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Chapter 139: Chime of the Sword and Weapons

 Chapter 139: Chime of the Sword and Weapons

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AI Hui happily carried the Dragonspine Inferno in his hand.

What a good sword!

The sword was as heavy as one hundred kilograms. The Devil's Plant of Twilight Sandal Wood was a material used to make heavy weapons. Its density was the highest, so the sword grown from it was extremely heavy. If Ai Hui had not developed [Copper Skin], he would hardly be able to lift the sword. Even now, when he tried to swing the sword, he could still feel its heftiness.

Even if it had lacked edges and was used to hit the enemy as a club, the bones of the enemy would all be broken.


To Ai Hui, the fiercer the weapon was, the better he could utilize it. His skills were not systematic. Therefore, he might not be able to make the optimal use of certain good weapons that possessed a specific effect. Only the crude and simple weapons like this suited him the best.

Moreover, he had not paid anything for the Dragonspine Inferno.

A free weapon was undoubtedly a good weapon, even if it was a grass sword.

The swinging the one hundred kilogram sword produced a deep and scary whistling sound.

If not for the fellows following him, Ai Hui would have already tested this sword. He reminded himself that he was now a rich man, and a rich man should behave with grace.

Pushing open the gate of the training hall, Ai Hui's nose twitched before he said anything, and his eyes immediately widened.

The smell of food! Elemental soup!

Rushing inside, Ai Hui suddenly saw a fat guy licking the bottom of a bowl. Instantly, evil thoughts flooded into his mind.

Yet, he had not immediately revealed his fury. Instead, he smiled at Fatty wickedly and noted this in his mind. Even if Fatty was his pal, there was no way he would not mind Fatty taking his elemental soup.

"Ai Hui." Lou Lan's eyes brightened when he saw him.

Lou Lan then noticed the fellow behind Ai Hui who was carrying a big pot and herbs. Golden light was shining in Lou Lan's eyes. "Noctilucent Grass, Poria Water, Bamboo Stone, and Bian Fish Eyes. So many herbs. Are you going to peel Twilight Silk, Ai Hui?"

Ai Hui was not surprised at Lou Lan's knowledge. Lou Lan was skilled at medical treatment, so it was not odd for him to be familiar with all kinds of herbs.

"Yes. You also know this?" Ai Hui asked the fellow to put down all the materials while talking to Lou Lan.

"I don't know much, but the principles are similar. By the way, Ai Hui, this formula was not good enough."

The fellow was unhappy to hear this and said, "Not good enough? That's impossible. This is the standard formula to soften Twilight Cocoons."

"Shut up!" Ai Hui looked at the fellow with an unfriendly gaze.

Ai Hui had always been partial to his friends and would not allow anyone to say anything bad about them.

Lou Lan replied honestly, "If the ratio of the formula is adjusted, it will be more effective."

The fellow wanted to refute when he felt something heavy on his shoulder. Turning his head, he saw Ai Hui's clouded face, the Dragonspine Inferno at his throat, and did not dare to say another word.

Ai hui glanced at him, took back his Dragonspine Inferno, and said lightly, "Put down the materials and leave."

The fellow felt as if he was granted amnesty and left in dejection.

Ai Hui turned to Lou Lan and cracked a smile. "I will leave the herbs to you then, Lou Lan."

Lou Lan was very happy that he could help Ai Hui. "No problem. Just leave it to me!"

Then he began his work.

At that point, Fatty had finished drinking the soup and joined them. "I still cannot understand your intention, huh? But I think Lou Lan is definitely a good sand puppet. Where did you buy it? I want to buy one even if it costs me my whole fortune. It is rare to see such a good sand puppet."

Seeing Fatty's satisfied expression, Ai Hui smiled grimly in his heart, but kindly said to him, "How does the soup taste?"

"Delicious!" Fatty's eyes lit up. "I never tried any soup as delicious as this before. Is this elemental soup? It's so great! My body gets warm after just one sip. If I could have one bowl of this soup every day, I'll die without any regrets."

One bowl every day...

Ai Hui was so irritated that he burst into laughter. "How dare you think of that. How much is the soup, Lou Lan?"

Lou Lan tilted his head and said, "That soup is called Oil Under Fire, which best fits his fire attribute. The cost of the materials is one hundred and seventy thousand yuan. It is beneficial for his training."

One hundred and seventy thousand yuan...

Ai Hui's face froze, regretting that he did not remind Lou Lan of this before leaving. Lou Lan was just too honest.

Fatty smacked his lips to recollect the aftertaste of the soup. "No wonder it tastes so good. This is an expensive delicacy. Delicious!"

Seeing Fatty's annoying face, Ai Hui's eyes were cold. "The one hundred and seventy thousand yuan is on you. Didn't you hear what Lou Lan said? Hurry up and start training now. Haven't you finished practicing the [Fluttering Butterfly Steps]? Then the next is the [Dancing Flower Steps]. You should have the strength to do five hundred sets, since you just finished the soup."

"Five hundred sets?" Fatty's eyes widened as if he had heard some horrifying news.

"Not enough?" A warm smile appeared on Ai Hui's face. "Then two hundred more."

"Seven hundred sets of the [Dancing Flower Steps]? I don't think that's enough for him to totally absorb the soup," Lou Lan said honestly.

"How about nine hundred? Okay let's just round it to one thousand." Ai Hui asked Lou Lan with a smiling face.

"That's more or less enough." Lou Lan nodded.

Ai Hui noticed Fatty's shivering legs and smiled grimly in his heart, but his face became more amiable. "What if the training is not finished? Lou Lan, do we have any punishment that does not harm the body, but is still effective?"

