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Chapter 82: Lou Lan’s Medical Care

 Chapter 82: Lou Lan's Medical Care

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"Ai Hui, how are you feeling?"

Lou Lan, who was standing on one side, asked with sincere concern.

Ai Hui had actually wanted to start training as soon as possible. However, Mistress had said that she needed to prepare for a few days and that she still lacked certain items. At the same time, Master was putting on a mysterious front-it appeared that the training this time around would be quite special. However, as compared to his prideful Master and temperamental Mistress, the training made Ai Hui felt more at ease.

How could he think of such things? How could he not have confidence in his master?

When Ai Hui realized that he was having such thoughts, he felt ashamed and guilty. He reflected upon himself for a long time. Why was he thinking like that?

For the next few days, Ai Hui attended classes as per usual since he could not train. He was filled with enthusiasm towards all his classes. The only regret he had was that he wasn't able to encounter his fellow classmate Bangwan and claim the compensation for the damages the latter had caused.

After the lessons had ended, Ai Hui returned to the training hall. Lou Lan, who had been anxiously waiting for Ai Hui, scurried over.

It just so happened that Ai Hui had wanted to find out the current status of his body. With Lou Lan, who specialized in healing, by his side, Ai Hui did not have to worry about any accidents happening.

"Three and a half minutes."

Ai Hui, who was laying on the ground, felt rather happy. He had lasted a whole half minute longer than what Master had anticipated. To other people, an additional thirty seconds would be equivalent to an extra few breaths of air; however, to Ai Hui, the additional thirty seconds would allow him to execute quite a few attacks.

"Your attacks are rather powerful," Lou Lan analyzed, as the yellow light in his eyes flickered. "Your normal attacks have roughly reached the level of two palaces. Your [Arching Fish Back] is your most powerful attack. With a conservative estimate, it has a killing power of three palaces. I do not have enough information and could not make an accurate comparison. Your body is outstanding, and this can provide a significant boost to your fighting capabilities."

Lou Lan's assessment was very accurate-almost identical to Ai Hui's own assessment of himself.

During the three and a half minutes, although Ai Hui's base level was around two palaces, his fighting strength exceeded that level. Other than his remarkable fighting techniques and experience, his excellent body also played a major role in improving his fighting capabilities.

The high-level elemental energy allowed him to successfully develop the [Copper Skin].

[Copper Skin] contributed an important upgrade to his body.

His strength and reaction time had also increased onefold, and his body had become much tougher. Non-refined sword reeds would not be able to inflict any cuts on his skin.

This meant that even if he didn't have elemental energy, his base power was at the level of two palaces.

Developing a tempered body was a difficult process; however, if one were to succeed, it would provide a comprehensive boost to their fighting capabilities.

Similarly, the power of [Arching Fish Back] had exhilarated Ai Hui.

[Arching Fish Back] was an escaping technique and was usually used to escape from body locks; it was incapable of inflicting any damage. Ai Hui had ingeniously used it during battles and had discovered that it was a rather good technique to be used during fighting. He then subsequently mastered this technique to the point of perfection during his training in the Suspending Golden Pagoda.

Other than Ai Hui, no one would waste so much time on an escaping technique that had limited uses.

This could, however, be linked to Ai Hui's past experiences. He was extremely meticulous and sensitive to every detail that was related to fighting. He could accurately sense the increase in his powers.

If it were in the past, he would have to find loopholes in his opponent's defense before executing the [Arching Fish Back]. However, now, if an opponent tried to block his [Arching Fish Back] head-on, they would indeed suffer.

The densely packed wood shavings that were deeply embedded into the wall of his Master's courtyard was the best display of his [Arching Fish Back]'s might.

Combat was very complicated; however, strength was still what mattered the most. When a person who had a base level of four palaces fought against another who had a base level of two palaces, the former might not necessarily win, yet the probability of them winning would definitely be higher. The stronger one was, the more trump cards they had. This would ensure that they would obtain an advantageous position in combat.

Right now, if Ai Hui were to fight against any student in the Induction Ground, he would win easily as he had rich fighting experience. However, when he would step out of the Induction Ground and enter the Wilderness in the future, it might not be the same case. That was a place where everyone knew how to fight and those who did not would be eliminated.

