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870 Another Proud Momen

 Gu Yanran was extremely confused by the long lines of numbers Gu Nianzhi provided. Her mathematics had been weak when she was in school. However, it did not hinder her from handling the huge amount of inheritance, and she was able to do whatever she wanted for many years in Barbados. It was because for wealthy people, there would be professionals to deal with professional things for them. They would have lawyers to handle legal matters, accountants to calculate expenses, income, and reporting of taxation matters, stylists to handle their fashion, and beauticians to handle their makeup and skincare. No matter what they did, there would be a fleet of professionals to serve them.

This was especially obvious when the wealthy person was not the first generation but the second or third, and Gu Yanran's situation was even more different in this sense.

Therefore, when Gu Nianzhi completed the calculations, Gu Yanran felt like a deflated balloon. She looked pitifully at Jin Wanyi. "Lawyer Jin, are the things she said true?"

Jin Wanyi massaged her temples and turned to the judge. "Your honor, we request a postponement for the hearing. I have things that I wish to say to my client in private."

The judge looked at the time. The entire morning had passed. Right at that moment, Huo Shaoheng's voice could be heard in his Bluetooth earpiece. "Director Zhan, our people have arrived."

The judge nodded and announced, "We will take a 15-minute break. After the break, we will continue with the hearing." He walked briskly out the doors of Courtroom A and headed directly to the small meeting room where Ye Xuan was.

Huo Shaoheng was wearing his navy-blue military uniform and a pair of shades. He was also wearing his military hat. He stood at the end of the corridor with arms folded and was looking out the window.

The judge who handled Gu Nianzhi and Gu Yanran's inheritance lawsuit was none other than Director Zhan from the highest supreme court in Di Capital of the Hua Xia Empire.

He walked over to Huo Shaoheng and asked emotionally, "Mr. Huo, your men have already gone in?"

Huo Shaoheng turned around and nodded to Director Zhan. "They are inside." The moment they arrived, they had swapped out the police officers. The entire place was therefore under surveillance inside and out.


Ye Xuan was in the small meeting room, talking to Zhao Liangze. "Ye Xuan, you mentioned something regarding the time someone tried to kill Nianzhi when she was in Germany. That case caused two of our people to be murdered. Therefore, we would like to invite you to our headquarters to assist us with our investigation," Zhao Liangze asked Ye Xuan politely, but his attitude was firm.

Ye Xuan had finally divulged his knowledge of this incident. He knew that he would definitely have to bear some of the legal consequences and did not resist. Standing up, he said, "I will cooperate. However, I still do not know if Nianzhi will require me to be her witness."

Zhao Liangze looked at Ye Xuan properly for the first time. He realized that he had addressed Gu Nianzhi in a much more intimate manner. Only people who knew each other well would call each other by only their first names, omitting their last names.

"There should not be any problem. You will come back with us now, and if Nianzhi needs you to be her witness, we will escort you back here. However, if we do it like that, you will not have your freedom for a while." With that, Zhao Liangze produced a legal document for Ye Xuan to sign. "After you have signed this, it will mean that you agree to surrender your freedom temporarily, and you can come with us."

Ye Xuan was not a citizen of the Hua Xia Empire. In order to avoid issues with foreign relations, Huo Shaoheng had instructed the people from the Special Forces to do all necessary procedures before taking Ye Xuan away.

Ye Xuan bent down and signed the document indicating his agreement to give up his personal freedom and assist the Special Forces in their investigation.

Zhao Liangze waited until Ye Xuan had signed the document before saying, "Actually, you will be safer if you are with us."

Ye Xuan had already figured it all out. He smiled and said, "I know. Since I have made up my mind to divulge this piece of information, the people behind Gu Yanran will never let me go. I will be able to continue living if I go with you guys. If I don't, most likely I wouldn't be able to reach my next birthday."

"I am glad you understand." Zhao Liangze patted him on the shoulders, and his impression of Ye Xuan instantly became better.


Outside the meeting room, Director Zhan took a puff from his cigarette and exhaled. He asked softly, "Then you guys are not going to take Gu Yanran away as well?" Judging from what Ye Xuan had said, Gu Yanran was the one who had more insider information.

Huo Shaoheng also had a cigarette between his fingers. However, he did not take a puff. He merely flicked the ashes away and said calmly, "The things on Gu Yanran's side are more complicated. We do not wish to alert the enemy for now." For the time being, it was safer to leave Gu Yanran free instead of trying to lock her up in one place, as they wanted to use Gu Yanran to catch the mastermind behind her. With Ye Xuan's testimony, they would be able to spy on Gu Yanran officially.

"You have dealt with the cabinet?" Director Zhan knew that the Special Forces had to seek permission and approval from the cabinet if they were to get involved with things within the country.

"They are handling the procedures right now." Huo Shaoheng do not usually speak about anything regarding the Special Forces to people who were not in it. Due to the fact that it was this very case, Director Zhan asked a little more. However, since Huo Shaoheng was still tight lipped about it, Director Zhan did not probe further. The two of them began to chat about other things.

