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889 Adul

 Although Huo Shaoheng looked as solemn as usual, like not much had changed, Gu Nianzhi managed to see a flash of shock in his eyes. However, it was only for a split second. Gu Nianzhi still felt a huge sense of accomplishment.

Huo Shaoheng squinted, seeing Gu Nianzhi's proud expression. He leaned back onto the bed without a word. He stuck his arm out and hugged Gu Nianzhi to him again so she was leaning against his chest. Both of his hands reached into the clothes that Gu Nianzhi had just put on as he said flatly, "Oh really? Fine then, let us continue tonight."

Gu Nianzhi was startled. She blushed and took Huo Shaoheng's hands out of her clothes. "It was not enough last night?! Do you think you really have needs every single day?!"

On top of the two condoms that he had used yesterday, he still had to ejaculate twice externally. Eventually, she really could not take it anymore and fell asleep. After she was asleep, she did not even know if he had continued on his own...

Huo Shaoheng moved closer to her and looked her in the eyes. "I thought you said that we were adults? Do you know what needs adults have? I did not even enjoy myself thoroughly last night. Therefore, of course we have to continue tonight."

Four times! And not enjoyed thoroughly?! What nonsense...

The corners of Gu Nianzhi's lips twitched disapprovingly at Huo Shaoheng. Then, she pushed him away and got off the bed, looking for her slippers as she said, "Then I am sorry, please handle it on your own."

Just when she was about to turn and leave, Huo Shaoheng grabbed her arm. "Adult, did I manage to satisfy you last night?" Huo Shaoheng's voice was extremely deep. It was not suitable to ask questions like these. However, when a person who was always solemn began to flirt, it worked even better than any Casanova out there. The person whom the question was directed at could not even feel that the question was a flirtatious one.

Gu Nianzhi turned around and smiled. "Of course, I am still very impressed by Major General Huo's capabilities. I was extremely satisfied."

"That will do." Huo Shaoheng got off the bed as well. He was only wearing a pair of briefs, and his long legs and six pack made Gu Nianzhi almost unable to look away. Gu Nianzhi blushed as she willed herself to look away.

"Since I have satisfied you, then you will have to return the favor. Therefore, we will continue tonight." Huo Shaoheng patted her face and smiled meaningfully. "Nianzhi, welcome to the world of adults."

Gu Nianzhi was so stunned that she remained stationery by the bed and looked at Huo Shaoheng as he disappeared into the bathroom. Then, she jumped and frantically grabbed her things. Changing into the clothes that she had found in the room last night, she scrambled out of Huo Shaoheng's mansion.

Carrying her bag, she walked to the exit of Huo Shaoheng's mansion and called Chen Lie. "Brother Chen? This is Nianzhi. Are you awake already?" It was a Saturday morning. If there was nothing special going on, Chen Lie would usually sleep in.

When Gu Nianzhi called, Chen Lie had just finished his breakfast. He took a look at his watch and replied, "It is already nine o'clock. No matter how I sleep in, I should already be awake, shouldn't I? Come, tell me, what is the matter?"

"Can I visit you for a moment? I have some things to show you." Gu Nianzhi stammered.

"Sure," Chen Lie agreed readily. "Why would you be embarrassed with your Brother Chen? Come over." Then, he asked again, "Where are you? Do you want me to fetch you?"

Gu Nianzhi remembered how to get to the hospital building, so she walked over as she chatted on the phone with Chen Lie. The soldiers in the Special Forces headquarters still had to go through their morning routine training even though it was a Saturday morning. However, it was already nine o'clock in the morning, so the training had long been over.

As Di Capital entered into winter, the weather was extremely cold, and each breath could turn into ice. Gu Nianzhi ran out in a rush and did not bring a scarf. After walking for a while, she felt her neck turning cold. However, she would rather bear with the cold than return to Huo Shaoheng's mansion and face his "world of adults..."


By then, Huo Shaoheng was already done washing up and was sitting at the dining table having breakfast. His assistant gave him a report as he ate. "Mr. Huo, Miss Gu just left. Looking at the direction she went, it seemed like she was headed to the hospital building."

Huo Shaoheng nodded. "Is anyone following her?"

"Yes, sir."

There would definitely be people watching Gu Nianzhi whenever she was within the compounds of the headquarters of the Special Forces as she was a civilian. Gu Nianzhi knew about it, but she couldn't care less. After saying that she was an "adult" in the morning and receiving Huo Shaoheng's sarcastic remarks, she still had not fully recovered from it...

Gu Nianzhi felt useless. However, when she thought about what happened last night, she told herself, so be it. Otherwise, if Huo Shaoheng had wanted her to go through it all over again, her waist would definitely break into two...

She had no idea if it was due to the fact that they had not done it in so long, but Huo Shaoheng was akin to a wolf last night and wanted her so much. Gu Nianzhi blushed whenever she thought about it.


When Gu Nianzhi arrived at Chen Lie's office, he had just ended a phone call. He waved to Gu Nianzhi, who was standing at the door. "Come on in."

