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Chapter 25: How Kind!

 Chapter 25: How Kind!

Translator: Irene Editor: Lis

As he drank the soup, he was so happy that he seemed to hear bells chiming softly.

Simultaneously, alarm bells clanged obnoxiously because he had just gone broke.

The forty thousand yuan he had left now settled heavily in his stomach. He had to stop his training plans for now. In a few days' time, he would not even have money for food with starvation looming in the future.

"Lou Lan, any ideas on how I can earn some money?" Ai Hui asked with some distress.

"Earn money?" Lou Lan stared blankly. It was the first time someone had questioned him on this subject, leading him to ask, "You're out of money?"

"Yes, it's all gone." Ai Hui pondered as he spoke. "If not for the fifty thousand from that blind battle, I would really have starved."

"Blind battle?" Lou Lan's eyes brightened. "You're good at blind battles? Then go participate in more blind battles!"

"How can there be a blind battle every day?" Ai Hui shook his head and felt a brief pang of guilt.

The incident resurfaced in his brain, leaving a weakened yet distinct sensation on his fingertips. Ai Hui inwardly sighed. Having overly strong fighting instincts had its downsides; he could clearly remember every single detail of that particular battle.

And he had no desire to remember such an embarrassing incident.

"Yes there is." Lou Lan raised his index finger with sparkling eyes.

Ai Hui was taken aback. Had the Shi Clan Training Hall organized another blind battle? It was certainly possible, Ai Hui thought as he mulled it over. Blind battles were pretty interesting, and training halls would not give them up so easily.

But what is this awkwardness I'm feeling?

A pang of hunger snapped him out of it before Ai Hui realized he was being senseless. What awkwardness, what embarrassment? These thoughts vanished like smoke into thin air. He asked hastily, "Where? Let's go!"

No one could stop him from making money. He would kill God and Buddha if he had to. Girl...

Heh, heh, you better pray you won't run into me.

A cold light flashed through his half-lidded eyes his heart as hard as steel.

Because you're out of luck if we meet!

Ai Hui, with his murderous expression, raised his head and walked out like a heroic warrior ready for battle.

Shi Xueman surveyed the Central Pine City, lost in thought. In the past, this small city had been nameless to her, but now she kept returning to it whenever she got a break. It was here that she experienced her biggest setback and her most painful failure.

She would never, ever forget-not in this lifetime!

She clenched her teeth.

Her thoughts shifted to her blind battle strategy and wondered how it was progressing. She held high hopes for this operation. Although she was unprepared, and her skills were not enough to defeat that terrifying enemy of hers, she hoped only to find hints to help her identify that bastard.

Perhaps there would be good news today?

She was slightly expectant after hearing that the training hall had specially implemented many unique rules involving the blind battle. That fellow was an expert in blind battling, so how could he possibly not be moved to participate in such an interesting event? If she were him, she would not be able to resist entering this upcoming competition.

If I find any clues, you are dead!

A bone-chilling, murderous look flashed across Shi Xueman's icy face.

Meanwhile, in the garden, a fire cloud descended slowly with Uncle Yong Zheng waiting for her. She jumped onto the fire cloud and said, "It's been hard on you, Uncle. How is our plan coming along? Any progress?"

Yong Zheng's expression was a little odd, and Shi Xueman immediately knew something was wrong upon seeing it. She bluntly asked, "What happened?"

Shi Xueman knew something was wrong upon seeing his face. She asked bluntly: "What's up?"

Yong Zheng smiled bitterly. "Go out and you will see, Miss."

Without further ado, Shi Xueman left the training hall.


Ai Hui followed behind Lou Lan, slightly shocked. "Lou Lan, I didn't know you were familiar with this area!"

Lou Lan explained, "It's because I have to buy groceries, wine, and ingredients. Everything Master Shao needs, I buy."

Lou Lan's owner remained a mystery to Ai Hui. He never knew of a wood elementalist who could create a sand puppet like Lou Lan. With curiosity, he asked, "He doesn't go out at all?"

Lou Lan replied, "Master Shao's leg is not in a good condition. Plus, he does not like going out or meeting people. Otherwise, you would have received an invitation to visit."

Only then did Ai Hui realize the reason why Lou Lan was only competent in life skills. There was no danger within Induction Ground, and Master Shao's legs were weak, which meant that he required more assistance in his everyday life.

All of a sudden, Ai Hui stopped in his tracks staring at the street before him

in a daze.

"The ultimate blind battle! Amazing prize money! An extraordinary challenge for experts! No light, no smell, no color, no shadow!"

"Masked blind battle! The fifty thousand yuan prize money is waiting for you!"

"A wild blind battle! A different kind of fight, a different kind of challenge!"

The multitude of swaying, colorful banners made Ai Hui's eyes cross. Every single training hall had one hanging outside its entrance, advertising their very own blind battle. He was dumbstruck. What was going on?

As if hearing his thoughts, Lou Lan explained, "I remember it was two weeks ago that the Shi Clan Training Hall organized a blind battle competition with a reward of one million yuan. It caused an uproar and many went down to register. Soon after, almost every other training hall followed suit, making blind battling the most popular challenge in Central Pine City. Two days ago, as I was getting groceries, I even heard people say that the blind battling trend was no longer confined to this city, spreading out to many other cities. How amazing..."

Lou Lan spoke with relish, as if it was an honorable thing.

Ai Hui regained his senses, the excitement growing in his face. The way he took in the scene in front of him was how a hungry wolf would eye a fresh, juicy lamb. Oh, no. A whole herd of them!

He had noticed from the previous competition that the other contestants were unused to dark conditions. Like this, in a blind combat, his fighting power's potential could be unleashed perfectly while on the other hand, his opponents would be suppressed and at a great disadvantage.

This battle was made for him!

Ai Hui grinned, exposing his snow-white canines, ready to attack.

His heart was set-except for the Shi Clan Training Hall's blind battle, he was going to participate in every competition available!

Thank you, Shi Clan Training Hall! How kind!

He happened to glance at the Shi Clan Training Hall and noticed a young lady at its entrance amongst the crowd. Like him, she stood in a daze staring at all of the advertisements. After a while, her shock was overtaken by a coldness that bleached her face of all color. Even from far away, Ai Hui could sense her rage.

Wow, wow, wow, this expression... Too vivid!

As if sensing Ai Hui's mocking gaze, the lady turned and glared at him before stomping angrily into the Shi Clan Training Hall.

Ai Hui, comparatively, felt this world was full of hope. His body burned with passion, ready to fight. His purse was unbearably hungry and thirsty!

"Lou Lan, let's start!"

Lou Lan was momentarily stunned. "Start what?"

"Earning money!"

Like a soldier marching into war, Ai Hui majestically strode into a training hall.