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Chapter 156: Conflicts

 Chapter 156: Conflicts

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"I am just an old prisoner. Ah, so it turned out to be the Induction Ground. Although I have known for a long time that the catastrophe is coming, I still feel sorrowful after your confirmation. If you are trapped in the blood catastrophe, please be reminded that you must not touch any blood, because not only wounds but any skin exposure to the Blood of God will get you infected."

Ai Hui's eyes were burning when he saw the words "Blood of God." It really was funny-the blood poison, which had caused countless disasters and deaths, was actually called the "Blood of God." What kind of "god" could be so evil?

"Blood of God?"

"The masterpiece of the insane, the perfect combination of a blood-refined sect from ancient times and the wood elementalists of the Avalon of Five Elements. The Blood of God can be traced back to a hundred years ago, where they had already been secretly studying it for fifty years. It wasn't until thirty years ago that we had finally noticed their dirty tricks, but it was too late. They had become very powerful and had long been eyeing us. We had failed."

Ai Hui was about to ask "Who are they, and who are you?" but he restrained his curiosity. Once he knew the answers to those two questions, he would be officially involved in their conflict, which may bring him many troubles.

All he desired was to be alive and live a quiet life. He didn't want to be involved in any conflicts.

So, instead, he asked, "Last time, you said that everything will change in sixty days. What did you mean?"

"I only know that they have a big plan, but I don't know the details. They have been planning for a long time, and the blood catstrophe is only the beginning."

This answer made Ai Hui more unwilling to get involved. It was clear now who played their cards better. The enemies could devote themselves to study for one hundred years, arrange everything delicately, and also leave room for maneuvers. The old prisoner's side, on the other hand, only noticed the abnormality after fifty years and were caught due to their carelessness. And they still didn't know much about their enemy.

Suddenly, Ai Hui heard some noise outside.

He quickly wrote on the leaf, "Someone is coming."

Then he left as if nothing had happened. He didn't know why, but intuitively, he believed it was better to not tell others about the message tree.

At first, Ai Hui had thought that Duanmu Huanghun was coming back. However, he paused when he saw the faces of the comers.

There was a ponytailed girl in a white-blue armor, and she was heavily armed. Her pretty but cold face attracted everyone's attention, and her awe-inspiring eyes were as pure as untouched crystal.

What impressed Ai Hui the most was the spear in her hand.

He could not tell what the snow-white spear was made of, but it was surrounded by a white cloud, and the tip was as shiny as the water of a lake.

The white-blue armor was delicately made. The texture of the blue part was crystal-like and as clear as the sea, while the white part was like the snow or the clouds. It looked light and handy without the heaviness of ordinary armors, and Ai Hui could tell at first glance that it must be expensive.

The girl's waistline was outlined by the armor, and with her ponytail hanging down almost to her waist, she looked agile and fresh.

Hmm, this girl seemed familiar...

When Ai Hui saw the inimitable Golden Silk Longbow, he suddenly realized that they were the two who had fought against the blood bat with him that night. Girls would be totally changed in different attire. Oh! He suddenly remembered that one of them was Shi Xueman and the other was Sang Zhijun.

Wait...Shi Xueman?

She was Shi Xueman?

Ai Hui's jaw dropped as he stared at the vigorous girl blankly. Only then did he realize that the Shi Xueman that the Dean had told him about was that Shi Xueman!

Ai Hui was not a green hand [1] who had just come to the Induction Ground. He had heard of the goddess' name before.

The blood bat had died a worthy death, Ai Hui thought. He knew who he was, and it was already beyond his capacity to resist an attack of the blood bat. It seemed that he should thank this pretty girl. It was because of her excellent fighting skills that he was still alive.

When Shi Xueman noticed Ai Hui's stunned face, she didn't show any expression, but in her heart, she felt complacent. However, the next second, she remembered that she was what this guy called "a skank," and the complacency disappeared. Her face darkened, and she said coldly, "Come in, everybody."

Ai Hui felt a bit weird. The girl seemed unhappy?

And she glared at him?

Why? He didn't remember ever offending her before.

Ai Hui shook his head. He suddenly felt that it was funny that he had thought that he could understand females. It was okay, though. He wasn't alone. Fatty, for sure, could not understand them either.


Ai Hui suddenly turned and saw Fatty, who was taking a rest. With a darkened face, he said, "Lou Lan, one hundred sets more for Fatty."

Fatty's face quickly turned pale, and he returned to continuing to wave the shield ruefully.

Sang Zhijun was puzzled as she watched the two standing in front of her. Xueman had been in good mood on her way here, and Ai Hui had also seemed fine when they had just arrived. Why did both of them suddenly become so unpleasant?

Then, a group of people walked into the training hall, the sight of which caused Ai Hui to feel dizzy.

They were all in magnificent and glaring equipment, the colorful lights of which dazzled him. They were like human-shaped shelves with various shining equipment was on display.

Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple...They should be named 'the group of the rainbow.'

