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Soaring of Galaxia

Author: Li Tian

Lastchapter: 937 Intimidating the Old Monster

Updated: 2020-06-29 10:56

937 Intimidating the Old Monster
936 Mission from the Master God Palace
935 Heavenly Divine Puppe
934 Three Months of Solitary Training
933 Rich Without Knowing
932 !
931 On the Brink of the Heavenly Supreme Dao
930 Rules of the Foreign Tribes
929 Ni Long Seizes a Body
928 God Discarding Door, Closed
927 Capture Ringleader First Before The Bandits
926 New Troubles
925 Please Sir, Get Into the Boiling Po
924 Wushuang Offers A Strategy
923 Cunning Foreign Tribes
922 A Chaotic Situation
921 Heavenly Supreme Dao, Soaring Through Galaxia
915 Unexpected
914 Target to Shadow, Target Locked
913 God Discarding Maze, Departure!
912 Eight Months of Intense Training
911 Power of the Queen Mother Golden Crow
910 A Battle between Heavenly Supreme Dao Rivals
909 Queen Mothers Plan
908 Queen Mother Golden Crow
907 Opening of the God Discarding Door!
906 Great Divine Skill, Kill the Golden Crow
905 Golden Crow Disturbing the Scene
904 God Discarding Door, Human Countries
903 Wushuang Returns
902 Never-ending Gifts
901 The Great Gifts of the Seventh Loop
900 Path to Master God
899 Teachers Background
898 The Seventh Loop, The Final Core Loop
897 Senior Brothers Coming to the Rescue
896 Before the Aspiring Throne Mountain, Golden Crow
895 Heavenly Supreme Dao Warriors Planning to Make a Move
894 Heavenly Supreme Dao, Gathering of the Seven
893 God Discarding Door, Soaring Galaxia Commanding Plate!
892 Teachers Private Reques
891 Visit from the Stargaze Palace
890 Change of Situation at the Eastern Sea, Activating the Mustard Cave Dwelling
889 Clearly Understanding the Background of Saber Beard
888 Heavenly Supreme Dao Elite Warriors!
887 The Ultimate Secret of the Tian Xuan Land
886 Head Senior Brother, Li Buyi?
885 XuErs Breakthrough- Marriage of the Heavenly Emperor
884 Destiny of the Tian Xuan Land
883 Kill Two Birds With One Stone
882 Strange Saber Beard
881 Heavenly Emperor Wushuang!
880 Death of Xin Tianwen!
879 Continual Unexpected Events
878 Who Won!?
877 Downfall of the Heavenly Emperor
876 A Summit Confrontation
875 Heavenly Emperor Wings VS Purple Cloud Ying Yang Wings
874 Life and Death Contract, Wushuang Battles the Heavenly Emperor
873 The Sudden Appearance of an Ally- Thousand Feeler Cloud Chasing Beas
872 A Destined Battle between the Qin Clan and Xin Clan!
871 Four Battles- Four Victories!
870 Purple Flame Electric Beast, Remarkable Innate Skill!
869 Swallowing the Beast Core, Bao Bao Revealing His Power
868 Immemorial Divine Monkey, Heaven and Earth One Rod
867 Floating Snow House V.S. Heavenly Punishing Villa
866 Strength and Imposing Manner, Double the Force
865 Fire Kylins First Battle, Alluring
864 Inauguration of the Pagean
863 Belief of Certain Victory
862 Contestant List of the Qin Clan
861 Thousand Feather Sect Defect, Incorporating New Troops
860 Heavenly Emperor Mountain Pagean
859 The Bearing of the Head Chief
858 Clever Schemer Wushuang
857 All of Wushuangs Trump Cards
856 Inheritance of the Immemorial Beast, Heavenly Emperor Shed a New Leaf
855 Certain of Victory
854 Yun Xuechens Intentions
853 In Preparation for the Heavenly Emperor Sea
852 Wushuangs Prestigious Name Shook the Dark Mysterious Clan
851 Robbing on the Way
850 Dark Mysterious Ice Soul and Blue Wave Water Pool
849 Disciple with Monstrous Talen
848 Wushuang Takes In A Disciple and A New Mission
847 Becoming the Main Focus
846 Extravagant Spending Money, In the Center of Attention
845 Green Wood Divine Cauldron
844 Dark Mysterious Assembly
843 Dark Mysterious City
842 Floating Snow House, Breed the Divine Beast Again
841 Three Years of Cease Fire
840 Xuan Yuan Yangs Divine Skills and Methods
839 Compromise from the Paramount Elite warrior
838 The Xuan Yuan Clan
837 The Panic-Stricken People Inside the Qin Clan
836 Sunken Totem Elite Warrior
835 Verbal Sparring with Xuan Yuan Wei
834 Repairing Spiritual Ley Lines, Invasion of a Strong Foe
833 The Seal of the Chief
832 Take Over as Head Chief?