Strength was everything.

And only strength could bring a sense of security to Ai Hui.

"Lou Lan, I can't move," Ai Hui groaned, as he lay on the floor.

Although the three and a half minutes were exhilarating, the strain it put on Ai Hui's body had far exceeded what he had expected. Currently, his body was sore and aching, and his fighting capabilities were totally crippled. His muscles were involuntarily trembling as well.

"Lou Lan is coming!"

With a loud cheer, Lou Lan transformed into a massive hammer of sand.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The huge sand hammer struck Ai Hui's body. Ai Hui felt so comfortable that he was grasping for cold air while moaning, "Ah! Ah! Correct, correct, you're right on the spot! Harder, please!"

After enjoying for quite awhile, Ai Hui felt that it was enough, and he yelled, "Lou Lan, change to another form!"

"No problem!"

Lou Lan yelled happily as he transformed into two huge sand palms and began to massage Ai Hui's body as if he was kneading dough.

"There's the right amount of force! There's the right amount of pressure! Everything is the right amount..."

Ai Hui felt that his body was as soft as a dough, not belonging to him anymore.

After a while, Lou Lan transformed into numerous little sand wheels that rolled around Ai Hui's body.

"Hahaha, ahh...Lou Lan, you really know a thing or two about massage...Hahaha, it's ticklish..."

With a bang, Lou Lan transformed back to his original form. When he saw that Ai Hui had fallen asleep, he pulled him to the hot spring at the back of the courtyard and tossed him inside.

Ai Hui woke up with a start. At that moment, his pupils dilated as he scanned his surroundings, and he finally heaved a sigh of relief only after he noticed Lou Lan.

"I actually fell asleep..."

Ai Hui felt somewhat embarrassed. Lou Lan had put in so much effort to massage him, and he had fallen asleep instead. Good job!

"It's okay, Ai Hui," Lou Lan replied casually. Then, he asked, "Ai Hui, what shall we do next?"

"Next up..." Ai Hui had wanted to suggest taking a nap, but when he saw Lou Lan staring anticipatively at him, he changed his mind. "Is there any news from the young lady of the noodle house?"

"No." Lou Lan shook his head.

When Ai Hui felt that his strength was recovering rapidly, his spirits were raised. "We shall go to the training hall now."

Ai Hui wanted to fulfill his promise to the lady at the noodle house despite the fact that he did not carry much hope of successfully finding that person.

"Okay, Ai Hui!" Lou Lan replied enthusiastically.

A smile appeared on Ai Hui's face when he saw Lou Lan's happy reaction. Lou Lan reminded him of Fatty; however, in this case, Lou Lan's character was far better.

Such a nice sand puppet!

Fatty, that bum-he did not even know how to massage.

The hot spring was able to help him regain his strength quickly, and after a while, he had regained most of his strength.

In summary, he could only fight for three and a half minutes-that was his limit. After the time was up, he would lose all means to defend himself. Hence, it seemed reasonable for his master to set three minutes as a time limit for him. It was much easier to recover from exhaustion that was derived from the revolution of elemental energy.

"Lou Lan, is there anything that can regain my strength after what happened just now?" Ai Hui suddenly asked.

Lou Lan slanted his head for a moment before nodding his head. "Yes, you can drink the Energy Replenishing Soup."

"Is there anything that can be carried along with me?" Ai Hui carried on.

Lou Lan nodded again. "I can make biscuits."

"Are they expensive?" Ai Hui asked.

"They're not expensive." Lou Lan shook his head, as he continued, "Any ingredient that's related to elemental energy will be costly. Any ingredient that's related to just energy will be cheap. A lot of biscuits can be made with just fifty thousand yuan. However, you will know how well they work only after you eat them."

"I can come up with the money. Lou Lan, please help me make the biscuits." Ai Hui clenched his teeth.

"No problem, Ai Hui." Lou Lan felt very pleased that he could help Ai Hui again.

When Ai Hui felt that his strength had recovered, he yelled with vigor, "Let's go! To the training hall!"