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Chapter 158: Ai Hui’s Way

 Chapter 158: Ai Hui's Way

Translator: Cynthia Editor: Lis

Shi Xueman and the others were stunned while Jiang Wei's and Wang Xiaoshan's faces were ashen. Although they didn't like those guys either, never once did they think about attacking them.

With their family background, it was best not to irritate them.

Duanmu Huanghun had some knowledge of Ai Hui's characteristics; he knew Ai Hui would never allow himself to be trampled upon. But what he didn't expect was that he would choose such a straightforward method.

What was more surprising was that in a two-versus-six fight, Ai Hui and Fatty ended it so quickly and neatly. Admittedly, it was a sneak attack, but everyone here was nevertheless astounded.

If he had been the one to be attacked by Ai Hui just now, would he have have been able to escape? The more Duanmu Huanghun thought about it, the more fearful and vigilant he became against Ai Hui-because he knew that if it were him, he would have been hardpressed to survive as well.

Sang Zhijun was similarly stunned. She glanced at Shi Xueman, remembering the scene where she threw Li Hai out of the transport wagon. She thought to herself that the means of these two were amazingly similar. At the time, she thought Shi Xueman to be violent enough. Now she knew that Ai Hui was more violent. No, it was not violent. It was better described as ferocious.

The next moment, however, she became a bit worried. These guys were beaten so harshly and would not let him off easily. Did he ever consider the consequences?

Shi Xueman suddenly spoke up, "Do you think they will obey your command this way?"

Ai Hui was squatted on the ground, tying up the unconscious guys with ropes. He answered without looking up, "Obey my command? Why?"

Shi Xueman was surprised. "Then what are you doing?"

"I just don't want them to hinder us," Ai Hui said lightly.

No one understood why Ai Hui was so cruel if all he wanted was for them to not impede the team.

"Then what are you going to do?" Duanmu Huanghun asked. He knew a bit more about Ai Hui than the others, and he guessed the Ai Hui's method would be different from their expectations.

"Tie them up tight," Ai Hui replied casually while tugging at the ropes, "and find somewhere to lock them up. I'll let them out when we finish."

Everyone was startled by this answer.

"D-do we have to do this?" Wang Xiaoshan stammered.

They did have their conflicts and disagreed with each other, but was it necessary to lock them up? Ai Hui's method seemed too extreme.

Shi Xueman also tried to persuade him. "I think we can talk them into it. I believe they'll come to see the big picture."

"Then what if they stab us in the back, or refuse to cooperate with us and cause great losses?" Ai Hui continued without slowing down.

Sang Zhijun quavered, "Will they really do this..."

Tightening the rope, Ai Hui said calmly, "For many things, there is no second chance. Don't leave any hidden dangers to yourself. It'll be for the best, for both of us, if they stay here quietly until we are out of danger."

Everyone shivered. Ai Hui didn't mention what would happen if they didn't stay here quietly.

Duanmu Huanghun's astonishment turned to admiration. He now understood vaguely why he always lost to Ai Hui; it was because he was not as resolute.

Of course, if Ai Hui knew what he was thinking, he would disagree.

"If I'm not mistaken, I have absolute control, right? Then my first command is to tie them up and lock them in the wood house."

"Will the academy or magistrate court take actions against us?" Jiang Wei was a bit worried as well.

"No, they're more than willing for us to do so." Ai Hui's tone became cold. "I don't want to explain anymore. Now you have two choices-to accept or to refuse."

Unexpectedly, the first to speak was Duanmu Huanghun. He said emotionlessly, "Useless people should stay in the wood house."

He wanted to teach them a lesson from the start. In his heart, the first one qualified to question Ai Hui's command was Shi Xueman, and the second was himself. How dare these guys jump out to oppose Ai Hui while knowing that both he and Shi Xueman had agreed?

Jiang Wei and Wang Xiaoshan looked at each other before hurrying to do as Ai Hui commanded.

Sang Zhijun laughed. "Actually, we're glad to do so."

Shi Xueman snorted. She felt uncomfortable with Ai Hui's attitude, but since it was her own proposal... she had to stick to it.

She walked towards one of the unconscious figures and picked him up.

After finding a wood house, they threw the six tightly trussed students into it, going so far as to gag them to prevent them from calling out for help.

"How will they eat?" Shi Xueman asked.

Ai Hui casually said, "They'll be able to eat when we come back. Don't worry, it's not so easy to die from starvation. We can just leave them some water."

Sang Zhijun reflexively asked, "And what if we don't come back?"

Ai Hui glanced at her, then said lightly, "That means we are dead."

A chill rose in everyone's hearts, and their gazes at Ai Hui were now filled with fear.

Only then did they realize how heartless and cruel he was despite their similar ages.

Shi Xueman was greatly shocked, doubting whether she ever knew the person in front of her. Was this the same person who paid her bill at the noodle house and tried to please her due to the eighty million debt he owed her?