831 Subduing the Nirvana Heavenly Plow
830 The Injured Heavenly Emperor
829 A Clever Battle Tactic
828 Battling a Genuine Supreme Dao Before the Mountain
827 Declaring War with the Heavenly Emperor
826 Death of the Transformation Supreme Dao Warrior
825 Power of the Withering Flourishing Seal
824 Overwhelming Dominance
823 Wushuang Fighting Transformation Supreme Dao Elite Warriors
822 Power of the Divine Beasts
821 A Sudden Thrust to Kill
820 Heavenly Emperor Stepping Ou
819 Betrayal of the Three Sects
818 Yield, Hundred Lane Clan
817 Divine Venomous Poison
816 Power of the Emperor Sword
815 Great Five Reincarnation Seal, Second Stage
814 Four Great Divine Beasts
813 On the Verge of Battle
812 Worsened Situation
811 Great Five Attributes Reincarnation Seal
810 Family Reunion
809 Return to the Human Countries!
808 A Walkover
807 The Be
806 Making an Appointment to Fight with the Light Envoy
805 Great Bright City
804 Getting Ahold of the Treasures
803 Great Treasure House, Great Harves
802 Courageously Breaking Through the Sixth Loop
801 Encountering Golden Crow, Heaven Escape Book
800 Arrival of the Third Calamity, Wushuang Escapes
799 Supreme Dao Sword Domain
798 Ten Years of Change
797 Ten Years of Hard Training and Making Golem Puppets
796 The God Discarding Maze
795 Wushuang's Whereabouts
794 Great Fortune
793 Mysterious Elite Warrior
792 Heavenly Emperor Gate Puffed Up with Pride
791 Space Crack Engulfs Qin Wushuang
790 Revival of the Golden Crow
789 The Dragon King’s Amazemen
788 Explosion of Power, One Man Guarding the Pass
787 Green Wood Long Spring Formula
786 Golden Ray Dragon King
785 Inescapable Ne
784 Eradicate the Spiritual Tree Clan?
783 Gathering of the Dragon Clan Elite Warriors
782 Spiritual Tree Clan
781 Soul of the Spiritual Wood
780 The Strange Hibiscus Fores
779 Target- Ancient Hibiscus Wood
778 Extracting Soul of the Scarlet Fire
777 Accompanying Beast of the Scarlet Fire
776 Talk of the Immemorial Spiritual Fire
775 Captured Alive, Dragon Core Divine Soul
774 First Stop After Entering Supreme Dao
773 Breakthrough, Supreme Dao Stage!
772 Signs of the Supreme Dao Stage
771 Wait for Actions To Accumulate Power
770 The Alarming Change Before the Coiled Dragon Royal Mansion
769 The Eastern Polar Region
768 Explosion of Conflicts
767 Musical Dragon Clans Repulsive Gues
766 The Unconventional and the Noble
765 Unruliness of the Sorceress
764 A Chaotic State of Affairs
763 Deep North Skill, Absorbing Dragon Breath
762 Killing Supreme Dao Warriors
761 A Counter Plan
760 Five Elite Warriors Blocking the Way
759 Bloodline of the Phantom Dragon
758 Egg of the Phantom Dragon, Incubated
757 Break Through the Rushing Current Valley Together?
756 Fish Dragon Clan, Most Exceptional Elite Warrior
755 A Grand Transaction
754 Representative Treasure of the Highest Quality
753 Treasure Pavilion of the Fairy Dragon
752 Peak of the Common Mysterious Stage!
751 Waging War with the Sorceress
750 Eastern Sea Sorceress, Mi Jia!
749 Learning Through Battle
748 The Controller of the Tian Xuan Land
747 Seven Deadly Arrays Formation, Initial Exposure
746 The Horned Dragon Clan
745 The Immemorial Rumor
744 To Be Rescued
743 Subduing the Enemy Without Fighting
742 The Path of Doon
741 Suspicion with the Hissing Moon Island
740 The Face of Family Crisis
739 Brothers Reuniting
738 Next Move- Falling Treasure Gulf
737 Beginning the Journey to the Endless Eastern Sea
736 Seven Deadly Arrays Formation- The Fifth Loop
735 Shooting the Sky, Killing Wuji
734 A Plan to Ambush
733 Xin Wuji!
732 A Great Strike, Appearance of the Crack
731 A Big Fuss at the Heavenly Emperor Gate
730 Five Elders Killed Instantly
729 Separate in Three Ways
728 Attack the Heavenly Emperor Gate?
727 The Great Responsibility for a Continued Tradition
726 Head Chiefs Strategic Choice
725 Nirvana Heavenly Plow
724 Profound Theory in the Formation
723 The Injured Heavenly Emperor
722 Secrets of the Graceful Spiritual Bow
721 Shooting Sun Arrows, Instant Kill!
720 The Great Battle at the Aspiring Throne Mountain
719 The Qin Clan’s Trump Cards
718 The Power of the Heavenly Emperor
717 The Power of the Divine Arrows
