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Chapter 178: You Do It

 Chapter 178: You Do It

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Ai Hui shielded the three of them before withdrawing to Fatty's side.

He noticed that the blood ants did not like being close to Fatty. Seeing Fatty shooting flames so diligently made Ai Hui think. Could it be that the blood ants were also afraid of fire?

That was a good thing.

Jiang Wei was almost completely exhausted. His heavy bow was astonishingly fatal, but also consumed an astonishing amount of energy. Sang Zhijun had some strength left, but her Golden Silk Longbow lacked sufficient power unless she used a special kind of arrow or technique. Even then, it was quite ineffective when facing the densely packed blood ants.

Wang Xiaoshan sat paralyzed on the ground. He was the weakest amongst these people.

Indeed, the blood ants did not attack Jiang Wei and the other two. Seemed like his guess was correct. Fatty's flames were useful in restraining the blood ants. Good one, Fatty! Be at ease, shoot on!

Ai Hui looked at Fatty in admiration before shouting, "Lou Lan! Follow me!"


Eager to act, Lou Lan called back loudly before turning into a sand cloud and reforming by Ai Hui's side.

Underneath her fluttering hair, Shi Xueman's eyes were bloodshot. Her blue and white armor was streaked with blood poison and dust. The spear in her hand was like a frantic, furious wave.

The skill that she practiced was [Hydromancy], which was known for its variation. It was not a spear technique.

Because of her father, she had a unique fondness for spear mastery and had been training with dedication from a young age. The cloud-like, untainted spear was a gift from her father, from when she turned 10. He had it sent over to the house from the front line.

Its name was Cirrus.

At that time, her father had killed a humpback cloud whale, and after it decomposed, he selected the straightest and most beautiful bone to use as the spear's body.

Humpback cloud whales were dire beasts that lived high up and deep within the blue dome of heaven. Their enormous bodies stretched over a few miles and were entirely snow-white, like white islands flying in the sky. It was easy for people to mistake them as floating clouds.

They had outstanding flying abilities, did not tire, and searched for sea clouds throughout their lives. They fed on these sea clouds as well as the dire beasts that lived within these layers of clouds.

Generally speaking, humpback cloud whales did not leave the deepest part of the sky and did not initiate attacks on elementalists. Only rarely did they appear at low altitudes and destroy everything in sight.

When that happened, a catastrophe would follow.

Bones of these cloud-eating humpback cloud whales emitted silky threads of mist.

The pure, crystal-like spearhead was a result of her father's masterpiece, which also caused a sensation the Avalon of Five Elements.

Near her father's military encampment was a lake named Blue Sapphire. The scenery was beautiful and he liked to train by the lakeside. Every day, he would carry a pail of lake water, pour it into a water tank, and use his elemental energy to compress it to its limit.

The next day, he would continue pouring another pail of water in and compress it. The clear, dark blue lake water would become tougher and tougher with each compression.

After three years and 1,000 more pails of lake water, he created a huge blue crystal half the size of a person. It was a novel material, an ingredient wholly created by him. Because it was heavy and the color of the sky, it was named Firmament Iron.

This development caused huge commotion as countless people were willing to spend huge amounts of money to purchase a small piece of it, but they had all been rejected by her father. Since the blue crystal was imperfect, he kept on polishing and grinding it until only a small piece remained. This piece, perfect in his eyes, then became the spearhead of the Cirrus.

Be it the humpback cloud whale bone or the blue crystal, they were all of the best quality. The moment the Cirrus was forged, it became one of the top water type weapons in the Avalon of Five Elements.

Even when blood was shed everyday, Cirrus remained untainted. No matter what, it was always encouraging to Shi Xueman. She could sense her father's hopes through it. In her heart, he was like a guardian angel protecting everybody.

She hoped to emulate her father, selflessly helping and safeguarding people.

The subsiding of the anguished wailings from outside, coupled with the noise of the blood ants chewing, deeply provoked her. She was beyond angry.

Indeed, she knew why she was so furious.

She used to be proud of her abilities and strongly believed that she could be like her father, but when danger struck, she was unable to protect everyone like her father. Even she, herself... had become someone else's burden.

At this point, the young water elementalist was like a ball of fearless, raging flame.

Shi Xueman powered up, immediately allowing Ai Hui to feel less pressured. He could not help but to look at the madness that Shi Xueman displayed. What a ferocious woman, he thought to himself.

She was practically a wild beast in human form!

When compared to Shi Xueman, Duanmu Huanghun was not as violent. In fact, he seemed unhurried. His performance was completely different from a few days ago. While he was not as efficient as Ai Hui, he basically had not missed.

The breathtaking [Viridescent Flower] in his hand slightly stunned Ai Hui.

