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910 Seal Off

 Gu Nianzhi could calmly think through the entire incident in sequence now.

Firstly, the opponent was extremely confident about what their reactions would be. It seemed like the person had also managed to know that Gu Nianzhi would not do. They knew that she could not call Huo Shaoheng because he was watching the performance. Usually, his phone would be turned off.

Therefore, she would start looking for the police, particularly the traffic police. The moment she called the traffic police and got herself out of the vehicle, the car would be in the hands of the police officers.

'Subsequently, the 'white powder' would definitely be discovered by the police.

Getting herself into that kind of trouble almost immediately before her graduation would mean that her reputation would be tarnished. Even if she was released and found not guilty of charges any charges, there would be a stain on her legal background.

She specialized in law. How could she have a future if this happened?

Her aside, even He Zhichu would have to leave the law industry...

The worst part was that the person who had wanted to sabotage them had even placed two packets of white powder in the car! It meant that the person had also known that she would be getting into He Zhichu's car!

Gu Nianzhi almost wanted to laugh.


Huo Shaoheng had just dropped off Song Jinning at the entrance to the Institute of High Energy Physics when his phone rang. He answered it with his Bluetooth earpiece and asked, "What happened?"

It was the soldier who he'd sent to follow Gu Nianzhi.

In the Bluetooth earpiece, the soldier sounded slightly worried. "Mr. Huo, Miss Gu got into He Zhichu's car and now they are being chased by police cars! Should I follow them?"

Huo Shaoheng was slightly taken aback. "Why are they being chased by police cars? Hold on..." He put the soldier on hold and dialed Gu Nianzhi's number.

Hearing Huo Shaoheng's personalized ringtone, Gu Nianzhi answered the call immediately and asked nervously, "Huo Shao? Has the performance ended?"

Huo Shaoheng was speechless.

She suddenly felt guilty.

He asked softly, "What happened? Why are the police chasing after you guys?"

Gu Nianzhi breathed a sigh of relief. "You already know? That's great, Huo Shao! It's like this..." Gu Nianzhi quickly told Huo Shaoheng what had happened and finally said, "We are unable to do anything now. The car seems to have been fiddled with. We do not dare to get caught by the police..."

She kept herself from telling Huo Shaoheng about the two systems in He Zhichu's car, or about the camera that had recorded all the footage. She merely told him about the part when He Zhichu had asked her to analyze the situation.

When Huo Shaoheng and the guys searched the car, they would be able to find that two packets of white powder.

Huo Shaoheng took out his phone and turned on his tracking software. He found Gu Nianzhi's location in no time. Then, he sent the location to Zhao Liangze with this text: "Seal off the entire area in a five-mile radius from this location. Make the excuse that, due to the occurrence of a special incident, the special forces have to seal the area off temporarily."

Zhao Liangze received the message and got down to work.

First, he informed the police headquarters of Di Capital. Upon getting their approval, he sealed off five miles within Gu Nianzhi's location. Then, he dispatched the special forces soldiers that were on local standby.

They used the identity of the corps to cover up their true identities locally. They all wore masks that covered their entire heads, only revealing their eyes. Even if an enemy took pictures of them, they would not be able to discover their true identities.

Due to the fact that Huo Shaoheng was near her and it was a weekend, he became the commander at the eleventh hour and commanded Fan Jian to drive over.


The soldiers of the special forces had taken the armed patrolling vehicle and brought the necessary documents from the police headquarters with them. They sped towards their target location.

By this time, the police cars had almost managed to catch up to He Zhichu's car.

He Zhichu stopped the car beside the river. The wheels of the car sank into the mud along the riverbank. That would explain how a car with damaged breaks could still stop...

He had already turned off the second system, so the car system had returned to normal. Other than Gu Nianzhi, no one else could know about the real condition of the car.

Gu Nianzhi alighted from the car and waited along the riverbank. She felt cold.

Although her coat was woolen, it was more light and stylish than practical. It worked fine if Gu Nianzhi was only wearing it outdoors for a short time, but if she had to stay out in the elements longer, it didn't do much to keep Gu Nianzhi warm at all.

Moreover, the dress she had worn to the bar was a Spring edition from Dior. It did not contain a lot of wool, so she began trembling almost as soon as she stepped outside.

Her legs were numb due to the cold. Her lungs hurt when she breathed.

He Zhichu only had on a mid-length woolen coat and a Burberry scarf around his neck.

Using the lights from the car, He Zhichu looked at Gu Nianzhi. He saw that her face was almost as white as sheet. Her lips were extremely pale as well. He Zhichu removed his scarf and put it around Gu Nianzhi.

Gu Nianzhi rejected it immediately. "I am not cold, Professor He. You put it back on."

He Zhichu grabbed her hands in his. "Your hands are freezing. So much for not being cold." With that, he opened his coat and brought Gu Nianzhi into his embrace.

Gu Nianzhi wanted to reject the embrace, but it was really warm and nice. It was so toasty nice smelling inside the coat. It was not the smell of flowers or cologne. Perhaps it was the shower foam that he used, or perhaps it was just that he smelled clean.

The scent was strangely familiar.

Gu Nianzhi closed her eyes and did not reject it anymore. She was truly cold...

Why wasn't Huo Shaoheng there yet?

By this time, the soldiers from the special forces were just closing in on the area.


The police did not manage to find their exact location. By the time they arrived, they found that they could not enter anymore. A soldier wearing a full mask and night vision goggles stepped out from the darkness with a semi-automatic machine gun and signaled for them to turn back. "This area has been sealed off. You cannot go in."

"Why?!" One of the police officers jumped out of the car. "We received a tip-off that there would be a huge case here. We spent a lot of time trying to get here!"

"This is the letter of approval from your headquarters." The special forces agent flashed a copy of the approval from the police headquarters in front of them. "Move back. If you come closer, you will be defying military orders."

The person's voice was not sharp, but the calmness and steadiness in his tone sounded extremely stern.

The police officer took a look at the approval and still did not feel happy. He took out his phone and called his headquarters. Upon confirming that the approval was definitely from his superiors, he glared at the soldier and pointed at him. "I'll remember you. When will you guys leave the area? You shouldn't get to hinder us in our work."

The agent ignored him and took aim with his gun.

The police officers had guns as well, but how could his shotgun be the match of a semi-automatic machine gun?

These men were all tall and big. One could tell that they were not to be trifled with as soon as they saw them.

With no other options, the police officer craned his neck to look at the area that had been sealed off and waved. "Let's go back. We should check the number that called us with the tip-off."

The police cars left with their sirens still blaring. After a while, only their lights could be seen.

By the time Huo Shaoheng arrived in Fan Jian's car, the special forces had already sealed the area off and the police officers had departed. He nodded slightly and put on his night-vision goggles, alighted from his car, and walked over.

After walking for a short distance on the muddy path, he made a turn and looked at the scene in front of him.

The fog had thinned and there were now countless stars visible in the night sky. The grounds were flat. He could not see to the horizon.

A river was flowing nearby. The moonlight shone onto the river, creating some beautiful reflections.

A car had crashed into the mud of the riverbank. A couple was standing beside the car in an embrace. They looked so beautiful that they could have been a scene in an oil painting.