Tilting his head, Lou Lan thought for a while and said, "So you are referring to mental punishment instead of physical punishment? I think one such method is to forcibly immerse someone's face in water until the person almost drowns. This was used to torture prisoners before. The suffocating and dying experience is very impressive."

"That's a good idea," Ai Hui said in admiration.

Not only his legs, but every part of Fatty was shivering now. He looked at Lou Lan as if Lou Lan was a devil who had just climbed out of hell.

What a vicious sand puppet...

Then, Ai Hui delivered the final shot casually. "You will know how that feels if you cannot finish one thousand sets, Fatty."

Fatty's face was as pale as ashes. He whined as he crawled his way over to the training area without hesitation, like a bear with an arrow in its hip. He knew Ai Hui would carry out the threat, and he did not want to experience it at all.

Seeing that Fatty left, Lou Lan began to adjust the proportion of the herbs. Ai Hui had to admit that the way Lou Lan dealt with the herbs was delightful to watch. It was as smooth as drifting clouds and flowing water.

Lou Lan is my pride!

Ai Hui felt at ease leaving all these materials with Lou Lan and departed by himself.

He was finally able to study the sword pill that his teacher gave him as well as the Dragonspine Inferno.

Just now, when he was with Manager Li, Ai Hui could only try to feel the sword in his hands instead of studying it carefully.

Hum! As elemental energy was infused into the Dragonspine Inferno, the sword trembled slightly. His hand felt the vibration and almost dropped the sword on the ground. The Dragonspine Inferno was heavy indeed. Even the slightest tremble could produce an amazing force.

The low and deep vibration was like the breathtaking growl of the Swordback Dragon.

The chime of the sword! This was a pleasant surprise and a good omen for Ai Hui because it indicated that his elemental energy synergized with the Dragonspine Inferno. Ai Hui guessed that this might be because his elemental energy was sword elemental energy.

Having figured this out, Ai Hui calmed down and began to feel the change of the flow that his elemental energy was going through within the sword.

As the elemental energy flowed in the sword, he immediately knew the difference.

The flow of the elemental energy was smooth and lubricated, making the flowing itself an enjoyable process. Ai Hui could not resist praising the sword again. Simply judging from the flow, it was far better than the grass swords he had used before. The sword was heavy, but as the elemental energy was now infused into it, it seemed to become much lighter. As a result, it was a bit easier for Ai Hui to wield it.

With the elemental energy circulating, the blade of the sword became dark red, and the color slowly pulsed as if it was alive.

He tried to touch the Garnet Prismatic Crystal in the sword with the elemental energy. Like a clay ox thrown into the sea, the energy was absorbed into the abyss and disappeared. He knew that this was because the amount of elemental energy he had was too small to activate the prismatic crystals, so he stopped.

His level was still not high enough. Ai Hui shook his head.

The Dragonspine Inferno was indeed a good weapon. For ordinary elementalists, they would have to spend a considerable amount of money to get such a weapon. Ai Hui believed that he would not have to worry about his weapon for a long period of time.

Nowadays, there were various kinds of weapons, but most of them were long-range weapons.

Elementalists tended to fight using sand puppets. For themselves, they either chose self defense or concealment.

There were many weapons designed for wood elementalists, but a pure elementalist usually fought with their particular Grass Seed Fruit. Metal elementalists had two divisions that had totally different styles, the Sky Edge Division and the Infantry Division. The former mainly used sabers, bows, and spears, while the latter mostly used heavy weapons.

It was thought-provoking to note the fact that swordsmanship, which had once been mainstream for thousands of years, had declined and was replaced by the saber, which had never been dominant before.

Yet, the reason was not difficult to understand. Swordplay was complicated and could not be supplemented by spiritual force. People mainly used swords for stabbing, so the lethality was limited. In comparison, sabers were simpler to use and people mainly used then to chop or hack. During the era of elemental energy, the lack of spiritual force was less important, while the advantages due to simplicity and power were amplified.

The rise of archery was also because of these changes over time. It was now the most powerful long-range weapon and the easiest to learn. Archery practitioners included elementalists of all attributes. This indicated its popularity.

The weapon of the fire elementalist was usually similar to a calabash. It contained Earth Fire Lava which was collected from deep beneath the Sparking Plain and had been refined many times. Ai Hui once saw a fire elementalist carrying a wine jar about his height that was filled with the Earth Fire Lava.

There were many benefits to traveling with a fire elementalist. For example, if you went somewhere cold, you could stay warm because you had a human-shaped stove. What was more convenient was cooking, because you could simply cut raw meat and put the slices on the wine jar to grill them. Those who had high criteria for food would brush the meat with oil and add spices, but this depended on whether you could get along with the fire elementalist.

In this scenario, if a wood elementalist joined, then it would be a perfect team. A wood elementalist could find many weird plants, fruits, and mushrooms that you never knew about before. Eating these together with the meat would make it delicious and less greasy.

Other weapons like the whip also had its enthusiasts, especially among wood elementalists, because it could complement well with their vines. However, the whip was regarded as a weapon with a minority of wielders. Another popular weapon among the minority was the flying knife, which was typically used by some water elementalists. They knew how to fly, so it was easier for them to control the path of the flying knife, which could be very tricky sometimes.

Most water elementalists used azure wings as their weapon. Azure wings were developed from flying equipment used in the early years and evolved into a weapon that integrated offense and defense.

When it came to the water elementalists, a very unpopular weapon had to be mentioned, which was the javelin. The heavy javelin would be accelerated through a sharp dive and then thrown with elemental energy by the water elementalists. They had killed numerous wild beasts using this method, making the javelin their most powerful and favorite weapon.

Alright, swordsmanship had indeed declined, but it was what Ai Hui was good at.

Ai Hui took out the sword pill.