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914 The Second Chance

 The action in the legal letter that He Zhichu had sent to the owner of the validated account had come to a halt due to his passing. Upon investigation, the police had confirmed that it was due to a traffic accident. The bus driver had to take some responsibility, but because the owner of the validated account had made a dash across the street, he had to bear half of the responsibility as well. Therefore, eventually, nothing was done about it.


Taro Ishihara returned to his condominium with a slight smile on his handsome face. He had just turned eighteen years old this year and was one year younger than Gu Nianzhi. However, he had already graduated from the master's program and was currently studying for his doctorate in chaos mathematics. No matter what, he was already ahead of Gu Nianzhi in terms of academic achievement.

Turning on his computer, he saw the information that Toi Ohara had sent him regarding another person. This was his second chance. He could only succeed and not fail again.

This second person was Gu Yanran's biological father. He was in a vegetative state.

Letting this man in a vegetative state die "naturally" was easy in some ways and tough in others. It would be easy to let him die a "natural death" if he were in their hands.

However, this man was currently in a hospital in the Hua Xia Empire. According to their observations, there were people guarding him in the dark as well. If they really sent people to kill this man, then they would be exposing themselves.

After calculating for a while, Taro Ishihara turned on his program and began calculating the probabilities of each possibility. The chaotic calculation that he had come up with could include things that seemed like they were beyond control before linking those things to the main incident and calculating the probabilities of them happening. Then, it could calculate the best method in order to achieve what they wanted to do.

For example, his goal was to let the owner of the validated account die "naturally" during the first chance. Finally, the things that were calculated by the program happened successfully in sequence.

Now what he wanted to calculate was which incident would have the highest probability of happening and which combination of incidents would have the highest probability of allowing him to achieve his goal.

Gu Yanran's father was in a vegetative state. However, no one knew when he would regain consciousness. Although this person was not too important, what if he were to regain consciousness and spout nonsense? It would be much better to let him die a "natural death."

He stayed up for two days in his condominium calculating the probabilities and combinations before finding the best one. In order for those events to happen, it would, of course, require his "butterfly wings." Taro Ishihara played with the coin in his hands, and a flash of light appeared in his eyes.


It was New Year's Eve shortly after Christmas. New Year's Eve was a day that was celebrated internationally. Of course, that would include the Hua Xia Empire. On the morning of the thirty first of December, the skies were gray, and it looked like it was going to snow. The winter in Di Capital was not exactly freezing this year. There were small snow flurries now and then, but there were no snow storms.

The moment working hours began, no one was really in the mood to work. They could not wait to go home and celebrate the holiday. At the normal hospital in Di Capital, Sihuan District, the nurses and doctors on duty were in an exceptionally good mood, as it would be the holidays soon.

After breakfast, the doctors took the interns on their rounds. They went room by room, patient by patient. Perhaps because it was about to be New Year's Eve, everyone's attitude was good. The doctors were smiling, and the patients were polite. They had a peaceful and harmonious relationship.

It had already been a while since Gu Yanran's father was transferred to this normal hospital. Before Gu Yanran was taken away by the Special Forces, she had already said that she had run out of money and had requested that the hospital pull the plug. Of course, the hospital could not make the decision. If the Special Forces did not agree, they would not dare to pull the plug. However, they did not pay special attention to him, either.

When the doctors and interns arrived at the door to the room Gu Yanran's father was in, the doctor furrowed his brows in an annoyed fashion and turned to the interns. "This patient has already been in a vegetative state for seven years. He will be reaching the eighth year soon. You can check on his physical state when you are free. It will be helpful to learn about humans in a vegetative state."

The interns looked at each other and nodded as they smiled. Due to the fact that it would be New Year's Eve soon, there were many people who were in the hospital to visit. There were some youths running around in the corridor, pushing each other, but it was not too violent. These were games that were played among them, so no one paid any extra attention. When they were tired and wanted to smoke, they had to resist temptation, as they were not allowed to smoke in the hospital.

At the other end of the corridor was a nurse pushing a gurney from the operating room. She was wearing a white coat and a nurse's hat, and was walking steadily. She was going to the operating room at the other end of the corridor to prepare for the next surgery.

Suddenly, a gold coin rolled over from nowhere. It was only a coin and would normally not cause any trouble for the gurney. However, this coin was too shiny. The moment it rolled over, the nurse looked down at it, and a flash of gold light blinded her for a second. In a state of shock, she wavered a little to the side.

The gurney bumped into one of the youths who was standing in the corridor. The youth who was controlling his temptation to smoke looked over coldly and kicked the gurney. The nurse was furious. "What do you think you're doing?! This gurney is needed to prepare for surgery! You kicked it over, so now what am I supposed to do for the surgery?!" she shouted.

"Why would that be my problem?" The youth pushed the nurse, annoyed. With that push, the nurse stumbled into the room that Gu Xiangwen was in.

One of the doctors who was in the room for his rounds turned around and asked, "What's going on?"

The nurse explained what had happened and said, full of anger, "I was merely getting them to be more careful, but look at them..."

The doctor was annoyed as well. He went to the youths and raised his voice. "This is a hospital. Do not make so much noise. Go back to where you came from!"

"Go back? You've injured our friend. Who should we seek compensation from?!"

One of the youths with a bigger build spat, "You dare to kick us out?!"

"Nonsense! How much strength can a gurney have?! Injured your friend?! Aren't you good at pretending?!" the nurse retorted quickly.

"What?! Pretending?! Come on. Take off your shirt and show this old nurse," the youth with a bigger build instructed his friend, looking like he had done so many times.

The doctor who was on his rounds was taken aback. He was about to stop them and saw that the youth had removed his shirt and pants as well... He was wearing only his briefs in the ward.

The doctor only felt that it was a nuisance and scolded them. "Put your clothes back on! What do you think you are doing?!"

No one expected that the group of youths wouldn't back off. The moment they heard that this doctor was trying to talk down to them, they got even more angry. This escalated quickly, and no one was sure who had begun this dispute.

Eventually, everyone got tangled in a fight, and many things and equipment in the ward were damaged. The boys were protecting the girls, and the doctors were protecting the interns. They were all fighting.

Of course, they could not beat the youths who had been in fights on a frequent basis.

Very soon, the lights in the ward flashed. It went dark and lit up again before everyone stopped.

The CCTV in the room had recorded the gang fight. However, no one knew when Gu Xiangwen's breathing tube had fallen out... With the equipment falling over and becoming damaged, they had to bring technicians in to repair everything.

By the time the light bulbs were changed and the ward regained its visibility, the doctor who was on his rounds realized that the man in a vegetative state had already stopped breathing...