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Chapter 160: Red Dust Sword Box

 Chapter 160: Red Dust Sword Box

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The warehouse of the magistrate court was not large and it lacked in equipment. Shi Xueman and others might regard it as shabby, but it was definitely a treasure trove to Ai Hui.

He walked slowly past the shelves and obsolete boxes. From time to time, he picked up the dusty equipment in his hand to take a closer look. He did not care about the dust. When he was unfastening armor in the Wilderness, the armor sets were likely to be covered with residue such as blood, flesh, or bone powder.

Duanmu Huanghun was observing Ai Hui secretly. Seeing what Ai Hui was doing, he encouraged himself to take one of the shabby weapons and kept telling himself that he must do better than Ai Hui.

He would not lose to Ai Hui in any aspect!

However, as a mysophobiac since was young, Duanmu Huanghun found it really sickening.

Holding the idea that he must beat Ai Hui, Duanmu finally made up his mind. He chose a bag of grass seeds called Shackle. These seeds, after activation by elemental energy, would form a rattan garland that rapidly contracted to lock the target when it touched the target. It earned its name since it was very sturdy like a shackle and its target would be hard pressed to escape.

Shi Xueman chose some Water Candles, which were common consumables for water elementalists and could be lit up with water elemental energy. The light was invisible to the naked eye, but was able to scatter elemental energy to create a dazzling illusion. Sang Zhijun picked a quiver of arrows called String & Woodwind, a type of uncommon rhythm-based arrows.

Wang Xiaoshan chose a pair of khaki gloves with the name of Mud Gloves to help him control mud and earth. Actually, Wang Xiaoshan was not feeling very confident and had no idea why Ai Hui chose him, especially when he saw the other members who were all people he looked up to before. He had a clear estimation of himself and knew that his only strength was controlling earth. That was why he chose this equipment.

Jiang Wei picked a big bow called Stone Mountain.

Sang Zhijun's Golden Silk Longbow was thin and gorgeous, while Jiang Wei's Stone Mountain was massive and solid. It was a typical heavy bow, with its length almost the same as his height.Only a tall man with long arms would bring out its true potential. Jiang Wei was surprised and happy when he saw it. He had always been looking for such a big bow and had not expected to come across one here.

Everyone except Ai Hui had chosen their equipment.

"You all have very good taste." The officer standing beside them spoke highly of them, though he was also loath to give away so many good things. "Most items here belong to the private collection of the mayor. He was obsessed with equipment, which is why the warehouse is so large today. Everything you picked was really good stuff."

Ai Hui caught sight of a square box. It seemed a bit familiar to him. He felt as if he had seen it somewhere before.

The box was dusty. He picked it up and blew away the dust. Then, the real appearance of the box could be seen. It was black and made of a kind of black metal. There was a lock catch on one corner, which could be used to hang it on a belt. The box could be opened from one side, but it was so deep and dark inside that it was hard to clearly see its contents.

The officer noticed the box in Ai Hui's hand and introduced it. "This is an old-fashioned sword box with three small swords in it. When you dance with your sword, they will fly out from the box and dance together. It's not very useful. The craftsman who made it fancied the ancient swordsmen, but when he realized that he could not control the swords, he just put it aside. The Mayor found it interesting, so he bought it with 100,000 yuan."

Ai Hui then realized why he felt it was familiar. It turned out to be a sword box. He had read about it in the swordplay manual, but this was the first time that he had seen one in real life.

"100,000 yuan?" Fatty shook his head like a rattle-drum. "Nothing good would be so cheap. Ai Hui, you'd better choose something else."

Ai Hui paid no attention to him but turned to ask the officer. "Can I have a try?"

The officer had no reason to stop him, so he just said, "Be careful. There are many items around."

The others dispersed in curiosity, including the warehouse officer. He had followed the Mayor for many years. After it was bought, the sword box had been stored in the warehouse, and no one ever touched it. The mayor, himself, had already forgotten its existence.

It was a pity that Ai Hui was not there when the sword box was purchased. He did not have a chance to see how the craftsman played with the swords nor how to use the sword box.

Ai Hui placed the sword box at his waist carefully. Although he never saw a sword box before, he knew a lot about them.

Next, he calmed down and began to concentrate his attention. With a flick of his right hand, the Dragonspine Inferno was drawn out.

The low chime thrilled everyone around. Apparently, the sword was very heavy.

At that moment, three rays of red light jetted out from the box. They flew around Ai Hui like three fish.

Only then could the others see the red light clearly. They were three small swords and were flying at a very high speed.

The swords were as small as a palm and as wide as two fingers. They were translucent and delicately made.

The others were amazed. This was the first time that they had seen such a light and flexible weapon.

Ai Hui did not stop. With another flick of the wrist, he began to practice the sword moves he knew. He had learned all these sword moves from the swordplay manuals, but these techniques had long since lost their efficacy. To find useful moves from the manuals was like looking for usable material within a pile of trash.

