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Chapter 148: Mayor Wang Zheng

 Chapter 148: Mayor Wang Zheng

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Punch after punch-after several rounds of this, Ai Hui remained unconscious. Fatty's vigilance was put to rest.

"It seems I thought too much. I better make use of this once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to teach Ai Hui a lesson. I even have Lou Lan as my witness; the gods are really helping me this time! Hahaha!" Fatty sneered.

Thump thump thump!

Suddenly, Fatty felt his fists become numb. Taking a glance at Ai Hui, he was immediately startled. "Ahh! Why did he suddenly become fatter?"

Ai Hui's body had become bloated and deformed like a swelled balloon.

"There's too much elemental energy in his body. Right now, we're using this method to ease the pressure in his body," Lou Lan explained. "Lou Lan has to monitor the status of the elemental energy in his body, so I will have to leave the beating to you, Fatty."

"No problem, leave it to me! I'm the best at easing pressure!" Fatty chirped.

Thump thump thump!

"The elemental energy is accumulating in his left cheek!"

"Right cheek!"

"His chin!"

Lou Lan's glowing yellow eyes flickered constantly as he instructed Fatty on where to hit. By the time Fatty saw that Ai Hui's head had been beaten into the shape of a pig's, he felt accomplished.

"Fatty, use more strength!" Lou Lan instructed.

"Okay!" Fatty's punches became heavier.

Time passed bit by bit, and Fatty was now drenched in sweat, unable to remember how many punches he had thrown. Ai Hui's face was changed beyond recognition, and his body had swelled up by approximately two to three times.

If Fatty were to meet the current Ai Hui on the street, he definitely would not have recognized him.


Fatty's arms were so sore that he could not lift them, and his entire body was drenched in sweat. His throat was burning, as if molten lead had been poured into his mouth. It seemed as though he would stop breathing right there and die of exhaustion. Gasping for air, he asked, "Lou Lan... it's... it's nearly done, right? I have... I have no more strength!"

"Fatty, endure a bit more. It will be done soon."

Lou Lan's glowing yellow eyes flickered as he stared fixedly at Ai Hui's body, observing the flow of elemental energy in his body with care.




Lou Lan continued barking out commands, but Fatty's body felt numb, his energy completely expended. He had yet to notice that his fists were swollen like steamed buns. Punching Ai Hui's body had become similar to punching a porcupine.

Buzz buzz buzz!

Traces of razor-sharp elemental energy were emitting for Ai Hui's pores continuously, making him remarkably like a thorny porcupine.

"Fatty, use more strength!" Lou Lan yelled.

Fatty vaguely perceived a commotion in the alleyway, but at this moment, the entirety of his attention was focused on Ai Hui, and he could not hear clearly.

"Lou-Lou Lan... I can't do it anymore!" Fatty was shedding tears. He felt as though he would collapse from exhaustion at any time. How many punches had he thrown today? He must have thrown a lifetime's worth.

"Fatty, persevere! It is a crucial time now!"

Lou Lan encouraged Fatty, his eyes never leaving Ai Hui's body for even a split second. The flickering of his yellow eyes had become a blur. The amount of elemental energy in Ai Hui's body was terrifying. Lou Lan could not understand why there was so much. How was it possible for Ai Hui to have remained safe and sound until now? If it were anyone else, they would have already exploded from the abundance of elemental energy!

The situation was at a critical point.

The two palaces in Ai Hui's legs had opened, allowing his condition to improve momentarily. Despite that, however, the palaces in his limbs were being flooded and expanded brutally by the sword force. The speed of the palaces' expansion could not catch up to the amount of elemental energy that was flooding in.

The forceful expansion of the palaces would damage the body severely. Lou Lan had many ways to deal with the damage done to the palaces in Ai Hui's limbs, and so it was not too great of an issue. For the earth, sea, gate, and sky palaces to sustain injuries, however, the situation would become troublesome.

This was why the elemental energy in Ai Hui's body had to be drained.

Punching Ai Hui's body allowed some of the elemental energy in his body to be released. Throughout the whole process, Lou Lan had to monitor the elemental energy in his body to see if they over-accumulated in a certain area which would damage Ai Hui's body. As such, he needed Fatty to carry out the punching.

Lou Lan had previously been worried that Fatty would not have enough energy. He never expected that Fatty would instead have so much energy left and punch with such force.

Such a good brother!

Lou Lan was praising the fatty in his heart. He was putting in all of his effort-only a true brother would sweat and toil so for his friend.

The fatty was really a good guy.

On the other hand, Fatty was unaware of Lou Lan's admiration. He was on the verge of tears. Both of his fists were swollen, and every punch he threw was a torture. Why did he have to be the one to beat Ai Hui up? Was he punishing Ai Hui or himself?

Lou Lan, I want to train now!

Flutter kicks! Lunges! Anything will do!

One hundred sets, five hundred sets.... Any number of sets will do!

Fatty lamented sorrowfully as tears streamed down his cheeks.


Fatty felt something amiss with his punch. It felt as though it had landed on a heap of cotton.

"Fatty, be careful!"

What's there to be careful about....

The dazed Fatty failed to react in time. As if a dashing wild beast had crashed into him, his body flew backwards like a cannonball.

It finally ended....

Lou Lan became anxious. Ai Hui had reached the most critical stage!


The dean did not expect to encounter Wang Zhen in the alleyway. He scowled. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here for whatever you're here for." Wang Zhen smiled cheekily.

