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895 I Am Here For Research

 Cai Shengnan folded her arms and laughed. "Major General Huo lives up to his name indeed. I am impressed."

Huo Shaoheng did not move. He looked in the direction of the armed soldiers. A couple of them moved over and aimed their guns directly at Cai Shengnan. "Get back to the car!" they roared.

Although she was surrounded by guns, Cai Shengnan was not intimidated. She smiled as she looked at Huo Shaoheng. "Major General Huo, do not be so impatient. Since we were able to come in, it means that we have already done the necessary paperwork. Could you please get your men to keep their weapons?"

She was still able to smile with so many guns pointed at her. Huo Shaoheng was slightly impressed by the guts of this Madam Cai. However, he did not intend to waste his time with her.

"If she is not going to get back into the car, take her away." Huo Shaoheng raised his hand. Two of the soldiers came over immediately and stood on each side of Cai Shengnan. They grabbed her arms, ready to lock her up.

It was only then that Cai Shengnan realized that Huo Shaoheng was serious in his words and that he meant every single thing that he said. However, she was still daring. She was not fazed at all, just in a lot of pain by being grabbed harshly by the two soldiers. It was so painful that her tears almost fell from her eyes. She only managed to control her tears with much determination.

Tan Guiren stood by the side with a thumping heart. Seeing that Huo Shaoheng had arrested her daring cousin just because they did not see eye to eye, she took a step forward and said, " We will leave now! Right now! Major General Huo, please let my cousin go. She just returned from overseas and does not know..."

Huo Shaoheng ignored Tan Guiren's pleas. He turned and began walking away.

Cai Shengnan laughed. She shouted after Huo Shaoheng, "Major General Huo, if you leave now, I will make sure to raise charges against you at the military court. Even if you manage to get off the hook, you will never be able to get promoted again."

Who was Huo Shaoheng?

He would never be threatened, especially by his opponent.

He continued walking like he had not heard what Cai Shengnan had just said, back straight and chest out as he headed towards his office building.

A couple of soldiers were getting impatient as well. They waved their hands and could not wait to lock up all these people who were so full of themselves.

Huo Guanchen's expression turned sour. Turning to Cai Shengnan, he said, annoyed, "Madam Cai, some things that are not meant to be said should not be said. Why would you want to look for trouble?"

Cai Shengnan did not care. She gestured for Huo Guanchen to be patient and raised her voice again. "Major General Huo, you said that we do not have the entry permit, and therefore we are trespassing. However, what happens if we do have the entry permits?"

Huo Shaoheng stopped walking.

He turned around after being silent for a while and said calmly, "If you have the entry permits, you would be required to show them to the guards at the entrance so that they can verify their authenticity. Only after that would you be permitted to enter. However, you do not have the permission of the Senate. Therefore, it would not be accepted, even if you have the entry permit."

Cai Shengnan nodded. "And what if we also have the approval from the Senate?"

What a joke.

When Cai Shengnan did something, when did she ever make a mistake?!

To enter the headquarters of the Special Forces, she had put in a lot of effort to learn all of their rules and regulations. Therefore, she knew about all the permits and approvals she would require and the limitations on the number of people who could enter. She had all of it prepared.

Due to being in the army for so long, Huo Guanchen no longer saw these details as important. However, he did not usually need to pay attention to these details. Cai Shengnan was different though.

She had just returned to the Hua Xia Empire and was in the law industry. She had to be meticulous when doing things. Moreover, she was preparing to visit a heavily guarded area in the army. Therefore, she had to know her dos and don'ts before she could overcome every single one of them.

Huo Shaoheng narrowed his eyes and thought about it before turning around. "You have the approval of the Senate? Why didn't General Huo know about this?"

Huo Guanchen looked even worse now.

So Cai Shengnan was using him as bait to test Huo Shaoheng's attitude?

She had the approval from the Senate but had not mentioned anything. Was she out to see him make a fool of himself?!

"Madam Cai, why didn't you tell me that you had the approval? Moreover, I did not apply for approval. What would it do if it was applied for by you?" Huo Guanchen was extremely unhappy with Cai Shengnan's attitude.

Cai Shengnan smiled as she calmed Huo Guanchen down. "I am also helping out in Senior Speaker Long's office currently. I approached him for a letter of approval for you. I had thought that we would not need it, but I prepared it just in case. I did not expect that we would need to use it."

Her perfect eyes looked at Huo Shaoheng, then Huo Guanchen, and smiled.

Although she was still being held back by two soldiers, the soldiers did not use as much strength anymore. Cai Shengnan did not feel pain at all at this point.

"Let go of her," Huo Shaoheng commanded as he walked towards them. With her arms freed, Cai Shengnan produced a set of approval documents from her bag and handed it to Huo Guanchen.

Huo Guanchen took a look and placed them with the spot check approval that had been approved by the army. It became a complete set of documents of approval. He would be able to conduct a spot check in the headquarters of the Special Forces.

Huo Shaoheng nodded and allowed his men to bring the people from Huo Guanchen's political department to the entrance for a check, including checking the authenticity of the entry permits.

Seeing that the people from his department were being led through the procedure all over again, Huo Guanchen breathed a sigh of relief. Now they would not be chased away.

If he'd been chased away just like that, how else could he carry out his checks in the future?! He had to thank Cai Shengnan for her careful arrangement. The unhappiness that Huo Guanchen had felt towards Cai Shengnan disappeared.

However, Huo Shaoheng was still firm with Cai Shengnan and the group. "As for you people, either you leave now or you will enter the lock-up."