This was not the first time Ai Hui had seen that thankless wretch's [Viridescent Flower], but in the past, it had been no different from that ingrate's personality. It looked impressive, but was actually worthless.

To Ai Hui at least, the skilled had looked flashy, but was weak and insignificant.

Today, however, the [Viridescent Flower] that the ingrate wielded was completely different. One word: deceitful!

Damn deceitful!

It appeared out of nowhere and disappeared to nowhere. It started to attack from the left, but out of nowhere, the branches moved to the right. Extremely deceitful!

This fellow had been enlightened!

He had a bad personality, but his brain was not bad at all.

Soon, Ai Hui witnessed the power of the [Viridescent Flower]. It changed unpredictably and could attack from practically all angles. Plus, it could cover quite a large area.

If only this fellow knew how to cooperate...

This thought flashed across Ai Hui's mind. Duanmu Huanghun's [Viridescent Flower] looked soft, but was deceitful, stealthy, and had a large area of effect. It was simply made for team play.

"Ingrate! Cooperate!" Ai Hui shouted.

Ingrate... Damn that bastard! How dare he call him an ingrate in front of so many people!

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

The inner rage boiled like lava within his chest and rose up violently, but when it reached his mouth, all that came out was, "How... how do I cooperate?"

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

Why had he said something like this? Duanmu Huanghun's skin reddened from anger.

"Bangwan, Lou Lan will cooperate. We can do it like this."

Like a sand cloud floating in the sky, Lou Lan transformed into a fine trip wire. Caught off guard, the blood ants swarming Ai Hui crashed and stumbled onto the ground where Ai Hui stood.


A sword ray then swept up from the bottom, splitting them in half.

"And this!"

He had not finished talking when a sand screen appeared in front of a bunch of charging blood ants, blocking their line of sight. However, how could such a thin sand screen obstruct their path?

Bang, the blood ants broke through the screen fiercely.

Yet, what welcomed them was a sword ray.

"And this!"




Duanmu Huanghun was struck dumb by Lou Lan's demonstration. There were so many moves. While none were very formidable, they effectively subdued the blood ants.

Ai Hui was even more powerful. Any deviation and it was as if his sword ray was a shark smelling blood or a creditor smelling money...

Damn it! Why did he think of a creditor...

Duanmu cursed inwardly, but was unable to deny that Ai Hui and Lou Lan's teamwork was shockingly well-coordinated.

Ai Hui was already very efficient to begin with. The Dragonspine Inferno in his hand never once stopped. It slashed up in successive arcs, one after another, and a low vibrating sound continued to ring as the blood ants in the path of these curves were continually crushed.

Were they... butchering chickens?

Within a short period of time, the corpses of the blood ants on the floor increased by more than 10. Lou Lan's various moves were strange but unblockable, and Ai Hui's ability to react was commendable. There were no misses at all.

What puzzled Duanmu Huanghun was that an earth elementalist was actually powerful enough to create such a treacherous sand puppet? Had he missed out on the latest news about wood elementalists?

Then again, it did not seem that surprising. Only such a deceptive sand puppet would collude with that damned bastard. Birds of a feather flock together.

And he used to think Lou Lan was a pleasant sand puppet!

Duanmu Huanghun's face was gloomy, and he laughed grimly. I have seen through your disguises!

I, Duanmu Huanghun, straight up will not be associated with you filthy creatures!

"Understand? Know how to do it? Come try!" Ai Hui asked aloud while waving his sword.

Duanmu Huanghun remained unmoved as he sneered.

"You can't even learn this?" Ai Hui was somewhat shocked by Duanmu Huanghun's lack of comprehension. Was this fellow really a genius?

Heh heh, how stupid of you to use such lousy reverse psychology on me! Duanmu Huanghun laughed sarcastically to himself.

"Lou Lan, let's do it one more time, he's slow to understand." Ai Hui decided, without a choice.

Heh, you think I'll fall for your trick? I've seen through you guys! Duanmu Huanghun thought to himself as he continued grinning.

"No problem. I'm coming! Bangwan, look closely. It's all right if you don't get it the first time, I can continue demonstrating!" Lou Lan shouted encouraging.

"We can do this!"




"Do you get it? Don't feel discouraged! I'll do it again... Eh, no more blood ants?"

Duanmu Huanghun, who was no longer able to hold it in and was going insane, yelled out, "Enough! Let me!"

Clap, clap, clap.

Blood ants ceaselessly jumped over the fence from the alley. Having finished their meal outside, they were lured by the thick bloody smell from inside the training hall. In the blink of an eye, the fence became a bright red sheet, while the vicious glare of the densely pack blood ants made everyone's hair stand on end.

Ai Hui was stunned for awhile, but when he recovered, he quietly retreated a few steps behind Duanmu and whispered, "You do it."