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Chapter 36: Nightmare

 Chapter 36: Nightmare

Translator: Cynthia Editor: Pranav

"I didn't know that Duanmu is so strong!"

"Yeah, and he is so idealistic to choose to stay in Central Pine City. He is definitely a loyal person. I can't believe that I used to have prejudice against him before!"

"That's right! Duanmu may seem cold from appearance but is actually emotional at heart."


Today was the day of the return of Duanmu Huanghun to Central Pine City. When the faculty and students learned of the news, the entire school came together to distinctly hold a welcome ceremony for Duanmu. Whether teacher or student, everyone's face was radiant with joy. A freshman had made it to the top twenty of the Induction Ground-it was an unprecedented honor, even in the entire history of Central Pine City. It not only brought fame but also tangible benefits to the city.

As long as they could retain Duanmu Huanghun, Central Pine Academy could get a high score every year, because the score earned by Duanmu Huanghun alone was more than all the other students combined. The score was tightly related to the rating and resources that would be allocated to the school in the future. As a result, Duanmu had definitely become the apple of everyone's eyes.

Duanmu Huanghun's incredible achievement was totally out of the school officials' expectations. Moreover, when Duanmu announced to the public that he would continue to study in Central Pine Academy, they felt as if a delicious pie had fallen from the sky onto their laps. Not only was it the reason why a welcome ceremony was being held, but it was also why all the participants-whether teachers or students-were more than happy to do so from the bottom of their hearts.

The benefit that Duanmu had brought them covered many aspects, including a rise in teachers' salaries and the improvement of student's training resources.

However, this was all the more impressive to the female students of Central Pine Academy; Duanmu Huanghun had previously enjoyed an amazingly high popularity among these girls, but now, after becoming the idol of the entire Induction Ground, they had all started to go crazy over him.

"Girls, cheer up! We don't lose to the b*tches from other schools!"

"Exactly! Huanghun belongs to us. Who are they to meddle with us? Anyone who wants our Huanghun has to defeat me first!"

"Good things should always be kept for our own. Throw those b*tches away as far as possible!"

"Huanghun will know who really loves him the most!"


These girls had dressed up extravagantly in their favorite dresses to attend the welcome ceremony.

Faculty and students were gathered on both sides of the road, preparing to welcome their beloved Duanmu. The crowd stretched from the gate of the city all the way to the entrance of Central Pine Academy.

The shops along the road were decorated with flags, and each training hall had also adorned their entrances with colorful banners. The managers and merchants were all beaming with joy as flocks of people continued to bring much more profits to their businesses.

The sudden increase in popularity of blind battles had greatly improved the business of the various training halls in Central Pine City-now informally known as "The Cradle of Blind Battles." Their businesses could already flourish along with the trend for quite some while more. Yet, they were also clearly aware that that would hardly last long, because, although blind battles were a new and hot topic at this moment, as time passed by, interest would eventually be lost, resulting in the inevitable plummet in profit.

The rise of Duanmu Huanghun, however, was a pleasant surprise to them.

As long as the glorious Duanmu Huanghun continued to stay in Central Pine City, the small city would no longer be as obscure as before. What did 'top twenty' in the Induction Ground stand for? It stood for something that everybody looked up to, and in other words, the signature symbol of Central Pine City had now been changed-previously, it was blind battles, but from now on, it would be the great genius Duanmu Huanghun.

In the keen eyes of the businessmen of Central Pine City, Duanmu was definitely akin to a rare treasure. Apart from his own potential and prominent background, merely the fact that he was now ranked among the top twenty as a freshman was enough for them to amplify the hype and turn him into 'the genius of the century'. Now, he was the leader among the new students. How many would come to challenge him? How many new, trendy topics would there now be?

Moreover, Duanmu had a face that was so beautiful that even women would cry out in envy. Think of all those female students who had just lost their minds in infatuation. They were identical to countless walking money!

Whose money was it the easiest to earn? Women's!

