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The Sacred Ruins

Author: Chen Dong

Lastchapter: 582 Low-Key Sales

Updated: 2019-01-22 20:30

582 Low-Key Sales
581 After the Battle
580 Rampaging Through the Cosmos
579 The Heaven Illuminators Make Their Move
578 Unparalleled
577 The Reappearance of the Sagemaster
576 That Person Returns
575 The Deity Race Comes to Exterminate
574 Yaoyao’s Fiance
573 The Storm After the Battle
572 Kill Every Single One of Them
571 Saint Slaughtering
570 Stripping a Saint’s Bones
569 Peerless Arts
568 Yaoyao’s Challenge
567 Battle for Godhood
566 As Exceptional as Ever
565 Unprecedented Grand Occasion
564 Awaken from Dissipation
563 Silencing
562 Capturing a Saint Alive
561 The Saints Fate
560 Suppressing the Deity
559 Rise of the Fallen Land’s King
558 Promise to the Universe
557 Overturn the Heavens
556 Suppression
555 The Natives Battle the Outer Realm
554 A Mob Beating
553 Distasteful
553 Not Paying Particular Attention.
552 Unbearable
551 Reunion
550 Yellow Ox, the Toad, and the Black Yak Coming Into Being
549 Annihilated with a Flick of the Fingers
548 Visualization
547 Sweeping Through All the Way
546 Total Elimination
Chapter 545: The Xilin Clan Is Just So-So
Chapter 544: Tears of the Xilin Clan, Waters of the Xihu Lake
Chapter 543: A Fateful Battle
Chapter 542: The Xilin Clan is Already Dead
Chapter 541: The Native Versus Xilin
Chapter 540: Still Full of Hot Blood
Chapter 539: Distinguished Meeting
Chapter 538: Fearless
Chapter 537: Against Myriad Adversaries
Chapter 536: Extorting the Goddess
Chapter 535: Unrivaled Charm
Chapter 534: Evolution and Robbery Induction Continued
Chapter 533: Reaping Another Batch of Hard Currency
Chapter 532: The Six Paths of Reincarnation
Chapter 531: All Heavens Arrive
Chapter 530: Seeking Improvement in an Era of Strife
Chapter 529: The False One and True One
Chapter 528: Earth’s True One
Chapter 527: On The Verge of The Storm
Chapter 526: Exiting Isolation and the Heavenly Alliance
Chapter 525: Reluctant to Part
Chapter 524: Heaven-Bestowed Monster
Chapter 523: The Best Slave Trader in History (Part 2)
Chapter 522: The Best Slave Trader in History (part 1)
Chapter 521: Incurring the Fairy’s Wrath
Chapter 520: The Deranged Demon King Chu
Chapter 519: Receiving Protection Fees from the Divine Sons and Saintesses
Chapter 518: Undersea Treasure
Chapter 517: Evolution and Fortune in the East Sea
Chapter 516: May We Reunite
Chapter 515: A Time of Surging Turmoil
Chapter 514: One Mustn’t be Too Chu Feng
Chapter 513: The Heaven-Piercing Wormhole
Chapter 512: Selling Meat
Chapter 511: What Would I Want with You?
Chapter 510: The Kun Comes into Being
Chapter 509: Stealing Myriad Techniques
Chapter 508: Drawing Worldwide Attention
Chapter 507: The Arrival of the Ten Greats
Chapter 506: Guest from Deity
Chapter 505: Engagement
Chapter 504: Marrying Off the Elder Sister
Chapter 503: Accomplishments Shake the Starry Sky
Chapter 502: Unfolding the Peerless Picture Scroll
Chapter 501: An Exceptional Volume
Chapter 500: Fight or Not?
