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Chapter 174: The Blaze Of The Winter

 Chapter 174: The Blaze Of The Winter

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It was extremely pleasing to have a moment of enjoyment in the midst of critical danger and a moment of rest in the midst of bustling preoccupation.

Lying in the hotspring, Ai Hui's face was filled with pleasure and enjoyment. There were no clouds, so twinkling stars completely covered the vast night sky. Such rarely-seen good weather. Ai Hui was facing the sky and his body was totally relaxed, floating on the water like a piece of wood.

Ai Hui sighed silently. He did not know whether or not he could see such an enchanting night sky in the future again. Even if he could, he might not be as tranquil as he was now.

After the joy of surviving the calamity gradually disappeared, he realized that the situation he was in had not changed much. He knew much more and became more worried. When he heard Shi Xueman and the rest discussing about when the blood catastrophe would end, a bitter smile appeared on his face.


If it was a natural disaster, he would not spend much time contemplating even if the situation was very dire. However, the blood catastrophe was a man-made disaster. This was a conspiracy that had been prepared and plotted for a long time. The conspirators behind the scenes had planned meticulously for a war.

Between the two sides of the war, one side was well-prepared and the other side was ill-prepared. Even an outsider like Ai Hui could sense that the outcome of the war was obvious.

His thoughts were drifting.

The dying scene of the elementalist exploding in the forest appeared in his mind. If One Thousand Yuan was not so picky and had not pumped so much blood poison in them, would they have survived? Using this method, could she create an army of... hmm, what should they be called? Blood men? Snowmen? (A lame joke, snow and blood sound the same in Chinese)

Oh, they would most likely be called blood elementalists.

If he encountered a large group of blood elementalists in the future... all he could do was surrender!

It was best not to provoke beautiful women...

Ai Hui's thoughts drifted extremely far away.

One Thousand Yuan did not seemed to be bullsh*tting about the blood spiritual force. Even though he had not confirmed whether or not it was "spiritual force," he felt that his body was alright at least.

The [Arching Fish Back] had completely exhausted the "spiritual force" in his body. Previously, he was still worried that his five residences and eight palaces, wait no, the seven palaces would have problems. His lungs and the seven palaces had been utterly damaged by the blood poison. There were some parts where flesh was starting to grow back and recover. However, most of the damaged parts were healed by the "spiritual force".

Using an analogy, this "spiritual force" was like a magical glue, while Ai Hui's lungs and seven palaces were like dilapidated houses. Right now, a thick layer of magical glue had been applied on these houses. By doing this, the walls of these houses were renewed. The previously leaking houses were no longer leaking.

Currently, Ai Hui was most worried about how long this magical glue would last and whether or not it was reliable.

Even if it was not reliable, there was nothing he could do now.

He had already gotten Lou Lan to examine his body. Lou Lan felt that what was going within his body was a miracle. He admitted he would not have the capability to repair such devastating injuries, and he was sure that not even masters could do it. However, he was still optimistic toward Ai Hui's conditions.

All right, actually there were not many times that Lou Lan was not optimistic....

Ai Hui soon put down his worries. Even though there might be hidden dangers within his body, he was at least completely all right now. Not only that, he had also opened up seven palaces, and his fighting capabilities had advanced by leaps and bounds.

He did not even know whether or not he would live past tomorrow, so why should he think so far ahead?

Suddenly, Ai Hui's nose twitched and his eyes widened as he collected his thoughts.

Lou Lan's elemental soup!

All his worries were immediately thrown away. Ai Hui almost scrambled out of the hotspring, put on his clothes, and rushed to the front courtyard. He remembered when he first came back to the training hall, he had thrown his rewards to Lou Lan.

Wang Zhen was generous with the rewards as he wanted people to continue signing up for his missions. As such, there was a lot good stuff among Ai Hui's rewards.