"Ai Hui is a student of Central Pine Academy." The dean's face became gloomy. "Since when did the mayor begin to interfere in the business of our academy?"

For quite some time, Wang Zhen and the magistrate office had held little presence. Central Pine Academy was the most important organization within Central Pine City and as a result, undertook many of the city's important roles. By contrast, the duties of the magistrate office were few and far between. In the Induction Ground, the academies held higher positions than the magistrate offices. As such, when the dean saw Wang Zhen, he felt not the slightest bit of fear.

"Student Ai Hui lives and studies in Central Pine City. As the mayor of this city, it's only natural for me to care about him," Wang Zhen replied lazily.

"All of you back off. I have something to discuss with the mayor in private," the dean suddenly told his subordinates.

"What are you trying to do?" the dean lowered his voice and asked Wang Zhen.

Wang Zhen withdrew his smile and replied, "I just don't want anything happening to Central Pine City in my hands."

"Don't listen to the rumors. The Induction Ground has already contained the situation." The dean's eyes flickered.

"If that's the case, then why would you, the dean, come here?" Wang Zhen sneered.

"If that's the case, why would you, the dean, would come here?" Wang Zhen sneered.

The dean had met the mayor on a few prior occasions, but this was his first time discovering that he was not a pushover. Being mayor of the Induction Ground was not an easy job. The Induction Ground by nature was autonomous, cut off from the rest of the world, and the mayors of the cities here were known to sulk. This was because the power and authority of each city lay in the hands of the respective academies instead of with the mayor. Furthermore, the Induction Ground had always enjoyed strict security, and so the mayors within the cities had nothing much to do.

Those who were willing to become mayors in the Induction Ground were usually retired civil servants or those ambitionless, spineless scumbags.

"Does the mayor feel that the situation is getting out of hand?" the dean asked directly.

"Yes, the situation is extremely critical now." Wang Zhen nodded solemnly.

He had always wanted a chance to communicate with the dean; however, he knew that the dean would not listen to him. Despite being mayor, he held very little power, and the teachers within Central Pine Academy would not listen to his commands.

"How is that so?" The dean understood the seriousness of the situation. He wanted to be responsible for Central Pine City as well, and so the two held no conflict of interest.

"I don't know what the Induction Ground is planning. So far, however, the blood poison catastrophe has not been controlled, and the situation is worsening instead," Wang Zhen replied. "The appearance of the blood bat is enough to throw everyone into a state of panic. And if I'm not wrong, the Induction Ground has yet to find out how the blood bat infiltrated the city."

The dean's pupils contracted at this.

Noticing the dean's reaction, Wang Zhen continued calmly, "I can roughly guess the solution you have come up with. Is it the Chiming Dandelion? Am I right?"

The dean was mildly surprised by Wang Zhen's guess, but replied easily, "Anyone could have made this guess."

The Chiming Dandelion was a plant that wood elementalists had bred long ago, used mainly for security purposes that developed to adopt advanced measures. Tiny dandelion seeds could float in the air for some time, and when used in large amounts, they formed a nearly impregnable security warning system.

At any security breach, these extremely miniscule seeds would give off chiming vibrations, immediately notifying the wood elementalists in charge of security.

"I hope to be in charge of the city's defense. I have some experience with regards to this aspect. And even though I'm not some powerful individual, I did serve ten years on the front line." Wang Zhen gazed at the dean and revealed what was under his left trouser without any hesitation.

A roughly-made metallic leg.

The dean was rendered speechless, and a tinge of respect flashed across his eyes as he asked Wang Zhen, "When did you get injured?"

"Ten years ago," Wang Zhen replied unconcernedly.

"I can hand over the defense of the city to you; however, I will be keeping an eye on you,"

"No problem," Wang Zhen agreed wholeheartedly.

Both of them heaved a sigh of relief in unison. Wang Zhen's main objective had been fulfilled and the dean could remove himself from this tangled mess.

The dean then signaled for his subordinates to return and instructed, "From now on, the mayor will be in charge of the city's defense. All of the teachers and students will have to cooperate with him."

"Let us go in." The dean smiled.

"Please!" Wang Zhen gestured for the dean to enter the training hall.

The door to the training hall was wide open. Both of them stepped over the doorstep, and at that very moment, a shadow flew towards them at high speed.

Both of them were shocked.

Wang Zhen's reaction was faster. Without hesitation, he lifted his left leg and gave a vicious side kick. He underestimated the impact of the incoming shadow, however, and was knocked flying backwards. Luckily, the dean was able to catch him, preventing any humiliations.

Upon landing, his legs nearly gave way, causing him to kneel on the spot.

Such a powerful impact.

Taking a closer look at the person, they became anxious. Could this individual be Ai Hui?

With a resounding crash, Fatty landed heavily on the ground, causing it to tremble and filling the air with dust clouds.

In shock, Wang Zhen and the dean exchanged looks.

At that very moment, a shout came from the courtyard, "Ai Hui, unleash your sword!"

Ai Hui... unleash your sword?

Both of them heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed the person before them was not Ai Hui.


Unleash your sword?

A sudden powerful and chilling aura erupted from within the courtyard.

The youth, shrouded in scorching white light and tied to a wooden stake in the courtyard, slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes were ice-cold but abstruse. As his eyes slowly opened, he resembled an ancient beast that had awoken from its slumber of thousands of years trapped under a mountain.

The expressions of Wang Zhen and the dean changed drastically!