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Chapter 147: Who’s Ai Hui?

 Chapter 147: Who's Ai Hui?

Translator: TYZ Editor: Pranav

The infiltration of the blood bat shook the entire Central Pine City.

Everyone had assumed that Central Pine City's defense was impregnable, but reality had shown otherwise. Moreover, it was Shi Xueman and Sang Zhijun who had encountered the danger this time.

If any mishaps had happened to the both of them, the entire Central Pine City would have borne the blame, and the consequences would have been devastating.

Immediately after the incident, both the magistrate court of Central Pine City and Central Pine Academy sent their representatives to visit them. However, these representatives were stopped by Yong Zheng, whose face was furious. When he had discovered that Shi Xueman had almost met with a mishap, he had become terror-stricken.

Not only was Shi Xueman the affirmed third-generation successor to the clan, but she was also the daughter of his good friend. If anything were to happen to her, he would not be able to forgive himself.

When he was dealing with the visitors, he was very rude and blunt.

Even though Shi Xueman and Sang Zhijun were still recovering from their injuries, both of them handed detailed reports on the blood bat's fighting capabilities.

In these two reports, there was enough evidence to show the frightening formidableness of the blood bat.

For example, the report had mentioned how Shi Xueman was forced to use a precious artifact like the Verglas Mist Pearl.

The Verglas Mist Pearl had cost more than thirty million yuan, and it had been given to her by her father as a birthday gift when she was twelve. When everyone read this report and saw the three words "Verglas Mist Pearl," their eyes popped out of their heads. They then all agreed ruefully that the Shi Clan was truly rich and powerful.

The Verglas Mist Pearl was a water elemental artifact that was extremely pure in nature.

Only under very special conditions could some of the colored clouds in the Palette Cloud Village produce Verglas Mist Pearls. These artifacts were exceedingly rare.

Could produce the Verglas Mist Pearls. These artifacts were extremely rare.

Everyone clearly knew that Shi Xueman would never use the Verglas Mist Pearl unless it was a life-and-death situation. No one would actually use it. Furthermore, one had to use the high-level skill [Avalokiteshvara Seal] to utilize the Verglas Mist Pearl.

Avalokiteshvara was an ancient god and was not well known. This, too, said a lot about the long history of the Shi Clan.

The Shi Clan had more than one absolute skill. The absolute skill that Shi Xueman practiced was called [Hydromancy], a profound and complex skill. As for hand-sign related absolute skills, there were the [Avalokiteshvara Seal], [Lament of Lute], [Rain of Musa], [Ripple], etc. and all of these were well-known.

The moves that Sang Zhijun had used were also extraordinary.

The Sang Clan did not have many absolute skills-only one, in fact, and it was known as the [Arrow Fusion Technique]. This skill fused multiple arrows together into one arrow.

Sang Zhijun could fuse three arrows into one.

The three-into-one arrow technique was an important skill of the Sang clan. Only those disciples who could fuse three arrows into a single one were qualified to travel on their own, and this showed a lot about Sang Zhijun's capabilities. This incident also gave people a new evaluation of her abilities.

Shi Xueman's [Avalokiteshvara Seal] and Verglas Mist Pearl, and Sang Zhijun's [Arrow Fusion Technique]......such fighting capabilities were enviable and displayed both might and wealth. How could that formidable blood bat not be destroyed by them?

However, both Shi Xueman and Sang Zhijun stated in their reports that they did not play a pivotal role in the victory over the blood bat.

The key to the victory had been a student named Ai Hui.

Ai Hui had been the first to discover the blood bat, allowing them to make a narrow escape from death. Ai Hui had been the one to sense that the blood bat had not yet left and was swirling around in the sky. Ai Hui had been the one to determine that there was only one blood bat. Ai Hui had been the one to take the initiative to use himself as bait. Ai Hui's peerless swordsmanship had stopped the blood bat's lightning-fast diving attack, giving Shi Xueman and Sang Zhijun the golden opportunity to strike.

Ai Hui, Ai Hui, Ai Hui....