716 The Heavenly Emperor’s Divine Palace
715 Ready to Fight to the Death!
714 Meeting Mu Rong Xu Again
713 Elite Warriors of the Xuan Yuan Clan
712 Colluding of the Four Sects
711 The Distribution of the Supreme Dao Frui
710 Head Chief
709 Return with Triumph
708 The Champion!
707 Thousand Feeler Cloud Chasing Beas
706 The Exquisite Mysterious Boundary Stage
705 Shooting Sun Arrow!
704 A Face to Face with the Divine Beas
703 Fight for the Championship
702 Comprehending Laws
701 Opponents Shrinking Tactic
700 Wushuang Showing Off Power Again
699 The Ninth Island!
698 Locking the Top Six Places
697 Wushuang Makes a Move
696 Vision, Going for the Championship
695 Coexistence of Pros and Cons, Escalated Battles
694 Publicity of the Qin Clan
693 Comprehending the Supreme Dao Stages
692 The Ambition to Dash for the Crown
691 Ten-Thousand Year Pilgrimage Pagean
690 Li Buyis Old Friends
689 Xin Wuji?
688 An Unexpected Testimony
687 Elite Warrior of the Totem Clan
686 To Turn the Tables
685 Denunciation of Crimes
684 The Karakorum Immortal Clan
683 The Divine Beast- Shriveled
682 Xin Wuji, Dead!
681 The Moment of Summi
680 The Start of War
679 The Plan to Kill Xin Wuji
678 A Secret Battle Between Higher Officials
677 Escape
676 Returning to the Cave
675 One Prisoner
674 Refined, Sky Pilfered Pill!
673 Villains Collude Together
672 Another Side of Xin Wuji
671 Pure in Heart and Spiri
670 Shui Ruolan
669 Xin Wujis Fury
668 On the Brink of Life or Death
667 The Supreme Dao Trap in the Ten Thousand Flower Valley
666 A Showdown Between Two Geniuses from the Heavenly Emperor Mountain
665 The Sudden Appearance of Xin Wuji
664 The Supreme Dao Frui
663 The Awakening of the Divine Spiritual Beas
662 Brothers Meeting Together Again
661 Senior Brother Shang Ye
660 The Emei Daoist Sec
659 A Breakout of Chaotic Warfare
658 Information about the Hidden Treasure?
657 The Ten Thousand Flower Valley Pagean
656 The Hero Becomes a Prisoner of Love
655 Intimidating the Enemy
654 Jiu Fang Yunfei
653 Six Major Daoist Sects
652 Coming Back From Deaths Door
651 The Immortal Leaf Fast Boats
650 A Supreme Realm,
649 The Partition of the Supreme Dao
648 Three Restrictions from the Heavenly Emperor
647 Great Aspiration of the Chief
646 Zhi Huai Admits Defea
645 A Battle of Wit and Power
644 Predestined Confrontation
643 The Opening Fight- The Highligh
642 Head Senior Brother, Qin Taichong
641 The Opportunity for the Rapid Advance
640 Fight, a Life and Death Battle Contrac
639 Fight me One on One
638 The Strong Makes the Rules
637 Unspoken Rules of the Ascending Dragon Slope
636 A Crooked Stick Throws a Crooked Shadow
635 The Pageant of the Totem Clan
634 Postponing the Conflic
633 Qin Shaohong, the Pretentious Prick
632 Breakthrough
631 Return to the Aspiring Throne Mountain!
630 Rescuing Xiao Guan
629 Absolute Advantage
628 Pressing the Border
627 Xiao Guans Secret Troubles
626 The Path to Former Glory
625 The Problem in Recognizing Ancestors and Returning to the Clan
624 Reunion in the Endless Eastern Sea
623 Covering Your Head and Sneaking Away Like a Ra
622 Hares May Pull Dead Lions By the Beard
621 Places Change, Old Friends Remain
620 The Journey Home
619 Huge Changes in Attitude
618 Betrothal Gift? A Supreme Dao Weapon!
617 Classic Story of the Dragon Race
616 Wushuangs Elegant Demeanor
615 Give Back the Supreme Dao Weapons? No Way!
614 How to Determine Victory or Defea
613 Triumphant Return
612 Bloodline of the Immemorial Phantom Dragon
611 Qin Wushuangs Choice!
610 Heaven Earth Coiling Dragon Palace Hall, Ying Yang Life and Death Bridge
609 A Barrier before the Palace, Nine Dragon Pillars
608 Mystical Space- Coiling Dragon Palace Hall
607 Engulfing Blue Ray
606 Trapped in a Siege
605 Panic
604 Once Again Revealing the Powerful Prestige of the Deep North
603 Target Locked: Lei Jiao!
602 Exterminating Hu Qiulan
601 Let the Hunt Begin
600 Advancing to the Profound Void Martial Stage!
599 Entering the Black Dead Sea!
598 The Gathering of Supreme Dao Warriors
597 Love at First Sigh
596 Agreeing To A Life or Death Battle
595 Being Assertive
594 Mu Rong Xus Resolution