"Why are you so inflexible?" Cai Shengnan did not believe she could not outtalk him. "We have the entry permits and the Senate's approval. Why won't you let us in? Moreover, we are the performing team from the army..."

"Madam Cai," Huo Shaoheng interrupted her. "Firstly, the Senate's approval allowed the political department to conduct a spot check within our compound. The spot check has nothing to do with the performance of the military performing team. If you would like to perform in our compound, please go ahead and get another approval from the Senate and the army. Secondly, even if you had the entry permits, we reserve the right to allow you to enter. When you decided to come here, Madam Cai, you did your research. Am I right, Madam Cai? So you should know the importance of entry permits. Am I right again, Madam Cai?"

Cai Shengnan narrowed her eyes, even more impressed with Huo Shaoheng.

The wit that he had when he was required to think on his feet, the logic he could manage to come up with... Pfft. He was good...

"...Finally, you are not a part of the military performing team, so stop pretending that you are."

Upon completing the three points, Huo Shaoheng made an 'after you' gesture. "Would you leave now?"

Silence engulfed the parade square. The military performing team hid in the car, trembling with fear. They were so close to cursing Cai Shengnan who was, in their opinion, looking for trouble.

She was able to sue Mr. Huo, but what about them?!

Cai Shengnan stood on the parade square and looked quietly at Huo Shaoheng. She did not leave. She did not take any steps forward either. She had been overseas for more than a decade. However, she only had a Permanent Residency in America and had not become a citizen. Therefore, when it came to citizenship, she was still a citizen of the Hua Xia Empire.

If it was not due to this important point, Huo Shaoheng would have had his men arrest her the moment she alighted from the car. However, she had just returned to the country. She had not joined the army yet.

Therefore, it was true that she was not related to the military performing team in any way.

However, due to being actively involved in the Senate recently, she'd gotten the approval of Senior Speaker Long and had already been appointed as the legal consultant to Senior Speaker Long after the impeachment case against Prime Minister Tan. She would step down from her position as the lead lawyer for the prime minister.

She'd been able to tag along today because Senior Speaker Long had granted her special permission to go to the Special Forces base for research.

In her opinion, this organization had too many powers. It was unlike the organizations that had a special authority in America like the CIA, which had to be under the scrutiny of the FBI as long as they were within the country, and the FBI had to be under the scrutiny of the Senate.

This was the type of management she approved of.

Moreover, she had an A-class entry permit, approval from the senate, and the army's agreement. The documents were complete, but she had not gone through the security check at the entrance. This was not her fault though. The guard had released them at the moment they saw Huo Guanchen's A-class entry permit and order of spot check. They did not request to see all of it for an entry permit.

If Huo Shaoheng had locked her up, she would have sued him to the extent that his future would be ruined.

Cai Shengnan raised her head and looked back at Huo Shaoheng, refusing to give up. She produced all the documents she had. "Major General Huo, even though I am not from the military performing team, no one has written any rules that only the people from the military performing team can ride in their transport vehicle. I am here as a representation of the Senate. These are my documents."

Cai Shengnan was one meter and 72 centimeters in height. On top of that, she was wearing tall boots with heels. She was already almost a meter and 80 centimeters tall, taller than most men.

However, she was still about half a head shorter than Huo Shaoheng. It did not matter though. She exuded a strong aura akin to a queen's. Huo Shaoheng lowered his head to look at the documents that she had produced but did not take them from her. He merely said, "If you want your documents checked, please go see the guards at the entrance."

Cai Shengnan immediately pulled Tan Guiren back to the car. "Let's go to the entrance."

"Do not bother with these. I have already informed the guards at the entrance that we will not be entertaining anyone from the military performing team. Therefore, please go back."

Huo Shaoheng had initially come out to handle the spot check today, he had no intention of entertaining anyone from the military performing team.

Seeing that Huo Shaoheng was still unfazed, her heart beating more determinedly.

She wanted to see what Huo Shaoheng was made of that he could be so snobbish...

Flinging Tan Guiren's hand away, she turned back to reason with Huo Shaoheng.

Tan Guiren grabbed on to her tightly and pleaded, "Cousin, okay, that is enough. Let's go now. Let us not give Mr. Huo so much trouble..."

"You are not even a somebody to him, why are you so protective?!" Cai Shengnan flicked Tan Guiren on the forehead exasperatedly. "Won't he take so much advantage of you in the future if you act like that now?! How can I allow him to take care of you when you are like that?!"

"...What are you blabbering about, cousin?!" Tan Guiren's face flushed a bright shade of red. "Do not spout nonsense like that!"

Seeing that her little cousin's ears were already red from embarrassment, Cai Shengnan had no other choice but to keep quiet.

However, it would be impossible to get her to leave just like that.

After sending Tan Guiren back to the car, she turned around again and walked back to Huo Shaoheng.

"Major General Huo, according to the laws of the Hua Xia Empire, the senate has the right to alter the laws and see that they are carried out. I am here as their representative for research at your organization. You have no right to chase me away." Cai Shengnan said that with a smile and a respectful attitude. It did not sound at all like she was trying to be rude.

However, the content of her sentence was of utmost humiliation to Huo Shaoheng.

When she said, Gu Nianzhi who had been watching the entire scene from the medical building, felt unhappy. Even the legal representative of the Special Forces, Bai Yueran, who had just managed to get, there did not feel good about it. Her expression turned sour.

She was challenging the authority of the Special Forces!