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Chapter 78: The Teacher’s Faith

 Chapter 78: The Teacher's Faith

Translator: JL Editor: Pranav

"I want to invite Student Ai Hui to join the Society of Excellence."

Li Wei carefully said. Although Teacher Wang wasn't that well-known, Li Wei did not dare to display any signs of negligence. He had attended school at the Induction Ground and knew that the teachers were all hidden talents. He hadn't sensed it as a student; it was only after leaving the school that he realized that the teachers were all very remarkable individuals.

Furthermore, as a student, Li Wei had attended Teacher Wang's lessons before.

He was glad that he had come to Teacher Wang's place.

After hearing that Ai Hui had a teacher, he didn't dare raise the invitation to Ai Hui without permission.

"We should talk about this next time." The old man's tone to Li Wei was not that courteous. He waved his hand and stopped Li Wei from speaking.

Li Wei retreated tactfully. However, in his heart, he had become even more determined in his resolution to bring Ai Hui into the Society of Excellence. The teachers in the Induction Ground had very high standards. To get into his good graces, Ai Hui's talent was definitely thought highly of. The recent debate had further proved his point-even Master Han Yuqin wanted to take Ai Hui as a disciple. What other thoughts could he have?

Such a fine young talent! He would regret if he just let him pass by!

The wheels were turning in Li Wei's head, as he thought of how he could kidnap-no-invite Ai Hui into the Society of Excellence. And afterward, ignite his interest in the infantry division.

After the old man had driven Li Wei away, he entered the room and saw Ai Hui, whose eyes were already opened. He laughed. "You heard everything right? What do you think? Are you interested in weaving?"

Ai Hui shook his head. "While Disciple might get an income through weaving, Disciple is unwilling to weave for the rest of his life."

"See, I know you like the back of my own hand!" The old man was very pleased, and he clicked his tongue in wonder. "You could actually weave the muslin cloth. Even I received a shock."

However, the old man immediately turned stern, and said, "Anyway, you should not be going to the embroidery workshop for some time. Your injuries are quite serious, and it would be troublesome."

Ai Hui recalled the big piece of "magnet" in his body and suddenly had an ominous premonition. "Is it very severe?"

The old man did not answer his question, but instead, replied, "Tell me the specific details of what exactly happened."

Ai Hui started to recount his experience-how he managed to train and weave simultaneously in the Suspending Golden Pagoda, how he was knocked back when he wanted to come out, and how he was subsequently swept up to the top of the Suspending Golden Pagoda. He had only been trying to save himself when he had injected the elemental energy into his natal residence.

The old man listened till his eyes formed a straight line. Not only was he was shocked by his own disciple's fierce resolution, but he was also full of admiration for Ai Hui's courage and insight.

He could not help but ask, "How did you think of the mutual attraction of the elemental energy needles?"

"[The Twin Weaving Technique]! Didn't Senior Mingxiu demonstrate it once?" Ai Hui said matter-of-factly.

The old man stared blankly at Ai Hui, and after a long while, he finally replied, "I am starting to believe the old woman's words that you are a weaving genius."

His wife was an embroidery master, and he naturally understood the embroidery process more than others. Especially that old woman's [Twin Weaving Technique]. Very few people knew that there was actually a connection between him and the [Twin Weaving Technique].

People only knew about Han Yuqin, the embroidery master, while Wang Shouchuan was comparatively unknown. There were very few that knew that they were childhood sweethearts. It was widely known that Master Han Yuqin had invented the [Twin Weaving Technique] at the age of nineteen, but no one knew that it was Wang Shouchuan who had initially discovered the induction effect of the elemental energy needles.

As a result, the old man was even more impressed by Ai Hui's talent.

To be able to understand the complexity of the [Twin Weaving Technique] after seeing it merely once-such talent was truly unheard of.

It was both a good and a bad thing that his disciple was this talented. This was because a talented disciple would create much more trouble than an average person.

Just like this time.

Ai Hui thought of Duanmu Huanghun, and he could not help but ask curiously, "Teacher, how's that fellow now?"

The old man knew that Ai Hui was referring to Duanmu Huanghun, and he replied huffily, " His teacher is Dai Gang. Why are you even worried about him?"

"I am not worried." Ai Hui fumed with rage, "I am awaiting my compensation from him! That hypocritical chap got me into so much trouble. This matter shall not rest until I destroy him!"

"Teacher will support you!" The old man was very much in favor of Ai Hui's declaration.

"How about my injuries?" Ai Hui's eyes widened as he looked at his teacher with an innocent face.

"Very troublesome," his teacher muttered. "The base level of the metal elemental energy in the Suspending Golden Pagoda is much higher than your natal residence. Your body is too weak for the strong metal elemental energy, and your natal residence is unable to absorb and digest it. Furthermore, as you are unable to train these days, it will be devoured straight by your body once the metal elemental energy enters. If you have opened four palaces, then this elemental energy mass would be very nourishing for you, and you would be able to slowly absorb it."

Ai Hui was anxious. "What should I do?"

"There's always a solution." The old man continued haughtily, "While your teacher might not be Dai Gang, he is still capable of doing something."

Ai Hui let out a breath in relief. As long as there was a solution, all was good.

"This matter still needs the help of your mistress." The old man thought for a while before warning him, "Your mistress does not have a good temper. You should agree with whatever she says and should not offend her. Once she is offended, I will be unable to do anything as well. I owe her too much."

The old man said the last sentence with slight guilt and regret.


Ai Hui's fracture recovered speedily. His body was inherently strong, and his recovery ability was much better than that of the average students.

He did not idle around while recuperating. Although he was unable to train, he had no qualms about attending lessons. When he went to class, his classmates noticed the injuries on his hand and some even asked about it concernedly.

Duanmu Bangwan did not appear. Ai Hui presumed that he had still not recovered, and when he asked his classmates, nobody knew when Duanmu Bangwan would come. It seemed like the mishap which led to the injury on himself and Bangwan had not circulated.

Ai Hui laughed coldly. Wait till he sees that fellow again. He would definitely get his revenge.

He had wasted a lot of days without training and had delayed a few matters. He did not know if there would be any repercussions.

He was so unlucky.

In the middle of his recuperation, he also made a trip to the Vanguard Training Hall. Lou Lan examined him and also said that his condition was incurable. There was still no news from that lady from the noodle shop-it was like she had disappeared into thin air, making Ai Hui feel flabbergasted.

Ai Hui had always regarded injuries as a common occurrence, and he kept a balanced mindset and lived his life to the fullest.

The old man was always busy from dawn till dusk and his eyes were filled with red veins. Ai Hui knew that his teacher was busy with helping him in his recovery and was secretly very touched.

Finally, the day came where the old man asked, "How're your injuries?"

"They have all recovered!" Ai Hui waved his arm, proving that it was almost as good as new.

"Then let us solve your problem of that mass of elemental energy!"

As the old man expressed what Ai Hui had long been expecting to hear, Ai Hui continuously nodded his head, only one step away from exclaiming that his teacher was brilliant. Although this lifestyle was enriching, Ai Hui felt that his body was becoming rusty from being unable to train.

"Are we going to the embroidery workshop?"

Ai Hui thought of his teacher's words that he needed his mistress' help and could not help but ask aloud.

"Why should we go to the embroidery workshop?" The old man had a weird expression and continued, "Follow me."

Ai Hui followed the old man to a familiar place. The courtyard, which seemed to be made for collecting rubbish, was filled to the brim with junk. He definitely did not have any good memories of this place.

However, after seeing what was in the middle of the courtyard, Ai Hui's expression changed.