593 Fighting a Battle of Words, Remaining Self-Composed
592 Rushing To The Floating Snow House
591 Sweet Promise
590 Expressing Our Thoughts To One Another, Endless Love
589 Confession Under the Eyes of Ten Thousand People
588 Miss Mu Rongs Imposing Manner
587 The Controversy regarding the Title of the Core Disciple
586 One Step Back for Two Steps Forward Tomorrow
585 Guan He Admits Defea
584 Elder Guan He!
583 Teaching you the Lesson, In Name of the Qin Clan
582 Hitting the Dog while Disregard the Owner
581 Power of Wushuang
580 Unexpected News!
579 Ancestral Hometown, Journey of Searching for the Roo
578 Second Chiefs Appreciation and Generousity
577 Wushuangs Great Aspiration!
576 Sacrificial Valley, the Paramount Glory of the Qin Clan
575 Lining the Streets to Welcome, Wushuang enters the Mountain
574 Unrivaled Wushuang
573 Breaking through the Soil, Roaring across the Horizon!
572 Son of the Heavenly Emperor
571 Heavenly Punishing Villa
570 Preeminent Means of the Supreme Dao!
569 Chief Stepping Out, The Load on Wushuangs Mind
568 Two Elite Warriors of the Supreme Dao
567 Elite Warriors of the Qin Clan!
566 Wushuangs Fame for Fighting the Prowess Spreads Across the Qin Clan
565 Heavenly Emperor Mountain, Headquarter of the Qin Clan
564 A Flustered and Exasperated Luo Tongtian
563 Exposed
562 Heavenly Punishing Hawk!
561 Rise of Ambition before the Escape of the Supernova
560 Making a Painstaking Investigation, Trapped Wushuang
559 Four Great Dao Warriors
558 Perfect Breakthrough, Transformation Void Martial Stage!
557 Heavenly Luo Daoist Sects Nightmare
556 Heading Towards the Transformation Void Martial Stage
555 Destruction of the Lifeline of the sect!
554 As If Its the End of the World
553 Subduing Devil Stone Table
552 Entering the Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley
551 The Last Checkpoin
550 Nine Refined Mysterious Wind Valley
549 Captured Luo Yang!
548 Sudden News
547 Luo Yangs Resentmen
546 Destiny will Make Enemies Mee
545 Heading Towards the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect!
544 Prioritize Attacking the Mind
543 Closing the Ne
542 The Big Fish Takes the Bai
541 Perverted Landlord Zuo
540 Searching for the Breakthrough Poin
539 Target: Heavenly Sun Mountain!
538 Lifeline of the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sec
537 Six Major Treasures
536 Treasure-House of the Abyss
535 The Candidate to Carry out the Plan!
534 No Discord, No Concord
533 Dark Wind Valley, Giant Monster
532 A Helpless and Angered Head Dao Warrior
531 Seizing a Total Victory
530 Wushuang Battles a Profound Void Martial Stage Warrior
529 Deadly Pursuit & Countering the Pursui
528 Initiating Strategic Move
527 Collecting Corpses at the Profound Dragon Plain
526 Unusual Move from an Unusual Person
525 Observant Finger Jade Board
524 Capital City of Danxia Prefecture
523 Sculpting Master
522 Dealing with the Aftermath
521 Honor Does Not Allow One to Glance Back, Putting Luo Ting to Death
520 Luo Tings Obnoxious Form
519 Brothers Reunion at Wild Flame Cliff
518 Once Familiar Crest Mountain Place
517 Hunting Down Luo Ting
516 All Reveal Divine Skills!
515 Inescapable Net to Surround Luo Ting
514 You Are the One Im Scheming Against!
513 Counterattack from Black Panther!
512 Mu Rong Xus Ordeal
511 Overrawing Black Panther
510 You Chose to Not Walk the Way to Heaven
509 Bugle Horn of the Counterattack
508 Ready to Counterattack
507 Qin Wushuangs Rage
506 Merciless Harves
505 Initiating the Attack
504 Subdued Puppets
503 Controlling the Battle Scene
502 Major Army Pressing the Border
501 Begin the Hun
500 Summoning, Five Great Spiritual Beasts!
499 At the Border, Wind Sighing and Crane Calling
498 Encountering Mu Rong Xu
497 Silver Monkey Kings Message
496 Preparing for Battle
495 Urgently Returning Home
494 A Consipiracy Discovered, Most Urgen
493 Outrageous Power of the Divine Dao
492 The Most Poisonous Female Hear
491 Murder Case of the Bowl Valley
490 Sealed Scroll!
489 Purging the Enemies
488 Fourth Circle of the Seven Deadly Formation Arrays
487 Puppet Martial Artists
486 Austere Murderous Spiri
485 Tortoise King Mountain!
