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Chapter 30: Adviser-type Sand Puppet

 Chapter 30: Adviser-type Sand Puppet

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Ai Hui was not the least bit surprised by Lou Lan's actions; Lou Lan was purely a lifestyle sand puppet and an inexperienced battler, and behaving appropriately in his first competition was already an incredible feat.

The smarter the sand puppet was, the more affected it would be by its state of mind. On the other hand, low-level sand puppets, which had a much lower intelligence, could only follow orders blindly and emotionlessly.

That was the reason why many earth elementalists did not prefer intelligent sand puppets. The smarter they were, the more human-like they would become. They would have a greater sense of self-awareness and would independently judge many things for themselves.

Battle-type sand puppets were usually less intelligent. If they were like humans, who felt emotions like fear and anxiety, then they would become timid during fights, which was something that the earth elementalists, who had the desire to build slaughter machines, disliked the most.

However, the world is full of contradictions. Intelligence could also be said to be a quality that a killing machine should possess. Understanding how to make the right decision at the right time was undoubtedly the most important prerequisite of a top-notch slaughter machine.

Lou Lan was very intelligent, which was exactly the cause of his troubles during his first battle.

However, the current situation was not that bad; Lou Lan had not lost his head out of fear. Instead, he had persuaded Ai Hui to surrender, which was, in actuality, the right choice, considering the skill levels of both the contestants.

"He is using [Flaming Heavenly Spider Transformation], which is an absolute art," Lou Lan whispered. "His base level should only be of two palaces, but his [Flaming Heavenly Spider Transformation] has already managed to unlock [Hellfire Spider Web]. There's no way we can win."

The audience's previous reaction to Lou Lan's persuasion was to laugh, but these words sent them into shock.

"Don't tell me he's an adviser-type sand puppet?"

"He actually knows [Flaming Heavenly Spider Transformation]! He's an adviser-type sand puppet!"

"Such an intelligent sand puppet, this is an adviser-type sand puppet?"

"What day is it today? Not only did an absolute art appear, but an adviser-type sand puppet showed itself!"

The members of the audience discussed in hushed voices; they were all bewildered.

Sand puppets had been in development for over a thousand years, and there were bound to be many unusual and bizarre types of sand puppets that would be invented. To the majority of people, earth elementalists were solitary and unique, and so the fact that they had strange temperaments was entirely natural. In fact, they even believed that it would be embarrassing to be called an earth elementalist if one had an overly normal character.

Adviser-type sand puppets were incredibly rare. Not only did they require a high intelligence and capacity for learning, but they had to also remain calm during times of danger and recommend the most valuable solutions.

In addition to being exceedingly troublesome to make, adviser-type also had high requirements, and much more was expected from them than other sand puppets. They were also very weak and would easily become a constant target in the battlefield, shortening their lifespans drastically.

Of course, earth elementalists were usually conceited when it came to their abilities and wisdom, and so they only used their sand puppets to complete odd jobs and ensure their safety. Thus, they did not favor adviser-type sand puppets.

However, to elementalists of other attributes, adviser-type sand puppets were their favorites-especially to those who had fists but no brains. These sand puppets had much better learning abilities compared to humans because they did not need to sleep and could untiringly and unceasingly study and absorb knowledge.

Who wouldn't want a smart companion? It was due to this that the market price for an adviser-type sand puppet had always remained sky-high.

Out of everyone present in the training hall, the one who was enjoying the most was definitely the boss of the training hall. First, the Zu Family's absolute art [Flaming Heavenly Spider Transformation] had appeared, and then all of a sudden, that foolish-looking sand puppet was possibly an adviser-type puppet. He felt as if he had won the lottery twice in a day and was simply over the moon.

Ai Hui had originally planned to retreat. As Lou Lan had mentioned, the disparity in their skills was too big. He had no chance of victory.

He had came here only for the money. Since this opportunity was gone, he could just move on to the next training hall; after all, he was not one to care about the results of a fight.

However, upon hearing Lou Lan mention that his opponent had engaged an absolute art, Ai Hui immediately changed his mind.

He had stayed in the Wilderness for three years and had met many strong elementalists, but there were none who possessed an absolute art. However, he had witnessed the yearning in the faces of eminent elementalists whenever they spoke about absolute arts.

Ai Hui was unaware of how Lou Lan had managed to identify his opponent's move as an absolute art, but he trusted Lou Lan completely. Ever since they had become acquainted, Lou Lan had never spoken any unreliable words and, moreover, he had never spoken without thinking.

An opportunity was right before his eyes!

There would be no better chance than this!

Blind battling was a competition, and contestants did not have to worry about losing their lives, even if they lost onstage. To be able to fight in a competition, rather than on a battlefield, and to get to witness an absolute art-how could it be better than that?

Ai Hui started to become stimulated when he thought of this rare opportunity. Although his right arm was numb, it was as if incessant energy was flowing throughout his whole body.

"Go down first. I'll join you soon."

Behind his mask, Ai Hui licked his lips. He then turned towards Zu Yan and crouched down slightly.

Lou Lan did not understand why Ai Hui would reject his suggestion. Ai Hui should have been able to assess the situation, right? Their skill levels differed too much, and it was evident that he stood no chance of winning.

However, since Ai Hui had chosen to continue battling, he also had no reason to retreat. He suddenly recalled his previous observation: there was an intense passion, which he had never seen before, in Ai Hui. The type of ardor that he would never possess.

At most, he would just be broken and scattered...

Lou Lan repeatedly consoled himself.

He stood beside Ai Hui with his core fully operating, continuously racking his memory for relevant information concerning [Flaming Heavenly Spider Transformation].

Ai Hui had not expected Lou Lan to remain, but he did not argue against it. Unlike others, Ai Hui believed that this was an equally excellent opportunity for Lou Lan.

Being able to witness an absolute art during his first battle was...enviably honorable!

Ai Hui did not even consider as to whether or not the newcomer would suffer from a mental blow or setback. Compared to the Wilderness, where blood was splattered everywhere and mangled flesh could be seen at every corner, a competition like this was simply too gentle and heartwarming.

Although Lou Lan bravely stood by Ai Hui, he did not know what posture to adopt, and eventually ended up looking like a clumsy penguin.

Stars filled the eyes of the girls downstage as they held their hands against their bosoms.

"Such a cute sand puppet!"

"It looks so silly! I want one!"

There were others, however, who were more experienced, and they shook their heads one after the other. An adviser-type sand puppet entering real combat-wasn't that simply courting death? It seemed like this adviser-type sand puppet was not of a high grade because otherwise, he would have a higher IQ and would not behave so foolishly.

It was even more plausible that everyone had guessed incorrectly, and he was not even an adviser-type sand puppet at all!

The scarlet red flaming net on the ground resembled an enormous spider web, and Zu Yan, at the center, resembled a spider. Under the influence of his absolute art, he was cognizant of every movement within the hall. Yet, currently, he was only interested in the fellow with whom he just had a fistfight with.

Zu Yan also became a little excited upon realizing that his opponent had not left. He might as well give his opponent a moment to rest. He took advantage of his fire net to sweep the other competitors-similar to the autumn gales that sweep away the fallen leaves-off the stage.

At this point, Ai Hui could spare no time for Lou Lan. All his attention was centered on his opponent; he was of aware of nothing else.