Chapter 499: Top Saint
Chapter 498: Faint Distress
Chapter 497: Devastatingly Beautiful
Chapter 496: A Love-Hate Relationship
Chapter 495: The Tragic Demon
Chapter 494: Deity
Chapter 493: The Distinguished Meeting
Chapter 492: Attending the Meeting
Chapter 491: A Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 490: Proactive
Chapter 489: The Saint Children Cried
Chapter 488: Heaven is the Second
Chapter 487: The Battle at the Forbidden City Summit
Chapter 486: Notoriety Shakes the Heavens
Chapter 485: Chu Feng the Human Trafficker
Chapter 484: Settling the Score
Chapter 483: Crushed Barbarically
Chapter 482: Outstanding and Heroic
Chapter 481: Unrivaled Throughout the World
Chapter 480: Nine Deaths Before Initial Success
Chapter 479: Peerless Painting Scroll
Chapter 478: Flourishing Businesses
Chapter 477: Trading Divine Children and Saintesses
Chapter 476: Taking Divine Medicine
Chapter 475: Ascend to Look Down at the World
Chapter 474: So Peerless
Chapter 473: The Madman Chu Feng
Chapter 472: Collusion
Chapter 471: The Unexpected Arrival of a Great Era
Chapter 470: Illuminating the Heavens
Chapter 469: Miserable Geniuses of The Same Generation
Chapter 468: The Origins of the Ultimate Breathing Technique
Chapter 467: The Path of the Strong
Chapter 466: Devouring the Starry Skies
Chapter 465: The Peerless Immortal Yao
Chapter 464: Finally Coming into Being
Chapter 463: The Great Battle at Mount Huang
Chapter 462: Chu Feng Must Die
Chapter 461: In Over Your Head
Chapter 460: The Starry Sky Exploded
Chapter 459: Being Peerless is so Lonesome
Chapter 458: Unrivalled Under the Starry Skies
Chapter 457: The Saint Slaughterer
Chapter 456: The Most Miserable Saintess in History
Chapter 455: Love and Hate Entangled
Chapter 454: Seizing the Saintess
Chapter 453: Who can Match Me?
Chapter 452: The Great Demon King
Chapter 451: Chapter 451: Heaven to Hell
Chapter 450: A Surging Storm
Chapter 449: Reasoning With Punches and Kicks
Chapter 448: The Putuo Assembly
Chapter 447: Frantic Evolution
Chapter 446: High-Speed Evolutionary Era
Chapter 445: Rallying the World
Chapter 444: Beheading the Sage
Chapter 443: Sanctification
Chapter 442: A Calamity Upon Earth
Chapter 441: The Saint Hath Come
Chapter 440: The False One and the True One
Chapter 439: Taoist of Many Treasures
Chapter 438: Domain Frenzy
Chapter 437: I Have A Dream
Chapter 436: Who Dares Fight Me
Chapter 435: Life is Lonely as Snow
Chapter 434: Traitor
Chapter 433: The Major Fraud
Chapter 432: Walking the Ancestral Path
Chapter 431: Return to Earth
Chapter 430: One-Night Heavenly Book [1]
Chapter 429: Chapter 429: Over-fulfilling Completion
Chapter 428: Inheritances upon the Moon
Chapter 427: The Ancient Sage
Chapter 426: Pure-blooded Descendant of the Mother Star
Chapter 425: Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law
Chapter 424: Upon the Moon
Chapter 423: A God-like High-profile Confession
Chapter 422: Pursuit
Chapter 421: Wooing the Fairy
Chapter 420: Attack
Chapter 419: Beware the Lightning
Chapter 418: The Saintess
Chapter 417: Revered
Chapter 416: The Accidental Heavens Chosen
Chapter 416: The Accidental Heaven’s Chosen
Chapter 414: The World Is No Longer the Same
Chapter 413: Wish Each Other Well
Chapter 412: Demoness Lin
Chapter 411: Annihilated With an Indifferent Smile
Chapter 410: Lin Naoi Welcomes the Imperial Dynasty
Chapter 409: The Storm Gathers on Mount Lao
Chapter 408: Beating Gongs and Drums
Chapter 407: Urgent
Chapter 406: Hunting on Mount Lao
Chapter 405: Sinister
Chapter 404: Destroying the Land
Chapter 403: Outrage
Chapter 402: Slap All to Death
Chapter 401: Enemies Meet On A Narrow Road
Chapter 400: The Qilins Former Lair
Chapter 399: Capturing a Qilin on the Western Hunt
Chapter 398: Capturing a Saintess
Chapter 397: Emerging
Chapter 396: Marvelous
Chapter 395: God Hath Come
Chapter 394: The Five Generations
Chapter 393: The Carefree Minor Demons
Chapter 392: Mount Eternal
Chapter 391: Why Are the Flowers so Red?