484 Limpid as the Autumn Water with the Essence of Divine Jade
483 Boss will go first!
482 A Chance to Survive
481 Life and Death Entrustmen
480 Elite Qin Warrior of the Heavenly Emperor Mountain
479 Wings of Divine Dao
478 Refined Void Martial Stage!
477 Demeanor of an Elite Warrior
476 Means to Smash the Void into Pieces
475 From Primordial Spirit to Indestructible State of Mind
474 Potential Enemy, Luo Ting
473 Towards the Refined Void Martial Stage!
472 Scattering the Information
471 Divine Finger Mountain, Primary Central Sec
470 Fight, Fight, Fight!
469 Divine Finger Mountain
468 Making Concession In Order to Gain an Advantage
467 Miraculous Pupil Attachment Technique
466 Unyielding General Manager Su
465 The Sudden Crisis
464 A Trynannical Kill
463 One Hundred Thousand Crystals worth of Prize!
462 Fearlessness Evoked
461 A Popular Mission
460 Absurd Marriage
459 Lord Mu Rong
458 Second Class Assassination Bounty
457 Becoming Rich Overnigh
456 Threats and Persuasions
455 Not Leaving a Single One
454 Hurt it where it Hurts the Mos
453 Graceful Spiritual Bow, Key to the Victory!
452 Qin Sheng of the Profound Void Martial Stage!
451 An Unexpected News
450 The Eve before the Final Battle
449 Mutual Deception
448 Commander Chens Suspicion
447 Another Undercover!
446 Wushuang Unleashing his Power
445 Wushuangs Three Arrows
444 Arrival of a Formidable Combatant!
443 Trump Card of the Hundred Leaf Qin Clan
442 Hundred Leaf Qin Clan
441 Powerful Force
440 Elite Warrior at the Profound Void Martial Stage
439 Successfully Penetrated
438 Registration, An Intelligence Competition
437 Elite Warrior that Appeared from Nowhere
436 Vigorous Style of the Qin Clan
435 Not Leaving a Single One!
434 Offspring to the Hundred Leaf Qin Clan
433 A Great Harves
432 Reversed Extortion
431 Evil Guests from the Green Tree Gang
430 Use of Evil Means, Punishing Evil People
429 Money Problem
428 Xuan Yuan Mound, Iron Wood State City
427 Purple Flame Electric Beast, Void Martial Stage!
426 Source of the Qin Clans Crisis
425 Supreme Divine Dao Legend
424 Rare Spiritual Fruits, Outrageous Efficacy Defying the Natural Order
423 Conquering Lin Dian, Recruiting Subordinates
422 Secrets of the Heavenly Emperor Mountain
421 Cloud Garment Feathery Covering Technique
420 Astonishing Elite Warrior, Mystical Means!
419 With Irresistible Force
418 The Graceful Spiritual Bow Demonstrating its Power Once Again
417 An Absorption Feas
416 Launching the Surprised Attack
415 Joining Forces with the Monkey Clan
414 All According to their Plan
413 Modifying the Attack Plan
412 Creating a Gigantic Scene with the Barbarian Tribe
411 Power of the Spear
410 Strategy to Relieve a Besieged Ally
409 Red Maple Human Clan, the Unknown Scheme
408 Unexpected Interception
407 Heading to the Xuan Yuan Mound
406 Future of the Human Realm
405 Convinced
404 Taking the Initative
403 Just Battle
402 A feast?
401 Mystical Nine Raven Abyss
400 Visiting the Nine Raven, Receiving the Highest Treatmen
399 Activated the mechanism, Secrets of the Qin
398 Ancestral Spiritual Spear
397 Amusing Story about a Marriage Predestined by Fate
396 Heavenly Royal Mansion, Honoring All
395 Perfect Stage!
394 Absorbing Zuo Tianci, Welcoming another Breakthrough
393 Shooting Zuo Tianci
392 Resolved to Kill
391 Decisive Battle at the Red Cloud Mountain
390 Zuo Tianci has Arrived
389 Prophecy from the Head Divinity Chief!
388 Engulfing the Starry Galaxia
387 Specialized Technique, Altering the Star Position
386 Provocation, Counterattack
385 Seeking Help from the Qin Clan in the Xuan Yuan Mound?
384 Void Martial Stage, Shape Refinement!
383 Wild Counterattack Scheme
382 Void Martial Stage Spiritual Beas
381 Head of the Eastern Alliance!
380 Eastern Alliance Conference
379 Finding the Real Identity
378 Intimidating all with Power
377 Wushuang is Making a Move
376 A Mysterious and Strange Gues
375 Compromise from the Dragon and Tiger sec
374 Deference
373 Spiritual Key
372 Frightened and Fearful
371 Power of the Void Martial Stage
370 Exterminator Luo Yun has Arrived
369 Rumors about the Powerhouse in the Xuan Yuan Mound
