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872 Getting Everything Back

 "Please take a look, everyone. According to the official Japanese documents, this 'Angel in the World' charity organization only consisted of two people. They are Professor Oda Masao from Japan, and the most wealthy lady from Barbados, Jasmine Ku.

"I think we are anything but unfamiliar with who Jasmine Ku is. She is none other than the person who is right here in the defendant's stand right now-Gu Yanran. As for Professor Oda Masao, I am not sure if everyone here is familiar with him.

"This person was one of the most popular biology researchers at the University Hospital in Japan's capital. His main area of research, from the journals that he published, seemed to revolve around the human body and cell production, especially in East Asians."

When she mentioned "East Asians," Gu Nianzhi paused, like she had something to say, but eventually did not. "...This professor was really well known in Japan. He was the person who began researching the human body and cell production of Asians. However, due to an accident last year, he was burned to death in his laboratory. After he had passed on, 'Angel in the World' was taken over by his son, Oda Taro."

Gu Nianzhi's expression began to turn serious. "Then I checked again. This time 'round, I tried to find out the kind of research this charity organization was going into."

For charity organizations like these, the governance overseas was extremely strict. They would request that these charity organizations be transparent about all their information. That would include finance and accounting records, the address and full name of the donor who donated the most funds, and the things that the charity did with the funds they had.

This "Angel in the World" organization, albeit a charity organization, didn't disclose much information online. The Japanese government did not seem to interfere much, either.

For example, Gu Yanran was this organization's main donor. However, the organization's official website did not even mention her name. Her name was not even mentioned on their annual list of accounts.

If Gu Nianzhi was not fighting this lawsuit with Gu Yanran and did not have to check where Gu Yanran was spending this money, she would never have found out that Gu Yanran had donated so much money to this charity that she had founded with someone else.

"This charity supports biology medical research, mostly focusing on the East Asian Chinese race. They were researching Chinese gene formation and comparing how different Chinese genes were compared to other races and people of other nationalities."

Yin Shixiong's eyes sparkled when he heard that. He had never imagined that he would hear the name "Oda Masao" in this inheritance lawsuit. How should he phrase it? Professor Oda Masao was their "old pal" in the Special Forces. They were on such "amazing" terms that Huo Shaoheng had to personally get rid of this wolf in sheep's clothing of a professor...

Yin Shixiong calmed down in the blink of an eye and looked at Gu Nianzhi, who was on the plaintiff's stand.

That time, when Mr. Huo went over to Japan to get rid of that professor, he did it to avenge Gu Nianzhi. He did not expect that one of the masterminds behind getting rid of Gu Nianzhi had been related to Gu Yanran for such a long time...

So Gu Yanran must have known when Gu Nianzhi was being drugged to ruin her life, mustn't she? The strange thing was, no matter how hard Yin Shixiong tried to recall, he could not manage to see how Gu Yanran could be linked to that incident. Because if Gu Yanran had known about the existence of Gu Nianzhi at that time, many things after that would never have happened.

Looking at how pathetic Gu Yanran was now, she had brought it upon herself as she had underestimated her opponent. She did not expect that Gu Nianzhi would still be alive and would hinder her plans to take total ownership of all of the Gu family's inheritance. Therefore, this charity organization, "Angel in the World," did Gu Yanran know what, exactly, they were up to?

As Yin Shixiong was pondering, he heard Gu Nianzhi ask Gu Yanran directly, "Why did you donate such a large amount from the inheritance to this charity in Japan? Is there a special reason?"

"Special reason?" Gu Yanran looked deep in thought. She looked at Gu Nianzhi. "Don't you know that reason?"

"I am willing to listen."

"This reason, of course, is that it was what father was intending before he got into that accident." Gu Yanran raised her head. "Father had always been intrigued by Professor Masao's gene and cell research. He had been wanting to sponsor him for a long time. Therefore, he decided to found a charity to provide funds specially for research in this area."

Gu Nianzhi chuckled. "And where is your evidence? If father had been so concerned about this professor's research, and had every intention of sponsoring him, he must have sent messages or emails? Were there any other records?"