"Who's Ai Hui?"

The dean of the Central Pine Academy waved the two reports in his hand as his gaze swept across the teachers who each led a class of students.

Everyone looked at each other, but no one knew who he was.

"No one actually knows who's Ai Hui?" The dean's face turned gloomy at once.

The room was in absolute silence as no one had heard of this name before. Where did this fellow pop out from? All the teachers present had never heard of a student called Ai Hui.

"Is he from your class?"

"No, my class doesn't have such a student!"

"He isn't from my class as well!"

After a round of questioning, everyone quieted down.

"Is he from Teacher Xu's class?" someone suddenly asked upon noticing that Teacher Xu was not present.

"It can't be."

Everyone was already jealous of the fact that Teacher Xu's class had Duanmu Huanghun. How could it be that his class had one more genius? Everyone still thought that they misread the reports just now. If Ai Hui's name were to be replaced by Duanmu Huanghun's name, eh, that would make more sense!

Fortunately, everyone knew that Shi Xueman was aware of who Duanmu Huanghun was, and hence, she would not make such a mistake.

"Teacher Xu has gone to the Garden of Life," someone quickly reminded. Teacher Xu and Cui Xianzi had gone to the Garden of Life, but no one was clear on their mission's specifics.

Eventually, everyone was able to come up with a solution. Teacher Xu might not be here, but there was still Duanmu Huanghun. They could simply ask him.

The magistrate office.

"Who's Ai Hui?"

A burly man, who was leaning against a chair behind a long table, asked lazily. He was the mayor of Central Pine City, Wang Zhen.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay as they could not answer this question.

"Investigate! Go and investigate now!" Wang Zhen swung his massive hand. "I want to know everything about him!"


Vanguard Training Hall.

"Is he really okay? If he's okay, then why isn't he awake?" Fatty was worried as he stared at the unconscious Ai Hui.

Even though Ai Hui was unconscious, his hand was holding tightly on to his sword. Previously, Fatty had tried to pry the sword free from Ai Hui's hand, but no matter how much force he used, Ai Hui would just not let go of it.

"Lou Lan also doesn't know why Ai Hui hasn't woken up yet," Lou Lan tilted his head as his eyes flickered with a yellow glow. "The elemental energy in Ai Hui's body is currently being channeled, so don't worry, Fatty. Right now, he's in good condition-much better than before."

"That's good, then," Fatty tried to restrain himself from worrying too much. He could only tell himself to believe in Lou Lan.

Ai Hui's body was undergoing a tremendous transformation.

The force of the collision with the blood bat was so immense that it had exceeded what Ai Hui's body could take. If not for his sword embryo, which had saved him in the nick of time, and the timely unleash of his potential that had enabled him to execute that unexpected sword move, he would have been reduced to a heap of meat pulp.

However, the blood bat's devastating attack could still deal severe damage to Ai Hui's body. The force from the impact had penetrated into the depths of his body.

Under such a huge impact, the elemental energy ball in Ai Hui's body collapsed like a crushed snowball.

The terrifying external force directly destroyed the attractive force of the elemental energy ball.

The collapsed elemental energy was wreaking havoc in Ai Hu's body. Some of the energy surged into the Dragonspine Inferno that Ai Hui was grasping. At first, the sword embryo in Ai Hui's glabella had been dispirited and listless as it was severely injured. However, the sword embryo had suddenly become energetic, resembling a shark that smelled blood.

The collapsed elemental energy immediately became its best nourishment.

Even though Ai Hui was still unconscious, the sword embryo was channeling itself spontaneously.

Elemental energy steadily flowed through Ai Hui's hand into the Dragonspine Inferno before flowing back to Ai Hui's body. The nourished sword embryo quickly regained its energy and began strengthening rapidly.

If Ai Hui were awake, he would be surprised at the growth of his sword embryo. The surprisingly powerful sword move that Ai Hui had executed to stop the blood bat had greatly stimulated his sword embryo as well.

The elemental energy from the elemental energy mass was continuously converting into sword force.