368 Meeting with a Beautiful Lady?
367 Strategy
366 Elite Warrior at the Void Martial Stage, Ready to Move
365 Destroying the Archaic Mysteries Sec
364 In a Plight with No Way Ou
363 Fury Dragon Whip, Power of the Void Martial Weapon
362 The Plan for Taking Over
361 Total Defeat of the Nine Palace Faction, Extirpating the Archaic Mysteries Sec
360 Playing with Zuo Tianci
359 Absorb, another Absorbtion!
358 Inflicting Serious Damage on the Nine Palace Faction
357 To Lure the Tiger From its Domain in the Mountain
356 The Pleasure in Hitting People from Nowhere
355 Initiating the Attack!
354 Qin Wushuang Offering a Strategy
353 Elite Warrior at the Void Martial Stage!
352 Unstable Situation befor the Battle, Calmness before the Storm
351 Two Major Buffoons
350 Burning the Nine Palace
349 The Mad Battle Beast, Purple Flame Electric Beas
348 Third Loop of the Formation
347 Breaking the Seal, Freeing the Spiritual Beas
346 The Green Ice-Heart Fruits
345 Fellowship between the Teacher and Disciple
344 Saving Teacher from the Brink of Death
343 Return to the Stargaze Palace
342 Returning from a Rewarding Journey
341 The Miraculous Spiritual Infant Fruits
340 Birth of the Golden Monkey King!
339 Power of the Advanced Stage
338 Advanced Stage!
337 At the Edge of Breaking Through
336 A Great Harves
335 Signs of Breaking into the Advanced Stage
334 A Sneak Attack on Zhu Dazhong
333 Monkey King Mountain, Rumors of the Spiritual Infant Fruits
332 Rigorous Scheme and Deep Foresigh
331 Scheme Interrupted
330 Guest From the Xuan Yuan Mound?
329 Young Master Zhao had been Beaten
328 Miss Mu Rong
327 Peerless Beauty
326 Intimidating Power of the Nine Raven National Scholar Commanding Plate
325 Skillfully & Vigorously Forging Ahead
324 Power of Deep North Technique, One Absorption after Another
323 To Wait for Action afte Accumulating Power
322 Each Step Closer
321 Putting on a Play at the Brothel
320 Heading to the Red Dragon Empire
319 Destinies Will Make Enemies Mee
318 Nine Raven Temple
317 The Goal, Spiritual Infant Fruit of the Disperse Praying Mountain!
316 Teacher and Disciple are like Ones own Flesh and Blood
315 Tan Zhongchi, In a Matter of Life and Death
314 The Arrival of Wushuang, Power of the Spiriutal Bow!
313 Stargaze Palaces Crisis
312 Super Elite Warriors Pressing Down on the Borders
311 Three Great Leaders
310 Ask a Tiger for its Skin
309 Trump Card, Graceful Spiritual Bow
308 Teachers Anger and Frustration
307 Return in Glory
306 Excuse for not Going out to Greet You
305 Feeling Moved from the Bottom of his Hear
304 The Return of Marquis Wushuang, Great Celebration of the Bai Yue Country!
303 The Head Palace Master is also Overprotective!
302 Third Leader of the Archaic Mysteries Sec
301 Splitting the Wager Winnings
300 Seizing Victory in Grand Manner
299 Countdown to the Victor
298 High-Spirited Zhao Muzhi
297 Expansion of Advantages
296 Who Will Win?
295 Big Dipper Sky Gang Formation
294 Most Outstanding
293 Strategies Offered by Wushuang
292 Hard-Earned Capital as Wagers
291 The Vow
290 Secrets of the Endless Eastern Sea
289 State of Frighten at the Sheer Cliff
288 First Round Rules, Deja Vù
287 The Friendly Competition Between the Three Empires!
286 Twin Stars of the Stargaze Palace
285 Big Shot from the Archaic Mysterious Sec
284 Assembly of the Disciples, Share of Happiness and Sadness
283 The Best Stage to Make a Come Back
282 Ruckus
281 Power of the Graceful Spiritual Bow
280 Duel Between Elite Warriors
279 To Pull the Wolf from the Cave
278 Devil Boy, the Middle Stage Warrior
277 Disciples of the Same Sect were More than Just Friends
276 The Treasure, Gracious Spiritual Bow
275 Nine Refinements Ying Yang Spiritual Wine
274 In for a Penny, In for a Pound
273 Unreasonable and Tryannical
272 Miraculous Foresigh
271 A Joker that Sees Everything, or a Wise Person?
270 Travel Alone for Tens and Thousands of Miles
269 What is the Void Martial Force?
268 Above the Spiritual Martial Force is the Void Martial Force
267 Tan Zhongchis Methods
266 Qin Ancestors Secret Instructions
265 Regroup
264 Love the House and its Crow
263 Secretly Returning to the Royal Mansion