When Ai Hui was signing up for the mission, he chose elemental food ingredients. Thus, all of his rewards were related to the ingredients of elemental food. These ingredients were so valuable that Ai Hui did not even dare to dream about having them in the past.

For example, there were two fiery-winged snake eggs. Their specification was three years, which meant that they had been stewed under lava and absorbed the underground heat for three years. The fiery-winged snake was a kind of extremely vicious and poisonous dire beast. It could fly and its senses were exceptionally sharp, making the process of stealing its eggs very difficult.

There was one hind leg of herb-cured heavenly-eyed yak. The heavenly-eyed yak was an extremely powerful dire beast. Its hind legs were the strongest part of its entire body, which were considered the most important part as well. The hind legs were marinated using the herbs that were meticulously prepared and mixed. Next, they were air-dried and could last for 100 years. As the cured hind legs aged with the years, the infusion between the meat and the herbs would become stronger, improving the quality of the meat.

As for the fragrant lotus golden toad, it was first prepared by sedating the golden toad using a special method and put inside a lotus flower that had bloomed. Then, elemental energy was used to close up the lotus flower, wrapping up the golden toad. The golden toad would enter a state that was similar to hibernation. Its toxicity would be absorbed by the lotus flower as time passed. The water elemental energy of the lotus would gradually seep into the golden toad as well. It would take at least six months to produce a fragrant lotus golden toad.

There were a lot of other valuable ingredients included as well...

Regardless of the types of ingredients, all of them were extremely expensive. Even Shi Xueman and Duanmu Huanghun were stunned by the ingredients.

Lou Lan was a connoisseur in this aspect and gave a reasonable estimation of the cost of these ingredients. The total price of just these three ingredients alone was estimated to be at least 10,000,000 yuan.

Everyone's attention was caught by the fragrance of the elemental soup. All of them stared blankly at Lou Lan when he brought out a huge cauldron of soup.

It was far too tempting!

After taking in a sniff of the unique fragrance, everyone became hungry.

Those who were thin-skinned, like Shi Xueman and Duanmu Huanghun, tried to hold themselves back. However, one could see that their throats were gulping nonstop. Those who were thick-skinned, like Jiang Wei and Wang Xiaoshan, had already gathered around the cauldron. Fatty looked even more unsightly with his saliva drooling all over the place.

Ai Hui dashed forward like an arrow.

"Everyone has a share!" Lou Lan chuckled.

Shi Xueman was extremely jealous of Ai Hui. How come this fellow had such a perfect sand puppet? Could the food from her home even be compared with Lou Lan's elemental soup?

Gurgle gurgle gurgle. Her stomach kept on growling. A flush of embarrassment appeared upon her face.

In front of Lou Lan's unrivalled elemental soup, everyone looked extremely obedient. All of them held an empty bowl in their hands as they waited anxiously for their turn to get the soup.

It was unknown when exactly Lou Land had become a chef. He was wearing a huge apron and a chef hat while holding an enormous ladle, making him look extremely imposing!

The first bowl belonged to Ai Hui. When Ai Hui got his share of soup, he immediately drank it with a silly smile on his face.

When the rest heard Ai hui's slurping, they began to gulp their saliva frantically. Brother, can't you be more quiet? Do you have any dining manners? Why is the soup being distributed so slowly?

Those who had received their shares of soup eagerly ran to one side and started drinking it.

Even Shi Xueman, a goddess who was refined and raised from a strict family background, took a big bowl of soup and squatted on the floor like a country bumpkin to drink her soup. She did not even bother to use chopsticks or care whether it was too hot. Mouthful by mouthful, she slurped the soup, completely disregarding her image.

It was too delicious!

Standing at end, Fatty could already form a sea with his saliva.

"Lou Lan has prepared something special for Fatty!

Lou Lan brought out a pot of bright red soup from nowhere and passed it to Fatty.