Chapter 390: Successive Arrivals
Chapter 389: The True Dragons Lair
Chapter 388: Underwater Civilization
Chapter 387: Decision
Chapter 386: Bearing Chu Fengs Monkey Babies
Chapter 385: Extraterrestrials are Weak as Hell
Chapter 384: A Space Campaign
Chapter 383: A Group of Madmen
Chapter 382: Unfathomable Thoughts
Chapter 381: Youre Also Mine
Chapter 380: Boundless Origins
Chapter 379: Love at First Sight
Chapter 378: Stunning
Chapter 377: Too Filthy
Chapter 376: Killing the Extraterrestrial Expert
Chapter 375: The God of Misfortune Conquering the World in One Hour
Chapter 374: Number One Under the Heavens
Chapter 373: Global Livestream
Chapter 372: The Beauty of Violence
Chapter 371: Barbarians vs. the Heavenly Kingdom
Chapter 370: Too Big to Stew in One Pot
Chapter 369: Matchless under the Heavens
Chapter 368: The Storm on Mount Song
Chapter 367: A New Chapter for Earth
Chapter 366: Successful Descent
Chapter 365: Greed
Chapter 364: Acquisition
Chapter 363: When The Time is Ripe
Chapter 362: Imperial Inheritance
Chapter 361: Imperial Court of Evolution
Chapter 360: The Dragon has Regrets
Chapter 359: Immoral
Chapter 358: Chu Feng, the Royal Son-In-Law
Chapter 357: Land of Heavens Chosen
Chapter 356: Born a Prisoner
Chapter 355: Tricked to Death
Chapter 354: Ancient Divine Tomb
Chapter 353: Gently Domineering
Chapter 352: Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave
Chapter 351: Gods
Chapter 350: Extraterrestrial
Chapter 349: High-Demand
Chapter 348: Divine Knight
Chapter 347: The Mysterious Whelp
Chapter 346: Catching the Divine Beast Whelp
Chapter 345: Too Spiritual
Chapter 344: Bathing in Dragon Blood
Chapter 343: Offerings
Chapter 342: Glory and Terror
Chapter 341: Reflecting All Heavens
Chapter 340: The Top-100 Celestial Realms
Chapter 339: Opening the Pilgrimage Grounds
Chapter 338: Squished to Death
Chapter 337: Next Stop, the Pilgrimage Grounds
Chapter 336: Fiery Pupils
Chapter 335: In Seventh Heaven
Chapter 334: Refining Kings
Chapter 333: The Revered Eight Trigrams Furnace
Chapter 332: The So-Called Foundation
Chapter 331: Fermentation
Chapter 330: Return to King Level
Chapter 329: Revered
Chapter 328: Madness
Chapter 327: A Top-Grade Confrontation
Chapter 326: Quality of an Expert
Chapter 325: A Gathering of Heroes
Chapter 324: Emerging From Obscurity
Chapter 323: A Different Path to Glory
Chapter 322: Where the Radiance Wanes
Chapter 321: Interdependent Fortune and Calamity
Chapter 320: Global Evolution
Chapter 319: Return
Chapter 318: Moment of Awakening
Chapter 317: The Ritual Grounds of the Gods
Chapter 316: The Thunderous Ancient Temple
Chapter 315: Not Just Empty Talk
Chapter 314: Lift Me Up
Chapter 313: Outer Realm Divine Island
Chapter 312: Chapter 312: Still Combat-Ready
Chapter 311: Unjoyous
Chapter 310: The Last Battle
Chapter 309: Silver Substance
Chapter 308: Standing Up For a Brother
Chapter 307: A Treasure to Yearn For
Chapter 306: Difficulty
Chapter 305: Handiwork of a Demonic Sage
Chapter 304: Decline After the Apex
Chapter 303: The Present Truth
Chapter 302: Glacial Era
Chapter 301: Years With a Flick of the Finger
Chapter 300: Diamond Might
Chapter 299: Bell of Primal Chaos
Chapter 298: Savagery
Chapter 297: The Seal Breaks
Chapter 296: A Powerful Enemy