The rise in popularity of the city was beneficial for everyone.

Almost all the residents attended the ceremony. They were all rather curious because the city had never before seen a genius that could attract so much attention. No one in Central Pine City had ever made it into the top one hundred, much less the top twenty. The highest ranking of Central Pine Academy students had hitherto been 292.

A lump of Fiery Floating Cloud was soaring through the air.

Duanmu Huanghun was elegantly seated upon the Fiery Floating Cloud, but his handsome and devilishly attractive face carried with it a tinge of weariness. It was indeed a heavy burden, to both his spirit and body, to consecutively challenge a large number of competitive rivals.

When he could finally glimpse the outline of Central Pine City, Duanmu heaved a long sigh of relief. He had purposefully set out overnight to avoid those crazy female students.

The past several days had been a literal nightmare to him. He believed that the misfortune had started from that insufferable task that Teacher Xu had assigned to him. When he looked back at those unbearable memories, he felt fury begin to well up within him-especially when he remembered the day when he had to refuse Gu Tianning's challenge because of his puffy face, which had earned him the name of a coward.

Even though Duanmu had endured through the immense shame, he really had not expected that every Tom, Dick, and Harry would want to duel with him after they heard of his refusal to accept Tianning's challenge. Having held in his anger for so long, Duanmu eventually could not take it anymore, and finally flared up.

That was why he thrashed the challengers without even saying a word.

Moreover, in his violent rage, he had rushed straight to all the training halls and battered those foreign masters, who had come to experience the blind battles, to a pulp.

However, Duanmu's anger was still not completely vented. Heaven only knew how many more outlets he needed.

Therefore, his next move was to rush out of Central Pine City, but the first person he encountered was Gu Tianning-the source of his grievances. When he thought of his puffy face and the taunts that were coming from outside, he felt an unspeakable humiliation.

In the end, Duanmu thought of only one thing, which was to fight. His fury was almost driving him insane, and there was only a single thought that was constantly echoing in his mind: I want to vent! I want to vent!

However, now, after having challenged another two strong opponents, Duanmu Huanghun was finally exhausted, and his rage was somewhat eased.

He felt much more placid now.

As for the invitations from other schools, he threw them into the dustbin without even a glimpse.

Stand up from where he had fallen!

He could not let Ai Hui off the hook so easily; he would not leave Central Pine Academy unless the resentment between them was settled. His intent for revenge was indeed hard to curb. When he thought of his puffy face, the killer intent within him became slightly uncontrollable.

He did not even have the courage to recall that horrible scene.

Damn! It was all because of Ai Hui. He was his nightmare, and he must destroy him!

Noticing the welcoming crowd at the city gate, he gracefully smoothed down his clothes, held his chin high and raised his head. His face returned to being cold and devilishly charming.

His vanity was greatly content as he returned as a triumphant hero.

Under the burning gazes of the crowd, the Fiery Floating Cloud stopped unhurriedly at the city gate. Everyone behind the gate held their breath; Duanmu Huanghun's cold yet handsome face quickly attracted attention. His tall and slender figure revealed his graceful temperament, and his gorgeous clothing, which was stained from travel, seemed to narrate a unique story of its owner's honor and achievement.

The unprecedented genius of the entire Induction Ground!

An absolute idol among the new students!

The Fiery Floating Cloud steadily hovered several inches away from the ground. Duanmu Huanghun, who was being stared at by thousands of people, effortlessly and dignifiedly stepped down from the Fiery Floating Cloud like a valiant, glorious hero.

"Oh, hello, Bangwan! You are here too?"

That voice had constantly lurked about in his nightmares, but now, from behind, it suddenly reached his ears like a thunderclap.

Duanmu seriously could not prepare for such an unexpected occurrence, and almost instinctively, his pupils dilated and his body stiffened, as he staggered and missed his step.

With a resounding thud, Duanmu Huanghun fell to the ground like a rigid stake.

Everyone instantly fell silent.