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Chapter 137: To Get Rich!

 Chapter 137: To Get Rich!

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Inside the wooden box, there was a silver pill placed on top of a black velvet cloth.

"This is the sword pill." Wang Shouchuan could see that this was the first time Ai Hui had seen one and explained, "Disciple, you are familiar with the ancient swordplay manuals and you should know about the sword pill; however, the sword pill is now drastically different from the sword pills from the Cultivation Era. This sword pill is an object used to seal up swordplay. Using the finest liquid gold from the Silver Mist Sea and the Inverted Sky Palace Technique, the sword pill was created with the knowledge of swordplay branded within. For brilliant legacies, there were many subtle things that could not be put in words, so using the sword pill, future students were able to comprehend these subtleties. The Inverted Sky Palace Technique was learnt through ancient bamboo strips and many of the movements of metal elemental energy were sealed through this method."

The first part left Ai Hui baffled. He knew about the Silver Mist Sea; it was part of the Avalon Of Five Elements and also the land of metal elementalists. While he did not know what the Inverted Sky Palace Technique was, it sounded very impressive.

But once he heard 'bamboo strips', Ai Hui understood in a flash.

The swordplay manuals were mostly recorded on bamboo strips and Ai Hui had gone through a countless number of them. As of now, the bamboo strips were already torn and tattered, he reckoned that they would disintegrate in another century.

During the Cultivation Era, the bamboo strips were usually passed down after a period of ten thousand years.

Wang Shouchuan instructed, "Place the sword pill in your hand and insert some elemental energy into it."

Ai Hui did as told. He took the silver sword pill from the wooden box and placed it within the hollow of his palm. The sword pill was not big as it was only slightly large for a pill.. Ai Hui carefully inserted a thread of elemental energy into it.

A brilliant ray of light was abruptly set off from the sword pill on his palm. Within the ray of light, there were constantly flickering silhouettes that were holding on to swords and practicing. They were like flickering lights and passing shadows, gone as quickly as they came.

Ai Hui was attracted to it immediately.

The movements of the silhouettes were as fast as lightning, and they dazzled and confused him. Suddenly, a violent movement was aimed at the space between his brows.

Ai Hui jumped in shock, but he soon felt an immense happiness. He had seen many sword manuals, but their correct interpretations had long gone with the passing of time. He could only make use of the words and diagrams to reconstruct the movements.

With an anxious tone, he asked, "Master, what sort of swordplay is in this?"

Wang Shouchuan and Han Yuqin laughed upon seeing Ai Hui's impatient expression. Ai Hui had always displayed a maturity beyond his age, so it was rare to see a childish side of him. While the couple liked the the steadfast and mature Ai Hui, they also wished to see him be like an ordinary teenager, carefree and high-spirited. To them, the youthful period was the best time to be.

"There's no name. It has three scattered sword moves," Wang Shouchuan recalled fondly. "This was left behind by an old friend of mine. He was called Cheng Rou and was an odd talent with a vast range of interests, dabbling in everything. He was a rare Complete Elementalist and bore the Five Elements. It was difficult to train to be a Complete Elementalist, but he was a gifted and passionate learner. As long as he put his mind to it, he would be able to master anything, but he did not have a fixed temperament and was very carefree. There was a period of time where he developed an interest in swordplay and told me that he wanted to invent a set of swordplay."

Ai Hui and Mingxiu paid close attention, like they were listening to a story.

Recalling the past, Wang Shouchuan sighed and said, "He took seven days to invent these three sword moves. I witnessed how he did it and his talent was astonishing. To date, I had never seen a talent who was able to surpass him."

Han Yuqin coldly snorted. "What a pity he wasted his talent. Little Ai Hui, do not learn from him. A jack-of-all-trades is a master of none."

Ai Hui muttered to himself that this Senior Cheng Rou must have offended Mistress in the past. While he had such opinions, Mistress still made sense and Ai Hui agreed from the bottom of his heart. While Cheng Rou was willful, he was still a genius, whereas Ai Hui was just an average chap. Only when he fought to the death for something would he then be able to make some progress.

Wang Shouchuan laughed, but did not rebut, then continued, "After three moves, he said that his creativity and inspiration were used up and did not continue. These three moves were too scattered to be made into a system and could not be formed to pass on to future generations. As such, he just randomly threw it to me."

"Humph! You are treating it like a treasure when it is someone else's trash!" Again, Han Yuqin gave a cold snort.

At this point, Ai Hui was one hundred percent sure that Senior Cheng Rou had offended Mistress, and that the offense had been a huge one.

Again, Wang Shouchuan did not get angry. He just gave a laugh and continued, "I did not imagine there would be a day where I would bring it out again. While these three moves are scattered, the impact is still pretty good. The design is elaborate and would be suitable for you to learn. Take it and slowly analyze it. Learn as much as you can. The usage of the sword pill is very easy; just like what you did just now, use your elemental energy to activate the sword pill and you will be able to see the images. When you have familiarized yourself with the posture, pace, and movements, place the sword pill at the Sky Palace between your eyebrows which supplements the visuals. The sealed intentions of the sword pill will appear in your mind and you will be able to experience their true interpretations. Remember, you must first be proficient in the movements. Once the seal of the sword pill is broken, the true intentions will only be preserved for a short period of time."

"Thank you, Master!" Ai Hui carefully returned the sword pill to the box.

Everyone could not help but smile when they saw Ai Hui looking at it like it was a treasure.

