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Chapter 71: Simplifying The [Twin Weaving Technique]

 Chapter 71: Simplifying The [Twin Weaving Technique]

Translator: TYZ Editor: Pranav

The [Twin Weaving Technique] was created by Master Han Yuqin when she was nineteen years old.

Rome was not built in a day, and she did not become a master overnight. Without in-depth knowledge and innate talent, one would not be able to become a master. All the historical masters had displayed exceptional innate abilities and had stood out from the masses when they were young.

Nineteen years was an age at which most people were still studying in the Induction Ground, yet at this age, Master Han Yuqin had already created her own unique weaving technique. Such talent was indeed jaw-dropping.

During this period of time, Ai Hui had a deep impression of her. He had displayed great admiration for her on more than one occasion.

In theory, the [Twin Weaving Technique] was not really complicated. Its design was simple yet ingenious, which brought about an aesthetic balance to it.

Of course, the word "simple" was relative to different individuals; this technique far surpassed Ai Hui's current powers and knowledge.

The process of trying to understand the [Twin Weaving Technique] had broadened Ai Hui's perspective. To him, there were countless obstacles present in the simple steps of the [Twin Weaving Technique].

However, he did not give up.

Whenever he encountered an obstacle, he would think about how to solve the problem. No one guided him; he needed to solve every obstacle he encountered himself. Moreover, he had a weak foundation and did not have much knowledge on elemental energy. If it were another person in his position, they would not know what to do at all.

Luckily, Ai Hui had used the powers of the sword embryo to view Senior Mingxiu's demonstration that day.

Every movement of Senior Mingxiu and all the details of the flow of the elemental energy had been firmly engraved in his mind, and this played a significant role in helping him comprehend the [Twin Weaving Technique].

When Ai Hui truly understood and digested the principles behind the [Twin Weaving Technique], he benefitted greatly from it. Master Han Yuqin's masterwork contained techniques and ideas on elemental energy that were extremely new to Ai Hui, who previously knew nothing at all.

The benefits of such spontaneous thoughts were extremely precious.

Ai Hui, who was in deep thought, was not thrilled at the benefits he received; instead, he was filled with endless agony. He had finally solved a problem with great difficulty, but before he could even rejoice, a tougher problem arose.

When he fully comprehended the principles behind the [Twin Weaving Technique], he realized that he could not even use it. His current base level was far below the basic base level requirement for this skill; he calculated that the minimum elemental energy level that was needed for this technique was the fourth palace.

He had not even activated a single palace.

However, he did not intend to give up just like this. He was a practical individual and did not forget what his goal was. That goal was to successfully weave elemental cloths!

In fact, this was not the first time he had encountered such a situation.

When he was in the Wilderness, he had been placed in many similar circumstances. When he did not have a grass sword, he would make a wooden sword; he was fine with anything as long as it could be used. When he was in the swordsman school, he did not have any bookshelves to place and arrange the swordplay manuals, so he had picked up scrap wood and had made them himself.

Due to having a pathetic amount of resources, poor people would always encounter various difficulties in their lives. It was a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul-using worthless materials flexibly to create something usable.

One could say that this was the poor person's wisdom. Even though it was not efficient, it was still usable.

In Ai Hui's hands, the [Twin Weaving Technique] changed beyond recognition.

When an elemental energy needle left one's body, their elemental energy would quickly deplete, so Ai Hui attempted to reduce the distance between the elemental energy needle and his finger. Eventually, the distance between the elemental energy needle and his finger had shrunk to only two centimeters. Although it did not appear graceful and elegant, it could still be used, and for a rookie like Ai Hui, it was instead much easier to control.

For someone like Ai Hui, who had little mastery over elemental energy, it was impossible to make two elemental energy needles react to each other. Hence, Ai Hui thought of another method, which was to coordinate his hands and eyes. Even though elemental energy may be sensitive, it was still easier for Ai Hui to control his muscles and coordinate his hands instead.

Of course, it was impossible for Ai Hui to harmonize his elemental energy like what Senior Mingxiu had done.

If Senior Mingxiu's [Twin Weaving Technique] could be compared to an agile hummingbird, then Ai Hui's [Twin Weaving Technique] would be compared to a slow-moving snail. However, the hardest part was the movements of the hands.

Each of Ai Hui's hands controlled an elemental energy needle. His two fingers were poking forward alternatively, and it appeared that Ai Hui was weaving a sweater. The aesthetic beauty of the [Twin Weaving Technique] had completely disappeared in his hands.

Fine. It still could be considered weaving, because, in the end, he actually did manage to weave some elemental cloths. However, even though they looked crumpled and ugly, Ai Hui still needed to put in an all-out effort to produce such quality of work.

It was truly an all-out effort.

Ai Hui's elemental energy could only last for five minutes.

And he needed to be extremely focused during these five minutes. Any slight mistake would waste his elemental energy.

Once his elemental energy was depleted, he would need to enter the Suspending Golden Pagoda to recollect the metal elemental energy. After that, he would have to use the [Arching Fish Back] to scatter the energy for absorption. This repetitive process would take up to an hour.

In other words, he needed to train for one hour before he could weave for five minutes.

The difference between Ai Hui's base level and Senior Mingxiu's base level was quite obvious. Ai Hui would need an unknown number of days to weave the same amount of elemental cloths that Senior Mingxiu could weave in ten minutes.

Ai Hui did not have a moment of rest. He trained crazily, and then weaved crazily.

Previously, he had some prejudice towards embroidery, but when he had clearly comprehended the [Twin Weaving Technique], he changed his stance. No matter what, he had to learn embroidery.

If such dazzling and elaborate control could be utilized in combat, how frightening would it be!

For example, if the twin needles were to be used during combat, his enemies would find it hard to guard against its unpredictability.

Furthermore, one bolt of cloth was worth five hundred thousand yuan!

Ai Hui did not know how long he would take to weave one bolt of cloth; however, he knew that as long as he persisted, he could definitely weave it. If he could make a breakthrough to the fourth palace, he could then utilize the [Twin Weaving Technique].

The [Twin Weaving Technique] was merely a basic weaving technique, yet it was so powerful and so valuable.

Without any distractions, Ai Hui continued to train day and night.

For someone who had survived the Wilderness, Ai Hui understood the importance of opportunity. When you see an opportunity, you have to make an all-out effort to pursue it. Before you succeed or fail, you should stop complaining about how much hard work you have put in.

He continued for three days without any sleep. For these three days, he engaged in high-intensity training, with the intention of not wasting any time.

His body gradually became exhausted from the continuous high-intensity training. Even a maniac like Ai Hui found such training to be intolerable; if it were done for a prolonged period, it would even cause injuries to his body.

This time around, Ai Hui spent a bit more time training in the Suspending Golden Pagoda, enduring the explosive effect of the metal elemental energy to his body. He was trying his best to climb the steel chain for the way out. Elemental energy could constantly be replenished during continuous training; however, this did not apply to his physical strength, which had constantly been drained. He was somewhat dispirited by the process of climbing out. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was too weak.

He really needed a rest today.

He planned to have a good sleep later.

Before Ai Hui could even heave a sigh of relief after using all his strength to climb up to the entrance, a staggering figure suddenly came out from the dark and collapsed onto his body.

Ai Hui subconsciously reached out his hands and tried to catch the figure.

That figure lost control of its body. Its swinging arms desperately tried to hold on to Ai Hui, resembling someone who was drowning.

Both of them collided with each other, lost their balance, and fell into the Suspending Golden Pagoda at the same time.