The amount of elemental energy entering the Circulatory Circle Revolution kept on increasing, enhancing its efficiency. Meanwhile, the sword force channeling in Ai Hui's body was surging violently, like a tidal wave that was made up of countless razor-sharp swords. It cleansed his body continuously; every place it passed through was purified and destroyed.

Ai Hui's body trembled as the palace in his left leg activated. As soon as it activated, it was completely filled with the surging sword force. If Ai Hui were awake at this moment, he would faint due to the intense pain.

More and more sword force surged through his body.

When the sword force entered the palace in Ai Hui's right foot, his right foot trembled. The palace in his right foot was activated as well!

As soon as the palace was opened up, the sword force gushed in frantically.

Both of Ai Hui's legs were trembling violently. The shoes on his feet were wrecked by the sharp-edged sword force.

However, this was just the beginning. More and more elemental energy was steadily entering the Circulatory Circle Revolution.

At this point of time, Lou Lan couldn't just sit there and do nothing. If the energy were solely entering his feet, there wouldn't be much of a problem; however, if the energy gushed into any one of his earth, sea, gate or sky palaces and created a problem there, the damage done would be irreversible.

"Fatty, hurry and beat him up!" Lou Lan urged.

"Huh!" Fatty was stunned.


The magistrate office.

"Got it, we have obtained the information on Ai Hui through the Commission Hall!"

"He lives in the Vanguard Training Hall. This subordinate has already located the specific address!"

"Where's my uniform? Where's Master's uniform? Quickly find it for Master now! Let us go to the Vanguard Training Hall!" Wang Zhen stood up and yelled as he felt energized all of a sudden.

Central Pine Academy.

Duanmu Huanghun was baffled when he heard the teachers yelling his name. But when he heard the name "Ai Hui," he returned to his senses and said, "That's right, he's from my class."

He tried to remain calm.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief; they finally found the class which Ai Hui belonged to.

"Do you know where he lives?" the dean asked solemnly.

Could it be that this fellow committed a crime? Duanmu Huanghun rejoiced secretly. He could not conceal the smile on his face no matter how hard he tried, and without any hesitation, he replied, "Yes."

"You shall lead the way!" the dean demanded ferociously.

Seems like he has committed a big crime. Duanmu Huanghun sneered in his mind.

Vanguard Training Hall.

"I really have to beat him up?" Fatty was hesitating.

"Yes, and use more strength!" Lou Lan was encouraging Fatty. "The harder you beat him, the faster he will recover!"

"Really, Lou Lan, you'd better not be lying to me!" Fatty said.

"Lou Lan doesn't lie." Lou Lan shook his head.

"When Ai Hui wakes up, Lou Lan, you have to be my witness," Fatty said, evidently still hesitating.

"No problem." Lou Lan nodded.

A sinister smile appeared on Fatty's face. He dragged Ai Hui to the training ground and tied him to a wooden stake.

The one with the surname Ai, you're finally in my hands! Today, we shall settle all the grudges between us!

Thump! This punch is for the lunges you made me do!

Thump! This punch is for the flutter kicks you forced me to do!

Thump! This punch is for you eating one more bowl of noodles than me!

Thump! This punch is for that other extra bowl of noodles you ate!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

As Fatty's punches bombarded Ai Hui's body like a rainstorm, he felt an indescribable comfort. It was his lifelong dream to bully Ai Hui! All along, he had been under Ai Hui's tyrannical abuse.

Today, I will let you know that Fatty is also a hero!

What makes you think that you can eat two more bowls of noodles than me?

I will beat you until your head is swollen!

I will beat you until your body is as swollen as mine...

However, as Fatty continued beating Ai Hui, he soon felt that something wasn't right.

"Lou Lan, I'm almost done, you want to give it a try?" The perspiring Fatty turned around and asked Lou Lan while gasping for air and beating Ai Hui wildly at the same time.

"Fatty, hang in there!" Lou Lan shook his head furiously like a rattle-drum.

Why does he shake his head so furiously?

Fatty felt uneasy.