Chapter 295: The Showdown
Chapter 294: Demon Refinement Grounds
Chapter 293: Convergence
Chapter 292: Dominating the Four Directions
Chapter 291: Reunion
Chapter 290: Unrivaled
Chapter 289: Rescue
Chapter 288: Harvest
Chapter 287: Curbing Violence with Violence
Chapter 286: The Mysterious Space
Chapter 285: First Blood
Chapter 284: Confrontation of Land and Sea
Chapter 283: Mount Songs Greatwoods Temple
Chapter 282: Constellation Vines
Chapter 281: Top-Ten
Chapter 280: All Accomplishments Revealed
Chapter 279: Wounding the Golden Crow
Chapter 278: Battle of the Peerless
Chapter 277: Peerless Ambush
Chapter 276: Domain
Chapter 275: Tremble
Chapter 274: Extraterrestrial Research Institute
Chapter 273: Raising the Partys Strength
Chapter 272: The Golden Arhat Talisman
Chapter 271: Attacking Once Again
Chapter 270: The Archaic Alliance [1]
Chapter 269: Demanding Repayment
Chapter 268: Supremely Grand
Chapter 267: Inferior to Beasts
Chapter 266: Another Upheaval
Chapter 265: The Bodhisattva Ritual Grounds
Chapter 264: Universally Shocking
Chapter 263: Outrageous Mistake
Chapter 262: Continuing Restlessness
Chapter 261: Ashes to Ashes
Chapter 260: Indomitable
Chapter 259: Relentless
Chapter 258: Mass Regicide
Chapter 257: Arrival
Chapter 256: Convergence of Kings
Chapter 255: Immediate Eruption
Chapter 254: Treasure
Chapter 253: Mastery
Chapter 252: Unparalleled Ferocity
Chapter 251: Chu Fengs Tears
Chapter 250: Xingyi
Chapter 249: Obtaining the True Form
Chapter 248: Peerless White-Robe
Chapter 247: Roaring Thunder
Chapter 246: Satisfied
Chapter 245: Jiangxi Once more
Chapter 244: Severing the Shackle
Chapter 243: Boiling Blood Energy
Chapter 242: Leisurely Progress
Chapter 241: Fusion
Chapter 240: Worldwide Commotion
Chapter 239: Killing Ten Kings in One Night
Chapter 238: Bloody Regicide
Chapter 237: Derisive Glance
Chapter 236: Situations Arise
Chapter 235: Astonishing Accomplishments
Chapter 234: Great Dao Treasured Bottle
Chapter 233: Dragon Rider
Chapter 232: Black Dragon Crown Prince of the Southern Sea
Chapter 231: Legendary Weapon
Chapter 230: Against the Wind and Waves
Chapter 229: Crisis
Chapter 228: Acquisition
Chapter 227: Heavenly Master Demon Subduing Technique
Chapter 226: Ascending Mount Longhu
Chapter 225: Grievously Wounding a Peerless Expert
Chapter 224: The Peerless Diamond Chakram
Chapter 223: Prophecy of God
Chapter 222: Gods Messenger
Chapter 221: Great Business
Chapter 220: Jiang Ning
Chapter 219: The Great Womanizer
Chapter 218: The Great Sage
Chapter 217: The Paragon Technique
Chapter 216: Ancient Tome of Legends
Chapter 215: Whats the Point in Keeping You Alive?
Chapter 214: Slaying a Sea Dragon
Chapter 213: Madman Chu
Chapter 212: Unmatched Beauty
Chapter 211: If You Cant Make it, then Eat It!
Chapter 210: V.I.P. from the Sea
Chapter 209: Next Stop: Longhu Mountain
Chapter 208: "Queen" Trafficking
Chapter 207: Girlfriend
Chapter 206: A Tearful Blind-date
Chapter 205: The Queen
Chapter 204: A Second Blind Date
Chapter 203: Date a Seductress
Chapter 202: Important Secrets
Chapter 201: Imperial Edict
Chapter 200: Gods from the Other World
Chapter 199: Conquer the Birthplace of Legends
Chapter 198: Western Punitive Expedition
Chapter 197: Kill, No Matter How Far You Run!
