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Chapter 122: Duanmu’s Absolute Art

 Chapter 122: Duanmu's Absolute Art

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There were many types of distress leaves. There were maple leaves, gingko leaves, and so on, but pine needle leaves were the most popular type.

Pine needle leaves were small in size and convenient to bring along. A tiny bamboo tube could contain numerous pine needle leaves. Certain features of pine trees could be found in pine needle leaves as well.

Distress leaves were a product invented by wood elementalists. Wood elementalists felt that trees could communicate with each other, and this logic formed the basis for message trees. However, message trees could not be found in the wild.

Hence, the elementalists invented a kind of leaves that could transmit messages through the trees in the wild.

Unlike message trees, the amount of messages that distress leaves could transmit was very limited. However, they were still able to make distress calls. There must be plants or trees nearby for distress leaves to work, so they could not be used in places like deserts or oceans.

Veterans would definitely carry some distress leaves along with them. For this excursion to the Garden of Life, Zhou Xiaoxi had chosen to bring some distress leaves along just in case something happened.

He never expected that something would actually happen. Even worse, the distress leaf failed to work!

He had never encountered a situation where distress leaves failed to function.

When he thought of the scene where Ai Hui dug up the soil, he was sure that the surrounding vegetation was poisoned as well. Zhou Xiaoxi did not quite agree with Ai Hui saying that it might be a type of blood poison. Blood poisons were rarely seen. Like its name suggested, blood poison worked by tainting the blood. However, plants and trees did not have blood. Zhou Xiaoxi had never heard of any plant or tree becoming afflicted with blood poison.

Suddenly, he heard a wave of faint rustling noises coming from afar, and his facial expression changed.

There were many wild beasts surging toward this place!

He saw that Ai Hui's facial expression had changed as well. However, at this point of time, he did not have time to be impressed by Ai Hui's sharp sense of hearing. He did not dare to hesitate and made a prompt decision. "Get out of here! We will go back through the same road that we used to get here!"

After finishing his sentence, Zhou Xiaoxi lifted up the fainted student and placed her upon his shoulder. Then, he looked at the terrified students and yelled coldly, "If you run any slower you will get devoured by the wild beasts!"

Even though Teacher Xu and Cui Xianzi were very worried, they did not forget their responsibilities and kept on encouraging the students.

"Watch out for the wild beasts and insects! Don't get bitten by them!" Ai Hui reminded everyone loudly.

Fatty stayed close to Ai Hui. Surprisingly, his plump and huge body was unusually nimble.

Ai Hui's previous performance unwittingly commanded the respect of everyone.

"Everyone, stay close together, and don't leave the main group. All the girls move to the middle of the group. Ai Hui and Duanmu Huanghun, both of you will stay at the front of the group. Ai Hui will navigate the road, and Duanmu Huanghun will safeguard him. I will bring up the rear. Teacher Xu will take care of the left flank of the group, and Cui Xianzi will take care of the right flank. The stronger students will keep to the outer edges of the group. Everyone listen to my command. Do not panic. I will bring everyone to safety," Zhou Xiaoxi ordered resolutely.

His tone was calm and collected, displaying leadership and dignity.

Currently, when compared to the other two teachers, the Thirteenth Division's elite Zhou Xiaoxi brought much more assurance to the students. Even Ai Hui could not help but exclaim in admiration. Zhou Xiaoxi truly lived up to his reputation of being a front line elite. Such orders of manpower deployment revealed a lot about his experience.

The rear of the group was the most dangerous position, and this position was overseen by Zhou Xiaoxi.

The other two teachers' strength were second only to his. They were positioned on the left and right flanks of the group. Both flanks needed to be taken care of.

The front of the group was the safest as they going back along the same road that they used to get to the Garden of Life.

Duanmu Huanghun was cool-headed. The Grass Hollow was much scarier than this place. He was not a delicate young master. It was just that... he took a look at Ai Hui and felt an indescribable awkwardness.

He actually had to fight alongside with this fellow...

This was ridiculous.

"Let's go," Zhou Xiaoxi shouted. "Everyone, move out!"

Without hesitation, Ai Hui walked to the front of the group. Other students might easily get lost in the woods, but for Ai Hui, it was a walk in a park.

With a humph, Duanmu Huanghun appeared beside Ai Hui.

Even though Duanmu Huanghun hated Ai Hui to the core, he knew the severity of the current situation. The failure of the distress leaf implied that they would not be able to obtain any reinforcements. This would put them in a precarious situation.

He was a wood elementalist and clearly knew how scary blood poison could be.

Furthermore, how could he be outperformed by this scoundrel?

The surrounding rustling sounds were getting louder and louder. Danger was approaching, and fear was growing in the group.

"Everyone, be careful!"

Zhou Xiaoxi roared. Suddenly, white-colored azure wings emerged from his back. The azure wings appeared and exploded with a loud bang, forming wisps of white mist.

In the hands of other elementalists, azure wings were a type of flying equipment. In the hands of a water elementalist, they were a dangerous and deadly weapon.

The wisps of mist swam around him like a school of white swordfish.

Swish swish swish!

The wild beasts were continuously entering the mist. However, once they were in, they were sliced and ground by the razor-sharp mist, resulting in a massive bloodbath.

Now, Teacher Xu also displayed his prowess. Numerous silver light screens appeared around his body, which then formed a silver barrier around the group. The most impressive thing about this barrier was that its elasticity was extremely powerful. Any beast that crashed onto the silver barrier would be bounced back as if it had jumped into a trampoline.

Bang bang bang!

The sounds of collisions were so concentrated that they resembled the pattering of raindrops.

The fact that Cui Xianzi could bring a class out on an excursion showed that she was quite capable as well. A piece of fiery silk appeared mysteriously on her hand. One hundred lifelike birds were embroidered on the the piece of silk.

With a flick of the silk, its surface immediately exploded with a loud boom into a sea of flames.

Numerous chirping blazing birds flew out from the sea of flames

Any incoming beast that was hit by a blazing bird would have its body burst into flames.

Usually, Ai Hui would be captivated by these dazzling attacks. However, he could not care less about them right now.

Suddenly, Duanmu Huanghun, who had been silently beside him the whole time, struck out abruptly.

Green glowing symbols and designs that were usually found on porcelain vases began to appear under Duanmu Huanghun's feet. Numerous dark-green vines came alive and extended outward from the green glow beneath his feet. Like a formless pencil, the vines rapidly drew out graceful and elegant patterns on the ground.

Everyone felt their feet lighten, and their running speed suddenly increased.

Duanmu Huanghun's palms swayed gently in the air. The green vines shot into the air with a terrifying speed, resembling green branches growing and twinning in the air.

Eerie green peonies started to blossom on the vines.

In the blink of an eye, the peonies were fully bloomed. One could hear a faint sigh as a breeze drifted through the air. The petals began to detach themselves from the fully bloomed peonies.

Peony petals drifted and danced in the air, resembling a rain of petals that dyed the sky green.

When the wild beasts were caught in the green rain of petals and came into contact with the green petals, their dark-red bodies were dyed green. At the very instant they were dyed green, their bodies appeared to disintegrate.

The wild beasts that leaped into the mid-air disintegrated into wisps of green smoke before Ai Hui's eyes.

Ai Hui was overwhelmed with shock.

Duanmu Huanghun's face was filled with pride and haughtiness.

Duanmu's absolute art.

[Viridescent Flower]!