Gu Yanran shrugged. "I would not know about that. I only knew that before father got into that accident, he had already talked to Professor Masao about this area of research a couple of times. Before he got into that accident, he had actually intended to go to Japan to meet this professor. However, I do not know why, but he changed his mind at the last minute and changed his air ticket at the airport to a flight to the Hua Xia Empire instead of Japan."

Gu Yanran looked at everyone in the courtroom purposefully. "It seems like it would be nice if my father had not changed his mind then. Perhaps if he had not changed his mind, he would not have met with such a fate."

Gu Nianzhi remained emotionless and asked the same thing. "Evidence? If you do not have evidence, are you using this place as a stage to spin old wives' tales?"

Gu Yanran was stunned for a while. "Evidence? It was seven years ago. The airplane has already disappeared. How would you want me to get evidence for you?"

Gu Nianzhi replied immediately, "The airline would have records of flight bookings. You said that father had intended to go to Japan, initially. However, he changed his mind and changed his ticket to the Hua Xia Empire. So when did he purchase the ticket to Japan? All that can be traced. Tell me which airline he purchased the ticket from. Or rather, I can go to Malaysia to check all their flights at that time, to find father's purchase and changing ticket records."

Gu Yanran's brows furrowed. "You are able to get that information as well? How much effort must you put in, then? It was seven years ago..."

"Electronic search. It is way faster than you think." Gu Nianzhi did not want to listen to Gu Yanran and her nonsense anymore. She opened her laptop immediately and began her search. She accessed Malaysia Airlines' official website and used her own hacker software to hack into Malaysia Airlines' internal system. She began to check the order records.

She checked all the flights that day. However, she only managed to find the flight that Gu Xiangwen was supposedly on, MH210. For air tickets to Japan that day, his name was not there at all. His name was also not on the list of refunds for any tickets that day.

"Gu Yanran, you said that father had intended to go to Japan. Which day exactly was it?"

Gu Yanran replied, "The day that the accident happened."

"You are sure?"

"Of course. I was still puzzled when I heard the news of him getting into the accident. Didn't he intend to go to Japan? How would he end up on a flight to the Hua Xia Empire?" Gu Yanran was confident in her words.

Gu Nianzhi raised her head coldly and stared at her. "Gu Yanran, you have lied many times in court. Do you know that you have already committed the crime of false accusation?"

Gu Yanran retorted instinctively, "I remembered incorrectly. How can you say that I lied when it was merely a mistake?"

"You pour a pail of dirty water out first. After people have cleaned it up, you merely come out to say 'Oh, I poured incorrectly.' Don't you feel that you were being let off too easily?" Gu Nianzhi looked at Gu Yanran fixedly. "I can confidently conclude that by saying that father had intended to go to Japan and changed his mind last minute to go to the Hua Xia Empire, you were lying as well."

Gu Yanran's heart skipped a beat. "What evidence do you have?"

"Because there is no record of changing tickets like you claimed. There were also no records of placing a booking for an air ticket." Gu Nianzhi raised her eyebrows. "And whatever you said should be verified by you. However, you could not produce evidence for it. You only know how to spin stories. Therefore, I will not accept what you have said.

"I feel that father was not related to this Japanese professor in any way. If you say that he was, please provide evidence for it. If you are unable to produce any form of evidence, you are falsely accusing." Gu Nianzhi walked to Gu Yanran's defendant stand. "But you, being in cahoots with a Japanese professor to put your inheritance there-the evidence is solid.

"Normally, I would not want to get the money back from donations to charitable organizations. Even though I did not participate in any decision making, if it was really for charity, it would be okay to just donate." Gu Nianzhi turned around and looked at the projector showing all the research that "Angel in the World" had been supporting.

"However, this organization was different. Every single bit of research that this organization supported was focusing on the gene make-up of Chinese people. If they had managed to complete this research, they would be able to create a genetic weapon against us Chinese." Gu Nianzhi looked as serious as ever. "When that time comes, we Chinese would lose everything we have. The opponent wouldn't even have to use bombs, grenades, or guns but would be able to wipe us out in the blink of an eye.

"Therefore, I would never be able to accept the donations that Gu Yanran gave this organization. The donations that she has given to this charity and the 30 million dollars that she donated to Prime Minister Tan for his election were all illegal gifting. I will be getting everything back."