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Chapter 66: Progress

 Chapter 66: Progress

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When he saw Mingxiu, Wang Shouchuan gave a snort of contempt. His face looked gloomy.

"Please don't be angry, Uncle," Mingxiu said softly with a gentle smile. "You know the temperament of Master. Back then, she was in a rage, and when she calmed down later, she really felt regretful. She knows you must be angry. She even said that your disciple is her disciple and that even if Ai Hui cannot succeed, she will teach him embroidery. She had said those unkind words only because she was angry."

"So you don't have high hopes for Ai Hui, right?" Wang Shouchuan looked unhappy.

Mingxiu knew that Wang Shouchuan's anger was still not mollified, so she said, "Of course we do. Ai Hui's disposition is incomparable. I'm sure his future is very promising."

Wang Shouchuan's face was emotionless. "That means you don't have hopes for him now, huh?"

"We all trust your foresight, Uncle," Mingxiu said softly. "Please don't be angry with Master. You know her bad temper. But she also has a deep affection for you. She knew that she was impulsive and has calmed down now. Master is very remorseful for making you angry. These days she has no appetite and has lost a lot of weight."

Mingxiu had been the mediator between the two for countless times. Neither of them was good-tempered, so although they loved each other, they began to live apart long ago.

Han Yuqin was an aggressive person. She ran her own embroidery workshop and was ambitious to carry forward and develop her school of thought further. Wang Shouchuan, on the other hand, was addicted to his own doctrine and was indifferent to the outside world. He, too, was stubborn, so every time they met, they quarreled fiercely. At first, Mingxiu had become very worried, but later on, she had gotten used to it; she realized that even though they quarreled a lot, they loved each other very much.

If it weren't so, Master wouldn't have been running the embroidery workshop in the remote and small Central Pine City for twenty years.

Mingxiu knew that Master was indeed regretful this time. Uncle had never asked Master for any favor, and the first time he had done so had ended up in such chaos. That was why Master was feeling upset and remorseful.

Wang Shouchuan's face had brightened up a bit.

Mingxiu knew that the iron must be struck when it was still hot, so she quickly said, "I will go to bring Ai Hui here now. The earlier he starts, the more progress he will make. Please rest assured, Uncle. Master will treat Ai Hui as her own disciple. What's more, I'll help too. I'll take good care of him. What do you think, Uncle?"

Wang Shouchuan didn't answer her question immediately, and instead asked, "That means neither of you thinks Ai Hui can pass the test?"

Mingxiu thought for a while before saying, "Ai Hui is of excellent temperament and composure. Regarding talent, I believe in your judgment, Uncle. The test is only Master's balderdash in rage. Please don't take it seriously. No one in this workshop has ever been able to weave a bolt of cloth with the [Twin Weaving Technique] in their first week of embroidery study."

Wang Shouchuan was acutely aware that Mingxiu was telling the truth, but he still shook his head. "He is my disciple. He said he wanted to try, and I believe him. Let's see when the time is up. No need to be in such a hurry."

Mingxiu had not expected Wang Shouchuan to refuse. She knew that Uncle was as proud and arrogant as Master, but he seemed to be really angry this time. She started gently, "Uncle...."

Wang Shouchuan waved his hand and interrupted, "Let's wait and see. If he really doesn't have talent in embroidery, then we don't need to waste time."

Seeing that Uncle had made up his mind, Mingxiu didn't try to persuade him further and returned.

Having heard Mingxiu's update, Han Yuqin didn't say a word. Her face was gloomy; she knew she had gone too far this time. Although they used to quarrel before, as long as Mingxiu mediated, they would always reconcile. She really regretted the fact that she hadn't realized earlier that Wang Shouchuan's hope in Ai Hui was far beyond her expectations.

Now it was clear that he didn't want to bring Ai Hui back at all.

The test could not possibly be accomplished by him.

"Whatever," Han Yuqin said dispiritedly.

Mingxiu was silent. She, too, hadn't expected Uncle to be so determined. Does this mean that Uncle doesn't want Ai Hui to study embroidery anymore? However, when she recalled Uncle's attitude, Mingxiu felt that that wasn't his intention.

Did he really believe that Ai Hui had a chance to pass the test?

Mingxiu was startled by this thought.

That's not possible!

She immediately denied the thought. The [Twin Weaving Technique] was not complicated, but to a novice like Ai Hui who had taken a long time to even thread a needle, it was definitely an insurmountable task.

She believed that this was Uncle showing his favor for Ai Hui, which was actually normal. For all these years, Uncle had never taken a disciple-Ai Hui was his very first one. She knew Uncle too well; although he was bad-tempered, he was actually a kind person.

She planned to persuade him again after a few days, or maybe ask Ai Hui to help her. suddenly occurred to her that she didn't meet Ai Hui today.

She realized that she could go and help him secretly. To her, Uncle was just in a temper. If Ai Hui passed the test smoothly, it would end happily for everybody. Of course, it was impossible to accomplish this himself, but with her help, it wouldn't be a problem.


A bumping sound could be heard from time to time from inside the Suspending Golden Pagoda.

After the metal elemental energy in his body was scattered by the [Arching Fish Back], Ai Hui sat down to absorb the scattered energy. With an opened natal palace, his energy absorption efficiency had been largely improved.

He now knew the benefits of opening up the natal palace-he had seen an overall marked improvement, whether it was in his training efficiency or his energy control.

The time he could hang inside the Suspending Golden Pagoda had also increased. This meant that the metal elemental energy capacity of his body had become far larger than before. However, the absorption speed of his flesh and blood was not at the same level as that of the natal palace at all.

There was no need to mention energy control. Before, Ai Hui could only use elemental energy to perform some basic tricks, but now, he could make an "invisible thread" with his elemental energy. This was indeed great progress.

It was no wonder that opening one's natal palace was the first milestone in elemental energy training. Its benefits were exceptionally tangible.

With such a high-intensity training, Ai Hui was receiving a much more direct benefit and was progressing by leaps and bounds.

But at this moment Ai Hui had no time to cheer. Since his elemental energy had recovered during the meditative state, he opened his eyes and immediately started to try to manipulate the elemental needle.

Now, concerning the making of an elemental needle, Ai Hui was in no way a green hand anymore. After countless practices, he had become very adept at it.

His hair was disheveled, and his face was dirty; he hadn't slept or rested in the past two days.

Finally, he managed to detach the needle from his body while manipulating it-but it was only within a radius of ten centimeters. Although the scope wasn't large, it was sufficient for him.

Yet it was too early to be happy. He continued to devote himself to learning the next step. Elemental needle detachment was only the beginning.

But this time Ai Hui was filled with confidence!