Fantasy Romance Xianxia Anime Sci-fi Historical WNMTL


Author: Wai / Mishima Yomu

Lastchapter: 167: Epilogue

Updated: 2020-05-22 06:12

167: Epilogue
165: You’re There, and I’m Here
164: Last Battle
163: Versus
162: Sword and Magic
161: Those Who Can’t Run
160: I Kinda Don’t Really Get it
159: Thank you for Everything
158: The End of the Event
157: Events Set in Stone
156: What’s Gone and Done
155: Dragon and Wyvern
154: Last Boss
153: Demon King
152: Fina’s Counterattack
151: The Other Reincarnation
150: Comrade
149: The Empire’s Advance
148: And Aleist the Protagonist
147: The Country or the People
146: Friends and
Extra: Songstress Epilogue
Extra: Songstress 13
Extra: Songstress 12
Extra: Songstress 11
Extra: Songstress 10
Extra: Songstress 9
Extra: Songstress 8
Extra: Songstress 7
137: Extra: Songstress 6
136: Extra: Songstress 5
135: Extra: Songstress 4
134: Extra: Songstress 3
Extra: Songstress 2
Extra: Songstress 1
131: Erselica Rises to the Stage
130: Aleist’s Harem
129: The White ’s Ability is?
128: The Major and Aleist
127: Bennet’s Job
126: The Hippogryph and the Knight of Shadows
125: The Port Town and the Empire
Extra: Eunius and Aleist Part 2
Extra: Eunius and Aleist Part 1
122: Light and the Two
121: The Wall and Light
About Strength in
120: Form and the Wall
New Year Special Part 2
119: Hostility and Form
118: The Mission and Hostility
My Hero
The Little Macho Girl
New Year Special
117: The Superior and the Mission
116: The Academy and the Superior
115: The Outer Reaches and the Academy
114: The Knight Brigade and the Outskirts
Extra: Mystith is Working Hard
112: The Display and the King
111: Friends and the Display
110: The Fight and Friends
109: The Bar and the Fight
108: Cleaning Duty and the Bar
107: Friends and Cleaning Duty
106: Revived Fear and a New Ruler
105: Inherited Feelings and Revived Fear
104: Discipline and Parent and Child
103: The Dogfight and Discipline
102: The Effects of Healing Magic and the Dogfight
101: Formation Flying and Healing Magic
100: The Head of the Platoon and Formation Flying
99: The Search Party and the Head of the Platoon
98: Running Away and the Search Party
97: The Evaluation and Running Away
96: The Rival and the Evaluation
95: New Comrades and Superiors
94: The End of School Life and a New Problem Child
93: The Costume and the Beauty Contest
92: Demands and Preparing for Graduation
91: The Path to be a Dragon Knight
Extra: Surpass Marty 9
Extra: Surpass Marty 8
88: The Decision and Family
87: The Idiotic Two and Where Paths Split
86: the Battle Junky and the Protagonist.
85: The Confession and the Sword Idiot
84: The Senior and the Pregnancy
83: The Little Sister and the Barrier
82: The Night Before the Festival and the Pitch Black Armor
81: The Young Men and the Festival’s Eve
Extra: Surpass Marty 7
Extra: Surpass Marty 6
Extra: Surpass Marty 5
77: The Oath and the Little Brother
76: The Young Man and the White Dragon
75: The Goddess and Those that Don’t Exist
74: The Legend and the Dragon
73: The Little Sister, the Friend, and a Little Bit of Dragon
72: The Flan’s Return
71: The Young Man and Time
70: The Young Man and the Party
69: The Young Man and the Two
68: The Elf Sisters and Flan
67: The Three and the Dragon
66: The Harem and the Royal Guard
65: The Four Idiots and the Three
64: The Dragon Idiot and the Game Idiot
63: The Sword Idiot and the Magic Idiot
62: The Four Idiots and Fluff Disorder
61: The Little Sister and the Magic Idiot
60: The Young Man and the Hero
59: The Protagonist and the Delinquents
58: The Former Goddess Part 2
57: The Former Goddess Part 1
56: The Boar, the Bird, and the Black Fog
55: The Goddess and the Black Fog
54: The Goddess and the Two Great Idiots
53: The Protagonist and the Last Boss
Extra: Spring Sure is Nice
Extra: Surpass Marty 4
50: Brothers, the Boy, and the Fight
49: The Younger Brother, the Boy, and the Mad Princesses
48: Brothers, the Employer, and the Wife
47: The Sword Idiot, the Game Idiot, and…
46: The Protagonist and a Friend
45: Sisters and Brothers
44: Brothers and the Boy
43: The Young Man, the Little Brother, and the Fight
42: The Young Man and Marriage Annulment
41: The Young Man and the Black Shadow
40: Fiance vs. Fiance
39: The Upperclassman and the Older Woman
38: The Young Man and the Dark Elf(?)
37: The Young Man, the Blacksmith, and the Shadow
Extra: Surpass Marty 3
Extra: Surpass Marty 2
Extra: Surpass Marty 1
33: The Young Man, the Black Eyed Woman, and the Lady
32: The Young Man and the Boy
31: The Doll Princess’ Rival
30: The Three Idiots and the King
29: The Protagonist and the Supporting Role
28: The Sword Idiot and the Dragon Idiot
27: Big Sister and Little Sister
26: The Magic Idiot and the Dragon Idiot
25: The Doll Princess, The Three Idiots, and Royalty
24: The Upperclassman and the Boy
23: The Boy and a Chance
22: The Boy and Petting
21: The High Knight and the Headmaster
20: The Three Idiots and Fluffies
19: The Boy and the Bird
18: The Boy and Fleeing
17: The Boy and the Rechallenge
16: The Boy and Engagement
15: The Boy and Events
14: The Boy and the Princess
13: The Boy and Little Brother
12: The Boy, the Match, and the Red Girl
11: The Boy, the Sword Idiot, and the Magic Idiot
10: The Samurai Girl’s Dream and the Boy
9: The Boy and the Elf Girl
8: The Boy, the Boar, and Classmates
7: The Boy and the Older Woman
6: The Boy and the Samurai Girl
5: The Pickup Boy and the Reincarnated Boy
4: The Suspicious Boy
3: The Boy on a Journey
2: The Hated Boy
1: The Selfish Boy