Some were partial techniques or even half of a movement. Others were breathing methods and tips to utilize strength. The withered parts of the ancient swordplay manuals were of no value at all.

It was easy to imagine how fragmentary and unsystematic the knowledge was.

Therefore, Ai Hui's movements were fragmented, ugly, and uncomfortable to watch. Sometimes the first half was elegant and graceful, but then it abruptly became rigid and ferocious. The pause and gap in between were palpable.

It was like feeling tightness in the chest. The obvious pause and transition disrupted everyone's breath.

They could not believe their eyes. Such ugly sword moves were really executed by the swordplay talent Ai Hui?

More surprisingly, the three red swords became more energetic, like sharks that sensed the smell of blood. They circled around the Dragonspine Inferno in Ai Hui's hand. The red sword lights interweaving in the sky were very beautiful.

Ai Hui's figure was indistinct in the red light of the swords.

A red sword beam, which was as thin as a hair, flashed across Duanmu Huanghun's vision with a slight buzz, like a sharp knife cutting a thin paper, and then disappeared in an instant.

They finally knew why the craftsman said he could not control them-they were too fast.

They flew so fast that the naked eye could hardly discern them.

Both Shi Xueman and Duanmu Huanghun could only see the interlaced red lights in front of them. The black heavy sword was moving slowly, yet the small red swords were as fast as a flash of light and as flexible as fish. The weapons were in sharp contrast, but those who were watching felt an astonishing harmony, as if that was how they should be.

Ai Hui was immersed in a peculiar feeling.

The sword embryo seemed to be extremely excited. The three small swords were like its new toys. As Ai Hui's sword embryo state became more developed, he could feel many things more clearly than he used to.

Ai Hui was also excited. This was a novel experience for him too.

The Dragonspine Inferno had a special attraction to the small swords. That was why they orbited around Ai Hui. Such attraction was unique. Once the swords became too close to Ai Hui, the attraction would decline and even transform into a repulsive force. However, once they were repulsed a sufficient distance, the attraction would increase. It was like an invisible spring that linked them together and prevented them from flying too close or too far away.

The small swords only flew within the area around Ai Hui.

Since the small swords were flying very fast, the attraction constantly changed. Therefore, the flying paths of the small swords were totally irregular.

The dazzling red light interweaved, waned, and waxed to create a wonderful scene.

"It's beautiful." The warehouse officer could not help gasping in admiration. "No wonder the mayor bought it with 100,000 yuan. It's interesting."

The others nodded. They were thinking the same.

It was interesting indeed, but it was better not to take it as a weapon. What was the use of swords that could not be controlled in a battle? They might even hurt teammates.

The Dragonspine Inferno slowly drew a half circle in the air like a writing brush with thick ink.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

The red lights flew back to the sword box like birds returning into the nest in the evening.

Ai Hui also slid the heavy sword back into his scabbard. His eyes that were as bright as stars gradually became dim and calm as usual. "I'll take this sword box," he said.

Everyone was surprised.

Fatty reminded him anxiously, "Ai Hui, 100,000 yuan. It's only 100,000 yuan. Don't waste your chance."

Shi Xueman also said, "The swords were indeed splendid and gorgeous, but they are not good weapons and can easily hurt your teammates. Why not choose another one?"

Ai Hui shook his head. "This sword box fits me the best. Don't worry, I won't use it before I'm proficient in controlling it."

"Are you sure you want to choose this sword box?" The warehouse officer also reminded him, "Once you walk out of the warehouse, you cannot go back on your decision."

"Yes, that's right," Ai Hui said decisively.

"Okay," the warehouse officer said, "its name is on the box. It's called Red Dust."

"Red Dust?" Ai Hui repeated. He could feel the profound meaning the name contained and nodded. "It's a good name."

Although they did not know why Ai Hui insisted on choosing Red Dust, they would not stop him as long as he did not hurt his teammates.

The group had just walked out of the warehouse when they heard a loud boom. Everyone's expression changed.

"It's the north gate!" Duanmu Huanghun's face turned pale.

The main gate of Central Pine City was the south gate, and the north gate was much smaller. As they expected, a cloud of smoke and dust rose from the north gate. The shrill alarm could be heard all over the city, and the elementalists all rushed to the north gate in a frenzy.

It was the south gate that was attacked, but the chaos were fiercer at the north gate now.

This reminded everyone of one word: diversion!

They looked at each other and saw the incredulity in the others' eyes. Could blood beasts be so clever?

The elementalists in the sky were in great turmoil.

"Plug the hole! Earth elementalist! We need earth elementalists!"

"Damn it! Blood beasts have rushed into the city!"

"Plug the hole first!"


Their hearts sank. No one expected that the situation would worsen at such a rapid speed.

"Back to the training hall. Come on!" Ai Hui said in a low voice. He was the first to rush to the street, and the others followed him in a hurry.