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Chapter 140: Team Leader Shi Xueman

 Chapter 140: Team Leader Shi Xueman

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Other than the swordplay manuals, this was the first time that Ai Hui had studied a record of swordsmanship. Actually, what was written in the swordplay manuals was not exactly swordplay, but rather sword moves.

There were big differences between swordplay and sword moves.

The nature of sword moves was the 'move', or the change of the spiritual force, and the sword was only a carrier. The nature of swordplay, however, was the skill to wield a sword. This was also the reason why the sword declined as a weapon. In the early stages of the development of the sword moves, swordplay was a basic training subject for all swordsmen. During the Cultivation Era, swordsmen had not had to start with swordplay because the sword was not necessarily controlled by the hands.

The use of spiritual force could send the sword flying for thousands of miles and was what swordsmen practiced.

Yet, due to the unexpected disappearance of spiritual force, people had to control the sword with their hands again. Only by that time had they realized that they were no longer able to use the sword.

In terms of chopping and hacking, swords were less powerful than sabers and axes. In terms of stabbing, they were not as good as spears.

Currently, this was the embarrassing status of swordplay. While, the elimination of species was selected by nature, the elimination of swordsmanship was selected by time. Ai Hui was unaware of any profound theories, but he was well versed in the limits of swordsmanship due to his abundant experience in fighting.

If it were not for the sword embryo and its subsequent changes, he would not have chosen swordplay.

Thanks to the sword embryo, he developed his own advantage. Although he had no way of knowing if this would be advantageous in the future, he had decided to place his future on the sword simply because of what he could obtain now. Others might think he was too careless in making such an important decision for his future, but Ai Hui disagreed.

What meaning would the future have to a person like him who had nothing at all? His life was worth nothing, so it was needless to talk about his future. Therefore, to him, even the slightest advantage was valuable.

He slowly infused his elemental energy into the sword pill.

The sword pill began to shine again, and a figure appeared in the light.

Ai Hui watched carefully this time. The faster he infused the elemental energy, the more rapidly the figure move and vice versa.

His teacher said there were three independent moves with their own names. The first one was named the [Crescent Moon], the second [Dust Fall] and the third [Night Epiphyllum]. None of the names were related. That was why Cheng Rou thought they were a mess. Actually, Ai Hui had not seen an interrelation between them either.

Having watched carefully from the beginning to the end, Ai Hui realized that there was only one move he could learn now among the three moves.

It was the first one, the [Crescent Moon].

This was because the [Crescent Moon] was the only move that merely required the hand palaces. Both of the other two moves had a higher criteria in the base level and involved the activation of more palaces. The [Dust Fall] technique demanded the activation of the hand palaces and the earth palace, which was not easy to open. Ai Hui would be hard pressed to accomplish this within a short period of time. Meanwhile, the[Night Epiphyllum] was even more complicated. Apart from the four palaces of the hands and feet, the sky palace was also needed to be activated.

Ai Hui was a bit disappointed at first, but on second thought, he was satisfied as he knew very few masters would bother to create a set of swordplay for beginners.

The [Crescent Moon] alone was sufficiently complicated for him to learn.

This was the most complicated move he had ever encountered. The moves he previously learned were simple and brutal, like the [Arching Fish Back]. Although he had not really started, he had already gained a lot simply by watching the three moves in the sword pill. This experience was amazing and really eye-opening for Ai Hui.

The first thing he noticed about the three moves was their elaboration in an all-round way. The flowing route of the elemental energy, for example, was complicated and carefully designed. Moreover, the flowing speed of the elemental energy was not constant either, but was sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

Additionally, the coordination of the breath and the body was also required.

In other words, the move would only be unleashed when the elemental energy and breathing were coordinated with the movement.

The perfect combination of these three factors could lead to the most powerful execution of the moves.

The countless details were so complicated that it almost took Ai Hui's breath away.

The difficulty in practicing the [Crescent Moon] was already beyond Ai Hui's imagination, but it would be even more difficult to use this move in actual combat because, in a real fight, the environment was more complicated and tougher. Furthermore, the fighter would have to consider how to grasp fleeting opportunities while simultaneously dealing with the obstruction and interference of the opponents.

Based on his fighting experience, Ai Hui preferred simpler moves which were easier to use. However, he was also aware of his weakness, which was the lack of a powerful finishing move.

The three independent moves in the sword pill could become his finishing techniques.

Although he had not yet learned the move, he could already feel its power.

His teacher was right. Cheng Rou was definitely a true genius.

Admittedly, Ai Hui had gained something from the swordplay manuals. Although his training no longer depended on the swordplay manuals, he had developed his own understanding of swordplay under the influence of the manuals which contained the wisdom of numerous cultivators spanning thousands of years.