Fatty was stunned. The soup in front of him did not have a single piece of meat or a whiff of fragrance. It was not even producing steam. However, upon taking a second look, he could smell a whiff of fragrance. Whoa... the stewed meat... The meat had stewed for so long that it was going to melt soon. If he was to take a bite of it...


He swallowed his saliva, pointed toward the inside of the huge cauldron, and said weakly, "I want to drink that."

"Fatty's body constitution is different from everyone else. He does not need to strengthen his body. What he needs is to strengthen his fire elemental energy. This was specially and carefully prepared by Lou Lan. It costs more than 5,000,000 yuan," Lou Lan explained.

5,000,000 yuan....

"Five million yuan?" Fatty's eyes widened as his body trembled.

"Yes, there are two fiery-winged snake eggs in it!" Ai Hui affirmed.

"Drink! I will finish it all!" Fatty replied without any objections.

5,000,000 yuan worth of soup! He must definitely finish it!

Fatty picked up the pot and started gulping the soup. The soup was smooth and did not taste bad at all. God d*mnit, one mouthful of this soup cost at least 10,000 yuan...

10,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan....

Fatty put down the pot unsteadily. Even someone like him, who could eat and drink a lot, had a dazed expression after downing the entire pot of soup in one go.

Now you know how good I am! Fatty was somewhat pleased with himself. Usually, Lou Lan would only give Ai Hui such look of admiration.

Hahaha, you have finally witnessed what I am capable of!

Fatty burped and a blank look suddenly appeared on his face.

"Amazing!" Lou Lan's tone was filled with amazement. "Fatty, you can actually finish the entire pot of Dragon Soup in one sitting. You're really amazing. Lou Lan had thought that you would need one week to finish it."

Shi Xueman, who was contemplating whether or not to lick the bottom of the bowl, was stunned when she heard the two words "Dragon Soup."

Not only her, even Duanmun Huanghun and Sang Zhijun simultaneously stopped what they were doing and looked at Fatty in wonder.

Ai Hui looked at everyone's reaction and took a look at Fatty. Fatty was in a daze. Ai Hui could not help but ask, "Lou Lan, what's Dragon Soup? It's name sounds rather imposing."

"Ai Hui, it's a kind of soup that's specially for fire elementalists. It uses fiery-winged snake eggs as the main ingredient, with the addition of 12 different types of heavenly fire peppers. It's a special type of elemental food. Most people feel it's actually a type of elixir. If it's considered as an elixir, it's name would be10 Oil Drops, which implies that one can only drink 10 drops of it in one sitting. It's extremely beneficial to fire elementalists, but not a lot of people dare to drink it. That's why I said Fatty is really amazing!"

Fatty's body felt like it was boiling. His body became bright scarlet, resembling red hot chili peppers. Even his hair turned red.

"As for why it's called Dragon Soup, it is because dragons can spit fire.Dragon Soup is extremely stimulating. If one finishes it, he or she can spit out fire easily. Of course, Lou Lan doesn't think this is a good name since there are many kinds of dragons. Fire-spitting dragons are only one of the many types...."

Burp. Fatty burped again.


A stream of blazing fire shot out from Fatty's mouth for a distance of more than two meters!

Everyone was flabbergasted.

"Don't worry Ai Hui, the Dragon Soup is safe and will not cause any damage to the body. To make it easier for him to drink, Lou Lan has used a special method to brew it. It's as smooth as water when one drinks it at first. Of course, the stimulating effect that comes later will be very obvious. Lou Lan thought of the Dragon Soup only after I saw the fiery-winged snake eggs. Luckily, the heavenly fire peppers are easy to obtain. It's a pity that I couldn't get the spiciest chilli: Rosy Cheeks, and only got the third spiciest: Lava, the sixth spiciest: Jealousy and the eighth spiciest: Anger. Lou Lan wrote down all of this information. I will prepare a better Dragon Soup for Fatty in the future!"

Burp, boom!

Burp, boom!

Boom boom boom...

The chill of the night was dispelled.

Fatty, you are the blaze of the winter!