Gu Nianzhi entered Chen Lie's office with a smile and looked around. "Brother Chen, you are the only person around? Where are your nurses? I heard that you managed to get a rank of being a doctorate consultant and are currently guiding PhD students?"

Chen Lie smiled happily. "It is Saturday today, so they went home. I am on duty."

Gu Nianzhi chatted for a while with him before handing him Gu Tian's hospital records. "Brother Chen, I have been wanting to talk to you for some time. Did Huo Shao mention anything to you?"

Chen Lie took the medical records and perused them. "Oh, you want to ask about the inherited illness in the Gu family's line of daughters, yes?"

Gu Nianzhi nodded. "You are a professional. Can you help me take a look and see what illness it is? And help me check to see if I have it as well..." She stopped and could not continue. The illness was like a shadow that was bothering her.

Chen Lie was quick. He looked through the medical records and explained to Gu Nianzhi along the way, "From these medical records, Gu Tian's illness was probably caused by a genetic defect from birth. This defective gene should only occur in the X chromosomes, and it would only pass onto the daughter from the father. For the males, it would be a dominant gene, but for females, it should be a recessive one."

Chen Lie paused and said, "But the situation in the Gu family was strange. From Gu Tian's medical records, it seems like it is a recessive gene in males and a dominant gene in females." Therefore, this illness in the Gu family was the opposite of what everyone had known all along. It was recessive in males, but in a female, there would be a certain percentage of it being a dominant gene.

"Can we know which gene had the defect?" Gu Nianzhi asked curiously.

"It would be difficult to say." Chen Lie shook his head. "Do you know how many pairs of DNA there are in a person? Illnesses that are related to genetic defects are different in every case. For Gu Tian, the defect might have been on the gene that was in charge of her immune system. For more details, I would have to investigate further."

Gu Nianzhi had expected that she would not be able to get an answer immediately from Chen Lie. However, Chen Lie was a professional. The amount of things that he could understand from Gu Tian's medical records would definitely be way more than what others could.

"I will trouble Brother Chen, then," Gu Nianzhi said politely and requested that Chen Lie give her a checkup as well.

Chen Lie had a strange look on his face at that request. He had just finished speaking to Huo Shaoheng on the telephone. Huo Shaoheng had said that Gu Nianzhi would be going to him for a weekly checkup to test for the genetic illness in the Gu family's line of daughters.

Chen Lie had told Huo Shaoheng then, "Nianzhi does not have to go through the checkup. She surely does not have it. I've already done all her DNA tests for her and even gave her her DNA sequence. We have also done all sorts of tests, and I can confidently tell you that she does not have a genetic dysfunction. Moreover, even if she had, her crazy healing abilities would have healed those defective cells. What else is there to check?! Every week at that?! Do you think that I have plenty of time?!"

Huo Shaoheng began talking to him officially. "Just check when I ask you to. What are you rambling for?! This is a mission."

Chen Lie still refused to do it. He continued to push his luck. "Then I will tell Nianzhi that. If she is willing to check every week, then I will not say anything. However, if she does not want to do it, then I will not be able to do much about it."

Huo Shaoheng only replied with three short words: "Up to you."

Now, facing Gu Nianzhi's request, Chen Lie wiped the beads of perspiration on his forehead with his handkerchief and stammered, "Nianzhi, actually, I have given you many checkups before. You were fine. I feel that you truly do not have this type of genetic defect."

"But Gu Tian looked okay last time as well, didn't she? However, the moment she gave birth, something happened to her..." Gu Nianzhi looked as though she was in a daze and did not dare to look Chen Lie in the eyes. She began stammering, "Actually, I wanted to see if we can prepare first and observe? So that the moment something is amiss, we will be able to handle it as soon as possible..."

"Oh... Chen Lie nodded meaningfully. "So you want to prepare for rainy days... Alright! I understand. Okay, come over for your checkup, then!"

Gu Nianzhi was glad. She followed Chen Lie to his infirmary to begin doing the tests.

Chen Lie measured Gu Nianzhi's height, weight, and heart rate, then brought her to do an MRI.

Gu Nianzhi had initially thought that Chen Lie was merely patronizing her until he brought her to do an MRI scan. She laid on the bed for half an hour, and she was almost asleep.

When Chen Lie called out to her telling her that it was all over, Gu Nianzhi sat up, rubbing her eyes. The moment she was fully awake, she caught a whiff of food from outside. She felt her stomach rumbling and rubbed her nose. "Brother Chen, do you have food here? I haven't had breakfast..."

Chen Lie turned around, exited the MRI room, and smiled. "Come out and eat, then."

Gu Nianzhi followed him out of the MRI room and entered Chen Lie's office. However, she saw Huo Shaoheng there.

On the table in front of him was a plate of steamed soup buns, a bowl of porridge, and some appetizers. There were salted peanuts, deep fried white baits, and some pigs' trotters. They had been Gu Nianzhi's favorites for breakfast when she was still with Huo Shaoheng.