All they could think about was pouncing on Shi Xueman.

Ai Hui was the fastest, appearing by Shi Xueman's side first. His view darkened as densely packed blood ants threw themselves over from all directions, practically blocking his visual field. He felt the weight of great despair, as if he was being crushed by Mount Tai.

Before, the blood ants attacked in a coordinated manner, but now they had completely discarded this method. They dashed toward Shi Xueman and Ai Hui without any sort of plan, which actually made it difficult for Ai Hui to find an outlet.

The ingrate was slower by half a beat...

Ai Hui, who was forced to desperation, felt a sense of calm instead. Faced with such chaotic attacks, any intention of retreat would only remove the last chance of survival.

He had already adjusted his posture when dashing to Shi Xueman. He was like an octopus, sticking himself to the iron lady's back. He sprang at her with great strength, causing both of them to dive down toward the training hall's perimeter wall at a very fast speed. Dense red shadows followed closely behind.

From behind, the sound of sharp hissing fell incessantly on their ears.

Ai Hui wrapped his limbs around the iron lady. His chest hurt badly from pressing so tightly against her armor. Unfortunately, he would have to use his legs later... At the moment, he could only use his arms to hold her to his chest as his legs coiled around her thighs.

What was this iron shell... Was there a need for it to be so hard?

His chest was going to be injured at this rate...

Luckily there was no armor on her thighs. He could not tell previously, but her thighs were pretty soft... They felt good on the hands... No, legs...

Ai Hui saw nothing except for the wall that was quickly increasing in size. There was no warmth, only cold. The moment they hit the wall, blood red flashed across his ice-cold pupils.

The brave one wins!

The legs he wrapped around Shi Xueman's thighs abruptly sprang up. Keeping a small distance between his legs and her body, he stomped onto the wall heavily.


It was as if the wall was hit by a cannon. A storm of countless bricks broke off and flew toward the alley.

Ai Hui borrowed this force, increased his speed, and flew backward!

Alarmed cries rang out from behind!

Those witnessing the scene admired Ai Hui's fast reaction, which saved Shi Xueman's life. They had expected him to carry her along and dodge the blood ants in order to survive.

No one had expected that he would spring back and charge toward the whole group of blood ants. Was this not a deathwish? They had yet to digest Shi Xueman's impulsive behavior from earlier, and now, the usually cool-headed Ai Hui also acted so reckless!

Nobody could remain calm at that point. Sang Zhijun shot the [Bunny Hair Arrows] without hesitation. They formed a fine rain-like silver light, which landed amid the group of blood ants. Indignation appeared on Jiang Wei's face. He used his last bit of energy to fire three consecutive heavy arrows. Duanmu Huanghun had no time to worry about the others. He clenched his teeth so hard that they were about to be crushed. Countless viridescent flowers shot out from his surroundings, like a flowery storm flying into the ant swarm.

Half of the closely packed blood shadows disappeared!

But... As their eyes about to explode, everyone present witnessed Ai Hui and Shi Xueman being swallowed up by the crimson shadows.

The seven palaces within Ai Hui's body jolted before a rush of elemental energies surged up from his palaces to combine into one. A small trickle of blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth. He had just recovered from the previous injuries and was about to get hurt again. Why am I always the unlucky one...

He did not hold back and directed all of his elemental energy to flow into his back.

Come on!

[Arching Fish Back]!

A noiseless, raving storm exploded in Ai Hui's chest, but his eyes maintained their same azure color.


Ai Hui felt himself knocking against aroaring, furious wave. The immense collision struck him senseless.

Filled with much grief and indignation, Duanmu Huanghun and the others suddenly heard a loud sound, before witnessing the densely packed blood ants explode. They suddenly erupted, and their bodies flew in every direction.

Then, they saw the unstoppable Ai Hui and his bloodstained back.

Ai Hui lost control and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, which coincidentally landed on Shi Xueman's neck.

It was quite a pity for such a long white neck to be stained with blood. It was not as pretty anymore...

Dazed, Ai Hui's senses were somewhat fuzzy. He did not even feel the lady in his arms rapidly soaring.