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893 Getting Off

 "Spot check from the army?" Huo Shaoheng stood up from his work desk. "Who is leading them? Do not allow them to enter first."

"...They are already in." Yin Shixiong said expressionlessly. He had stopped stammering and was already prepared to face death.

No matter what he did now, he would be dead anyway. What else should he be afraid of?!

"Already in?" Huo Shaoheng put his military hat on. "Okay. Then arrest everyone who is on duty at the main entrance first. Lock them up and send them to the military court."

Yin Shixiong's mouth fell open. "Mr. Huo?! This has nothing to do with them, does it?! I know that those people from the army entered with the A-class entry permit!"

Huo Shaoheng turned and looked at him, his glare sharper than the blades of a knife. Yin Shixiong felt his knees were getting weak. He only wanted to kneel...

"That A-class entry permit only allows two people per permit. How many people did the people who were standing guard at the main entrance let in?" Huo Shaoheng put on his leather belt and strode out.

Yin Shixiong shuddered and followed Huo Shaoheng, saying carefully, "Mr. Huo, it was General Huo who led the people in..."

There was only one General with Huo as his surname on the Military Supreme Council. It was Huo Shaoheng's father, Huo Guanchen.

Huo Guanchen was the Director of the Military-Political Department. His department was at its busiest at the end of the year.

It seemed like the guards who were on duty at the main entrance knew who Huo Guanchen was, and knew that he was Huo Shaoheng's father and the director of the military-political department. With his rank of General and by using a spot check as an excuse, he'd managed to enter the compound and bring the performing team along. That was the reason he'd been allowed in.

If it was another department in the army, there would have been no issue at all.

However, the Special Forces were not the same.

This place had a different protocol compared to all the other departments in the army. Therefore, the rules and regulations that they had to abide by were different as well. Even when they were put on trial at the military court, they were sentenced according to their own laws and rules.

Anyone who wanted to meddle in the affairs of the Special Forces would not be tolerated. Huo Shaoheng stopped in his tracks and did not talk. Then, he continued making his way out.

When he arrived at the lobby of the building, he saw that there were three military vehicles in the parade square. In the first Jeep was his father, Huo Guanchen. He had brought his chauffeur and soldiers along, plus his personal secretary.

The second vehicle carried people from the military-political department. They should be the ones doing the spot check.

The third one was a bigger vehicle, almost as big as a city bus. It was the vehicle made especially for the military performing team to send warmth. It was spacious and able to contain all of the people and their musical instruments. It was a convenient vehicle to have indeed.

There was already a group of passers-by standing around the parade square. There were armed soldiers, medical personnel in white robes, and some soldiers who were staying in the headquarters for training, awaiting dispatch, in civilian clothing.

Everyone was extremely excited and whispering to each other while pointing at the car. Curtains were drawn over the car windows, but some people opened the curtains and looked out curiously.

Huo Shaoheng wore his Bluetooth earpiece and commanded Zhao Liangze, "Disable all the signals for mobile phones within the compound. Any phones that attempt to connect to the headquarters' wireless connection, check who they are. All of them."


Huo Shaoheng strode towards the jeep that Huo Guanchen was in. Huo Guanchen was blocked by people in the parade square and could not enter. He was already furious due to that.

Finally, Huo Guanchen appeared. He alighted from the jeep and looked at Huo Shaoheng with his brows furrowed. "Get your soldiers to disarm. Why would they point their weapons at their own people? Do you know how this looks? Do you want to make mistakes?!"

Huo Shaoheng stood firmly in front of Huo Guanchen and saluted him. "Good day, sir."

Huo Guanchen's anger disappeared just like that.

This son still remembered that he was the father in front of others. He showed some dignity after all...

Huo Guanchen began smiling. Nodding, he said, "Yes, Shaoheng. I have brought people today..."

Huo Shaoheng put down his hand and interrupted Huo Guanchen. "General Huo, please select one person. The rest of the people whom you have brought in must all be arrested."

"A... Arrested?!" Huo Guanchen was taken aback. "Why should they be arrested? Are you mistaking them for the wrong people? These people are all from the military-political department and some from the military performing team. They are all not from Special Forces. You have no right to arrest them."

"It is precisely because they are not from the Special Forces. They have trespassed in a military restricted zone. We have no idea how many things they have already seen that they were not supposed to see. And we have no idea how many people would leak information. We have not even carried out background checks on these people. Mistakes like this really should not be made."

Huo Shaoheng folded his arms and stood with his legs slightly apart in front of Huo Guanchen. He was even taller and bigger than his father.

"However, this is a mistake on our part. Our men did not stand guard properly and allowed people in whom they should not have allowed to enter. I have already sent people to arrest every single one of them who was on duty at the entrance today. They will be sent to the military court to be sentenced soon."

Huo Guanchen finally understood the meaning behind Huo Shaoheng's words. He was trying to threaten him!

"You are getting off, aren't you?! Talking to me like that?!" Huo Guanchen's hands trembled as he produced a copy of a document with a big, red stamp. "See for yourself! This is a spot check document approved by the Military Supreme Council!"

Huo Shaoheng glanced at the document. "We are not against the spot check. However, the headquarters of the Special Forces has an important position in the country. Even if this is a spot check, you have to have an entry permit. May I ask if you have all the permits done?"

Huo Guanchen was silenced.

He looked carefully at the document that he'd brought. It did not state that he would not require an entry permit to enter the compounds. If it did not state that, it meant that he would require the entry permit. Huo Guanchen felt embarrassed. It was his job to conduct spot checks in the other departments of the army.

Only towards Huo Shaoheng's Special Forces did he need to apply for a letter of spot check.

He had not expected for the procedure to go wrong, or for Huo Shaoheng to manage to notice it.

He gave it a thought and initially wanted to ask Huo Shaoheng to be more lenient and allow the people to enter while he got the entry permits done.

However, Huo Shaoheng waved his hand and the armed soldiers who surrounded the area closed in on them.

The medical staff who were watching knew that something was amiss and left the scene immediately, heading directly back into the medical building.

"General Huo, please select one person and bring them along with you. The rest of them we will have to arrest and investigate one by one," Huo Shaoheng said. He had no intention of giving second chances.