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912 One Genius Would Suffice

 The moment He Zhichu clarified on weibo, the members of his fan club were the first to respond.

"Hubby is the best!"

"No wonder he is my hubby! Wifey will make you a good dinner tonight!"

"Those irresponsible validated accounts were too atrocious. How dare they malign my hubby! They must be tired of living!"

"Hubby is so handsome! A legal letter from you is such a blessing! I want one, too..."

Tens of thousands of reports, comments, and likes took over the entire weibo. On top of that, other validated account holders who knew about He Zhichu's capabilities also agreed with the way he did things by showing their support.

These account holders were not just any validated account holders. Some of them were the founders of the largest law firm in the Hua Xia Empire. There was also a creative director from a foreign law firm that had a branch in the Hua Xia Empire, one of the top businessmen in the Hua Xia Empire, and the wealthiest man in the real estate industry.

The moment these people voiced their support, the naysayers on weibo disappeared into thin air.

All the Mrs. Hes had beat them hands down!

As for the official account of the police force that had been tagged by He Zhichu, they replied that there was indeed someone who tipped the police off, but Mr. He had filed a police report for a stolen car, and it had also been found. Then, they supported their claims with pictures of the car that had been crashed in the mud along the river bank. They also explained that the car was severely damaged, but it did not contain what the person who tipped them off claimed it would. Therefore, the police were investigating the truth behind the tipoff and would punish the person who had decided to spread the false rumor. It was safe to say that the police force's reply and their attached pictures turned the entire situation around.

Even random netizens were now on He Zhichu's side and were scolding the people who had decided to spread rumors.


The owner of the validated account was in a frenzy at this moment. He screamed as he held onto his phone, "B*tch! How dare she sabotage me! Didn't you say that it was definitely drug trafficking?! And that the police were investigating?! How did it turn into a car theft?!"

"How would I know?! Someone tipped me off. Moreover, you accepted the person's money. It was a couple of million..." The person on the other end sounded rather guilty.

"A couple of million?! It was a couple of million Japanese Yen, my dear brother. Do you think it was worth a lot?! It will not even be enough for my lawyer's fees!" The owner of the validated account roared as he slammed his fists on the table, "If I get sued, I will drag you down with me!"

The person on the phone panicked and comforted him quickly. "Patience. Please wait. Let me ask for you again, alright? Actually, it's okay to fight a lawsuit. Does the law not allow people to speak anymore? You were merely providing a tip, weren't you? Don't worry. We will never let you get implicated for nothing. The boss said that if they really wanted to sue you, we would play the game with them 'til the end! No one is as clear as you about what we, the Ishihara Corporation, are capable of doing. Although He Zhichu is capable, he is only capable in America. He is nowhere as powerful as we are in the Hua Xia Empire!"

These corporations had been in the Hua Xia Empire for years. They had been even stronger in their earlier years. However, due to the founding of the Special Forces, they had to control their monstrous claws and not be too arrogant when it came to getting things done.

Although they had to tone down their way of doing things, their base and network were still around. Therefore, they could utilize those anytime to do things that would benefit Japan.

The owner of the validated account breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing that. He did not want to burn bridges with this organization, either. When everyone was out for business, they should coexist peacefully. Whoever wanted him to accuse anyone was fine, as long as the pay was enough. Moreover, he was only passing on a piece of information. He had not made anything up.

The police were indeed out to chase something last night. That was true. He even took a screenshot of the picture of the police force's weibo account. With that thought, the owner of the validated account softened his tone. "Haha, I am not someone who has never been through things as well. After being an influencer for so many years, I have been through enough. It's the same for celebrities as well. Who hasn't been bad-mouthed before? No one has ever sued me anyway, but all of them had said that they'd be sending a lawyer's letter. Bullsh*t! Did they think that I grew up being scared sh*tless?!"

"That's right! Brother De is the best! We will not be afraid about this, right? He Zhichu definitely bribed the police to cover up for him. If he dares to sue, I will have even more insider information for you!" Seeing that the owner of the validated account had gone soft, the person on the phone became brave again.

Everyone knew the owner of this validated account as "Brother De." He had been famous as an influencer online for 15 years. He had slowly gained popularity from being a keyboard warrior to the owner of a well-known validated account. He charged tens of thousands just when people wanted him to repost some of their posts. It could be said that he had a good sense for business.

With the Ishihara Corporation supporting him, he really didn't have anybody to fear.


It was Christmas on Sunday. Gu Nianzhi watched as He Zhichu's fans quarreled with the owner of the validated account who had begun spreading the rumor and the account that had supported it. After that, she finally got out of bed.

Just when she finished washing up, He Zhichu called and asked her to make her way to meet him. She rushed over even before having breakfast, as she knew that he wanted her to meet him to discuss what had happened last night.

Upon arriving at He Zhichu's apartment in the professor's building, she pushed the door open as she was looking through her phone. He Zhichu came out from his room and furrowed his brows. "Walk properly. What is up with looking at the phone while you walk?"

Gu Nianzhi put away her phone hastily and smiled at He Zhichu as she looked up at him. "Professor He, you have many wife-level fans, indeed!"

He Zhichu was momentarily speechless. "What wife-level fans? I don't even have a girlfriend. How could I have a wife?" He Zhichu moved his gaze away and entered the kitchen to make breakfast. "What do you want to eat?"

Gu Nianzhi looked at the time. "It's already noon. I'd like a sandwich and a cup of milk tea."

