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Chapter 151: Reward

 Chapter 151: Reward

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Long black hair flew in the wind.

A young lady casually sat on a rock on top of a summit. She paid no attention to the fact that she was sitting on a high overhanging cliff. Her red maxi skirt fluttered with the wind, akin to a blooming rose, yet also appearing like a ball of fire.

On her delicate oval face, her eyes were closed. She raised her chin slightly to enjoy the incoming breeze. Her slender and fair feet extended from under her fire-red skirt. She playfully swung her feet in the air, as if playing a touching song.

Suddenly, her eyes opened, and she turned her head slightly.

A hint of a smug smile emerged, and she let her charming gaze wander.

It was starting.

Like a perfect masterpiece, she stretched her fair-as-snow arm. Her murmurings were languid, yet enticing. It was like a siren's call.

After she finished stretching, she suddenly exclaimed slightly, "Blackie has not returned since it went out to hunt for food five days ago."

Could it be that Blackie met with some mishap? She did not think this was likely. Blackie was able to fly high and was as fast as lightning. Even if it did meet with danger, it would be able to escape easily.

Still, she decided to head down the mountain to look for Blackie. It would not be an easy task for her to nurture another talented blood fiend like Blackie.

With the tip of her foot, she tapped lightly on the rock. Like a blazing phoenix, she flew off the cliff.

Ai Hui woke up in a daze.

It was like he had just had a bad dream where he was continuously beaten up like a sandbag.

It had been a while since he had such nightmares.

Thankfully, he woke up and realized that he was safe and sound. He gave a sigh of relief and sat up in one motion. Where were Lou Lan and Fatty? Ai Hui walked out of the room while stretching. He retreated when he saw Lou Lan's reflection in the training hall.

Hey, why was his head so painful? It must be that he had not fully recovered. He needed more rest!

"Ai Hui! You are awake!"

Ai Hui's halted his movement, and his expression froze upon hearing Lou Lan's joyous voice.

"Ai Hui, do you still feel unwell? You have fully recovered from your injuries! Lou Lan is brilliant, right? Fatty put in a lot of effort too. He was terrific! Congratulations Ai Hui, you have activated four palaces!"

Lou Lan rattled on in a single breath.

Ai Hui thought to himself, "Lou Lan was good at everything, but he does not know how to read people's facial expressions. How could it be that I have recovered? Would I recover so easily from an eighty million injury?"

The girl from the noodle store did not bother to hide her mocking gaze. Ai Hui laughed and said, "It has been a while!"

"Weren't you hoping that I would never appear?" the girl from the noodle store hissed and her tone was cold.

"How could that be?" Ai Hui laughed a guilty laugh.

The girl from the noodle store did not give him a chance and cut straight to the point. "Tell me, when are you going to pay me back?"

The girl from the noodle store was not in a good mood today. Could it be that someone offended her? Someone actually dared to offend such a violent girl? Their courage is seriously admirable!

Ai Hui muttered in his heart, but he smiled and said, "I am rather short on cash recently..."

The girl from the noodle store smiled insincerely while saying, "When are you not short on cash?"

Ai Hui was pissed off. You can kill me but you should not insult me. What do you mean... Nevermind!

"I have no choice, I am a poor man. Young girl... young lady, could you lower your standards and extend the deadline? Give me some more time, or else could I pay part of it first?" Ai Hui remembered his Bunny Hair Arrows. Had they not just been sold for thirty million?

His share was quite significant, and he could use it to return some of the debt first.

Thinking of the Bunny Hair Arrows, Ai Hui straightened his back. He was about to become someone rich! That amount of money was nothing!

If this pace continued, it would not take long for him to give back the eighty million.

"If you are going to repay, pay it in one lump sum!" the young girl from the noodle store replied coldly.

Ai Hui's back suddenly softened. "Who made you angry? Don't be angry. Vent your anger and it will be all right. You will feel better after beating someone up. Come Fatty, let this sister beat you up to vent her anger!"

"I would be appeased if you allowed me to bash you up." The young girl's eyes twinkled coldly, and her tone was terrifying. "Tell me, if I ate a bowl of noodles belonging to you and paid eighty millio, wouldn't I be like a skank?"

Ai Hui's eyes twitched. He knew the extent of the young girl's wrath. His bones would definitely shatter if she were to beat him. He laughed dryly. "Fatty has more meat and would feel nicer . My bones are hard and would be feel painful. Otherwise, Lou Lan would be good too. You could even replenish your energy by having Lou Lan cater to your needs! Having said that, how could you say that you are a skank. Furthermore, this eighty million is not a matter to be treated lightly. I will return you the money, but I need some time as well."

Fatty stared incredulously at Ai Hui's terrified expression. Was this the same cruel, unfeeling, slaughter-machine that he knew Ai Hui to be? Why did this scene seem so familiar? A sense of understanding swept over his mind. Indeed, only money could cause such turmoil. Even Ai Hui was unable to avoid such a matter.

Hold on... Was it true that Ai Hui had an eighty million debt?

Fatty was dumbfounded, dumbfounded by the shockingly cruel reality.

At this moment, a knocking sound was heard through the door.

Ai Hui exhaled deeply. No matter who it was, this person came at just the right time. It was a good person, a savior!

