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Chapter 74: An Unforeseen Event

 Chapter 74: An Unforeseen Event

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The elemental energy in his body suddenly turned vigorous.

No-it was surging. Ai Hui had never seen so many elemental energy needles simultaneously jump before.

Previously, they were similar to numerous iron nails, but now, they resembled magnets; some were attracted to each other while some repelled each other, creating a huge mess. There were simply too many elemental energy needles in his body. These innumerable needles surged into his natal residence, creating a storm of destructive force. And after being wrecked by such a storm, the natal residence's past wounds were ripped back open.

Ai Hui spat out another mouthful of blood.

Instead of feeling surprised, however, he felt happy-as long as his theory worked, he was fine with anything. He was most worried that the elemental energy needles would stay unmoved in his body; as long as there were changes, there would be an opportunity for him to live. Right now, he was in the worst possible scenario, and any changes would be a good thing-at least he had a chance to make a difference.

Ai Hui could presently not care about anything. Perhaps even Senior Mingxiu could not explain what was going on with him now.

No one had ever done such a thing before. Even brave individuals would not dare to fool around with their natal residences like him.

However, Ai Hui had no other choice, and a tremendous amount of elemental energy had gushed into his natal residence, far exceeding the limit his body could take. It had long been a hopeless situation for him.

He would not hesitate to try any method he could think of.

The storm in the natal residence not only started abruptly but ended abruptly as well.

The surging elemental energy needles began to align themselves with each other in an organized fashion. If these needles could be previously compared to vicious sharks filled with destructive force, then they could now be compared to a magnetic molehill made up of countless magnets.

Yes, they were now extremely quiet and stable.

After the elemental energy needles had gotten attracted to each other, their sharpness decreased significantly. The needles themselves also soothed down by a reasonable amount. What surprised Ai Hui, however, was that the wounds of his natal residence had started to heal. The magnet-like mass of metal elemental energy was of a higher base level than Ai Hui's, and as such, he could not absorb them. Nevertheless, Ai Hui's natal residence was acutely sensitive to this metal elemental energy. His natal residence also benefitted greatly from this pure and high-level metal energy, and his wounds were rapidly healing.

Ai Hui finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He had not expected events to unfold this way.

He had initially intended to use the reaction between the elemental energy needles to direct the needles into completing one Circulatory Cycle, hence obtaining a temporary short burst of power that could help him escape.

This hope of his had been completely shattered.

Even though he found a way to increase the reaction, he had still not expected the elemental energy needles to be attracted to each other like magnets.

He now knew what the problem was-there were too many elemental energy needles.

Senior Mingxiu could use one elemental energy needle to control another; however, if there were too many, Senior Mingxiu could do nothing as well. Furthermore, the reaction between the needles on Senior Mingxiu's hands was not as clumsy as his.

Ai Hui guessed that it could be due to the natal residence.

Senior Mingxiu had controlled the two elemental energy needles from outside of her body, weakening the reaction between the needles. Alright, what he did was wrong and what Senior Mingxiu had done was correct and normal. Who would anyone do such thing like him?

His natal residence had the strongest control over his element energy, making it very likely that the reaction between the elemental energy needles would become stronger in the natal residence.

After roughly figuring out the reason, Ai Hui was not happy at all.

The elemental energy in the metal wind gushed into his body in an endless stream. Right now, the "mass of elemental energy needles" in his natal residence was like a huge magnet, generating a powerful attractive force. Ai Hui did not need to channel the elemental energy in his body as it was being automatically pulled to the mass of elemental energy needles.

As more and more needles pulled towards it, the previously dispersed mass of elemental energy needles started to collapse to the center, becoming denser. From a small and fragile snowball, it eventually became an enormous solid ball of ice.

There were too many elemental energy needles being added to the mass.

Ai Hui trembled with fear when he saw the mass of elemental energy needles that was continuously expanding. No matter how hard he tried to channel his natal residence, he could not absorb the slightest bit of the mass of needles.

Ai Hui's natal residence simply did not have the capacity to absorb such high-level metal elemental energy.

As Ai Hui saw his natal residence being filled up bit by bit, he started to feel uncertain. He would soon implode and die while his natal residence would be stuffed to death.

The only thing that comforted him was that the mass of elemental energy needles was currently not actually harmful.

When Ai Hui saw that his natal residence was completely stuffed, his heart sank. Previously, he could at least control one or two elemental energy needles, but this mass of elemental energy needles was totally out of his control. No matter how hard he tried to move it with his natal residence, it just wouldn't bulge.

Bang! He slammed heavily against a wall. Wait...he had been blown upward; how could he have possibly slammed against a wall?

A look of ecstasy suddenly appeared on his face!

The top level of the pagoda-they had been blown all the way up to the top level of the pagoda!.

Indeed, the metal wind was pressing the both of them to the ceiling of the pagoda, all the while making them feel as if they were being slashed by many sharp swords.

Yet it was currently a chance for Ai Hui to escape from this seemingly impossible situation. The metal wind was so fierce that he could not open his eyes; however, he could still feel the direction of the wind. There were five air vents in the top level of the pagoda, and they could escape out of any one.

At this point of time, he recovered some of his physical strength.

He followed the direction of the wind and inched sideways while sticking to the ceiling of the pagoda. The wind was incredibly powerful, making him feel as if there was a giant hand pressing firmly against his body.

Meanwhile, behind him, Duanmu Huanghun remained unconscious and covered with blood. This fellow had an affinity with the wood attribute, and since Metal chopped Wood, being ravaged by the metal wind for such a long time was akin to receiving a torture; even if he were conscious, he would still be injured severely.

At this point of time, Ai Hui had stopped complaining about Duanmu Huanghun and merely hoped that he would survive. He had developed this mentality after braving through such a catastrophe together. He did not care about anything but surviving.

Carrying the wretched Duanmu Huanghun, Ai Hui tried his best to move towards the air vent.

After a while, he established that he was moving in the right direction. He no longer needed to move by himself as the strong wind was pushing him towards the air vent.

This was because the wind became stronger as he drew closer to the air vent.

Ai Hui protected his head from smashing into the edges of the air vent by curling his body into a ball. Even if he had a big and robust physique, it would still be extremely dangerous to crash into the edges of the air vent because of the fierce winds.

"Classmate Bangwan, I'm afraid you'll have to fend for yourself," Ai Hui muttered to himself.

Finally! They were about to be out!

Ai Hui was filled with joy as he had gained a new lease of life. Even though he could not open his eyes, he could feel the light grow increasingly bright.

This meant that he was gradually approaching the air vent.

At this point of time, he completely lost control of his body, and it was as if he was going to be extruded out of the air vent by a powerful stream of air.


He felt his arm slam into something, and he was engulfed in a world of darkness.

The last thought he had before he lost consciousness was...

I can't be that unlucky, right?