262 Restless
261 Fury
260 Comprehension in the Cave
259 The Biggest Fortuitous Opportunity in the Second Loop
258 The Seven Deadly Formation of Arrays
257 Heaven Falls and the Earth Ren
256 In Dire Straits
255 The Mysterious Natural Pi
254 Deep Behind the Enemy Lines
253 Rendezvous in Five Days
252 All Star Team Up
251 The Toughest Battle
250 To Aid in the Crisis
249 Middle Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force!
248 Staying in Isolation to Welcome the Breakthrough
247 The Signs of Breaking Through
246 A Middle Stage War Beas
245 Alone
244 Death of an Upper Sky Martial Sain
243 Separating into Three Routes
242 Rewards from the Core Ranking Competition
241 An Important Task
240 The Call from the Head Palace Master
239 Friendship of a Deceased
238 A Sense of Crisis
237 The Victor
236 To Win with the Variation in Moves
235 To Fight or Compromise?
234 To Fight with Ones All
233 The Power of a Middle Stage warrior
232 The Destined Battle
231 Emergence of the Top Four
230 The Move that is in Defiance of the Natural Order
229 Encountering the Third Seed
228 Beat You until You Collapse
227 Draw for the Fourth Round
226 Admitting Defeat Without a Figh
225 To Win with the Sword, and to Convince with Morality
224 Lone Nine Sword
223 Second Round of the Draw
222 As Expected
221 First Round
220 Honoring the Promise
219 The Rules of the Core Ranking Competition
218 Perfect Scores in All Six Categories
217 The Last Round
216 Head Palace Masters Attitude
215 A Test on Spiritual Qi Depth
214 Absorption and Merging
213 Absorbing the Spiritual Qi to my Satisfaction
212 Zhou Fus Expectation
211 The Sixteen Years of Record
210 Dashing into the Distance
209 First Perfect Score
208 The Year-End Exam
207 Building a Momentum for Qin Wushuang
206 Tan Zhongchis Ambition
205 Returning to the Stargaze Palace
204 Beheading the Second Martial Sain
203 Burning the Royal Palace
202 One Against Three
201 Qin Wushuangs Bottom-line
200 Crying to the Stargaze Palace for Help
199 Cracking Down Each One
198 Three Conditions
197 Playing with the Martial Saints from the Great Jin
196 Unstoppable
195 Kill to the Palace
194 Putting Qi Shengnan to Death with Fury
193 Killing at the Flying Cloud Camp
192 The Honourable Death of the Martial Sain
191 Arrival of the Killing God
190 A Bloodbath
189 North East Front Line
188 The First Martial Saint Admits Defea
187 An Upper Sky Against an Upper Sky Warrior
186 At a Critical Juncture
185 First Martial Sain
184 One Pill for One Upper Sky Warrior
183 Stretching a Hand and Grabbing i
182 Killing in One Move Instantly
181 Bloodbath on the Stree
180 Who was More Egotistical!
179 Looting a Burning House
178 Evil Guests at the Gate
177 Oppressing the Enemy With Ease
176 Lure the Enemy to a Trap
175 Making an Appointment to Fight at the West Wind Hollow
174 Shocking News
173 Outrageous Quality of the Initial Stage Spiritual Pills
172 Marvellous Aspects in the Practice of the Alchemy
171 Shakyamuni Li Huo
170 Coincidentally Meeting an Old Friend
169 Winning the Stakes
168 Winning Against the Sword with the Sword
167 Vow to Never Compromise
166 Another Threa
165 True Opponen
164 Gained the Upper Hand by a Show of Strength!
163 Violet Sun Sword
162 Beautiful Senior Sister
161 Primary Material for the Body Sculpting Pill
160 Nature Manifestation Valley
159 Taught a Lesson to the Roadside Bullies
158 Merging the Spiritual Qi
157 A Surprised Gain
156 If I Could Not Kill You, I Would Rather Drain You to Death
155 Secret Elite Warrior
154 Absorption in Defiance of the Natural Order
153 Power of Deep North
152 Shooting Down the Spiritual Beas
151 An Upper Sky Bird
150 Secret Information of the Land
149 Teachers First Lesson
148 The Decision
147 Stargaze Palace!
146 Ji Yin Compromised
145 A Strong Force Charging Through the Mountain Gate
144 Second Palace Master of the Star Gauze
143 Heading to the Great Luo Empire
142 Old Man Ji Yins Scheme
141 Arrival of a Professional Killer
140 Another Upper Sky Warrior
139 An Enticing Bai
138 Old Man Ji Yin
137 The Path of the Upper Sky Realm
136 No Reason Not to Kill You!
