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Chapter 112: Unification of the Average Minds

 Chapter 112: Unification of the Average Minds

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The Hall of Nine Tones, Day One.

"Brother, we are talking about five hundred million yuan. It will not be easy to earn. Even if we engage in dishonest practices like collecting protection fees, it will still be impossible. Actually, it would be a feat if we can collect even eight million yuan."

"Brother Huanghun, it would be difficult to earn at the training halls as well. At present, the maximum cash reward for a competition is five hundred thousand yuan. In order to get five hundred million, you will have to win one thousand fights. At three competitions a day, you will have to fight for a year."

"Brother Huanghun, if I may suggest, I think that it's possible for us to resell military weapons as everyone would be able to do it. However, it would be more feasible if we do it externally rather than in the Induction Ground. If news of our activities were to spread, then we will be suppressed."

"Brother Huanghun, how about you prostitute yourself? No, I am not saying you should sell your body, but instead, you can sell pictures of yourself or something! You are the apple of many girls' eyes! Bro...Brother Huanghun! I am wrong! I am wrong! Ahhh!"


Everyone was engaged in a lively discussion. However, it was impossible for them to resolve the issue of an enormous amount like five hundred million yuan. While some of them were earnest in helping Duanmu Huanghun, the majority of them just wished to free themselves from their obligation.

The Hall of Nine Tones was a unique place in the sense that it did not make any concessions, no matter how reputable a person was.

Sure enough, a worker came after a short while. "Dear customers, we are going to close soon."

Without a change in expression, Duanmu Huanghun took out a dark gold card, passed it to the worker, and said indifferently, "I need to borrow this courtyard for a few days."

The worker received a huge shock upon seeing the dark gold card. He immediately broke into a small jog to report to the main person in charge.

Wu Qirong had an ominous premonition. However, since nobody had seen the dark gold card before, they were all clueless to what it was. Everyone's gaze turned to Yu Ziyi, but he shook his head vaguely, implying that he, too, had never seen it before.

Nevertheless, everyone felt that Brother Huanghun was asking for too much. All of the courtyards in the Hall of Nine Tones were always booked in advance. How was it possible to just borrow it, let alone for a few days?

After a moment, the main manager hurriedly rushed in, and with a humble and respectful expression, he said, "My apologies. We were not aware that we have distinguished guests at our premises. You want to use the Happiness Courtyard? No problem! However, this courtyard may be slightly small. Would you prefer to switch to a bigger courtyard? Our Do Courtyard is larger."

Both Yu Ziyi and Wu Qirong's jaws dropped. They were dumbstruck.

The Hall of Nine Tones had nine courtyards in total, which were named after the first five notes of the pentatonic scale (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So) and the four types of humans emotions (Joy, Anger, Sadness, Happiness).

The Do Courtyard was the best of the nine courtyards. It was never opened for booking to the public. It was only used when there were distinguished guests in the Hall of Nine Tones.

But the Hall of Nine Tones invited Brother Huanghun to the Do Courtyard!

Everyone was flabbergasted!

The next instant, the young masters all started staring at Brother Huanghun impatiently.

Quickly agree to it, Brother Huanghun! Let us experience the legendary Do Courtyard! We'll be able to brag to people in the future with pride!

But they did not expect Duanmu Huanghun to shake his head and bluntly say, "Thank you, but I shall pass. It is perfect here."

The group of playboys howled in grief.

"All right, as you wish, sir" the manager respectfully said. "If you still have any orders, please pull this red string; it is attached to a bell. We will rush over as fast as possible."

Duanmu Huanghun nodded. "You do not need to have any workers waiting on us. Have a break as per usual. Prepare some rations for them."

He then cast a meaningful glance at the rest of the young men. "The night is long."

The manager also looked at everyone, bowed, and respectfully answered, "Yes."


The next day.

Everyone was dispirited and listless. The Hall of Nine Tones had not sent anyone over, and they only received some rations, which were so dry that it was difficult to even put it in their mouths. Yet Brother Huanghun was eating the rations leisurely as if it was the best delicacy in the world. After he finished the rations on hand, he said indifferently, "The sun is up, let's continue brainstorming."

"Brother Huanghun, I have lessons today......"