Chapter 196: Taking the Fight to the West
Chapter 195: Clash of the Peerless Experts
Chapter 194: Decisive Battle between the East and West
Chapter 193: One Battle to Shock the World
Chapter 192: Dragon Slaughtering Technique
Chapter 191: A Bite of Kunlun
Chapter 190: Clash of the Peerless
Chapter 189: A Clear Landslide
Chapter 188: A Rare Treasure
Chapter 187: Another Evolution
Chapter 186: The Divine Seed Evolves Again
Chapter 185: Re-entering Kunlun
Chapter 184: Return to the East
Chapter 183: The Crazy Gourmet Ranking
Chapter 182: Shocking Material
Chapter 181: Turbulent Times
Chapter 180: A Battle of Kings
Chapter 179: One Man Holds the Pass
Chapter 178: Combat Strength Rankings
Chapter 177: Defense
Chapter 176: World-shaking Ruthlessness
Chapter 175: Playing it Big
Chapter 174: Clamor
Chapter 173: Sequelae
Chapter 172: Divine Feet
Chapter 171: Revival
Chapter 170: Offerings for the Dead Immortal
Chapter 169: Run!
Chapter 168: Causing the World to Tremble
Chapter 167: Picking Peaches Midway
Chapter 166: An Earth-shattering Scam
Chapter 165: Nuclear Resplendence
Chapter 164: Famed Throughout the Vatican
Chapter 163: Raiding the Sacred Grounds!
Chapter 162: Sacred Medicinal Garden
Chapter 161: Fierce Dragon Crosses the River
Chapter 160: The Blood-stained Vatican
Chapter 159: Assembly of Myriad Gods
Chapter 158: The Demon Kings Arrival
Chapter 157: The Dragon Kings Treasure
Chapter 156: To Plunder a Beast Kings Lair
Chapter 155: The Trio
Chapter 154: The Ultimate
Chapter 153: Sacred Tree
Chapter 152: Heavens and the Abyss
Chapter 151: Overcoming a Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 150: Dual Regicide
Chapter 149: Hell
Chapter 148: The Kunlun Realm
Chapter 147: Shaking the East and West
Chapter 146: Demonic Might
Chapter 145: Date with the Goddess
Chapter 144: A Foot in Both Camps
Chapter 143: Earth-Shaking
Chapter 142: Accomplishments Exposed
Chapter 141: The Demon King Chu
Chapter 140: Return
Chapter 139: Miraculous
Chapter 138: Conquering a Mountain
Chapter 137: Suppression
Chapter 136: A Clash of Kings
Chapter 135: To Flatten the Mountain and Level the Fort
Chapter 134: Tempest
Chapter 133: A Great Quake
Chapter 132: A Major Incident
Chapter 131: Return of the King
Chapter 130: A God-like Comeback
Chapter 129: Broadcast by a Mutated Beast
Chapter 128: God of Pestilence
Chapter 127: The Essence of Kingship
Chapter 126: A Transcendent Evolution
Chapter 125: The Seed
Chapter 124: The Pilgrimage Grounds
Chapter 123: Original and Forceful
Chapter 122: The Southbound Peacock
Chapter 121: Expose the Slayer of the Ash Wolf
Chapter 120: A Miserable Beating
Chapter 119: The Reception
Chapter 118: Golden Chakram
Chapter 117: Transformation
Chapter 116: Dominating the Realm
Chapter 115: The Living Silver Mine
Chapter 114: Rise of the Great Saint
Chapter 113: Ignition and Explosion
Chapter 112: The Goddess Jiang Incident
Chapter 111: Exposed
Chapter 110: An Explosive Era
Chapter 109: The Seven Sects
Chapter 108: The New Overlord
Chapter 107: Doubts
Chapter 106: Total Annihilation
Chapter 105: Beheading the King
Chapter 104: Demonic God
