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Chapter 125: Solution

 Chapter 125: Solution

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Ai Hui felt that he really was a jinx.

Upon hearing that long beast howl, he knew that they were at the most critical moment.

The points that he had mentioned to Duanmu Huanghun were not casual opinions but the things that he was most puzzled about. He still had many doubts that he hadn't mentioned, but at this juncture, all of them were unimportant.

Although he was unable to identify the wild beast's type from its howl, he was sure that they were unable to defeat it.

Perhaps only Instructor Zhou could.

He had seen many dire beasts in the Wilderness, and every single mighty dire beast definitely had an imposing manner. Just like people who held high positions, they had gestures and mannerisms that were different from ordinary folk. The law of the jungle was, obviously, even crueler and prevalent in the jungle. Battles between wild beasts were more straightforward, and in order to protect their own territory, wild beasts didn't know what it meant to keep a low profile-the king of the beasts must be cruel, vicious, and warlike. Only then would they be able to achieve success and attain the title of king of the beasts.

Those who managed to survive the law of the jungle had the instinct to fear danger and cower in front of those who were stronger.

Ai Hui had clearly noticed the panic of the surrounding wild beasts after hearing the beast howl.

And he instantly knew that the distant wild beast was not something they could compete against.

Furthermore, the flock of wild beasts that was rushing up suddenly scattered, as if there was an opening at the other end. They left the rubble and dispersed into the distance.

While there was joy on the other students' faces, Ai Hui's pupils constricted, and his hair stood on end.

Pieces of flesh were scattered on the ground. Those wild beasts had run for their lives without even bothering about the flesh that they initially could not resist. This was the first time Ai Hui had seen such bloody chunks of the flesh on the ground.

There was only one possibility-that ferocious beast was approaching!

Damn it!

The intensified fear stimulated all of Ai Hui's brain's nerves. He knew that they had to quickly come up with a response. It would be too late when the ferocious beast discovered them.

What should he do?

He forced himself to calm down. He repeated to himself that it was not the first time he had encountered such a situation. He had experienced much worse in the Wilderness. Back then, he did not have any support, and the elementalists also did not care if he was dead or alive. However, now, the teachers would not be callous and make him fight his own battles.

How did he hide previously?

Ai Hui jolted. Hide......


Hide! Only if they hide would there be a possibility to survive.

Hide...hide... hide...

The wheels in Ai Hui's head spun furiously as he recalled that at the most dangerous juncture, he had covered himself in mud and had hidden in the sludge, thus having a narrow escape.

His gaze swept over the surroundings, but there were only rocks. There was no mud here.


His gaze fell onto the largest one. That rock was about ten meters tall and was slanted at a certain angle. Ai Hui's eyes brightened as he shouted, "Everyone, hide beneath that piece of rock!"

Everyone looked bewildered.

Duanmu Huanghun's brain had been filled to the brim with Ai Hui's predictions when one of them had come true. This had heightened his uneasiness. And when he saw the calm Ai Hui have such an intense reaction, he instantly became alert.

"Move over everyone! Listen to Ai Hui's commands!" Teacher Xu's voice rang out. He had also picked up on Ai Hui's nervousness. In his memory, Ai Hui had never been this anxious.

"Teacher, could you move that piece of rock?" Ai Hui pointed to a horizontal, rectangular rock.

"Let me do it." Cui Xianzi did not question his intentions, and a red satin cloth flew out from her hand and coiled around the rectangular rock like a snake.


The rectangular rock flew upwards and was slotted into the bottom of the huge rock, forming an empty, partially closed-off space, like a small shelter.

At that moment, all the wild beasts in their surroundings had vanished. By now, even those with slower reactions could tell that something was wrong.

"Everyone, go in!" Ai Hui urged the students. While the students started to hide in panic, he asked Teacher Xu, "Is it possible to use mud to seal up the cracks?"

"I know how to; I am an earth elementalist." A student whom Ai Hui did not know raised his hand. He continued, "But how do we breathe?"

"Just hold your breath! Speed up! It's going to be here soon!" Ai Hui replied with an agitated tone.

Ai Hui's hand that was clutching the grass sword was trembling, but it was barely perceptible. He was in his sword embryo state, and all his six senses had been heightened. But it was also due to this that he was more than able to comprehend the frightfulness of the unknown beast that was approaching their group.

"The thicker the mud, the better it is! It would be even better if it's like a mountain; it would be able to cover us!"

The earth elementalist set about his task immediately. Controlling mud was not difficult to an earth elementalist. The nearby mud and sandstone started to slowly ascend the rectangular rock like an ugly monster wriggling its way upwards.

Ai Hui's gaze swept over the discarded torn body parts that were near them. He had a sudden idea. "Is it possible to put those torn parts on the topmost layer of the mud?"

Duanmu Huanghun somewhat understood Ai Hui's intentions.

A blue and white slender rattan flew out from his hand. When it reached the top of a piece of flesh, it suddenly split into ten different blue and white rattans that were even more slender than the first rattan. Each of the slender rattans rolled up a piece of flesh.

Duanmu Huanghun controlled the rattans and brought the flesh to the top of the rock.

When the last crack was sealed, the rattans faded away, and all the torn pieces of flesh lost their support and scattered around the huge rock and sandstones. Darkness engulfed everyone.

The earth elementalist student collapsed on the ground. In order to create a thick layer of mud as Ai Hui had requested, he had exhausted all his energy. From the outside, one could see the tremendous changes that the rubble had undergone. The massive rock that had initially had half its body inclined into the air was now completely buried under the sandstones, forming a small barrow.

"It is here. Do not make any noise."

In the dark, Ai Hui's lowered his voice to deliberately contribute to everyone's tension.


Unhurried footsteps could be distinctly heard in the dark. Everyone's hearts were in their throats.

A dark red wolf appeared at the perimeter of the rubble. Its nose twitched as if it had some suspicion. It was puzzled by the sight in front of him-the barrow that was scattered with huge amounts of flesh.

The atmosphere was filled with the delicate fragrance of blood and flesh.

The wolf soon threw its doubt to the back of its mind. The pieces of flesh in front of it had caught its attention, and it started to greedily devour them. Although the flesh couldn't be said to be the best food, it wasn't too bad either. Previously, the wolf was not considered a powerful wild beast in the Garden of Life, and even after its transformation, it still retained its previous instincts to not waste food.

Beneath its feet, the students who were waiting felt each second to be years.

Goosebumps crawled up everyone's arms upon hearing the crunching of bones coming from the top of their heads.

The blood wolf cleared all the body parts, but it did not have the least bit of contentment. Instead, it became even more hungry.

Suddenly, its eyes lit up with a blood-thirsty glare as it gazed deep into the forest.

A howl sounded out from afar, causing the blood wolf to turn its head. There was now another large beast like it in the vicinity.

It wasn't sure how that was possible, but right now, it just wanted to have a good meal.

It retracted its gaze, turned around, and headed into the forest.