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Chapter 46: The Opening of the Natal Residence

 Chapter 46: The Opening of the Natal Residence

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With the passing of each day, Ai Hui's elemental energy's circulation speed increased by one point.

After six consecutive days, the elemental energy within Ai Hui's body had increased to its maximum limit. Ai Hui felt that if it circulated any faster, he would lose control of his elemental energy.

At present, Ai Hui was almost drowning in the roaring revolution of the elemental energy within his body-it seemed to resemble the raging tornado of the Suspending Golden Pagoda. This was the first time Ai Hui experienced the astonishing effect of the revolution of the elemental energy, and if he had not read about similar situations, he would have now been at a loss of what to do.

Ai Hui was exceptionally calm since he was prepared for various different scenarios. What was there to be worried about?

Spinning with maximum speed, the elemental energy ignited a roar within his body, and his muscles started to tremble uncontrollably. In the midst of this high-frequency vibration, the elemental energy resembled the rushing torrents of a tsunami as it poured into Ai Hui's lungs.

In the past, whenever the revolution of the elemental energy had reached his lungs, it would meet an invisible barrier and would split into pieces like a delicate piece of paper.

Ai Hui jolted; his lungs had suddenly started to emit intense silver rays, which penetrated through his whole body. Despite sitting in the darkness, Ai Hui's silver lungs were clearly visible.

He involuntarily took a deep breath and heard a long hiss, which had a vague resemblance to the sound of a golden horn. Like a whale inhaling in rivers, a clear, visible stream of air current poured into Ai Hui's nose and rapidly entered his lungs.

This sound was the initial indicator of the natal residence being opened. In reality, the moment the lung's residence had opened, it had generated a form of suction, affecting the air particles, and in turn, creating the sound.

Ai Hui was unable to describe how comfortable he was feeling-it was as if he was injected with a new lease of life. All his fatigue was gone with a flourish, and the initial, violent elemental energy had stabilized immediately, becoming unusually meek.

He was unable to control the joy that spread across his face. Although he had found his path and was confident of opening the natal residence when he had first started training in the Suspending Golden Pagoda, he was still unable to control the delight of actually achieving his goal.

He now accomplished the first goal he had made after entering the Induction Ground!

He was, in fact, slightly shocked, and was in a momentary state of disbelief.

This was much faster than he had initially expected.

The pressure that he had been experiencing since arriving at the Induction Ground now lessened significantly. At least he would not have to worry about being unable to open the natal residence within a year.

Ai Hui, having matured at an early age, could gradually calm down from his state of happiness. The opening of the natal residence was just the beginning. To be a qualified elementalist who can be officially registered in the book, he still had a long way to go.

Ai Hui widened his eyes and started to inspect his body. A few moments later, he was unable to resist the trace of happiness that spread to his face.

The opening of the natal residence had indeed brought about tremendous changes to his body.

The most distinct improvement was in the revolution of his elemental energy-the speed had increased tremendously. Ai Hui reckoned that the speed had been increased by onefold. This implied that the time for one complete revolution was now halved and hence his elemental energy would be refined with speed greater by onefold in one day.

At that moment, Ai Hui finally understood why average beginners were unwilling to train their elemental energy to the optimal point before attempting to open the natal residence.

After opening the natal residence, the efficiency of his training was drastically different compared to earlier.

Furthermore, the improvement brought about by the faster revolution of the elemental energy had an enormous impact on improving his battle skills. This also implied that the amount of time to develop the elemental energy was halved while the potential force of the elemental energy had improved by onefold.

The little pride that Ai Hui was feeling vanished like smoke in thin air.

His battling experience and keen six senses would help a lot in combat, but regarding absolute skills, he was totally lacking.

Opening the natal residence had a tremendous impact. Whenever a palace was opened, his strength would increase by leap and bounds. What would happen if he managed to open eight palaces? What kind of formidable speed would his elemental energy rotate with?

An immobile fist does not hold any threat, and similarly, motionless elemental energy would also be harmless.

The effect of elemental energy would only be exhibited when it was in motion.

Having a rich combat experience, Ai Hui was able to easily understand this point.

His opponent's moves were as fast as lightning. The effect of his opponent's training was stronger by ten or even hundreds of times. Experience would definitely not be sufficient enough to make up for the drastic gap between their abilities.

Ai Hui calmed down and went to the front of the fence. He took a deep breath, and using his back, he knocked violently toward the Suspending Golden Pagoda. The moment his back was in contact with the wall, his entire body trembled.

[Arching Fish Back]!


With a booming noise that was much clearer and louder than usual, the wall of the pagoda, which was harder than steel, became like rubber. The wall sank lower into the ground as a noticeable dent appeared on it.

Next to it was the dent that he had made when he was previously training the [Arching Fish Back]. There was a notable difference between the two.

Despite having trained in the [Arching Fish Back] for so long, the initial dent was only half as deep as the dent that he had just made.

The increase of his elemental energy was indeed extraordinary.

Ai Hui's heart was filled with gratitude. Coming to the Induction Ground was indeed the correct decision.

Ai Hui was perfectly content and did not continue his training. Instead, he prepared to head back to the city.

He needed time to adapt to the changes of his new body and to supplement his newly found knowledge. What he had learned previously was basically all about the opening of the natal residence, and now that he had reached a new base level, he had practically no knowledge of the later stages.

A hasty but blind training session would only hinder his progress towards his goal.

If he did not ponder and reflect upon his training, and if he did not find the Suspending Golden Pagoda, his training would definitely not be as successful as now. Training was like a long battle; sufficient preparation was a must if he wanted to succeed.

Hence, Ai Hui needed to attend lessons.

Furthermore, Ai Hui had not yet forgotten about his promise to the girl from the noodle shop to find a particular person. A debt of eighty million yuan could not be simply forgotten.

For a long time, the Suspending Golden Pagoda would be a suitable place to train. Where else could he find such a good place to train, improve his elemental energy, and even practice the [Arching Fish Back]?


It was dusk when Ai Hui returned to the Vanguard Training Hall.

The first thing Lou Lan said when he saw Ai Hui was "You need a bath, Ai Hui."

It was only after Lou Lan's reminder that Ai Hui noticed how dirty his body was, and so he hurriedly ran to take a bath.

Afterward, Ai Hui felt so refreshed that he felt like he was floating on air. He laid languidly on the rattan chair. During the continuous training, Ai Hui was so focused that he had forgotten about everything else. While he did not feel anything then, later on, the fatigue had hit him suddenly like a concealed virus.

Lying on the rattan chair, Ai Hui was so lazy that he did not want to move a finger. Even his tone when talking was similar to a pig's snort. "Lou Lan, thank you for your blood-and-bone-strengthening cake! It helped tremendously!"

"Really? I am happy to be able to help you, Ai Hui." Lou Lan's eyes flickered with yellow light. "Congratulations! Opening the natal residence is a big achievement!"

"It's still too early to say that. I am still unable to beat the young girl from the noodle store." Ai Hui was as still as a dead pig, and without even lifting his eyelids, he asked, "Was there anything from the message tree?"

"Nope," Lou Lan replied.

"One month without any news. Ha! I hope she has forgotten about the eighty million yuan." Ai Hui was elated.

Lou Lan answered honestly, "I reckon that will be difficult, Ai Hui."

"Let's not care about her for now. We will first go for lessons tomorrow, then we will help her find that blind-battle person. Ah, we have such enriching lives!"

Ai Hui muttered to himself as his lids became increasingly heavier, before finally falling into a deep slumber.

When Lou Lan noticed that Ai Hui was asleep, he left quietly, not disturbing the peaceful Ai Hui in the slightest.