They were rich indeed...

Ai Hui was stunned. Prodigal kids! He didn't need to look back to know that Fatty must be as astonished as he was because Fatty would always be like this whenever he saw something expensive. So, without even looking at Fatty, he shouted, "If you are lazy again, I'll add a hundred sets more."

Fatty was so frightened that he almost lost some weight, and he immediately continued to practice. He felt Ai Hui to be much more frightening than before.

Ai Hui's eyes were clear, and he immediately noticed the unfriendly gazes of the colorful guys.

Everyone looked at Ai Hui up and down maliciously but did not find anything special. They had been unwilling to follow even Shi Xueman's lead, much less this unknown guy.

But Shi Xueman outperformed them both in terms of fighting skills and family background, so they had to obey.

But Ai Hui-just who was he?

These guys were all very proud, and some of them were even preparing to give Ai Hui a good beating.

Ai Hui knew what they were thinking as soon as he saw their expressions.

He didn't understand females indeed, but he knew very well what men thought. Ai Hui snorted in his heart.

If it were not for the escape quota, he wouldn't bother to care about them.

"Fatty, you can stop practicing for a while. Come here."

On hearing Ai Hui's words, Fatty happily ran to him at once with the shield in his hand.

Shi Xueman also noticed the unfriendly environment, and her eyes became cold. At first, she had wanted Ai Hui to join her team, but with the consideration that the other teammates might reject him, it was finally decided that Ai Hui would lead another team.

Her father once told her that if there was one thing she was not good at, then she should leave it to someone who was-especially when the situation was important.

She knew of Ai Hui's ability very well. Although he may not be the best fighter, he could be the best leader.

Shi Xueman displayed her attitude clearly. "It is my suggestion to follow Ai Hui's lead. Do you have any objections?"

Sang Zhijun said without hesitation, "I agree."

"I don't. If it's you, Xueman, I'm fine with it. But why does this unknown guy suddenly become our team leader?"

It was out of Shi Xueman's expectation for the first one to object to be He Qiuming, whom she had always regarded as a sedate member of the team.

If Li Hai was a disorderly guy because of his family background, then He Qiuming was a person who was always responsible in his behavior. His objection made her realize that her suggestion might have been a bit reckless.

"That's right. How can such a small potato ride on our back and piss and sh*t on us?" Li Hai's rudeness made everybody frown.

"I don't agree either!"

"Neither do I!"

Six members out of eight were against the suggestion.

Duanmu Huanghun didn't expect to see such an embarrassing scene when he had just entered. Meanwhile, Jiang Wei and Wang Xiaoshan, who were standing beside him, were full of anger.

"A Hui, let's do it ourselves. Why do we have to team up with them?" Jiang Wei gazed at them with hostility.

"Yes, why do we have to?" Wang Xiaoshan also agreed with Jiang Wei.

Both of them had escaped from the Garden of Life with Ai Hui all the way, and they admired him from the bottom of their hearts. Now, their blood was boiling when they saw the contempt the others had for Ai Hui.

Shi Xueman felt a headache coming on; she hadn't expected her first proposal to be strongly opposed by both sides.

There were things in the world that before you really experienced, you would not know how naive you were.

"It's okay." Ai Hui appeared to be at peace. "I think the overall capacity of your team is good enough. Then will you six make up a team, and let the two girls join our team because we are a bit weaker?"

Fatty, who was standing beside Ai Hui, felt heart tremble when he heard his words. Ai Hui was becoming more and more insidious. It was clear that he didn't bother to care about those guys.

Fatty was right-Ai Hui was more than willing to leave them aside. They had nothing to do with him. He clearly remembered that the dean had asked him to guarantee the safety of only two people-one was Shi Xueman, and the other was Duanmu Huanghun.

As to the others...

It was none of his business.


The six boys all disagreed. Shi Xueman was their goddess, and Sang Zhijun was also very pretty. They were the only two girls in their team. How could they surrender so submissively? Did he think they were so stupid?

Even He Qiuming, who was relatively good-tempered, felt furious upon hearing this suggestion.

Now, Ai Hui knew what the dean was thinking. It was all bullshit when he asked Ai Hui to lead them. All these guys were so supercilious that they would not even obey the dean. How could he expect them to listen to his commands?

What the dean actually wanted him to do was clean up the mess they left behind, and protect Shi Xueman in times of emergency.

Clean up the mess...

"Or why don't you tell me your suggestion, and let's have a nice discussion?"

Ai Hui smiled as he walked towards them, and Fatty followed him flatteringly with the shield in his hand. He was staring at their equipment with admiration, and it seemed like he was resisting the temptation to touch it.

A light flashed in Shi Xueman's eyes. She had a vague premonition that something was about to happen.

Meanwhile, Duanmu Huanghun's heart trembled; he was one hundred percent sure that something was going to happen.

And where was Lou Lan?

[1] A person who is new to or inexperienced at a particular activity; a novice.