Just what kind of person was he? What did he go through? Shi Xueman's curiosity towards him was roused.

Everyone was quiet, including Duanmu Huanghun. Proud as he was, at this moment, he appeared solemn. The people present felt as though they were a flock of sheep while Ai Hui was a dangerous beast used to the life and killings of the wild.

Now they were sure that Ai Hui did not care about the retribution of the students or their families. They even suspected that if they were not present, Ai Hui would have already killed the six people quietly.

Ai Hui noticed the fear in their eyes, but he didn't care.

What they were thinking or whether it would lead to their estrangement-he did not care. If not for the escape quota, he would not have wanted any connection with them.

Walking out of the wood house, he saw that Fatty was still practicing.

"I have something to tell you in advance." Ai Hui paused to think for a minute before continuing, "The situation might be worse than you think."

He noted the anxious and doubtful looks on their faces and said firmly, "Worse than whatever you can imagine. We'll be faced with many dangers more precarious than what we experienced in the Garden of LIfe or even the blood bat. I hope we can leave here alive."

"Really?" asked Wang Xiaoshan, who was the most fearful one of those present. His face was pale.

As Ai Hui was about to speak, they heard a loud explosion in the distance, and the earth began to quake.

Duanmu Huanghun's face paled. "That was from the city gate!"

They then saw many elementalists flying to the city gate from all quarters. Despite their high elevation, Ai Hui and the others could read the panic on their faces.

They began to feel anxious as well.

But Ai Hui remained calm as before. He noticed Lou Lan and the number that he had transformed into which indicated that Fatty was done with practice. Staggering out with the ironwood shield as his stick, Fatty was soaked with sweat, looking as though he had just climbed out of a pool. His heavy breathing sounded like bellows, and his eyes were wide as he glared at Ai Hui.

Ai Hui smiled.

"Ai Hui, Fatty has finished," Lou Lan said happily.

Ai Hui nodded. "Good. It's time to have some food."

Hearing what Ai Hui said, Fatty's anger turned into weariness and hunger. He plopped onto the ground and shouted, "Oops. I need to eat more. I'm dead tired. Water, Lou Lan, I need water!"

Lou Lan took out some of the solid food that he had prepared. Ai Hui said, "Let's all have some."

Shi Xueman couldn't help asking, "Don't we need to help them? If the city gate falls, then we're all doomed."

While eating, Ai Hui said, "The city gate already has the best defense. If it's about to fall, then there's nothing we can do to help."

Shi Xueman wanted to retort but realized there was nothing she could say; she knew Ai Hui was right. The mayor had already assigned guards and teachers to key areas for the city's defense, and the city gate was the topmost priority. Compared to them, the six people here were a drop in the ocean.

"Actually, the best choice for us is to stay in the training hall." Ai Hui glanced at Shi Xueman. He was wondering if he could knock them out if he launched a sneak attack. The dean only wanted Shi Xueman and Duanmu Huanghun to be alive anyway. He would not care whether they were conscious or not.

But it seemed this plan would be hard to achieve. The fighting skills of Shi Xueman, Duanmu Huanghun, and Sang Zhijun were all upper-tier. If he could not defeat them in one go, he would be beaten down for sure.

"So we hide here like cowards and watch them die without doing anything?" Shi Xueman watched Ai Hui coldly. If she could kill Ai Hui with her eyes, then Ai Hui would have died a thousand deaths.

She began to doubt the wisdom of her suggestion to give Ai Hui the right to lead. He was too sophisticated.

The others remained mute with frightened expressions, but they did not agree with him either. Only, they did not dare to oppose due to his imposing manner.

You are all just too naive and enthusiastic, Ai Hui thought to himself.

"You're right." Unexpectedly, Ai Hui admitted his mistake at once. "Let's go to the magistrate office to get some equipment. I'll collect my reward as well."

Fatty was speedily stuffing food into his mouth. He seemed without emotion, but inside, his mind was turning rapidly. He knew that there must be something that Ai Hui wasn't saying!

He knew Ai Hui too well. If he admitted his mistakes quickly, then either he knew he was wrong, or he did it with a motive in mind.

The others were eating the food silently.

Shi Xueman didn't expect Ai Hui to admit his mistake so quickly. To ease the tension, she praised, "This tastes pretty good."

"Lou Lan made it. I'm afraid we won't have time to cook, so I asked Lou Lan to make more. It should be enough to last us several days," Ai Hui said.

Lou Lan, who was standing next to Ai Hui, smiled happily, his eyes behind the pale mask becoming like crescent moons.

Everyone was surprised to find that Lou Lan was able to cook. From his outstanding performance in the fight just now, they assumed Lou Lan to be a combat sand puppet; they didn't know he would also be good at household skills.

But Shi Xueman noticed something else and could not help but look at Ai Hui.

He began to prepare for this long ago?

He really was a mysterious guy.

At that moment, Ai Hui suddenly gestured for them to keep quiet.