135 Counterattack in a Desperate Situation
134 Battle Between the Upper Sky Realm Warriors
133 A Challenge to Li Wuji
132 Exposing the Redwood King
131 An Unbridled Gues
130 Upper Sky Realm Technique
129 Rising to the Upper Sky Realm!
128 Invasion from an Upper Sky Warrior
127 Absolute Authority
126 Great Luo Empire
125 Phoenix Nirvana
124 A Fortuitous Meeting at the Paradise Land Beneath the Bottomless Cliff
123 The Coagulated Sword
122 Officially Crowned as King!
121 No Poison, No Great Man
120 Water and Fire
119 Seizing the Upper Hand!
118 Those Who Defy Me, Die!
117 Intimidations at the Kings Mansion
116 Marching into the Redwood Kings Mansion
115 The Only Clue
114 A Crisis!
113 A Dragon is Not Meant to Stay in the Pond
112 Power of the Upper Sky Realm
111 Royal Territory
110 Great Martial Sain
109 The Differences Within Stage Nine
108 Taking the Initiative to Decline the Marriage
107 Intimidating the Little Ones
106 The Great Honored Warrior Steps Forward
105 Tyrant Of The Imperial Capital
104 Who Was More Arrogan
103 Deliberately Complicating an Issue
102 Super Dark Horse
101 Team Victor And The Final Mystery
100 Intense Atmosphere
99 Exam Ended!
98 A Demonic Performance
97 Exam After Crossing
96 Crossing
95 Foreign Participan
94 Eighty Points Collected
93 Sniping and Counter-Sniping
92 Trap
91 Basic Foundation of a Collaboration
90 Mutual Deception
89 Five Points in Hand
88 Gain on the First Day
87 Brutal Competition
86 Strange Exam Rules
85 Rules Exposed Beforehand
84 The Outrageous Reward
83 Never Become Enemies For Generations
82 Making Friends
81 Compromise From the Feudal Lord
80 Soar to the Sun, Regardless of the Strength of the Enemy
79 To Use Force Rather Than Talks
78 Patriarch of the Xi Men Feudal Lords
77 Erratic
76 Confrontation
75 Karmic Retribution Within One’s Lifetime Comes Quickly
74 Clashing In State City
73 Southcloud State City
72 The Perfect Sun Force
71 The Initial Formation of an Iron Army
70 Secret Information And A Reques
69 The Devilish Training
68 Planning the Military Managemen
67 Plans
66 Acting Like a Bulldog of One’s Free Will
65 Strike Back at Each One
64 Answer a Fool According to His Folly
63 Pledging One’s Life to Protec
62 Emergency
61 An Immense Rise in Social Status
60 Promoted to the Wealthy Class
59 Admitting Defea
58 Secret Information of the Feudal Lords
57 Upholding Justice Regardless of the Size of the Enemy’s Army
56 A Palm of Pride
55 Three Free Moves
54 First Victory
53 The Battle For The Wealthy Class Sea
52 A Deliberate Show of Strength as a Warning
51 Cold-Blooded Eleven
50 A Man Must Humble Himself Before Others Do So
49 Exposed On The Spo
48 The One That Came With Ill-Intentions
47 A Whole New Level Of Respec
46 Unlimited Stupidity
45 Missy Yun’s Apology
44 A Banquet to Die For?
43 The Xi Men Feudal Lords
42 From Arrogance to Reverence
41 Not Only Will I Go Behind Your Back, But I Will Also Beat You
40 Do Not Mess With Me
39 Battle Plan
38 Da Xi Ming’s Humiliating Story
37 You Have Fallen For My Sister?
36 An Uproar
35 Rise of The Stepping Stones
34 Martial Artists’ Declaration
33 The Grand Finale
32 The Crane Called Out As The Wind Sighed
31 Instant kill, Another Instant Kill!
30 The Seven Young Masters of River County
29 Examiner’s Invitation to a Banque
28 Outrageous, Outrageous!
27 Disturbance While Reading The Public Roll II
26 Disturbance While Reading the Public Roll I
25 A Gratified Father
24 Shine
23 The Martial Arts Student Exam
22 Arrival of the Feas
21 The Niu Family, Their Competitor In Eastwood Town
20 The Classics Of Tendon Changing Technique That Will Transform Your Body and Bones
19 Father’s Anxiety
18 Father’s Expectation
17 Teaching the Martial Arts Techniques
16 Training Like a Madman
15 Da Xi Yang
14 The Unexpected Witness
13 Fight Fire With Fire
12 I Tried to Find Peace, But You Won’t Let Me
11 The Sun Force
10 Who is the Real Pervert?
9 Missy Yun’s Anger
8 Counterattack, Counterattack!
7 Return to the Martial Arts Academy
6 Provocation and Counterattack
5 Evil Guests Arrived
4 Older Sisters Anxiety
3 Strong-Willed Father
2 Reborn into the Humble Family
Chapter 1: The Legendary “Xinghe”