"Who's there!" he shouted at the top of his lungs as he ran over to open the door enthusiastically.

His expression immediately became crestfallen and his tone became cold. "What are you doing here?"


Duanmu Huanghun was also in an awkward situation. He wanted to punch Ai Hui when he saw his face, but he restrained himself. If not for the fact that he bore a heavy responsibility, he would rather die than visit Ai Hui.

"Matters related to the institution and the magistrate court." Duanmu Huanghun did not bother to keep his tone civil.

Ai Hui snorted and opened the door widely.

Upon seeing Duanmu Huanghun, Lou Lan greeted him enthusiastically, "Student Bangwan."

Hearing those two words, Duanmu Huanghun trembled. To him, these two words were a nightmare.

When his gaze fell on the young girl from the noodle store, his pace became even more sluggish, and he could not help but tremble.

Ai Hui's flame was actually here!

That girl with strength off the charts, the girl who was as fierce as a wild beast was actually here. At that moment, he only wanted to run! Previously, when he exchanged blows with Ai Hui's flame, he could not even retaliate. He was completely suppressed by her and had experienced the most painful defeat of his life.

Suddenly, he felt that he had walked into a lion's den. Everyone's gaze was like a tiger watching its prey.

"Say it. What's the matter?" Ai Hui only wished for the early departure of this person.

Looking at Ai Hui's face that deserved a spanking, Duanmu Huanghun's anger rose, but looking at that woman who was standing close by, that anger disappeared without a trace.

"As you were helpful in defeating the blood fiend, the institution and the magistrate court would like to reward you. They sent me here to check on your opinion."

Duanmu Huanghun's face was impartial. He had a headache when he received the assignment. Truthfully, his feelings were complicated when he saw Ai Hui today.

He had seen with his own eyes how Ai Hui impressively executed his sword moves. The Dean and the Mayor both praised him, while those teachers who followed them were also amazed.

There were even some who thought that Ai Hui could be a swordplay master in the future.

Duanmu Huanghun felt pressure, tremendous pressure. Ai Hui was catching up to him with a speed that he could not comprehend. The distance between Ai Hui and him was getting shorter. He had also discovered that Ai Hui was better at adapting to dangerous situations. When everyone was at a loss, only Ai Hui managed to come up with a solution.


Ai Hui brightened up in a flash. "How would they reward me?"

"This would depend on your needs. It could be absolute arts or weapons and defensive gear. You can slowly reflect and consider." Duanmu Huanghun secretly thought to himself that he would give Ai Hui the one with the worst quality.

"Money!" Ai Hui said defiantly, "If they want to reward me, reward me with money!"

Duanmu Huanghun could not contain himself and reminded Ai Hui, "You better choose a few imparted skills or special defense equipments or even elemental ingredients."

While Ai Hui brought about a huge amount of stress to him, his pride did not allow him to use such low methods to slow down Ai Hui's progress.

Victory must also be achieved fairly and honorably.

I will not lose to you!

Duanmu Huanghun felt relieved after resolving his internal turmoil. He laughed involuntarily. It seemed that he had been possessed recently. How could he have such thoughts. Although Ai Hui had improved tremendously, Duanmu Huanghun was still superior.

He knew that it was due to the sword move. Seeing that sword move shocked him like never before, which led to his recent imbalanced mentality.

Seeing Ai Hui's indifference, he continued in a light tone, "In the current situation, whether it is the academy or the magistrate court, they would not have so much money. That is because much of their money would be used to replenish and purchase supplies. You should think about unobtainable or expensive items that you wanted in the past. Think this over carefully."

Ai Hui was taken aback as he sensed that Duanmu Huanghun was serious.

"He said it perfectly."

The young lady from the noodle store abruptly interrupted.

Ai Hui became prudent and cautious. The young lady from the noodle store was wealthy and respectable, so she definitely knew more of the world than a country bumpkin like him. He face-palmed. He could also ask Teacher and Mistress for their inputs and suggestions.

"Give me a second."

Having said that, he rushed out of the training hall.

Fatty and Lou Lan were conversing, which left just Shi Xueman and Duanmu Huanghun alone. Duanmu Huanghun felt extremely awkward.

"May I dare ask young lady's name?"

Duanmu Huanghun decided to break the awkward silence. He was extremely curious about Ai Hui's old flame. Her capability was deep and unmeasurable. While there were many reasons as to why he was suppressed that night, the main reason was because he did not have much confidence in defeating his opponent.

For a student to be able to threaten Duanmu Huanghun, she was definitely not a nameless nobody to be taken lightly.

Could it be that she was not a student?

Thinking of Senior Mingxiu, another woman in Ai Hui's life, Duanmu Huanghun trembled. She was also a nightmare.

Why were the women around Ai Hui so frightening?

Shi Xueman treated Duanmu Huanghun indifferently. In her eyes, Duanmu Huanghun was just a little boy, and she did not think highly of him. Her expression was composed, then she smiled and said, "He usually calls me 'skank.' "

Duanmu Huanghun: "..."

Fatty, who was not far away, exclaimed, "This... I seemed to have heard of this!"

"Hehe, I had heard of it too."

Shi Xueman laughed lightly. Her laugh was as cold as the winter tide.