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Chapter 72: Danger

 Chapter 72: Danger

Translator: TYZ Editor: Pranav

The unforeseen event startled Ai Hui. Before he could even see who collided with him, he was flooded with a whizzing metal wind.

Damn it!

Usually, when Ai Hui was alone in the Suspending Golden Pagoda, he would tread everywhere with care. However, he was now carrying a person, and his physical strength had been thoroughly depleted. How could he possibly move?

The most annoying thing was that the other party was holding him tightly by his waist. He tried to break free a few times but failed.

Ai Hui was obviously furious. Ruthless thoughts rose in his mind. Once he's out of here, he would bash this bastard up until he's unrecognizable.

With this area being so large and the steel chain so noticeable, how could he not see it?

What kind of eyesight did he have?

Just as Ai Hui was about to explode with anger, his hands gave way. A shiver went down his spine. The steel chain broke!

The steel chain could not bear the weight of two people! Ai Hui's expression changed slightly.

Both of them were like kites that were out of control. Bang! His body slammed heavily against the wall, and even with the protection of the armor, he could not help but let out a pained groan.

Although the armor protected him from the metal wind, it was still very cumbersome. Furthermore, there was a person on his back. Even if Ai Hui's strength was at its peak, he would still not be confident of walking out of the Suspending Golden Pagoda alive.


This time around, it was the person on his back that hit the wall.

An involuntary groan came from behind him.

Ai Hui's rage, which had just simmered down, erupted once more.

Duanmu Bangwan!

He could identify the other party with just the voice.

Previously, both of them had borne grudges against each other, but now, the two enemies had come face to face as their eyes blazed with hatred! It was not surprising at all to see this bastard come here to stir trouble! Ai Hui didn't know where his strength came from as he tried to grab Duanmu Huanghun, who was latched onto his back. However, the armor on his body was too bulky, and his movements were limited.

He simply removed his armor. Clang! Cling! Clang! It crashed onto the metal fence below.

However, before he could do anything, Duanmu Huanghun seemed to discover an opportunity to strike and used all his limbs to cling on to Ai Hui's back like an octopus.

After removing the armor's restriction, Ai Hui felt his movements regain their freedom. However, at the same time, he became much lighter, and the wind now had a greater impact on him. Yet when he realized it, it was already too late.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Both of them were like rubber balls, as they bounced off each other and flew around the pagoda uncontrollably.

At this point of time, Ai Hui could do nothing else except protect his head. However, as an experienced individual, he was able to react in time. He knew that he would only waste his energy by bouncing around recklessly, and the best thing to do now was to protect himself, save his energy, and wait for an opportunity.

Ai Hui, who had calmed down, knew what he was doing.

He was very familiar with the first level of the Suspending Golden Pagoda. As long as he was blown somewhere near the entrance, he could successfully escape.

He no longer cared about Duanmu Huanghun and recovered from his fury-it was as if nothing had even happened. In such a dangerous situation, acting on his emotions would not benefit him in any way. The only thing he could do was remain calm and help himself get out of this situation.

The stabbing pain from the metal wind had started to become increasingly intense. Previously, he had already felt that he was at his limit, but the metal wind was now steadily penetrating his body. The feeling self-explosion was quickly growing stronger.

However, it did not affect Ai Hui's composure. He remained cool and calm.

But after the subsequent collision, he finally lost his composure.

This time around, the collision took place at his back. The moment the unconscious Duanmu Huanghun collided against the wall, they involuntarily flew back like a spring.

Ai Hui could only look on helplessly as he bounced off the ground like a rubber ball. With a slight push from the metal wind, they flew towards the second level.

Calm down, calm down, calm down...

Ai Hui kept on repeating to himself; however, he eventually could stand it no longer and swung his head backward.


Like an iron hammer, the back of Ai Hui's head slammed directly into Duanmu Huanghun's nose.

The unconscious Duanmu Huanghun's body twitched but still remained clung on to Ai Hui, not showing even a single sign of loosening its grip. However, Ai Hui's rage had simmered down, and he knew that it wouldn't be possible to make Duanmu Huanghun let go of him. He had seen this before in the Wilderness-it was a human's survival instinct. A person who was drowning would cling on to anything they could get a hold on and would never let go. This effect also applied to people who had lost their consciousnesses.

And right now, Duanmu Huang was in this exact state.

Ai Hui could not care about Duanmu Huanghun anymore as he was now facing an even grimmer problem.

He could feel his speed increasing. This was a terrible situation, as it implied that the wind was getting stronger. After training in the Suspending Golden Pagoda for so long, he was very familiar with the place. There was a total of seven levels in the Suspending Golden Pagoda, and the top part of the pagoda was narrow while the bottom part was wide. The air vent in the first level was the closest to them, yet the wind coming out of it was the weakest. The higher they would go up, the stronger the wind would get.

Their bodies whirled along with the metal wind.

Ai Hui's premonition was getting increasingly stronger, but right now, he was in mid-air with nothing to hold on.

The wind was spiraling upward!

The sound of the wind in his ear started to become peculiar and frightening. A sharp noise that could burst his eardrums prevented Ai Hui from hearing anything else. The wind had become so strong that he now had difficulty breathing.

The pain from the metal wind was akin to that of being slashed with a sword. Ai Hui could feel his skin being ripped apart by the intense metal gales.

A faint light suddenly shone from behind him.

It was the clothes that Duanmu Huanghun was wearing. They were emitting a faint glow, resisting the metal wind.

The pair spiraled upward out of control as the metal wind blew stronger and stronger. Ai Hui's clothes had already been shredded by the slicing wind, leaving numerous lacerations on his skin.

Ai Hui was getting anxious. He had been observing his surroundings, and they had already reached the fifth level.


After an explosion that sounded like a popped balloon, the glow around Duanmu Huanghun disappeared. Countless shreds of cloth dispersed in all directions; even Duanmu Huanghun's special clothes could not withstand the metal wind.


Blood spurted onto Ai Hui's face. The faint smell of blood seemed to calm the anxious Ai Hui down.

The blood belonged to Duanmu Huanghun.

Even though Ai Hui's [Copper Skin] was almost fully developed, he could still feel the slashing pain from the metal wind. This showed how powerful the metal wind was. Last time, Ai Hui had cured Duanmu Huanghun's flu; therefore, he knew everything about the fellow's body.

Duanmu Huanghun's body definitely could not endure the metal wind.

The reality was just what Ai Hui had expected it to be. Fine, red streaks appeared on Duanmu Huanghun's body, staining his shredded clothes with fresh blood.

The bloodstained shreds were being pulverized, bit by bit.

Such a lucky fellow. Ai Hui laughed bitterly. This fellow fell into a coma and had yet to know the precarious situation he was in now.

The faint smell of blood awakened the long since dormant valor in Ai Hui.

A fierce look flashed across his face. Without any hesitation, he started to directly absorb the metal elemental energy that was fiercely stabbing his body.

This metal elemental energy had not been scattered, and hence wasn't suitable for absorption; however, at this point in time, Ai Hui couldn't care less.

He must save himself; otherwise, he would die here today!

The higher he went, the purer and stronger the metal elemental energy became. Ai Hui forcibly activated his natal residence, and the metal elemental energy channeled throughout his body, traveling within like countless steel needles. The needle-piercing pain turned Ai Hui's face pale-white.

Yet he did not stop. However, if this situation continued, without any physical strength or elemental energy, he would be literally heading towards death.

Life was more important. Without his life, he would have nothing left. If his natal residence was injured, he could still find a way to heal it.

The metal elemental energy gushed into Ai Hui's natal residence like a group of vicious sharks.