"Junior made a small fortune recently," said Senior Mingxiu, smiling. "The havoc created by the blood fiends led to a terrible situation. Junior's Bunny Hair Arrows performed exceptionally well and were considerably effective in dealing with the blood fiends. All the Bunny Hair Arrows from Manager Li's store have been sold. While at twenty thousand yuan per arrow, the price was not comparable to the market price of thirty thousand yuan; however, the large quantity sold still brought about a profit. Manager Li was as busy as a bee and spent his days manufacturing the Bunny Hair Arrows. I reckon Junior will have an income of millions of yuan."

Mistress said cheerfully, "That's good! I finally see some positive development towards my eight million for the workshop."

Ai Hui was slightly embarrassed.

Senior Mingxiu instructed, "Junior, make a trip down to Manager Li's store later. His hair has gone gray from waiting. There was a huge demand for the Bunny Hair Arrows, and he's worried about the problem of the Bunny Hair now."

"I will make a trip down later." There seemed to be countless small money signs flying in Ai Hui's eyes.

He suddenly thought of the issue of the Blood Bandage and asked, "Mistress, do you still remember anything about the Blood Bandage?"

Han Yuqin did not expect Ai Hui to mention the Blood Bandage and astoundedly responded with another question, "Did something happen to the bandage?"

Ai Hui hurriedly replied, "No, it is not a problem. I am just curious about the strange material."

He wanted to keep the matter of the bandage devouring flesh under wraps, or else they would worry again.

Han Yuqin frowned and pondered before shaking her head. "I have no recollection. Someone gave it to me in the past. At that point, I thought that the material was very special, so I kept it as I had never seen such a material before."

Ai Hui was somewhat disappointed, but he was not surprised. He instructed his Master and Mistress to take note of their safety, but he ended up leaving under Mistress's disdainful gaze. With Mistress keeping watch at the workshop and Senior Mingxiu, who was also highly skilled, with her, Ai Hui also felt that his worry was uncalled for.

The embroidery workshop was exceptionally busy, just like before. It was like a completely different world when compared to the outside.

After leaving the embroidery workshop, Ai Hui ran straight to Manager Li's store.

When Manager Li saw Ai Hui, the look he gave him was as if he had just reunited with a long lost relative. "Goodness! My boy, you are finally here! I had been to the embroidery workshop a few times and they said that you had not returned. Oh my, my heart was in a mess, the world is in a disorganized state now. Although your abilities are exceptional, you still have to be careful! Our future is vast and paved with riches. We should avoid unnecessary risks."

Nearing the end of his speech, Manager Li's tone was sincere and earnest.

Ai Hui joyfully gestured, saying, "Then I am counting on Manager Li to make more money on my behalf."

When he heard 'money', Manager Li brightened up. "I have been waiting for you! Our Bunny Hair Arrows were being commandeered at twenty thousand yuan each. After deducting the manufacturing costs of six thousand yuan, we still have a profit of fourteen thousand yuan per arrow. Guess how many we sold?"

Ai Hui too, brightened and said, "Five hundred?"

Manager Li gave Ai Hui a disdainful gaze.

Ai Hui was ecstatic now. "One thousand?"

"Confidence! Confidence! Where is your confidence? Why can't I see it?" Manager Li pretended to be displeased.

Ai Hui trembled. "Could it be two thousand?"

Manager Li's expression was proud as he extended three fingers. "Three thousand!"

Ai Hui's eyes almost popped out.

"Three thousand!" Manager Li's saliva was flying out as he spoke, "Do you know how long I have not slept? Because of these three thousand arrows, I put my life at risk. I spent days and nights on them. Wow, that pain, oh, that tiredness; I was so tired that I could not straighten my back. Do you think it was easy considering my old age? My boy, looking at how much effort I put in, would it be possible to ..."

Ai Hui's eyes, which were almost popping out, suddenly became alert like a starving cat's on a dark night. They flickered brilliantly with golden, shiny rays. Without a second word, he interrupted Manager Li, "No! Divide the money! Divide the money now!"

He would be able to get seven million yuan for one thousand arrows. Three thousand arrows meant twenty-one million yuan.

Twenty-one million yuan!

This was an amount he did not dare to think about in the past. He should first repay Mistress the eight million for the embroidery workshop. After adding up the miscellaneous expenses, he reckoned it would be ten million yuan.

He would still have eleven million left over. Oh gosh, so much money, why was his heartbeat so fast......

"Divide, divide, divide!" Manager Li nodded his head, and without a second word, he took out a delicate money card that was printed with the Avalon Of Five Elements logo.

So advanced!

Ai Hui took the money card. He had seen people using it before, but this was the first time he would use one. This money card was nameless, so Ai Hui needed to imprint on the card. He carefully injected a thread of elemental energy and a small silver sword appeared on the bottom right corner of the black money card.

"Oh, swordsmanship, you have taste! No wonder I felt that you were extraordinary," Manager Li repeatedly praised.

The money card could distinguish the attribute of elemental energy and form different kinds of seals. Everyone's elemental energy imprint differed according to their attributes and trainings.

Ai Hui's mind stirred and the amount appeared on the face of the black card. Indeed, it was twenty-one million!

He made it! He made it! He made it!

Bunny Hair was indeed a great name!

In a flash, Ai Hui became extremely agitated. He has never had so much money before.

"After I learned that my boy practiced swordsmanship, I kept a lookout for swords. Good things come to those who wait, and I finally managed to receive a good sword. Do you want to take a look? This is indeed a good sword. Now that the world is in such a disorganized state and there is no army for support, it is very dangerous."

Manager Li was all smiles. His appearance then was indeed the perfect example of a profiteer.