"Skip them."


"Brother Huanghun, I have to visit my father tonight. My father is very strict......"

Duanmu Huanghun pulled the red string, ringing the bell. Moments later, the manager, who had just received instructions from Duanmu Huanghun, turned around and left the hall.

Two hours later, a square-faced middle-aged man followed alongside the manager.

"You little brat! If you dare spoil Master Duanmu's plans, I will break your legs when we are back!"


"Ah ah ah, Brother Huanghun, I..I am not feeling well...."


The sole of a foot could be seen on his face. His body became rigid for a moment, before collapsing limply on the floor.

Duanmu Huanghun said expressionlessly, "This is called feeling unwell."


The third day.

Looking at the group of downcast playboys who surrounded him, Duanmu Huanghun felt that he now truly understood the meaning of the phrase "useless people."

After thinking for three days and three nights, this bunch of incompetent fools could not come up with even a single viable idea.

Yu Ziyi, who was faint with hunger, saw that Brother Huanghun's expression was becoming more and more displeased. He knew that this signified the imminent eruption of the monster, so he said miserably, "Brother Huanghun, we are talking about five hundred million yuan. Once the value hits a hundred million, it becomes exceedingly difficult to procure. The Induction Ground is a very small place. You would need to be very capable in order to earn that five hundred million yuan."


With one leg, Duanmu Huanghun kicked Yu Ziyi down on to the floor. With a foot crushing Yu Ziyi's chest and a cold, indifferent face, he asked, "Are you saying I'm not capable enough?"

Yu Ziyi trembled. He felt like slapping himself. How could he say the wrong thing again?

"I've thought of something! I've thought of something! Hahaha! I've thought of something! Brother Huanghun, I have thought of something!"

Wu Qirong suddenly jumped up in excitement.

Everyone looked towards Wu Qirong. Tears filled their eyes as they gazed at him full of hope.

After three consecutive days and nights, Wu Qirong appeared tired and disheveled. However, at this moment, his eyes were exceptionally bright. "It would be difficult to use conventional methods to earn that five hundred million. Hence, we have to do something unconventional. Brother Huanghun is a wood elementalist. Have all of you forgotten what a wood elementalist is good at?"




A figure was thrown into the air.

Duanmu Huanghun's face was expressionless as he withdrew his leg.

It was true that wood elementalists did not like to be in the battleground, and this was becoming increasingly common-especially in recent years. In the Thirteenth Division, there were two wood-attributed divisions-the Deathgrass Division and the Truewood Division. Runaways weren't prevalent in the Truewood Division as their main focus was on treatment; however, in the Deathgrass Division, there were many situations of discontentment amongst the wood elementalists. Although it was publicized as being due to the stringent selection process, the younger generations of influential families were clear of the truth.

However, the higher authorities of The Avalon of Five Elements weren't pleased.

Duanmu Huanghun looked at the slightly dazed Wu Qirong and replied, "Continue with your idea."

Wu Qirong was jolted awake, and he hurriedly continued, "Wood elementalists are experts in cultivating new varieties of species. I was wondering if we could develop ideas based on this? We don't have to talk about those species like the mirage bean pod, but if it were a tiny species and a relatively practical species, we would be able to achieve five hundred million yuan much more easily if we were to sell out everything."

Duanmu Huanghun appeared to be deep in thought. Five hundred million yuan for a new type of material was indeed inexpensive.

"Furthermore, we would be able to help as well. We can help Brother Huanghun and ask around about what type of materials would be more profitable, allowing us to be able to create more relevant items, too. Also, Brother Huanghun's teacher is a grandmaster wood elementalist and would have conducted a lot of research on this subject. Brother Huanghun's a genius, so I feel that there is a high possibility of this being doable. If we're able to produce the item, who would dare to cheat us of our money?"

Everyone's gaze was fixed on Duanmu Huanghun. This was the most feasible idea thus far.

As usual, Duanmu Huanghun's face was inscrutable.

But just when everyone was about to give up all hope, Duanmu Huanghun suddenly spoke. With an indifferent voice, he said, "Let's go to the Do Courtyard."

Everyone was stunned, and after a moment, they erupted in cheers.