Chapter 103: Live Broadcast
Chapter 102: The Hunt
Chapter 101: Realms
Chapter 100: The Crisis Continues
Chapter 99: Headline Material
Chapter 98: A Valiant Lifestyle
Chapter 97: Star of the Future
Chapter 96: Blind Date
Chapter 95: The First Mission
Chapter 94: Qualifying Tyrannically
Chapter 93: Hollow Jade Temple
Chapter 92: Inheritance
Chapter 91: Mount Emei Sword Master
Chapter 90: The Wolf
Chapter 89: Mutated Parents
Chapter 88: Demon Walking on Earth
Chapter 87: The Departed Spirit
Chapter 86: Chaos and Unrest
Chapter 85: Home
Chapter 84: Blood Stained Holy Mountain
Chapter 83: Temple of Grand Woods
Chapter 82: Rise in Strength
Chapter 81: Out of the Wild
Chapter 80: Invincible Boxing Style
Chapter 79: Splendid Evolution
Chapter 78: The Growth of the Sacred Seed
Chapter 77: Demon
Chapter 76: Pursue & Kill
Chapter 75: Shock and Anger
Chapter 74: The Sobbing Calf
Chapter 73: Never in a Million Years
Chapter 72: A Shock to the World
Chapter 71: Lin Naoi
Chapter 70: Expectation
Chapter 69: Share in the Spoils
Chapter 68: The Buddha Disciple
Chapter 67: Immortality
Chapter 66: The Edge of Precipice
Chapter 65: The King of Taihang Mountains
Chapter 64: Flooding with Beasts
Chapter 63: Spiritualized
Chapter 62: Jiang Luoshen
Chapter 61: Chapter 61 - The Invincible Bow
Chapter 60: The Thunderous Bow
Chapter 59: Walk with Crushing Force
Chapter 58: Belittle
Chapter 57: Marching Over Unhindered
Chapter 56: Kong Kim
Chapter 55: Silver Wing
Chapter 54: The Great Gathering
Chapter 53: Angel Ox
Chapter 52: King of Silver Horn
Chapter 51: Worldwide Attention
Chapter 50: Fame Spread Worldwide
Chapter 49: The Best Rhythm
Chapter 48: Dragon Hunt
Chapter 47: The Thunderous
Chapter 46: Medicine for Diarrhoea
Chapter 45: Dormancy
Chapter 44: The Scheduled Meeting
Chapter 43: Fear
Chapter 42: The Heartless and the Merciless
Chapter 41: Butchery in Town
Chapter 40: Rage and Madness
Chapter 39: The Great Sensation
Chapter 38: The Peculiar One
Chapter 37: Searching
Chapter 36: A Hole in the Yard
Chapter 35: Fame Spread Nationwide
Chapter 34: The Epic Blockbuster
Chapter 33: The Tender Land
Chapter 32: The Woman
Chapter 31: The Invincible
Chapter 30: The Treasure of Demon Ox
Chapter 29: Return of the Untamed
Chapter 28: Combat Experience
Chapter 27: The Storms Coming
Chapter 26: Elegant Indifference
Chapter 25: Unprecedented Prosperity
Chapter 24: The Simplest is the Greatest
Chapter 23: The Others
Chapter 22: The Gate-Crasher
Chapter 21: Demon Ox Boxing
Chapter 20: Sanctification of the Mortal
Chapter 19: Queer Substances
Chapter 18: Reign of Terror
Chapter 17: Grief Without Tears
Chapter 16: Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 15: The Mystical Breathing Exercise
Chapter 14: The Demon Ox
Chapter 13: Out of Bound
Chapter 12: The Holy Mountain of Taihang
Chapter 11: Home Sweet home
Chapter 10: The Seismic Shift
Chapter 9: The Thrill
Chapter 8: The Ever Changing World
Chapter 7: Mutation
Chapter 6: The Stone Box
Chapter 5: The Blooming Blossom
Chapter 4: The Tree and the Beasts of Prey
Chapter 3: The Bronze Mountain
Chapter 2: The Post-Civilization Era
Chapter 1: The Higanbana