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Chapter 49: To Take a Disciple

 Chapter 49: To Take a Disciple

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The teacher paused, but he quickly regained his senses. He could hardly believe his ears.

"What did you just say?"

Ai Hui repeated his question. "I think Teacher's ideas were very interesting and would like to understand more. Is this possible?"

Upon hearing this, the teacher almost cried tears of joy.

Oh heavens have mercy on him. Finally, someone was interested in his theories.

For many years, he had proposed his theories, but no one was interested. Furthermore, as he did not have research subjects, it caused his theories to lack evidence and undermined the validity of his ideas. Nobody would believe a theory that had never been proven.

What was even worse was that without a research subject, he could not continue his study. He was beyond a certain age and his elemental energy had long since left the beginner's stage, so he was unable to prove that his theories were correct using himself as a subject.

At the Induction Ground, there was only one method for a completely novel theory to gain everyone's approval-the new theory must be proven to be correct. And how to prove it? A successful case study was needed.

If a student trained based on his theories and attained some progress by gaining special abilities or becoming some type of expert, this would validate the theory and provide evidence that it was useful.

If many students achieved success through his theories, this result would be sufficient for his new theory to be regarded as useful and desirable in the Induction Ground.

Many a time, the teacher had fantasized that his theories would become famous in the Induction Ground and that he would be respected as a worthy figure. However, reality was cruel and his theories were currently of no interest to anyone. He did not even have a single subject to help further his research.

Until today!

Finally, someone was interested in his theories!

"No problem, no problem!" he said hastily. His face brightened and he asked, "What do you want to learn? Just ask whatever you want. Teacher has more than enough time."

Ai Hui was extremely courteous and said, "Teacher, can you explain your theories in detail?"

Although many students were disdainful of the teacher's theories, Ai Hui felt that they were justified. Ai Hui had survived many real-life battle experiences and he was very clear that those extravagant-looking moves might not be of use in actual combat. The most dangerous moves were those that were subtle and not flashy. Despite being low-key instead of glamorous, these techniques were scary and deadly.

Not only was Ai Hui interested in the history and future of the Avalon of Five Elements, he was equally interested in different schools of thoughts and theories. He knew that his knowledge was limited. No matter how eccentric the teacher was, in terms of theoretical research on elemental energy, his expertise far surpassed what Ai Hui knew by several folds.

"No problem!"

The teacher perked up and organized his train of thought while calmly saying, "First, we need to start with the definition of elemental energy, even though our understanding to date is limited. Elemental energy is not as active compared to spiritual force. It is more stable and has components of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. This is common knowledge. When we are training our elemental energy, we absorb the elemental energy from nature and refine it. At first glance, this does not differ greatly from the training of spiritual force during the Cultivation Era. However, in reality, the discrepancy is like the gap between heaven and earth. This is also one of the reason why our ancestors failed to quickly develop a method of utilizing elemental energy after losing their spiritual force."

Ai Hui listened attentively. He had seen many swordplay methods and knew more about spiritual force than average people. Still, if asked what the differences were between spiritual force and elemental energy, he would be unable to list them.

"The first difference: spiritual force has no attribute whereas elemental energy has five types. Cultivators from the ancient times absorbed spiritual force from nature into their own body, then used their own secret arts to assign different attributes to the spiritual force like fire, water, lightning and so on. However, elemental energy is different. Since the elemental energy in nature has attributes, when we absorb it, we will only absorb the energy that has the same elemental attribute as we do.

"The second difference: spiritual force and matter are not interchangeable. Spiritual force is just spiritual force. It can be stored within a crystal, but it is unable to be converted into matter. However, elemental energy and matter can each be converted into the other. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth-each type of elemental energy has its own corresponding form of matter. This is the reason why we can make use of certain materials."

Ai Hui listened in rapt attention. The teacher's lecture was not complicated, but was still profound. While others might not be able to comprehend, Ai Hui was able to feel it. He recalled the many sword manuals that he perused and was able to use them to comprehend these theories better.

"These two differences prove one point: elemental energy is complicated. This is the root of my theory. What is another complicated subject? It is the human being!"

The teacher provided an answer that Ai Hui had not thought about.

Ai Hui widened his eyes and his face was full of surprise. He had never thought about people as a research problem. The study of elemental energy was like exploring an unknown, never-before-seen object. The effects of training were also linked to elemental energy and the method of training.

The teacher was pleased with Ai Hui's expression and continued, "The structure of the human body is generally the same, but in the minute details, it is completely different. Are there two completely identical people in the world? Nope! Even for twins, their abilities and physiques are completely different. Also, do not forget that while our body is made up of the five elements, everyone's composition is completely distinct.

"How did complicated elemental energy and complicated training manage to find a perfect harmony? This is the core of my theory!"

Unknowingly, Ai Hui found himself prompting the teacher. "How was it found?"

The teacher laughed; he knew that the student in front of him had been moved by his explanations. He did not answer, but instead countered, "If you have a new partner, what would you do in order to develop a rapport with him?"

Ai Hui thought for a moment and answered, "You first have to see if this partner is compatible. After that, you need time to build up the rapport."

When Ai Hui was in the Wilderness, he had interacted with many elementalists. He had friendly relations with some and hostile relations with others. It was definitely an experience worth noting.

Shocked, the teacher did not think that Ai Hui could give such an answer. The question was out of context for Ai Hui's age. Not only had Ai Hui answered, he managed to produce an extremely accurate and suitable answer.

The teacher could not help but reevaluate the student who stood in front of him. He could see that Ai Hui's aptitude was not exceptional, yet the youth's face revealed incomparable gravitas. Ai Hui was steady, calm, considerate, and willing to listen attentively. Furthermore, this student had his own viewpoints, and the teacher was moved.

Ai Hui noticed that the teacher was sizing him up and could not help asking, "Did I answer incorrectly?"

The teacher did not answer, but asked, "What is your name?"

"My name is Ai Hui." Ai Hui hurriedly bowed.

"Are you willing to be my disciple?" the teacher suddenly asked with sincerity.

Not expecting such a query, Ai Hui couldn't help but be stunned.