The three moves of the sword pill were featured with detail. All the energy within the body was allocated elaborately, then converged, and finally burst out.

This was awesome.

With eyes lit up, he calmed down from the excitement and began to study carefully.

The sky outside Central Pine City.

A transport wagon roared past. The students in the wagon were sitting quietly.

"It's my pleasure to fight with all of you. My name is Shi Xueman, and I'm the team leader. I hope we can get along well and complete the mission smoothly. This will be your graduation examination."

If Ai Hui were able see the scene, he would be amazed because the person who was speaking was the same as the lady from the noodle house.

Shi Xueman was in a white battle suit looking bright and brave. Her black hair blew in the wind, and her splendid face was like a perfect painting.

Yet, since she was the top goddess as well as the top Goddess of War, no one dared to show an obscene expression. The number of men who dared to pursue her was definitely less than the number of men who had been defeated by her.

Shi Xueman looked solemn and her eyes were cold. Her intangible aura stimulated everyone's nerves.

The students realized how powerful this lady was.

"You are all very familiar with the current situation. The blood catastrophe broke out suddenly, and the Thirteen Divisions could not provide assistance within such a short period of time. What we were worried the most about was the area for the younger students, who are less powerful and are not able to resist. As for the guards of each city, I'm sure you are familiar with their ability."

Some students laughed out loud.

Underclassmen students usually regarded the guards with reverence, but the upperclassmen, who were experienced in actual combat due to daily tasks, never thought highly of them. Plus, all of the students in the transport wagon were the best of the best, so they had undoubtedly surpassed the guards in terms of overall fighting skills.

Shi Xueman continued her speech as if she had not heard their laughter, "This is an abrupt case, but I believe you will not flinch. I know that none of you need to worry about your graduation, but since the Induction Ground has assigned such an important task to us, I'm sure that no one wants it to end in failure or disgrace their family."

Hearing the last sentence, some students who were lounging just now sat up straight, and their look became serious.

Shi Xueman's eyes were cold. She glanced at the students and said, "This is a special mission that concerns the lives of millions of people. I believe you have heard about the blood poison, but I would like to remind you that it is even more horrible than you imagined. This is a mission that is different from what you have been through before. As your team leader, I have three requirements for you."

"First of all, I hope you can follow orders and pool our efforts together. Second, be alert to dangers since anything can happen in the blood disaster zone..."

Some students became impatient. Although Shi Xueman was well-known indeed, they were also not nobodies. It had not felt good to be lectured by a female team leader.

Besides, they thought Shi Xueman was exaggerating the danger and making a fuss out of a casual order. The blood catastrophe was already under the control of the Induction Ground. All of them were from well-known families, so they all knew that the Induction Ground had found the solution to dealing with the blood catastrophe.

As a result, they regarded the mission more as a field trip so that they could have a better curriculum vitae before graduation which would justify the important positions they were going to take.

Yet, this stupid woman took it too seriously.

"Stop nagging!" said a male student who looked doughty as he snorted without looking at her. "You are just a team leader..."

Without warning, a beautiful hand appeared in front of him out of nowhere. He was greatly frightened but had no time to react before the sinewy rattan, which was as tenacious as steel wire and used to secure his body, was abruptly parted and he was dragged away from his seat.

When he realized what had happened, he had already been thrown out of the transport wagon.


The scream sounded farther and farther away. Everyone in the wagon swallowed nervously, and their expressions changed. Those who had been unsatisfied just now immediately became silent.

No one expected Shi Xueman to be so direct and rude, or so ruthless. All of the students were frightened.

Fortunately, the transport wagon was flying in a relatively low altitude.

Still, the injury must be severe.

This woman was more horrible than they had expected...

"I will report Li Hai's case to the Induction Ground, and I'm glad to meet with his parents if needed." Shi Xueman was as serene as a real lady and lacked any murderous countenance. As she ran her fingers through her hair, every movement was the embodiment of grace and beauty.

No one dared to look at her or say a word.

Only now had they remembered that this goddess surpassed them not only in terms of fighting skills, but also in terms of family background. As for the bitter experience today, Li Hai could only bear it because the Li Family clearly dared not bother the Shi Family. However, if Shi Xueman complained to Li Hai's parents, he would definitely be punished.

This... this was unfair!

The students were angry and sad.

Shi Xueman felt the transport wagon begin to land, so she sat up straight with her expression becoming serious.

The transport steadily stopped on the ground.

"Disembark!" she ordered coldly.

Like a heroine, she was the first to neatly jump out of the wagon as her long black hair fluttered in the sunshine.