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Chapter 34: To Split The Cash

 Chapter 34: To Split The Cash

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After they returned from the battle, Lou Lan explained the various odd quirks on his body to an astonished Ai Hui. Ai Hui was very familiar with the soul-fogging grass. While the effect of the soul-fogging grass in restraining a sand puppet was not definite, if a sand puppet was of low quality, the restraining effect would be very distinct. Although it was highly unexpected for Lou Lan to still be able to see when a whole blade of soul-fogging grass was placed on his head, yesterday proved otherwise.

From the beginning, Ai Hui felt that Master Shao was mysterious and brilliant. Many of Lou Lan's aspects continued to surprise him. Ai Hui had interacted with numerous sand puppets before, but Lou Lan was the most unique sand puppet that he had ever seen.

"Master Shao said he used a lot of his own inventions on me and never imagined that there would be such an effect. He did not know what I would be transformed into since most of the techniques he used were untested. As of now, I am a never-before-seen being. To put it simply, I am an experiment, but Master Shao never imagined that I would be effective in combat and was amazed by my performance. Regarding my current situation, Master Shao still needs time to contemplate."

As he neared the end of his speech, Lou Lan looked happy. He felt relatively joyful due to the fact that Master Shao was astonished by his accomplishments.

"You can definitely be a fighter!" Ai Hui said in an assured tone. He continued, "I feel that you have the potential to be a high-level battle sand puppet!"

"Really, really?" Lou Lan's tone was jubilant, like a kid who had just received a compliment.

"Of course!" Ai Hui thought of something suddenly and said, "Oh yes! We have one more deed to do."

"What do we need to do?" Lou Lan asked curiously.

From lying on the rattan chair like he was at his last breath, Ai Hui suddenly jolted up as if he had ingested some miracle tonic. His pride was practically bursting out of his body and could not be constrained by the numerous bandages wrapped on him. Ai Hui cheered, "Split the cash!"

"Split the cash?" Lou Lan was somewhat confused.

"Of course we need to split it. Half of the cash reward belongs to you," Ai Hui said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Lou Lan paused for a moment before saying, "We do not need to split the cash reward. I am just a sand puppet."

"Who set the rules that sand puppets do not need to get a share of the cash reward?" Ai Hui asked calmly. "No matter whether you are a sand puppet or not, we fought together, and this means we are partners. Since half the merit is yours, half the cash reward is definitely yours too. This is the rule."

Lou Lan said limply, "But...."

"There is no but!" Ai Hui insisted. "It is decided and it shall be this way in the future. Hmm, the one hundred thousand yuan from the first battle will be solely mine as I fought in the battle alone. The cash reward from the second battle is five hundred thousand yuan and we shall split it evenly between us. Take it away quickly before I get blinded by the amount of money we have! Adding up the cash from both battles, I will have three hundred and fifty thousand yuan!"

Ai Hui spoke in an agitated tone. Three hundred and fifty thousand yuan. To Ai Hui, this is a hefty amount that he had never before earned in his entire life.

I made it. I made it!

His mind was filled with that phrase. As he visualized the countless energy-replenishing tonic soups that he could now afford and their tantalizing smell, he unknowingly gulped.

Oh heavens have mercy on Ai Hui. A country bumpkin like him had never seen such a large amount of money before. With a trace of sleepiness in his voice, Ai Hui asked, "How are you going to spend the money, Lou Lan?"

Lou Lan was somewhat at a loss and said, "I don't know..."

"What, you don't even know what to spend on? Lou Lan, you are too silly ha ha." Ai Hui's voice was weary, and his speech was unclear.

But Lou Lan truly did not know. He never thought that he would be given a share of the cash reward. Since he the day he was first created, Lou Lan had countless interactions with money, such as when Master Shao sent him to buy ingredients, when he went shopping for daily groceries, and so on. However, the sand puppet had never had money that belonged solely to himself.

Nobody rewarded him with cash even if he helped them. He was merely a sand puppet. Wasn't it natural and proper for a sand puppet to help human beings?

As a result, this was the first in his life that he received a sum of money that was his alone.

This sudden monetary gain affected him tremendously. Reflexively, he looked towards Ai Hui who had incidentally fallen asleep. Even while sleeping, Ai Hui pursed his lips, as if he was eating something.

Lou Lan gazed at Ai Hui silently while reflecting on what Ai Hui had said previously.

"No matter whether you are a sand puppet or not, we fought together, and this means we are partners. Since half the merit is yours, half the cash reward is definitely yours too. This is the rule..."

Partners ...

A feeling he never experienced before surged into him. Lou Lan did not know how to describe this feeling, but he felt that this would be a day he would remember for the rest of his life.

On this day, Lou Lan finally had his own money.

On this day, Lou Lan was treated as a partner and not just as a tool.

He realized that he had been unaware that he was lacking something, but now he was fulfilled . It was as if he had encountered a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

At that moment, he understood that he was no longer the same Lou Lan as before.

He was unable to describe the change, but he knew that he was different now.


"Huanghun, you are still not attending lessons today?" His friends who were getting ready to leave shouted through his locked door.

In his room, Duanmu Huanghun moved his face close to the mirror. Looking at his swollen face which still revealed the distinctive palm imprints, his eye twitched and he forced the words out of his mouth, "I am not going."

"Then we're leaving."

While continuing their discussion, his friends turned and departed.

"What is going on with Huanghun recently? He does not even attend his lessons anymore. He never skipped any of his classes before!"

"Perhaps he is sick. Didn't he catch a cold previously?"

"Oh yeah, it seems like he was also tortured by the instructor from the Society of Excellence. Thank goodness we didn't join."

"Oh please, we wanted to be in the Society of Excellence, but we were not accepted. Do you think just anyone can be like Huanghun? His popularity among ladies coupled with his handsome looks and capability made him number one in Central Pine City!"

Duanmu Huanghun turned green. Currently, he only wanted to cover his ears, but the comments of his friends outside found their way to his ears. Looking at the swollen face reflected in the mirror, every sentence was like a stab to his heart.

That damn cold! He was actually knocked unconscious by that fellow. He felt his emotions rising.

Thinking back to the humiliating measures that the scoundrel Ai Hui used, Duanmu Huanghun once again felt his face heating up.

Recalling the gesticulations from the many females on the street, his face was practically burning.

He was not sure if it was an illusion, but he felt that the face in the mirror was more swollen than before, as if it had transformed into a bun. The elegant, dainty chin was gone and his facial features were completely warped. His once charismatic eyes has also became lightbulb-like.

This is too humiliating!

This is simply too embarrassing!

This hatred cannot be contained. Just you wait, Ai Hui. I, Duanmu Huanghun, will definitely not let you off!

Suddenly, someone shouted from outside the window, "Rumor has it that Duanmu Huanghun is the number one expert in Central Pine City. I am Gu Tianning and I am challenging you to a duel. Duanmu Huanghun, do you dare to accept my challenge?"

Duanmu Huanghun tensed.

"Fellow student Duanmu Huanghun, don't tell me that you do not have even an ounce of courage to battle? What a disappointment!" the newcomer shouted, his voice echoing into the distance.

Duanmu Huanghun trembled in anger, but looking back at the swollen face in the mirror, the urge to rush out disappeared. If he rushed out, he would surely become the laughingstock of Central Pine City tomorrow.

Just you wait, Ai Hui!