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866 A Perfect Servan

 Even Jin Wanyi, upon hearing that Gu Yanran had attended a housekeeper college in England, was taken aback. However, she composed herself quickly and consoled Gu Yanran, who was so angry that she could not speak. Then, she stood up and faced Gu Nianzhi. "Lawyer Gu. Your evidence collection was done pretty well, but there was some problem with your conclusion."

"What problem is there?" Gu Nianzhi kept her form. "Don't you feel that she was trying to hide her true identity by doing this?"

"Lawyer Gu, firstly, the kidnapping of my client in Barbados was the one that led to the servants being murdered. At that time, they threatened my client so she would give them something that had belonged to her father. My client would rather be tortured by them than give it to them. Eventually, they got desperate and killed everyone in the family. Finally, when they were about to kill my client, someone saved her. I do not understand why Lawyer Gu would ignore the important details and merely focus on whether they were murdered instead of why they were murdered." Jin Wanyi shrugged sadly.

Gu Nianzhi chuckled and said, "That case is still full of doubtful points to this day. Such cruel kidnappers who were able to kill the entire house of servants but brought Gu Yanran to the open seas and still got murdered by Gu Yanran herself? Gu Yanran, if you were really that capable, did your mother know about it?" The final sentence was directed at Gu Yanran.

Gu Yanran sensed the sarcasm in Gu Nianzhi's words and felt horrible. Gu Nianzhi really had pushed her into a corner. She had to talk when she went to court. However, if she did, it was obvious that the amount of mistakes increased simultaneously with the amount of things she said. The moment she said something wrong, Gu Nianzhi would bite into it and not let go...

She wasn't like that when she was young. She did not like talking when she was young.

A sense of fear flashed in Gu Yanran's eyes. She looked at Gu Nianzhi for a split second before lowering her head again. She clasped her hands together and placed them on her knees.

Jin Wanyi laughed as well and said, "That kidnapper was too mesmerized by my client. My client saw an opportunity to strike and managed to save herself. That was not impossible. Could my client be blamed?"

"Of course I cannot say that your client was the one who staged the entire 'kidnapping and murder' case," Gu Nianzhi said sincerely. "Because we still have not managed to capture the kidnappers to date, we were unable to prove this point. Therefore, I was merely stating the suspicious points."

Jin Wanyi snorted and continued to defend the second point. "As for the orphanage that was burned down in Barbados, that was even more funny. My client isn't even the illegitimate daughter, so why would it concern her whether the orphanage was burned down or not?"

"Ha ha... does it really not?" Gu Nianzhi threw the question back at them and looked at Gu Yanran purposefully.

Gu Yanran glared back at her, not wanting to show any signs of weakness.

Jin Wanyi continued, "As for the name of Gu Yanran's mother and her marriage certificate with Gu Xiangwen, these were not the main focal points of the lawsuit. Please do not confuse everyone with too much information for this case."

With that, Jin Wanyi asked again, "May I know if it is now my turn to question the plaintiff's witness?"

Gu Nianzhi waited for a while, but Jin Wanyi had intentionally ignored the point about Gu Yanran attending the housekeeper college in England. She smiled and reminded Jin Wanyi, "Lawyer Jin, there was a fourth point. You're going to let that be?"

Jin Wanyi pretended not to have heard her and continued looking at the judge, waiting for her next course of action.

Seeing that she was pretending not to know, Gu Nianzhi produced the documents and told Gu Yanran, "Gu Yanran, your father, Gu Xiangwen, is a low profile multi-billionaire. I would like to ask why on earth did he send you to housekeeper college?! You are the daughter of a multi-billionaire. You still have to be your own housekeeper?!"

Gu Yanran took a deep breath and sensed that everyone was looking at her from the corners of her eyes. She felt embarrassed and wronged. She wiped her tears and answered without emotion, "Going to that school was my mother's request. Although my father had objected to the idea, he deeply loved my mother. Therefore, he agreed to everything that my mother said."

"But why did your mother want to send you to housekeeper college? You were poor in the past, but from the moment you returned to the Gus, wouldn't you have more than enough money to attend a decent college?" Gu Nianzhi suspected the choice of Gu Yanran's mother, as she could not understand that choice at all.

Gu Yanran bit down on her lips and said, "Because we had been extremely poor before, my mother insisted that we should not depend on anyone but ourselves. She wanted me to go to a housekeeper's college and learn a set of skills so that I would be able to support myself in the future."

Gu Nianzhi could not help but roll her eyes. That was really in a mother's heart? Even if she wanted her daughter to depend on herself and learn a set of skills, how on earth was being a housekeeper a set of skills? What good would it do to learn to be someone's servant?

If she had really wanted her daughter to depend on herself, she should have encouraged her daughter to study hard and get into a good college. Gu Nianzhi could not think of any reason for her to want Gu Yanran to specialize in being a housekeeper.

Did she want Gu Yanran to learn a set of skills to depend on herself so that she could serve rich people? Did she really want Gu Yanran to depend on herself like that?

How fake.

Gu Nianzhi grumbled in her mind and planned what to say next so that it did not sound too blatant. "It's true that you had experienced being extremely poor. However, the moment you returned to the Gus, it was akin to bidding goodbye to being poor. May I know the reason why your mother would think that way and still insist on sending you to a housekeeper's college?" Gu Nianzhi looked at Gu Yanran's records while she was at that college. Her grades were fairly good. She could indeed be an amazing servant...

Gu Yanran had already run out of ideas about how to answer Gu Nianzhi. She merely continued with her stand. "My mother wanted it. What could I do? Was I wrong in wanting to be a filial daughter?"

Gu Nianzhi smiled. "You were not wrong to want to be a filial child. However, to paint a picture of yourself being 'filial' and pushing such a retarded decision on your mother, you are trying to tarnish her reputation, aren't you? Ha ha, how filial..."

Gu Yanran felt that she had turned into a balloon. She would explode with anger the moment Gu Nianzhi spoke again. She did not know of anyone who could be such an annoyance in the world. She was going against her in every aspect. People like that should never have been allowed to exist in this world. Why is she even still alive?!

Gu Nianzhi saw Gu Yanran's gaze that was full of hatred. She knew that Gu Yanran hated her to the core. However, she did not care at all. Even if she were to not do anything, Gu Yanran would have already hated her existence. So why not do something and let herself be happier, at least?

Seeing Gu Nianzhi and Gu Yanran still fighting it out in court, Jin Wanyi patted Gu Yanran to get her to calm down before standing up and asking, "Lawyer Gu, are you done?"

Gu Nianzhi nodded. "For now, yes. I still have an important witness on my side, but the person isn't here yet. Therefore, I will stop here for today."

Jin Wanyi didn't care about the "other important witness" that Gu Nianzhi was going to summon. She looked peacefully at the judge. "Your honor, is it my turn to question the witness now?"

The judge signaled. "Begin."

Jin Wanyi raised her head and walked to the box. She looked at Ye Xuan, who was overwhelmed with emotions, and spat, "Ye Xuan, how long have you been with my client?"