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Chapter 52: Seven Word Name

 Chapter 52: Seven Word Name

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"I've extensively researched the five elemental energies."

The old man's preamble stunned Ai Hui.

"The most studied topic regarding metal elemental energy is its deadliness. Combat is the metal elementalists' main purpose. In terms of the level of complexity, metal element is the simplest one out of the five elements. Hmm, simplest does not seem right. I should say that they require the most concentration. Wood elementalists need a lot of botanical knowledge, earth elementalists have to maintain sand puppets, water elementalists have azure wings as well as the most intricate techniques, and fire elementalists have to learn to smelt metal. Metal elementalists have only one requirement: to pursue fighting strength. From this perspective, they are similar to the ancient swordsmen. Those bygone warriors paid no attention to other things and were pure contenders seeking to become the best. Metal elementalists are somewhat like this.

"Battling is a sophisticated matter. You have more experience and know this better than I do. It is pretty embarrassing. I have been teaching for so long, but have never been to the frontline or the Wilderness. I am also not a proficient fighter. I can only support you by helping you to understand your own body and your own elemental energy."

The old man rummaged through the piled-up tools, revealing some copper armor. He patted the dust off of it and heaved a sigh of relief. "I did not throw this out after all. Come, let us try this."

Ai Hui curiously glanced at the copper armor before him. The workmanship was rough and ugly. There were marks everywhere and it was obvious that it had been modified, since the sheen of the newer copper plates contrasted with the old. Many vein lines had been engraved on the armor and were overlapping in certain areas.

Ai Hui could locate the positions of the five residences and eight palaces by looking at the densely concentrated areas of vein lines on the armor.

"Teacher, what is this copper armor for?" Ai Hui asked out of curiosity.

"This is used to test your body. Of course, this is for the metal attribute," the old man answered, somewhat pleased. "Its full name is a little long, but I call it the 'Thousand Prajna Elemental Energy All-Seeing Copper Armor.' 'Prajna' is a Buddhist term for 'wisdom' and 'Thousand Prajna' refers to its ability to imitate many kinds of elemental energy attributes. This one in particular is specifically used to test for metal elemental energy. 'All-Seeing' reflects the armor's function, which is to identify the wearer's aptitude. It can imitate all kinds of metal elemental energies, stimulates your body with these various energies, and tells you which type of metal elemental energy suits you the best. What do you think? Pretty good huh? I spent two months designing it and another three crafting it. The Induction Ground's aptitude test is so rudimentary that it failed to detect a genius like you. Pfft, those myopic fellows!"

The old man was certain his disciple was a diamond in the rough and had started defending him unconditionally.

"You're amazing!" Ai Hui sighed in heartfelt amazement as his eyes lit up. Although he had a feeling from the start that his teacher was skillful, after seeing the copper armor with his own eyes, Ai Hui's reverence for the old man flared up.

And that name!

Thousand Prajna Elemental Energy All-Seeing Copper Armor. Seven words... really long indeed.

While inwardly ridiculing that name, Ai Hui observed the unrefined copper armor with excited eyes.

Even a rookie like Ai Hui knew it would be highly beneficial to identify his most compatible metal elemental energy. This copper armor alone was enough for him to regard his teacher as respectable.

"Of course! How can I be your teacher otherwise?" The old man was full of pride.

Ai Hui could not wait any longer. "Can I try it on?"

"Come, come, come!" The old man hurriedly put the armor on for Ai Hui as he said, "Rest assured. I've mulled over the design carefully. My Thousand Prajna Elemental Energy All-Seeing Copper Armor is definitely an epoch-defining work of art. It is a pity no one else witnessed the construction, missing a moment of such great historical significance. Oh well, pioneers are always lonely and singing loudly on their solitary journey. Us two, we will be fighting for the truth!"

As Ai Hui listened, he had a premonition. He thought of something as his helmet was equipped and buckled up. "Teacher, umm... Have you tried using this before?"

"Yes!" The old man gave a "don't-you-worry" look, allowing Ai Hui to feel less nervous. His next sentence, however, made Ai Hui tense up immediately.

"But previously, one I had used ittois for the fire attribute."

The old man patted the armor. It was tightly fastened and only Ai Hui's eyes could be seen. He saw the anxiety in Ai Hui and comforted him. "Relax, the versions are all more or less the same for each attribute. Oh wait, I have to find the operating compass. Give me a moment."

The old man dug through the garbage heap once again. "Hey, where I did throw it? Why can't I find it?"

Ai Hui's concern grew even stronger as he started to doubt his decision.

"Found it!"

The old man's cheer resounded from the mountain of equipment. Shortly after, he crawled out with his hair all messed up and a dark green plate in his hand. On it were all kinds of symbols Ai Hui did not recognize. It seemed impressive.

Strangely, Ai Hui regained confidence.

With his attire and appearance in disarray, the device in his hand, and his eyes shining, the old man relished in this momentous occasion. His dream was about to take off. His clothes fluttered without any breeze, his unkempt dismal hair was like that of a poet, and his radiant pupils seemed as though they could see through all worldly objects. He said in a low, but powerful voice, "I'm going to start!"

His hands, like flowing water, moved across the operating compass.

Bzzt Bzzt. A silver electric current flowed on the surface of the copper armor.

Ai Hui opened his eye wide in fear and his body shook non-stop like a sieve. He wanted to call for help, but nothing came out of his mouth.

"Eh, why is there lightning?" The old man was puzzled.

Ai Hui felt like crying. Who am I to ask if you ask me?!

The old man stopped operating the compass, walked to the now inert armor, and kicked it a few times before starting the remote again.

Ai Hui, who had just started to relax, opened his eyes wide once more, and his body again shook like a sieve as a numbness spread.

Black fumes billowed from the copper armor and Ai Hui was soon surrounded by black smog.

The old man muttered, "Eh, why is there smoke again? Did the rain tarnish it? Oh, oh, oh, wrong remote. This is for the wood attribute, no wonder, no wonder."

Ai Hui almost passed out when hearing this.

He finally knew why he felt uneasy. He was going to quit this test the moment his body recovered.

That's right!

Must stop!

Ai Hui swore to himself.

Then, he saw a silver compass and a hand. That hand lightly shook the operating compass as the old man's voice was heard. "Nothing will go wrong this time! Ai Hui, it's starting!"

Ai Hui's immobilized body involuntarily trembled.

Even before the old man finished talking, Ai Hui's eyes spasmed wide once more.