Director Zhan had nothing but praise for Gu Nianzhi. "This young lady is really impressive. After this lawsuit has ended, I will be sure to get the Human Resource team from the supreme court to go to B University to get to know her, to ask if she would be willing to come and work for the supreme court." With her, they would be a lot more powerful.

While his tone was calm, there was pride in his deep-set eyes behind his shades. "Nianzhi is still young. She will have to decide on her future career path on her own."

"Definitely." Director Zhan laughed heartily. Then, he saw Zhao Liangze bringing Ye Xuan out and stepped aside.

Zhao Liangze nodded to Huo Shaoheng, indicating that everything had gone smoothly. Huo Shaoheng threw his cigarette butt into the trash and nodded to Director Zhan. "We will take our leave, then."

Director Zhan shook his hand and bid them goodbye. The sun's rays shone through the windows into the brightly lit corridors, making both men look even taller than they were.

Gu Nianzhi exited from the courtroom for a breather. She wanted to speak to Ye Xuan for a while, but saw a familiar tall, muscular, and handsome rear view when she was halfway to the meeting room. The person's back was facing her as he was shaking hands with the judge. She did not know what they were talking about. The judge even smiled and patted the person on the shoulder.

Gu Nianzhi stopped in her tracks and put both her hands into her pants pockets. She looked in the direction of that person with his back to her.

After Huo Shaoheng shook hands with Director Zhan to bid him goodbye, he felt that there was something strange behind him, like there was a ray of light. Instinctively, he turned around to take a look.

At the other end of the brightly lit corridor, there was a beautiful young lady. She looked graceful and elegant with her business suit, and that suit added some maturity to her beautiful features. A pair of jet black eyes sparkled like they had been absorbing the rays from the sun.

It was Gu Nianzhi.

Huo Shaoheng took a look at her, but he did not walk towards her. He only nodded slightly to acknowledge that he had seen her before turning around and walking towards the exit. His pace was neither fast nor slow. His footsteps echoed along the corridor and in Gu Nianzhi's heart as well.

Zhao Liangze had already taken Ye Xuan out. The soldiers from the Special Forces who were standing guard around the court had also dispersed.

Huo Shaoheng was the last to leave.

Gu Nianzhi did not walk over, either. She waited until Huo Shaoheng was out of sight before going into the small meeting room that Ye Xuan had been in just moments ago. She took a peek inside. It was as she had expected. Ye Xuan had been taken away by Huo Shaoheng, hadn't he?

They were really quick in taking action...

However, Gu Nianzhi felt that since Ye Xuan had divulged private information about Gu Yanran, he would be much better off under the protection of Huo Shaoheng and the Special Forces. Had he not followed them, he most likely wouldn't even be able to protect his own safety.

She looked again at the door and did not ask anything else. Seeing that she seemed to have understood the entire situation, Director Zhan did not say much, either. He merely nodded and smiled at her before turning around and leaving. He was the judge for this lawsuit. In order to avoid accusations of bias, he had not spoken about anything outside of court as of yet.


Jin Wanyi and Gu Yanran left the court during the break and headed to the underground parking lot. They got into Gu Yanran's luxury car to have a talk. For them, some things could never be discussed openly. Gu Yanran's luxury car had everything, including all kinds of anti-interference facilities, so they would never be eavesdropped upon.

"Yanran, what on earth is happening to you? Gu Nianzhi's attempted murder in Germany that Ye Xuan mentioned-was it in any way related to you?" Jin Wanyi asked patiently, hoping that Gu Yanran would tell her the truth instead of only being half truthful with her.

Gu Yanran leaned on the spacious seat in the car and supported her head with one hand. She smiled bitterly. "Actually, that was a misunderstanding. However, Ye Xuan hates me to the core now. Of course it would sound different coming from him."

"Is it really a misunderstanding?" Jin Wanyi was still suspicious. "Ye Xuan said that he has evidence."

"I merely joked around with him when I was complaining to him," Gu Yanran said casually and did not wish to linger on the topic any longer. Whatever was related to the time that Gu Nianzhi was in Germany, Gu Yanran did not care.

Someone else had staged the entire incident. Even Gu Yanran herself did not know what was happening half the time. Therefore, she did not believe that Ye Xuan would know who the mastermind was.

"Lawyer Jin, I engaged you as my representative lawyer to worry about me, and only me. Not about other people." Gu Yanran rolled her eyes at Jin Wanyi, feeling unhappy. "Please just focus and think of how to win my inheritance lawsuit."

Jin Wanyi thought about how Gu Yanran had threatened her just now and was extremely unhappy about it. At this moment, she felt that she should be charging Gu Yanran as much as possible in order to appease her anger.

After a while, Jin Wanyi calmed down before furrowing her brows and saying, "Then tell me the truth. The inheritance list that you provided-did you hide anything?"