He Zhichu was the best at making sandwiches. He toasted two pieces of fluffy white bread after coating them in a layer of egg sauce until it was slightly charred, and placed some of Gu Nianzhi's favorite, prawns with mayonnaise, on them. After that, he added two slices of tomatoes and one piece of lettuce before rolling it up and placing it on a white porcelain plate. He brought the sandwich to Gu Nianzhi.

Gu Nianzhi's stomach began growling the moment she set her eyes on the sandwich. She began eating with gusto. He Zhichu made the same sandwich for himself. Although he did not like mayonnaise, he was too lazy to make something else.

After they were done eating, they began discussing who wanted both their reputations tarnished. Luckily, they discovered it in time and responded well, so Gu Nianzhi was already beyond suspicion. Currently, everyone on the internet was focusing on He Zhichu.

Gu Nianzhi was in an extremely good mood. She smiled and said, "Professor He, I really did not know that you already had so many fans on weibo. It seems like it was a wasted attempt by the person who wanted to sabotage us. He or she just made your fans love you more!" Attacking him would only spur the fans to work together and fight for their common love-their idol.

He Zhichu shook his head disapprovingly. "I created this account to look for you when you were missing. I've been wanting to close it down and don't usually go online, anyway."

Gu Nianzhi was taken aback. It was during the time she was in Germany. In order to look for her, He Zhichu had done many things that he would not have usually done.

Gu Nianzhi knew that He Zhichu was someone who had always kept a low profile. He would never expose himself to the public if he could help it. He never had an account on social media. The only ways he would contact her were through calls or texts.

Gu Nianzhi felt warmth in her heart, like she had just eaten a freshly baked lava cake. It melted immediately in her mouth after she put it in, and she felt warm all over.

When she had awakened in the morning, she actually had a slight fever. She struggled to take some acetaminophen and had rested for the entire morning. Her fever had subsided. However, upon hearing what He Zhichu had said, she felt her brain warming up like she was having a fever again.

"Professor He," Gu Nianzhi called him softly and gently, the gratitude and warmth were clear in her eyes. "Thank you."

He Zhichu raised his head and looked at her. His flirtatious eyes sparkled, and he held out his hand and held Gu Nianzhi's in his. "Please do not mention such words between us. No matter what happens, I am willing to do everything and anything for you."

Gu Nianzhi looked at he Zhichu and nodded formally. "I will help you as well, Professor He!"

He Zhichu was speechless. She totally did not understand what he was referring to! He Zhichu lowered his eyes sadly and finished the sandwich in his hands. Then, he finished his coffee and wiped his mouth before saying coldly, "I wanted to tell you about the case in Japan today. The one about 'Angel in the World' funds and the illegal gifting of the inheritance. It is progressing well. The Japanese supreme court is unable to hold it up any longer."

"Really? That's amazing!" Gu Nianzhi's eyes sparkled, and her black eyes looked like crystals. They were so very attractive. "I knew the top law firm in America would be great!" She gave He Zhichu two thumbs up.

He Zhichu smiled lightly. "Alright. Do not just try to please me. Even if we were to win the case, such a huge amount of money would not be able to be returned so soon."

"I don't care about that. As long as we win the lawsuit, I would never mind rushing them three times a day like meal times! Did they even deserve all those donations?! Do I look like an idiot?" Gu Nianzhi shook her head disapprovingly. She picked up her cup of milk tea. "When I still did not know that Gu Yanran was Japanese, I thought she was either stupid or cruel when she did the things she did. I only discovered later that she was both cruel and stupid. Such a lost cause."

He Zhichu was not interested in Gu Yanran, so he remained quiet. After they were done with their breakfast, Gu Nianzhi took on the task of drafting a legal letter for He Zhichu. She walked out of the professors' building happily.

Not far away from her, a handsome youth who was decked out in a long black coat stood under a tree, playing with a coin in his hand. He was listening to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. The grand sounds from the piano really did sound like fate was knocking on his door. He saw everything as probabilities.

He watched Gu Nianzhi's steps and calculated silently in his mind how many more steps she would take before she would run into the bicycle that was moving towards her...

A boy who was riding a bicycle was waving his hand to his partner on the street. A couple of female students walked over from the other side, laughing along the way with books in their arms. Gu Nianzhi would be passing by these two groups of people.

It was time.

The youth threw a coin out. It was just like when the butterflies in the Amazon forest batted their wings, it would cause a storm in the Atlantic ocean. The coin was shiny and eye catching. The bright rays of the afternoon sun were reflected by the shiny coin, and they went into the eyes of one of the girls who had books in their hands.

She called out as she covered her eyes and stopped in her tracks. Her friends surrounded her and asked, full of concern, "What's wrong?"

Gu Nianzhi had just so happened to walk past them. Seeing that they had stopped, she took a step to the side instinctively. Just this step caused the bicycle that was moving towards her to nearly run right into her sideways!

It was about to hit. Suddenly, someone who was on a skateboard went past quickly and raised his hand. With that, the boy riding the bicycle fell to the ground.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" The person on the skateboard quickly skated away after apologizing.

Gu Nianzhi stood in the road in shock. Then, she realized something and turned around, looking towards the youth who was decked out in black.

Full of regret, the youth thought, "Where on earth did that person on the skateboard come from?" He had left him out of his calculations just now. It seemed like his calculations were still not that accurate, after all. He needed to improve before he could... handle Gu Nianzhi.

He bowed at a 90-degree angle to Gu Nianzhi before turning and leaving. Such a genius like him in the world, only one would suffice. Gu Nianzhi was not fit to remain in this world.