"You cannot call it hiding." Gu Yanran shook her head slightly. "For example, the investment companies in the Cayman Islands. To be honest, I have no controlling power over those companies. They refuse to give me the funds even now. They have also closed some of the bank accounts and donated all the money to charity."

Jin Wanyi was momentarily speechless. "Then what about the list that Ye Xuan provided?"

That was the exact reason why Gu Yanran felt so heartbroken. She had truly loved Ye Xuan before. She did not expect this man to be so heartless and not consider her feelings at all. "How would I know why he..." Gu Yanran still wanted to deny it.

Jin Wanyi interrupted her sternly. "I advise you to stop trying to bluff your way through anymore. Money laundering is indeed a serious crime. Gu Nianzhi was not just trying to scare you."

With that, Jin Wanyi opened her iPad and showed her a list of punishments for money laundering in different countries. "Look. Actually, in our country, the penalty for money laundering is considered the lightest. However, you would still face a jail term of more than a decade."

Gu Yanran looked through the penalties silently and sighed. "Gu Nianzhi is too cruel. I am laundering money just because I refuse to acknowledge Ye Xuan's inheritance list? She is really good at spinning tales, isn't she?"

Jin Wanyi said tactfully, "Her method isn't spinning tales. Your income and expenses must tally. If they don't, you will have to explain their source. Even if it was given by parents or won in lotteries, you have to explain where it came from. You merely asked her why you should tell her? That will never work in court."

Gu Yanran remained silent for a long time after hearing that. Finally, when the 15-minute break was almost up, she said slowly, "Then let us split the inheritance according to the list that Ye Xuan provided. Just take it that I am returning what I owe."

Jin Wanyi nodded. "It will be best if you can think of it that way. I will explain to the judge, saying that due to Ye Xuan leaving the position as head financial advisor, the new person was not familiar with everything, and therefore, the list was not complete."

Gu Yanran finally smiled and nodded. "Lawyer Jin, that is correct. I feel that I did not spend my money on a whim anymore."

Jin Wanyi forced a smile and left the parking lot with Gu Yanran, and they headed back to Courtroom A.


The judge entered the courtroom and took his seat. Then, he looked around at everyone and asked, "Is everyone back?"

Gu Nianzhi stood up behind the plaintiff's stand, while Gu Yanran and Jin Wanyi stood up behind the defendant's stand. Behind Gu Nianzhi, in the gallery, Secretary Cao was feverishly taking down Gu Nianzhi's exceptional performance in court. Ma Qiqi and Yin Shixiong were whispering to each other like they were the only ones in the courtroom.

Senior Speaker Long's Assistant Yang was taking down notes as well, however, he looked at Gu Nianzhi every other minute, not believing that such a pretty little girl could be so sharp and smart. The person behind her, Mr. He, must have put in a lot of hard work on her.

From Assistant Yang's point of view, he still felt that Gu Nianzhi didn't deserve sole credit for being able to perform so well. The credit should be going to the person who was teaching her what to say in court.

The judge nodded and said, "Let us continue."

Gu Nianzhi took her seat. Jin Wanyi immediately turned to the judge and said, "Your Honor, after confirming everything, my client and I have come to a realization that due to the new financial advisor being unclear of the things in the household, the inheritance list was incomplete. We will agree to split the inheritance according to the one that Ye Xuan provided."

The judge smiled. "Are you sure? If you are, you will have to submit an official document to confirm that that inheritance list is the correct one."

This was not bad, either. They would be able to save a lot of time this way.

The judge thought about it and asked Gu Nianzhi kindly, "Plaintiff, do you agree?"

Of course, Gu Nianzhi did not have any objection. "As long as we go according to the law to divide the inheritance, I will be okay."

The judge struck his gavel on the table and instructed someone to bring two copies of the inheritance list over, one for Gu Yanran and Jin Wanyi to sign, and the other one to be signed by Gu Nianzhi.

This time around, both inheritance lists were finally identical. The missing two thirds of the inheritance was finally back in court. Gu Nianzhi took the newly signed inheritance list and turned to Jin Wanyi and Gu Yanran. "This time around, you are sure that the list is correct, yes?"

Gu Yanran had learned her lesson and did not dare to speak directly to Gu Nianzhi again. She looked at Jin Wanyi.

Jin Wanyi nodded. "Yes."

Gu Nianzhi flipped through the inheritance list and said, "Over here. Correct means that this inheritance list has included the funds that were still around seven years ago on the day of the airplane accident, is that right?"

Jin Wanyi was confused by Gu Nianzhi. She pointed at the figures on the document. "What do you mean by seven years ago? Don't we have to start calculating the inheritance on the day after the airplane accident? Look here. These are valuations of the banks and investment companies from the day of the accident. It is the full list of the Gu family's inheritance."

Gu Nianzhi shook her head slowly. "How can we calculate it from the day after the accident took place? We should be calculating the inheritance value before the accident took place. That would be the exact place we should begin our division of the inheritance.